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                                                                                                                             Continuous Data Protection®
                                                                                                                             Tools for Windows and Linux

       What’s New in CDP 3.0
The CDP 3.0 range of products represents the next generation in R1Soft high-performance backup
software. Redesigned from the ground-up, CDP 3.0 is built on all-new Disk Safe® technology. Made to
withstand crashes and power loss – an industry rst – the CDP 3.0 Disk Safe is fully portable. Open, close,
and copy your Disk Safe across servers; your backups go wherever you need them to. What’s more, CDP
3.0 reduces backup windows to mere minutes, with minimum impact to disk I/O.

For maximum data protection and disaster recovery, choose R1Soft Continuous Data Protection® (CDP) 3.0.

Which Edition is Right for You?
All editions of CDP 3.0 are multi-platform and incorporate the latest in R1Soft (CDP)® technology to provide fast, reliable, and
cost-e ective disk-based server backup.

           CDP 3.0 Standard                               CDP 3.0 Advanced                         CDP 3.0 Enterprise

       Customers looking to protect 1-5 servers.   Customers looking for MySQL and MS SQL     Customers looking for a centrally-managed
       Ideal for hosting providers that o er       data protection and Bare-Metal Restore.    backup solution; CDP Enterprise Edition
       customer-managed server backup.             Ideal for hosting providers that o er      allows a user to manage backups for
                                                   customer-managed server backup services.   30+ physical or virtual servers from one
                                                                                              central interface.

                                            (All 3 versions work     on Windows and Linux OS)


              Protect One Server per Install               Protect One Server per Install             Protect 30-100 Agents
              Backup to 2nd Hard Disk / USB                Backup to 2nd Hard Disk / USB              Central Management
              Backup to NAS                                Backup to NAS                              Central Repository
              File Restore                                 File Restore                               Backup to NAS
                                                           Email Reporting & SOAP API                 File Restore
                                                           Bare-Metal Restore                         Email Reporting & SOAP API
                                                           MySQL CDP                                  Bare-Metal Restore
                                                           MSSQL Server CDP                           MySQL CDP
                                                                                                      MSSQL Server CDP
                                                                                                      Multi-Point Replication
                                                                                                      Multi-User & Multi-Tenant

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