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									                                           Eastside Coalition
                                    Cincinnati Habitat for Humanity

                                   Date August 24, 2010 at Sycamore Presbyterian

  In Attendance: Ken Clark (GS), David Mencer(StB), Fran Plumb(StP), Jean Shannon(StVF), Orian
  Niehuss (SP), Dave Daniels (MP), Marcia Wakefield, Jim Dryer (StP), John Soller (GS), Mike Getz (StT),
  Hal Demmerle (SP), Colleen Anderson (ML), Jim Johnson (GDL), Alan Griffith (GS), Charlotte Sheard
  (StP), Blaine Hagins (TL), Ed Lee(CHFH)

  Committee Reports

      Chairman’s Report.
      A. The meeting opened with a prayer.
      B. Minutes of July meeting approved.
      C. With sadness we remembered Ed Stenger who died at the end of July. Ed was a long time Eastsider
         and Steering Committee member representing St Vincent Ferrer. He will be missed.

      Family Advocates:
      Chala Lewis is leading Partner families with 390 hours; Jane and Stefan are near the 280 hour mark.
      Various members have been working at the ReStore, the CHFH office, and assisting with CHFH
      marketing/fund raising to supplement their job site efforts.

      Lead Site Coordinator:
      D. Middle house painting is nearly complete. Ready for doors and trim;
      E. Drywall finishers have completed Chala’s house and will start third house this week – probably
      F. Plumbing cannot be completed until scaffolding around porches is removed. As a consequence
         there is no on-site water for painting – a real challenge.
      G. Front porch framing is done; next is roofing and decking; stairs will be constructed later after
         concrete is poured for walkways.
      H. Overall progress has been excellent and completion by mid to late October seems possible at this
      I. Church parking lot on Dick Street is available on Saturdays and Wednesdays but we need to leave a
         row of parking for Saturday Morning Bible study at the Church. Please pay attention to this.

      Fund Raising / Volunteer Coordinator:
      J. No tally on funding available.
      K. Teresa Ringo is from Christ Evangelical Lutheran. She arranged for four additional workers from
         Kohl's to work with us on Saturday, July 31, and worked to obtain a $500 grant for Eastside from
         Kohl's Associates in Action Program.
      L. The Lutheran churches also have raised additional funds.
      M. Discussion of Volunteer schedule – GE volunteers continue to make large contributions on
         Wednesdays; expect 40 or so tomorrow the 25th.
      N. Ohio National continues to provide a few volunteers each week.

      Lunch Coordinator:
      O. No report – all is well

      Public Relations:
Visit the Eastside Coalition Website: for current information
                                   and construction pictures.
                                        Eastside Coalition
                                 Cincinnati Habitat for Humanity

                               Date August 24, 2010 at Sycamore Presbyterian

      P. No report.

      Construction Manager / CHFH Update:
      Q. ReStore on Para Avenue continues to grow setting new records. The goal is to consistently reach
         $4,000 in average daily sales. Beginning to see the $4,000 daily sales goal actually happen. Call
         721-GIVE for details of what things will be accepted and for pick-up of donations.
      R. Kenwood Mall is sponsoring a coupon book for the benefit of CHFH - $5 donation gets $200 of
         coupons to various stores in the mall. Coupons good through year-end.
      S. September 18th – Second Annual Raise the Roof5k Run & Walk. See website – for details.
      T. Chala Lewis will be one of partner families featured in CHFH video first showing on Channel 12 at
         11:30am on Sunday August 29th.
      U. CHFH is putting together a Cookbook to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Cincinnati Habitat.
         See accompanying pdf file for details or contact Karen Lee at Deadline is
         September 30th.

      Old Business
      V. Continued discussion of 2011 build - three Blair model houses at 3220 Fairfield Avenue in
         Evanston. Planning to dig foundations earlier than in years past so that we can have an earlier start
         to building.

      New Business

      W. Discussion of the Eastside web site and finding someone to take over management of site. Anyone
         interested should contact Ken Clark or one of Steering Committee members.
      X. 2010 Meeting Schedule:

           Sept 28 St Barnabas
           Oct 26 Messiah Lutheran (changed from Gloria
           Dei Lutheran
           Nov 23 St Paul

      Next Meeting: September 28thnd at St Barnabas @ 7PM

Visit the Eastside Coalition Website: for current information
                                   and construction pictures.

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