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2010 USSSA World Series


									                                       2010 USSSA World
                                     Open World Series 11u, 13u &
                                                             OH. July East
                                                       Akron 15u Under14-18

Congratulations on an outstanding season and welcome to the 2010 USSSA Fast
Pitch 11u, 13u & 15u World Series Tournament. The World Series Tournament will be
held in Akron, OH, home of the Akron Racers, members of the National Pro Fastpitch
League (NPF). Games will be played at the Firestone Stadium Complex as well as
various tournament fields throughout the city July 14 – 18, 2010.         8 & Under East
The USSSA Fastpitch program will use a 5-game guarantee format in its World Series
Tournament. Teams will be seeded into pools based on current USSSA ranking points
and play a round robin. All teams will be seeded into a double elimination
championship bracket following pool play. Seeding will be based on pool finish. The
exact format of the tournament, e.g., number of games, number of teams in each pool,
etc., will be set by the tournament director following USSSA Fast Pitch guidelines as
approved by the USSSA Fast Pitch National Committee.                            8 & Under Ea
To guarantee your spot in the tournament, your team will need to complete the online
entry process (new for 2010). All entries must be made through the
website. You will be required to submit your entry and payment online. At this point it
will be subject to approval by your state director. Once approved, your entry will be
considered complete for this World Series Event. Official entry and payment process
must be completed no later than June 30, 2010. The entry fee for 2010 will be $465.

All team rosters must be on the USSSA website and must be the one that was
submitted to your state/area director when your team qualified for this tournament.
Your state director must sign the roster we receive. Failure to comply with this rule will
result in your team’s removal from the tournament.

All players participating in USSSA Fastpitch youth tournament play shall have proof of
age in possession of their team manager at all times. Proof of age must be verified by
a government issued document that identifies the player by name, gender and birth
date. Failure to produce a copy of such document upon demand by and deemed non-
fraudulent by a tournament official will result in the offending team losing the game,
being eliminated from the tournament, being placed last in the standings and forfeiting
all awards, sponsor’s travel money and tournament berths that would have been
awarded at the tournament.
USSSA - 611 Line Drive, Kissimmee, FL 34744 - 321-697-3636 - -
                                       2010 USSSA World
                                     Open World Series 11u, 13u &
                                                             OH. July East
                                                       Akron 15u Under14-18

USSSA Playing Rules
All playing rules shall be governed by the official USSSA Fastpitch softball rulebook and national by-
laws. Note that the rulebook online at will always supersede the latest printed
version if a discrepancy exists.

Co-Tournament Directors                                                   8 & Under East
Joey Arrietta
Dennis Rose

Tournament Hosts

Akron Racers, members of the National Pro Fastpitch League (NPF)

                                                                                8 & Under Ea
The tournament website is Click on the USSSA Logo to access
tournament information. Check it frequently for updates.

Tournament Headquarters

1575 Firestone Parkway
Akron, OH 44301


Firestone Stadium (2)
Logan Fields (4)
Springfield Akron JEDD Park (3)
Barlow Fields (3)
Barberton Fields (4)

Park Information:

USSSA - 611 Line Drive, Kissimmee, FL 34744 - 321-697-3636 - -
                                        2010 USSSA World
                                      Open World Series 11u, 13u &
                                                               OH. July East
                                                         Akron 15u Under14-18


There will be concession stands at the tournament facilities to serve the participants, family & fans
attending the tournament throughout the week. Concession items include hot dogs, hamburgers,

                                                                             8 & Under East
Sloppy Joes, Chick-fil-A chicken sandwiches, nachos, pizza, candy & popcorn. Sport drinks and
water in addition to other Pepsi products will be available.

Tailgating, Food & Beverages

NO FOOD, BEVERAGES, OR PETS can be brought into the tournament facilities. No grills are
permitted in the parking lots or surrounding areas at all playing sites. Your cooperation is required
and appreciated.

Restrooms                                                                         8 & Under Ea
Firestone Stadium –located off the main concourse & can be reached by using the stairway leading
downstairs to the restrooms; additional restrooms are located at the end of the building on the first
base side of the field. Pony Field – a port-o-let is available adjacent to the field; additional restrooms
are located at the end of the building on the first base side of the field on the Main Diamond.
Logan Fields – located near the building in the center of the complex.
Springfield Akron JEDD Park – located at the concession building.


Free parking is available at each site.
Firestone Stadium – located adjacent to the Main Diamond; additional parking on the grass along
Firestone Parkway.
Pony Field – limited spaces are available adjacent to the field.
Logan Fields- located at 61Vaughn Road, Akron, OH 44319
Springfield Akron JEDD Park – located at 2211 Pickle Road, Akron, OH 44312

Reporting Scores

Immediately following each game the home team must report the score of the game to the
Tournament Site Director. Brackets will be posted at each site & will be updated throughout the

USSSA - 611 Line Drive, Kissimmee, FL 34744 - 321-697-3636 - -
                                       2010 USSSA World
                                     Open World Series 11u, 13u &
                                                              OH. July East
                                                        Akron 15u Under14-18

Official Ball

The official ball will be an approved (TBD) ball for this event. The umpires will provide the game ball
prior to your game.

Pregame Warm-up                                                            8 & Under East
No pregame warm-up is permitted on the tournament playing fields


Firestone Stadium – batting cage & grassy area between the two diamonds can be used for
pregame warm-up; the two bullpens located down the left field line on the main diamond are to be
                                                                                 8 & Under Ea
shared by the teams currently playing; immediately following the conclusion of the game the next two
teams may use the bullpens.

Pony Field - batting cage & grassy area between the two diamonds can be used for pregame warm-
up; grassy areas outside the playing field can be used for throwing only; no batting practice is
permitted in order to protect fans from injury.

Logan Fields – warm-up areas are limited and cannot take place near the concession stand area.

Springfield Akron JEDD Park – William O. Dotson Field – warm up area will be on the 3rd field.
Teams will take turns using infield and outfield


Awards Package sizes will be based on the number of teams in the tournament. Below is the full size
package that will be awarded for divisions with more than 32 teams.
1. Team trophies to the top six teams
2. Individual awards to the top six teams
3. Team Sportsmanship award
4. Outstanding Pitcher award
5. Outstanding Offensive Player award
6. Outstanding Defensive Player award
7. MVP award

USSSA - 611 Line Drive, Kissimmee, FL 34744 - 321-697-3636 - -
                                       2010 USSSA World
                                     Open World Series 11u, 13u &
                                                             OH. July East
                                                       Akron 15u Under14-18


Partners in Travel (PITT) will be handling all of the housing arrangements for the
tournament. Partners in Team Travel, LLC is located at 154-200 Mine Lake Court, Raleigh, NC
27615. PITT is committed to locating
                                                                          8 & Under East
the best housing arrangements available for the tournament. Please contact asap after qualifying for
the tournament. Contact either Marylou or Jane for assistance at Phone: 919-870-9755 x100, Fax:
919-870-9758 or

Check-In Materials

All teams will be required to check-in prior to the event. At this check-in, there are two mandatory
pieces of information that must be turned in:
                                                                                8 & Under Ea
1. Akron Racers Sport Waiver Form. ALL PLAYERS & COACHES MUST SIGN the Akron Racers
Sports Waiver Form. These completed forms need to be brought to the check-in. Completed Waiver
Forms are required to obtain the pass that allows players and coaches access to all tournament sites.
2. Proof of Team Insurance. Each team will be required to show a valid certificate of insurance at

Gift Exchange

There will be a non-mandatory team gift exchange during one of your pool play games. Teams
wishing to participate should bring something that is representative of their home area, the value of
which is not important. It is recommended that teams bring a minimum of 16 gifts to exchange.

Admission – Akron Racers FANBAN

The official Akron Racers FANBAN will be used as the all-tournament pass for both adults and
children. Spectator admission is as follows: $10 per adult per day or $40 per adult for a tournament
FANBAN. For children ages 6-12 it is $5 per day or $20 for a tournament FANBAN. Children 5 and
under are free. This charge includes everyone except players and team coaches. A maximum of 3
coaches and 20 player FANBANS will be provided FREE of charge. Player FANBANS will only be
issued to those players listed on the submitted roster, and only players in uniform will be allowed to
enter on a player FANBAN. The FANBANS will be given to coaches at the managers meeting. Family
members and fans are encouraged to preorder their FANBANS. The preorder process is the most
convenient way to obtain your FANBAN. Your FANBANS will be given to your daughter’s coach at the
manager’s meeting. Day passes and FANBANS will also be sold at the Firestone Stadium Box office
and at each field. The FANBANS provide you discounts at area restaurants and special attractions.
USSSA - 611 Line Drive, Kissimmee, FL 34744 - 321-697-3636 - -
                                       2010 USSSA World
                                     Open World Series 11u, 13u &
                                                             OH. July East
                                                       Akron 15u Under14-18

Tentative Schedule
Tues. July 13       Noon          Check-in begins
                                  1575 Firestone Stadium
Weds. July 14       10am          Managers Meeting TBD/Check-in Continues
Weds. July 14
Thurs. July 15
                                  World Series Pool Play Begins           8 & Under East
                                  World Series Pool Play Continues/Bracket Play Begins
Fri. July 16        9am           World Series Bracket Play Continues
Sat. July 17        9am           World Series Bracket Play Continues
Sun. July 18        9am           World Series Bracket Play 15u only
                    10am          11u World Series Championship Game
                    12:30pm       13u World Series Championship Game
                    3pm           15u World Series Championship Game

                                                                                8 & Under Ea
Bracket schedules will not be mailed out in advance. The pool play and double elimination brackets
will be given to coaches during the team check-in. Player, coach and other pre-tournament items will
also be distributed at the team check-in.

Note that all times are subject to change. Please verify itinerary during team check-in. Once the
tournament begins, managers must check the main bracket board for any changes in game times,
field assignments or other items related to tournament play or functions.

Tournament Program Book
We are planning a very special tournament program with lots of information, including all the
brackets, directions and maps to parks and other important facilities, valuable coupons for local
businesses, and team rosters and pictures. USSSA has created a new format for us to get this data.
On your Official Roster, you will select a feature called “Advanced Roster.” This feature
will allow you to put all of the information onto the ISTS that will be used for Tournament Program,
including name, number, batting hand, throwing hand, and positions played.

Community Walk

Once the tournament website is launched, you are encouraged to take a walk through our community
and prepare for your trip to Akron. The field locations, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals and
various attractions are listed for your pre-Akron visit. We are working on our website and hope to
have it available for you to view by March 1, 2010.

USSSA - 611 Line Drive, Kissimmee, FL 34744 - 321-697-3636 - -
                                       2010 USSSA World
                                     Open World Series 11u, 13u &
                                                             OH. July East
                                                       Akron 15u Under14-18

Good Luck Program Ads

Family, friends and team supporters can use the form included in this packet to submit a Good Luck
                                                                          8 & Under East
Ad to be include your message in the 2010 USSSA World Series Tournament Program Guide. Each
message can be included for $25 per message (ad size 5.5” x 2”). There are also Half Page ads (5.5”
x 4.25”) for $45 and Full Page ads (5.5” x 8.5”) for $75. Deadline for submission of Good Luck Ads is
June 21, 2010. Email

Tournament Merchandise (Pre-Sale)

Official tournament merchandise will be available by March 1, 2010. Friends, family, players and fans
can begin ordering merchandise through the pre-order process. Please print the order form off the
                                                                                8 & Under Ea
internet and e-mail , fax (330.376.8348) or mail it to Stacy Corp, Director of
Ticket Sales/Merchandise, Firestone Stadium, 1575 Firestone Parkway, Akron, OH 44301. All pre-
ordered merchandise will be given to your team manager at the Manager’s Meeting. The team
manager is responsible for distributing the merchandise.

The pre-order process is the best possible way to obtain the size, color and tournament items. There
will be limited quantities of all items once your arrive in Akron.

USSSA - 611 Line Drive, Kissimmee, FL 34744 - 321-697-3636 - -

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