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                                     Volume 1, Number 1                                                     Summer 2007

  COMING                      #   Take Me Out To The
ATTRACTIONS                   #

29 – Storage Unit Auction

                                  AUCTION                                            You might won-

                                               ith spring and summer comes
    League City,TX            #
                                               one of America’s favorite           der how this man

30 – Annual Carmine,TX
                                               pastimes: BASEBALL.                 came to acquire

    Red,White & Blue          #
                                    Recently we were picking up auction            such a wonderful

                                  items from a client who was downsizing           collection. His dad had a very close friend
                              #   into a retirement community. While we            that worked for Spalding and occasionally

    J U LY
                                  were there we had the pleasure of meeting        when they got together this friend would
                              #   her son who had flown down from                  give the dad an autographed team baseball

7 – Luling,TX
                                  Maryland to help her with the move.              for him to take home to his son.
                                                                                     The son is now grown with 6 year old
    Real Estate                                                                    twins and is ready to sell his collection.
    Auction                   #                                                      LL Auctions is proud to offer this part of

28 – Storage
                                                                                   baseball history at auction.
    Unit Auction
                                                                                     The June 30th auction will feature 9

                                                                                   autographed baseballs, with a strong
                              #                                                    representation for Houston Fans!
    Texas City,Alvin                                                                 Included in this auction is a 1964
                                                                                   Houston Colt 45 autographed team base-
                                                                                   ball with 25 signatures, an original Colt 45
25 – Carmine,TX
                                                                                   pennant, Colt 45 program and even a 45
                                                                                   RPM record with the Colt 45 “Sound of
    Great Texas Estates       # room he asked us if we could help him sell
                                    While he was clearing items out of his old
                                                                                   Houston” & “Beat of the City” songs, auto-
                                                                                   graphed team photo and a 1965 2 millionth
                              # derful baseball cards and memorabilia at
                                  some baseballs. We always have some won-
                                                                                   Astros fan pennent. We even have a minia-

 SEPTEMBER                    # lection is sure to excite our Baseball buyers.
                                  each of our Carmine auctions and this col-       ture replica of the old Colt Stadium.

22 – Carmine,TX               # auctions at the old Carmine Dance Hall
                                    We normally conduct 3 multi-estate
    Huge Multi-Estate
    Auction                   #
                                  each year. This year we will have a total of 5
                                  auctions there. The next 4 will include a
  Be sure to check our
                                  portion of the gentleman’s collection .
                                    The entire collection includes 26 auto-
 website often for other      #   graphed baseballs (25 of which are team
auctions that will be added       signed), along with other sports memorabilia.
     to this schedule.        #     We chose to have 8 of the baseballs
                                  authenticated. PSA/DNA is the most highly
                              #   recognized authentication. The baseballs
                                  that have the PSA certificates are noted in
                                                                                                           (continued on page 2)
                                  each lot.

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  2                                                                                                                    Summer 2007

BASEBALL continued from page 1                                       Answer From Heaven
Other autographed team baseballs include:
  Lot#102 – 1969 Astros Auto-                                        (Author Unknown)
graphed team ball. 25 signatures with

                                                                               Pastor had a little kitten that climbed up a tree in his
PSA/DNA                                                                        backyard and then was afraid to come down. The pastor
  Lot#103 – 1966-67 Pirates team                                               coaxed, offered warm milk, etc. The kitty would not
ball. 13 signatures, including:                                      come down. The tree was not sturdy enough to climb, so the
Roberto Clemente, Harry Walker,                                      pastor decided that if he tied a rope from the tree to his car and
Elroy Face with PSA/DNA                                              drove away so that the tree bent down, he could then reach up
  Lot#105 – Late 1960’s Braves                                       and get the kitten.
autographed team ball. 25 signatures                                   He did all this, checking his progress in the car mirror
including: Hank Aaron, Joe Torre,                                    frequently, then figured if he went just a little bit further, the tree
Billy Hitchcock.                                                     would be bent sufficiently for him to reach the kitten. But as he
                                                                     moved a little further forward...the rope broke.
                                                                       The tree went “boing” and the kitten instantly sailed through
                                                                     the air – out of sight. The pastor was horrified and walked all over
                                                                     the neighborhood asking people if they’d seen the little kitten.
                                                                     After days without success, he prayed, “Lord, I just commit my
                                                                     kitten to your keeping.”
                                                                       A few days later he was at the grocery store, and met one of his
                                                                     church members. Looking in her shopping cart, he was amazed to
                                                                     see cat food.
                                                                       This dear woman was known in the neighborhood as someone
                                Lot#106 – 1962 Yankee auto-          who hated cats. He asked her, “Why are you buying cat food?”
                             graphed team ball. 25 signatures          She replied, “You won’t believe this, Pastor, my little girl has
                             including: Whitey Ford, Yogi Berra,     been begging and begging for a cat. But you know how I feel
                             Elston Howard with PSA/DNA              about cats. Finally I told her, well if the Lord gives you a cat, I’ll
                             (note: Mantle & Maris signatures are    let you keep it.”
                             clubhouse signatures)                     It is hard to believe but I watched my child go out in the yard,
                                Lot#108 – 1964 Mets autographed      get on her knees and ask the Lord for a cat. I can hardly believe it
                             team ball                               myself; but I saw it with my own eyes. A kitten just suddenly
                                Lot#109 – 1967 Dodgers, auto-        came flying out of the sky with its paws spread out, and landed
                             graphed team ball. 22 signatures        right in front of her.”
including: Walter Alston, Don Drysdale & Don Sutton.                   To the Pastor’s surprise, all he could say was, “Amen”.
  There are also autographed golf caps, basketballs (Wilt Cham-
berlin), baseball and football cards and other sports memorabilia.
  Baseballs will sell June 30 at 1pm. To absentee bid or view each                Add LL Auctions email
lot visit our website at:                                  to your address book
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            buying at auction!                                         sure our emails get to you and not lost in spam filters.

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  3                                                                                                                           Summer 2007

Real Estate At
AUCTION                                  run into ten of thousands of dollars

         veryone knows that you can
         buy dressers, chairs, tables    a month, not to mention property
         and linens at auction. But      taxes, insurance and utility costs.
did you know that real estate                One preview date. Sellers do
auctions are one of the fastest grow-    not have to have their home in
ing areas of the auction business?       ‘ready to show’ condition at all
  The real estate auction market is      times.
                                             Marketing that is geared to the
growing as sellers become more
familiar with the idea of selling        seller’s property only. An MLS
                                                                                        Real Estate Auction
their property at auction. When
you mention real estate auctions to
                                         listing or an ad in a small real estate
                                         magazine can mean that your prop-
                                                                                           Luling Texas
someone who is not familiar with
them, they tend to think of a
                                         erty is lost in a sea of other homes
                                         on the market. An auction uses
                                                                                         Saturday, July 7
distressed sale, in which they had       target marketing to attract potential         Property consists of home that could
to sell the family farm. This couldn’t   bidders to only your property.
                                             Auctioneers work together with
                                                                                          be residential or commercial.
be further from the truth.
  You might wonder why someone           real estate agents, so buyers have                  For more information: visit:
would choose to sell their property      representation during the process.
at auction, rather than the tradi-          Real estate agents are becoming 
tional method.                           more familiar with auctions as yet
   The desire to have a known           another way to buy and sell prop-
selling date.                            erty. Last year the NAR(National
   If you’ve ever listed a property     Association of Realtors) worked
and had an immediate offer, it            together with the NAA (National
might have left you wondering if         Auctioneers Association), in attend-
you left money on the table. A real      ing each others conventions and
estate auction allows for competitive    introducing auctioneers to real
bidding and the ability to reach true    estate agents and visa versa.
market value.                               While a real estate auction may
   Eliminate holding costs. In the      not be the best option for one
case of trophy homes or large parcels    seller’s piece of property, it might
of property owners know that the         very well be exactly what another
                                         seller needs.                             (Above) Double pocket doors in two rooms. (Above Right) Lace glass
cost of holding these properties can                                                         interior door. (Below) Ball & Stick Fretwork.

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  4                                                                                                                       Summer 2007

A Glowing History –
By: Yesteryears Antiques/Caldwell, TX
                                                “vaseline glass” due to its similar appearance   atom bomb, there were fears for the health

     s Vaseline Glass made out of hardened
     Vaseline petroleum jelly?” That’s just     to petroleum jelly. Today, this term is the      of glassworkers, and both the US and UK
     one of the questions that have been        preferred term for all varieties of uranium      Governments wanted to restrict access to
asked about this beautiful glass. The           glass, especially in the United States.          uranium for military reasons. In some
answer is: No, it has nothing to do with                                                         cases, large quantities of glass-making
petroleum jelly.                                                                                 materials which had uranium in them
   Vaseline glass was originally known as                                                        were confiscated.
Uranium Glass, and is a pale yellow or                                                              It has been proven that Vaseline, or
yellow-green glass that glows when a black                                                       uranium, glass is actually radio-active. If
light is shined on it. It glows because it                                                       you use a Geiger-counter you will get a
contains about 2% uranium oxide. When                                                            positive reading. The levels are not believed
exposed to ultraviolet light, the electrons                                                      to be harmful to humans in every day use.
on the uranium atom are excited into a                                                           Two pounds of uranium oxide were typi-
high energy state. These electrons then “fall                                                    cally added to around 184 pounds of other
back” into a lower energy state by emission                                                      elements in making glassware. Various tests
of high energy photons, small packets of                                                         were conducted by people such as Frank
light, that are a yellow-green in color that                                                     Fenton, of Fenton Glass, which showed
is characteristic of uranium. There are                                                          that the radiation levels from even large
other antique glasses that will glow under                                                       quantities of uranium glass at close quarters
black light, but vaseline glass is easily                                                        are no more harmful than those you’d get
distinguished because it is transparent and                                                      from television sets or microwave ovens.
has a unique yellow -green glow.                                                                    During the 1950’s, the restrictions from
   The first creator of uranium glass is be-                                                     the 1940’s were lifted and some companies
lieved to be Martin Klaproth (1743-1817),                                                        still use uranium as a colorant. Because the
the discoverer of uranium. It is believed                                                        price of uranium oxide is high, and the
that among his experiments with uranium                                                          advent of other chemicals that can produce
he mixed it into glass as a coloring agent.                                                      the same colors in glassware, uranium glass
It would be another 50 years before glass-                                                       manufacturing has lost its popularity. The
makers in Bohemia started to use uranium                                                         meticulous regulations covering protective
in their glassworks on a continued basis.                                                        clothing for workers, lead shielding for
Bohemia became part of the Austrian                                                              storage areas, and monitoring of radiation
Empire after the Napoleonic wars, and                                                            make the use of uranium in glassware too
the glass trade prospered until the 1850’s.                                                      difficult and costly. Boyd Glass and
This area was well known for glass-works                                                         Fenton Art Glass are two United States
factories, and is now split between The                                                          companies that still produce uranium
Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany.                                                            glass items today.
   At the end of the 19th century, it was                                                           In its 150+ years of production, Vaseline
discovered that by adding certain minerals                                                       glass has been one of the most beautiful
to uranium glass and firing it at high            Uranium was a common source of yellow          and charismatic of all glassware. The
temperature, the glass would change from        and green coloring for over a hundred            mystique and the edge of danger from
its normal transparent yellow to opaque         years. In the 1940’s its use was banned          the uranium has made it one of the most
white. This material inspired the name          because uranium was used to make the             collectible glassware to ever been produced.

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  5                                                                                                       Summer 2007

Quick Tips
                                                                                Tuesday thru Saturday
          very cold morning in February reminded me of a quick

                                                                                 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
          tip that you may have heard before but it is always good
          to reiterate.

  We’ve packed the antique glassware from a local estate or a client
has brought boxes of items to you, the boxes have been in a cold

                                                                                 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
car or truck for hours, maybe overnight! Now it is time to unpack
the boxes and display the items. You uncover a Steuben Aurene
vase, a large Hawkes brilliant cut glass bowl, an ice blue Peacock
at the Fountain stemmed compote, a piece of Webb cameo glass,
a French enameled decanter, etc., but they are extremely dirty
and also very cold. So, you decide to wash the glassware before
displaying. STOP, don’t do it. I know you have all heard the term
cold crack. Well that is how it can happen. By immersing cold
glass into warm/hot water, you are taking a chance of causing a
cold crack and significantly devaluing a wonderful piece of
antique glassware. So remember, always allow glassware to become
room temperature before washing.
  Here is another quick tip that requires no tools. You have an

                                                                           ANTIQUES & GIFT EMPORIUM
old dresser with wooden knobs; one of the knobs is wobbly and
sometimes falls out of the hole. What has happened is the hole has

                                                                                  104 N. Echols
become too large, so to make it smaller all you need is wooden
matchsticks and wood glue. Just cut the matchstick, using scissors

                                                                              Caldwell, Texas 77836
or a knife, the depth of the hole, coat with the wood glue and

place them on the sides of the hole. Let dry, screw on the knob
and Voila! A nice secure knob.
  Special thanks to Vickie Freeman, Bel Air Auction Gallery, Bel Air,
Maryland and the Maryland Auctioneers Association for allowing
LL Auctions to reprint this article.
                            #####                                            Yesteryears is a cooperative antique
“What’s The Most Unusual                                                      shop which o ers clientele a great
Item You Ever Sold?”                                                         selection of estate pieces, glassware,
As an auctioneer I get asked this                                          unique jewelry, books, linens, furniture,
question a lot. Many things I’ve sold
over the years come to mind. I could                                             gi items and much more…
say, “the bachelor I sold at a benefit
auction, a wild hog trap, a puppy,
a gold tooth, or sometimes those
unidentifiable items that we sell in an
estate auction that neither we, nor the buyer quite knows what it is”.
I think my answer will now be lot #758. I’ll be selling it at our
                                                                                  e Fun Place to Shop
June 30 Carmine auction. It’s someone’s hook hand. It appears there
are few years of use on it. However, with pirates being a box office                ere’s Something
smash, I’m hoping that someone will buy it and make a good
Halloween costume out of it. One thing I am certain of is that it                   for Everyone!
won’t stay on the list for long. Just when you think you’ve seen it all,
something else comes along that leaves you saying, “I’ve never sold
one of those before, but there is a first time for everything”.

LL Auctions # PO Box 1371 # Dickinson, Texas 77539                                 713-248-6186 #
  6                                                                                                                  Summer 2007

Are You A Whiz? Take Our Quiz!
Test your collecting know-how by matching the descriptions with the correct illustrations.

                               1                                     2                                      3

      A. Hellbender
       B. Blenko
        C. Linen
 D. Sunbonnet Sue
  E. Vaseline Glass

                                                          5: Sunbonnet Sue     4: Hellbender    3: Blenko   2: Vaseline glass   1: Linen

Early 1900 Black Memorabilia
Up For Auction
                                                                         For Sale
                                                                         O’Keefe & Merritt Vintage
If you are a collector                                                   Stove with grillevator, side
of black memorabilia,                                                     towel bars, clock, light,
gun or advertising                                                         enamel fold ’n lift top.
memorabilia, you                                                             Located in central
might want to look                                                             Houston area.
at lot #785 in our
June 30 Auction.                                                             Contact Kevin at:
   This is a dated                                                           713-524-5151 or
1908 Winchester ad                                                            832-647-1592
and has the Winches-
ter logo in the
bottom right corner.
   In the center bottom underneath the name Winchester, the
caption reads. “Shoot Them And Avoid Trouble”.
   The Winchester Repeating Arms Company came out with this
ad, in reference to the skunks that were in the picture. However,
given that this was the early 1900’s it was immediately considered
racist and pulled off the market. The picture continued to be
produced but the wording was removed. This ad is one of the old
ones and still has the original wording.
  Thank you to our seller for the history on this item.

LL Auctions # PO Box 1371 # Dickinson, Texas 77539                                     713-248-6186 #
 7                                                                                                                                         Summer 2007

     Past Prices Realized At Auction
        eople often ask us, “What will my item bring
        at auction?” This can be much like trying to
        predict the weather. We always tell our sellers
 that some items may bring much less than they hoped
 for, while other items may bring a much larger sum of
 money than they would have ever expected.
   Black memorabilia sold very strong at our March
 Carmine Auction, as determined collectors with keen
 eyes were looking to take a part of history home.
   As you can see from these past auction results,
 prices can be all over the board when bidding ends.                  Pump Organ Sold For:
 But then, isn’t that what makes an auction fun!                        $
                                                                                                                       Slave paper from Brenham, TX
                                                                                                                           Dated 1862, Sold For:

                                                  Claw Foot Bathtub
     Ulysse Roy 1850’s                                 Sold For:
     Oil on Rag Sold For:                             $   10                                                                                 Pocketwarches
      $ 1200                                                                                                                                    Sold For:

         United Brotherhood of
                                 rious Ten
          & Sisters of the Myste
                            th Photos Sold For:
      Framed Certificate wi
                   $  225
                                                                                  Hamm’s Beer
                                                                                  Clock Sold For:

                                                                                               Black Memorabilia
                                                                                               (postcards) Sold For:
                                                                                                    $  25
                         Black Themed
                      Sheet Music Sold For:            “Maid In Panama”
                             35                          Book Sold For:

LL Auctions # PO Box 1371 # Dickinson, Texas 77539                                             713-248-6186 #

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