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Google Books (PowerPoint download)


									   Google Me
Small Discussion Group
    Final Product
          Google Me
   Steve Bouchard, Tina Boylan,
     Paula Cella, Mike Fanelli,
    Chip Garrison, Dawn Kosko,
Jen Lewis, John Malecki, Kim Vasile,
           Kelly Wischner
• Create a blog…it’s free!
• Your blog
   – Keep students up to date with assignments
• Easy to use
   – Post text, photos, and video
   – From the web or your mobile phone
• Flexible - Personalize your blog any way you wish!

 • How do I get started? Click Google Blogs to learn.
•   Books sorted by topic
•   Includes ratings and reviews
•   Search books
•   Create your own personal bookshelf
•   Organize selections to use in your classroom
•   Share your bookshelf with other members
•   Learn more about Google Books
Google Books Tutorial
•Google Buzz works from your mobile phone
•Share updates, photos, videos and more
•Start conversations
•Share publicly or privately
•Comments get sent right to your inbox
•Connect sites you already use
•Buzz from your phone
•Google Buzz Mobile Information

Learn More About Using Google Buzz
       Google Buzz Tutorial
•   Share your schedule
•   Get your calendar on the go (mobile version)
•   Never forget another event
•   Send invitations and track RSVPs
•   Sync with your desktop
•   Work offline
•   It’s free!
• Get Things Done With Google Calendar
• Video Tutorial - Get things done with Google
• How to Use Google Calendar
• Video Tutorial for How to Use Google Calendar
• Upload files from your desktop , store online
• Create documents, spreadsheets, forms, and
• Accepts most popular file formats
• Open files anywhere, share them with anyone
• Edit anytime, from anywhere
• Control who can access your documents
• Share changes and collaborate instantly
• Publish and “un-publish” anytime
Click below to get started with Google Docs
and learn more

Google Docs
               Google Finance

•Current market data, news and portfolios
•Streaming real time recent quotes
•Compare companies easily with a new
interactive tool
•Customize the homepage
•Use stock screener to research before you buy
•Stock Screener Tutorial
•Participate in financial discussion groups online
•Use interactive charts
•Get news and more news
•Create, maintain and track your
 personal portfolio
•Click on the link below to view a tutorial!
•How to use Google Finance
•Easy and efficient e-mail
•Built in chat: talk, text or video
•Less spam and lots of free storage
•Organize your replies into conversations
•Manage your mail with labels, starring, filters
•Get mail on your mobile phone
•Secure mail with “always on” https encryption
•   And it’s all free!
•   To sign up for a free email account…
•   Visit the link below
•   Click on “Create an account”.

              Google Picasa
• Web Editing Software - Find, edit and share
• Select Download Picasa from
• Select the following link
             • Picasa Demonstration Video
Follow the following links from
 – More (top left)
 – Photos
 – Download Picasa
 – More (again)
 – Even More
 – Picasa (from the right column)
 – Learn more about Picasa & Picasa Web Albums
• What is Google Reader?
  – Google Reader will help you keep track of
    your favorite websites
• Why use Google Reader?
  – To compile your favorite news sites/blogs in
    one convenient place
  – Easily access your favorite updated sites on a
    daily basis
View the easy-to-
follow tutorial:
Google Reader Video Tutorial
• What is Google Sites?
  –Google Sites will allow you to create a
   free website for the classroom
  –Visit Google Sites to get started.
• Why use Google Sites?
  –Great resource for posting tutoring
  –Post assignments, files, PDFs and useful
View an easy-to-
follow video
tutorial below:
Google Sites Tutorial
•Software designed to draw objects and
models in 3D
•Three dimensional manipulation of the
objects you create
•Easy to use
•Help center available
•Dozens of tutorial videos
•Worldwide user community with collections
of drawings
                         DNA Strand

History: The Parthenon

•Interested in learning more?
•Explore Google SketchUp 7
• What is Google Scholar?
 Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly
 search for scholarly literature. From one place, you
 can search across many disciplines and sources:
 articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions,
 from academic publishers, professional societies,
 online repositories, universities and other web sites.
 Google Scholar helps you find relevant work across
 the world of scholarly research.
• Features of Google Scholar
• Search diverse sources from one convenient place
• Find articles, theses, books, abstracts or court
• Locate the complete document through your library
  or on the web
• Learn about key scholarly literature in any area of
    There are many more
Google Applications available on
      Check them out!!!!

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