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					Small Handheld Devices Give The Forgetful A Big Lift
    (NAPSA)—The forgetful are
getting a big lift from a small
handheld digital device that helps
them remember meetings, birth-
days and what’s on their to-do
    The result of these ingenious
handheld devices is a lot of time-
saving assistance and fewer sticky
notes and scraps of paper.
    Helping many first-time hand-
held computer buyers is the Zire™
21 handheld from palmOne. A
great gift for friends, family or
just yourself, the Zire 21 carries
an estimated U.S. street price of
$99 and is considered an easy and
affordable way to juggle daily
tasks surrounding work, family         WHAT’S ON YOUR TO-DO LIST?
and social activities.                 First-time handheld computer
    According to The NPD Group, a      buyers such as moms, seniors
global market information com-
                                       and students are turning to
pany, the original Zire handheld
                                       palmOne devices.
from palmOne was the best-sell-
ing handheld last holiday season;      meeting or soccer practice once in
and according to palmOne, it’s the     the Date Book, schedule it to
fastest-selling in history—with        repeat at the same time every
over one million devices sold—         week and never miss it again.
attracting first-time buyers such         • Always have phone numbers
as super-moms, senior citizens         with you—from the auto mechanic
and students. Adding value to the      to your yoga instructor. So, when
top-selling original Zire handheld,    your car dies, you can call for help
the new Zire 21 handheld comes         and you’ll never end up stranded.
with more software, a faster              • Track everything from pass-
processor and four times greater       words to movie rentals to wine
memory. The Zire handheld’s            lists with the Handmark
appeal? A simple two-button navi-      MobileDB application, one of the
gation, stylish white design and       more than 20,000 commercially
slim size that slips easily into       available applications.
pockets, purses and briefcases            • Have a few minutes to pick
anywhere.                              up some groceries but can’t
    For gadget hounds who want         remember what you need? Tap
more than the basics, the              your To-Do List where you’ve jot-
Tungsten™ E handheld with bril-        ted down items you need through-
liant color sells for $199 and can     out the week.
also play video clips and MP3 files       • When you’re on the road or
(listening to MP3s requires the use    even at home you can use your
of an expansion card, sold sepa-       handheld as an alarm clock.
rately). And, for an extra $100, you      • Can’t remember where all
can get a Zire 71 handheld with        your money goes? Download
the multimedia features and a          Handmark PDA Money to track
built-in camera. (Note: All prices     expenses on the go and you’ll
are estimated U.S. street price.)      always know where every dollar is
    So, just how does a small, styl-   spent. Included with the Zire 21
ish device help you turn chaos         handheld, this application also
into harmony? palmOne offers           can be purchased for use with
these tips to clear the clutter of     other handhelds.
Post-its and save time by staying         • Finally, at your favorite
organized:                             restaurant, let your powerOne
    • For reoccurring appoint-         Personal calculator figure out the
ments, enter your weekly office        tip.