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Zappos takes to Twitter success



                     continued from page 28                                                teacher, he leads an interesting life into which Twitter could
                     overly commercial and turning off your followers.                     offer a fun and fascinating window (i.e., what he's invent-
                         In terms of online merchants, is using                   ing/teaching/thinking/performing) .
                     Twitter to broadcast its deal of the day, when it sells out,              Every week Steve appears live on Denver's 9News to do
                     and "Woot-offs." You can see the company's recent tweets              a science experiment that would make for great "Twitter
                     at Although unabashedly com-                    fodder." So would the more noteworthy events leading up
                     mercial, Woot's tweets serve a useful purpose because                 to the appearance, such as "Just bought 100 boxes of bak-
                     Woot aficionados crave immediate updates when a new                   ing soda for tomorrow's science experiment."
                     product goes up on the site.                                              If you do any marketing online, you should have a
                         Electronics merchant Circuit City is using Twitter to             Twitter account, and as a minimum you should be tracking
                     inject itself into the conversation, such as a recent inci-           Twitter conversations that mention your brand by using
                     dent in which the "circuit_city" Twitter user (www.twit-              Twitter's track feature. It wouldn't be a bad idea to start
            craftuy recommended a Panasonic                 sending out your own tweets, too!
                     ToughBook to Forrester analyst Jeremiah Owynn^ in
                     response to Jeremiah's tweet about the fragility of note-             Get started with TWitter Thefirststep to getting started
                     book computers.                                                       with Twitter is to go to and register.
                         At my urging, Netconcepts' client and science guy                 Don't forget to upload a picture of yourself so your follow-
                     Steve Spangler recently joined Twitter. Steve's a perfect             ers can see your likeness.
                     fit for Twitter: As a toy inventor, TV personality, profes-               After that, the rest is up to you. You can track keywords
                     sional speaker, CEO of a multichannel retailer and science            you have a keen interest in, follow people who interest you.

Zappos takes to Twitter success
One of the e-commerce world's                         optional and are more for employees to learn how      observing how we interact with each other on
success s t o r i e s when it comes to Twitter        to sign up for Twitter and use various features       Twitter," Hsieh says.
is The online shoe store itnown for       and third-party applications," says Hsieh. "We            And while Zappos doesn't measure Twitter's
its dedicated employees, high degree of customer      really don't give any specific guidelines except to   effect on sales, the internal camaraderie
service, and wide selection of products has imple-    tell them to use their best judgment."                exposed through Twitter does have a measur-
mented companywide adoption of Twitter.                    Is Zappos able to definitively show that its     able effect on customers. "The customers who
    Zappos' top priority is its company culture,
says CEO Tony Hsieh. "For Twitter, we don't really
view it as a marketing channel so much as a way
                                                      "We're not really looking at short-term ROI in terns of sales,"
to connect on a more personal level-whether it's
with our employees or our existing customers."
                                                      Hsieh says.                   ferro ifeloíig refeSonHps Éï
    Zappos initially started getting the entire
company more involved with Twitter "because
we saw it as a great way to help build our
company culture," Hsieh says. "But then we            involvement with Twitter results in more sales?       are following @zappos on Twitter seem to really
discovered it was also a great way to connect         "We're not really looking at short-term ROI in        enjoy it, because it allows them to interact with
with customers as well."                              terms of sales," Hsieh says. "We're looking to        us on a much more personal level," Hsieh says.
    You might think that Zappos has a strong          form lifelong relationships with our customers,           Merchants considering Twitter as a busi-
set of policies in place to prevent PR disasters      and we think Twitter helps us do this."               ness tool need to "be real and use it as a way
caused by employees twittering about company              Zappos has also found that Twitter has been       to connect more deeply with people," Hsieh
secrets or other sensitive information. It doesn't.   great for recruiting "because people can get          advises. "Don't think of it as a marketing tool
   "We do offer Twitter classes, but those are        a glimpse into what our culture is like just by       you have to leverage."-SS

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