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					                               A FIRM

                               The GCSAA Foundation broadens its outlook
                               with the addition of some of the golf industry's leading lights.

                              Bunny Smith

                                                Seven new trustees were installed at           "For The GCSAA Foundation to
                                             The GCSAA Foundation's        summer          expand its influence and continue to
                                             board meeting, bringing together the          make a significant and positive impact
                                             "brightest minds and most strongly            on the game of golf and the golf course
                                             committed     keepers of the game,"           maintenance industry, we will need
                                             according to GCSAA President George           input from a broad base of recognized
                                             Renault III, CGCS.                            leaders," Renault says.
                                                                                               The board's officers are Foundation
                                                                                           chairman      Raymond      B. Anderson,
                                                                                           founder      and CEO of Anderson
                                                                                           Lithographing Co. (now Wicklander
                                                                                           Printing Corp.), past president of the
                                                                                           Western Golf Association and the
                                                                                           Chicago District Golf Association, and
                                                                                           past member of the USGA executive
                                                                                           committee;      Foundation   vice chair-
                                                                                           man/treasurer Jerry Pate, chairman of
                                                                                           Jerry Pate Golf Design, a commentator
                                                                                           for the golf division of CBS Sports, a
                                                                                           current member of the PGA Tour, PGA
                                                                                           of America and the USGA Green
                                                                                           Section, and past U.S. Amateur and U.S.
                                                                                           Open champion; and Foundation secre-
                                                                                           tary R. Scott Woodhead, CGCS, GCSAA
                                                                                               New to the board are Joe Black,
                                                                                           founder, president and CEO of Western
The new board of trustees of The GCSAA Foundation   convened for the first time Aug. 12.                continued      on   p.   86

84   Golf Course Management   •   December 1998
                                                                                             continued         from    p.   84

                                                                                            Golf Properties and past president of
                                                                                            the PGA of America; Robert Combs,
                                                                                            PGA Tour senior vice president of pub-
                                                                                            lic relations and communications;
                                                                                            Michael J. Hoffman, vice president and
                                                                                            general manager of The Toro Co.;
                                                                                            GCSAA CEO Stephen F. Mona, CAE;
                                                                                            and Jaime Ortiz-Patino, president and
                                                                                            superintendent     of Valderrama Golf
                                                                                            Club in Sotogrande, Spain.
                                                                                               Remaining on the board of trustees
                                                                                            are Renault; GCSAA Vice President
                                             Jerry Pate                                     David W. Fearis, CGCS; and GCSAA
                                          Vice Chairman/                                    Immediate      Past President Paul S.
                                             Treasurer                                      McGinnis, CGCS.

                                                                                            It's about the game
                                                                                                The new trustees           represent   a
                                                                                            "re- tooling" of The Foundation, accord-
                                                                                            ing to Mona. For the past four decades,
                                                                                            the association's board of directors and
                                                                                            The Foundation's board of trustees
                                                                                            were identical.
                                                                                                «This is a big moment in our
         Joe Black                        Robert Combs                                      Foundation's history;' Mona says. "This
                                                                                            shift from all 'insiders' to mostly outside
                                                                                            directors is significant. It sounds subtle,
                                                                                            but it's not."
                                                                                                Adds Fearis, "We've got some real
                                                                                            movers and shakers in golf now who are
                                                                                            committed. to our industry and realize
                                                                                            what our goals are. What it shows is that
                                                                                            this association isn't just about the golf
                                                                                            course, it's about the game of golf."
                                                                                                The Foundation board's new chair-
                                                                                            man echoes these thoughts.
     Michael J. Hoffman               Paul S. McGinnis, CGCS         Stephen F. Mona, CAE       "When I started playing golf, the golf
                                                                                            course superintendent          became my
                                                                                            friend;' says Anderson, who has also been
                                                                                            a USGA Green Section chair. "The biggest
                                                                                            investment, whether it be at a private club
                                                                                            or a municipally owned public facility, is
                                                                                            out there on the course. I can't say 'no' to
                                                                                            the golf course superintendents:'
                                                                                                Pate, whose golf course design
                                                                                            company recently completed projects
                                                                                            in Flagstaff, Ariz., and Philadelphia, Miss.,
                                                                                            says, "No matter how well you design a
                     Jaime Ortiz-Patino            George Renault III, CGCS
                                                                                            golf course or how beautiful a property, if

                                                                                                           continued        on   p.   88

86   Golf Course Management       •    December 1998
 continued         from     p.   86               PGA Championship,          PGA Senior              also serves on the board of directors of
the agronomics are not good, then it's a          Championship and PGA Club Profes-                  the National Golf Foundation.
less-than-enjoyable experience."                  sional Championship; and a member of                   Ortiz-Patino,     GCSAA's 1999 Old
    Key among The Foundation's goals, he          the rules committee for the Masters and            Tom Morris Award winner, is general
adds, are providing for research, education       the tournament policy board for the                chairman       of     The     Foundation's
and training in environmental awareness           PGA Tour.                                          "Investing in the Beauty of Golf"
and proper turf grass management.                     Combs is in charge of communica-               endowment        campaign.      He is the
    Woodhead has been superintendent              tions, public and media relations and              hands-on superintendent          as well as
at Valley View Golf Club in Bozeman,              brand development strategies for the               owner at Valderrama, which hosted
Mont., since 1988. He has a bachelor's            PGA Tour, Senior PGA Tour and Nike                 the 1997 Ryder Cup Matches. (See
degree in landscape management from               Tour. He also oversees those' areas for            "Magnificent Obsession" on page 20.)
Montana State University and has been a           the World Golf Foundation and World                    A turfgrass and golf course manage-
member of the association for 16 years            Golf Village.                                      ment graduate of the University of
and a member of the GCSAA board                       As head of The Toro Co!s commer-               Maryland's       Institute     of Applied
since 1993.                                       cial division, Hoffman manages the                 Agriculture, Renault has been a member
                                                  marketing, sales, engineering and man-             of GCSAA for 21 years and has served
Stepping up to service                            ufacturing operations, and aftermarket             on the association's board of directors
   Black, Combs, Hoffman and Mona                 parts and service functions.                       since 1993.
were elected to serve on the nominating               Mona became GCSAA's chief execu-                   Fearis has been superintendent         at
committee.                                        tive officer in 1993. Previously he was            Blue Hills Country Club in Kansas City,
   Black began his career in 1955 as              tournament director of the Northern                Mo., since 1985. He has a bachelor's
a professional player on the PGA Tour.            California Golf Association, assistant             degree in agronomy from Purdue
In addition to serving as president of            manager of press relations for the                 University in West Lafayette, Ind., has
the PGA of America in 1981-82,                    USGA and executive director of the                 been a member of the association for 30
Black was tournament         director of          Georgia State Golf Association. Mona is            years and has served on the board of
the PGA Tour from 1958 to 1964;                   a past president of the International              directors since 1993.
chairman for the Ryder Cup Matches,               Association of Golf Administrators and                 McGinnis is superintendent at Aha
                                                                                                     Mesa Country Club in Mesa, Ariz., and
                                                                                                     has a bachelor's degree in agricultural
                                                                                                     economics       from       Arizona    State
                                                                                                     University in Tempe. A member of the
                                                                                                     association for 21 years, McGinnis has
                                                                                                     served on the GCSAA board of directors
                                                                                                     since 1992.
                                                                                                        Anchored by its «Investing in the
                                                                                                     Beauty of Golf" endowment campaign,
                                                                                                     The GCSAA Foundation's assets have
                                                                                                     grown to $3.7 million. The overall mis-
                                                                                                     sion of The Foundation is to advance
                                                                                                     environmental and scientific develop-
                                                                                                     ments in golf course management,
                                                                                                     provide educational opportunities for
                                                                                                     superintendents and turfgrass students,
                                                                                                     and preserve the history of the profes-
                                                                                                     sion. Since its inception in 1955, The
                                                                                                     Foundation has provided more than $1
                                                                                                     million in support          of numerous
                                                                                                     research studies and more than 1,000
                                                                                                     student scholarships.
Earlier this year, Jaime Ortiz-Patino (third from left) received a token of thanks for his work as
general chairman of The GCSAA Foundation's $3.5 million endowment campaign, "Investing
in the Beauty of Golt' With Ortiz-Patino are GCSAA President George Renault III, CGCS (left);
Immediate Past President Paul S. McGinnis, CGCS (second from left); and association CEO
Stephen F. Mona, CAE. All are now members of The Foundation's board of trustees.                     Bunny Smith is GeM's assistant editor.

88   Golf Course Management.          December 1998

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