Rialto Police Department Chief 's Report March 2008

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					Rialto Police Department
      Chief ’s Report
       March 2008

                                                    ORGANIZATIONAL CHART


                                                    Internal                                   Executive
                                                     Affairs                                   Assistant

                               Operations                                   Admin                                    Support
                                Captain                                    Assistant                                 Captain

                                                                   Specialized    Personnel                      TECH                                    Admin
         Patrol                          Crime      SWAT                                        Community                      Logistics   Budget
                        Dispatch                                      Units                                     Support                                Lieutenant
        Division                        Analysis                                  & Training     Service

                     Area                              Detectives                HR Analyst                 Volunteers    Purchasing        Records
                 Command 1

                                                                                                           Reserves &
                                                        Narcotics                                           Explorers                        Front
                 Command 2
                  Lieutenant                                                                                                                Counter

                                   Crime Free
                Command 3
                                                         SCAT                                              Neighborhood
                 Lieutenant                                                                                                                  Payroll

 School              K-9
Resource           Officers
 Officers                               Parking          Traffic
                                      Enforcement                                                                                           Property


            Revised February 25, 2008
Table of Contents

  Mayor and City Council members    Humane Services
  Mayor Grace Vargas                Reserves
  Mayor “Pro Tem” Winnie Hanson     Volunteers
  Councilmember Ed Scott            Explorers
  Councilmember Joe Baca Jr.        School Resource Officers
  Councilmember Deborah Robertson   Operations / Patrol Division
                                    Area Command Program
  Rialto Facts                      Special Weapons and Tactics
  Mission and Values Statement      Canine Teams
  Message from the Chief            Street Crime Attack Team
                                    Investigations Unit
  Office of the Chief of Police     Traffic Unit
  Strategic Planning                Narcotics Unit
  Team Building                     Bike Patrol
  Internal Affairs Unit             Communications
  Thanks to the Community           Crime Analysis
  Executive Assistants
                                    Department Training

  Executive Command Staff
  Operations Bureau
   Commander Captain Farrar
  Support Bureau
   Commander Captain Martinez

                                    Community Events
  Command Staff
                                    Every 15 Minutes Program
  Lieutenant Cirilo
                                    Annual Explorer Golf
  Lieutenant DeAnda
  Tournament                        Red Ribbon Week
  Lieutenant Burkholder             National Night Out
  Lieutenant Thompson               Daffodil Days
                                    Battle of the Badges
  Support Bureau                    PD / Fire Public Safety Day
  Training and Recruitment          Thanksgiving Food Drive
  Records Division                  Hearts to Share
  Payroll                           Baker to Vegas
  Finance                           Special Olympics
  Technical Support (IT)            PD Racquetball Tournament
  Property and Evidence
  Registrants                       Memorial
  Front Counter
  Logistics                         Department Personnel
    Mayor and City Council Members

           Mayor Grace Vargas       Mayor “Pro Tem” Winnie Hanson

          Council Member Ed Scott    Council Member Joe Baca Jr.

                    Council Member Deborah Robertson
Rialto Facts

The City of Rialto was incorporated November 17, 1911. In 1939, the Police Department
employed only two sworn officers. In 1945, the Police Department employed four sworn
officers, serviced five square miles, with a population of 3,000. In 1976, the Police
Department serviced sixteen square miles with a population of 32,000. The new police
facility was dedicated November 20, 1973 to Sidney A. Jones, who gave 42 years of
service to the City of Rialto, was our first motor officer, and our first Chief of Police. In
1973, the police facility housed less than half of the Department’s current personnel.

The City of Rialto now covers 28 square miles and currently serves a population of
95,000. Citizens enjoy the services of City-owned water, fire, and police departments,
as well as community recreation facilities. Rialto provides shopping facilities and ample
professional and banking services within an hour drive of Lake Silverwood, Big Bear
Lake, Lake Perris, and Lake Arrowhead. Rialto is served by three major freeways, I-10,
I-215, and I-15, as well as State Highways 60 and 91.

Type of government
The Rialto City Council consists of five members — a mayor, a mayor pro tempore,
and three council members. The Council meets on the first and third Tuesday of
every month. Meetings are held in the Civic Center Council Chambers at 150 S. Palm
Avenue. Supporting the Council are ten commissions focusing on areas such as the
City’s airport, recreation and planning.

Sworn Personnel
The Police Department currently has 115 sworn and 45 non sworn employees. The
budget for the two-year budget cycle was 22 million dollars respectively.

    Mission Statement

    The Rialto Police Department is dedicated to excellence as a world-class
    public safety agency. We are committed to establishing an environment in which
    members of the police department and community thrive. We seek to be a catalyst
    for positive change through persistent, personalized, and cost effective use of public
    safety resources. By embracing the values of excellence, innovation, and integrity
    we remain committed to maintaining the public trust. We remain “Committed
    to our Community.”

    We dedicate ourselves to becoming part of the community through improved
    communication, mutual setting of priorities and a shared commitment to community
    policing. Together, our efforts will set the standard for policing in the 21st century.
    We seek to improve the quality of life for all residents of Rialto through a proactive
    team approach to timely and innovative interventions in community problems. We
    recognize that our employees are our most treasured asset and the cornerstone of
    our department’s success. We value the diverse and unique contributions made by
    police employees, residents, and businesses to the common goal of public safety.

    The Rialto Police Department will be a world-class agency based upon a foundation
    of public trust, and dedicated to keeping the word “public” in public safety. The
    department will serve as a beacon of excellence, innovation, and integrity in the
    21st century. By fostering an atmosphere of partnership, we will embody a shared
    purpose with our community and our employees. We are committed to excellence
    developed through pride, setting the standard, and earning a reputation for
    providing effective, caring, and courteous service.

                                                        Service is the foundation of the
                                                        value system for the Rialto Police
                                                        Department. The highest form of
                                                        service is to protect the lives and
                                                        property of one’s fellow human
                                                        beings. Our city provides an
                                                        exciting and diverse environment
                                                        for personal and professional
                                                        achievement. We recognize that
                                                        the level of safety and well being
                                                        enjoyed by our community will
                                                        measure our effectiveness as
Message from the Chief

                         public servants.
                          It gives me great pride to introduce the
                         2007 Rialto Police Department annual
                         report. The material you are about to read is a
                         first for our department under the reorganization
                         effort. This past year we have made it our
                         priority to stabilize police services, including
                         retaining our greatest asset, our employees.
                         The employees of the Rialto Police Department                are
                         committed to delivering world class law enforcement services to
                         our community. You may be asking exactly what world class
service is. Simply, to achieve world class service, we must constantly strive to exceed our
community’s expectations. We view world class service as our ultimate goal in everything
we do. The closer we get to provide this service the more we challenge ourselves by raising
the organizational standards of excellence. We will settle for nothing less!

The Rialto Police Department is comprised of nearly 160 dedicated employees and
volunteers who enjoy providing law enforcement services to our community. We have a
strong relationship with our community partners and continually strive to build upon
this foundation. This past year our department implemented the Area Command Policing
Model for the purposes of working inclusively with our community crime fighting partners.
Since the program began in June 2007, we have experienced an increase in community
support while addressing various community concerns, while lowering crime in several
areas. The goal of our area command program is to empower our community members
in addressing neighborhood and business related matters, while working collaboratively
with every City of Rialto service department. We are on target in combining our police
resources including reimplementation of the Bicycle Team and improving programs such
as the School Resource Officer, K-9 Team, Street Crime Attack Team (SCAT), Narcotics
and SWAT Team.

With the police department working in concert with the community and our city leadership
it is clear to see how progressive we have become. However, we will not rest in our pursuit
of excellence because our community members expect no less. As we continue to reinvent
policing programs you will learn that we are again becoming a premiere policing agency
in the region.

It is an honor to serve our community and we take great pride in being
members of our police department!
    Office of the Chief of Police

    Administration of the Police Department
    Policy development and implementation
    Coordination with community programs and public information
    Investigation of misconduct liaison with the Mayor, City Council and City

    In August of 2006 the Rialto Police Department was tasked with becoming a competitive and
    progressive law enforcement workplace. We were seeking to fill 27 police officer positions,
    in addition to filling 20 support personnel positions. The department assembled a team of
    recruitment personnel consisting of a police corporal, two police officers and a human resource
    analyst. The team became the department’s Personnel and Training Division. Throughout
    2007 the Personnel and Training Division has made substantial gains in recruiting qualified
    individuals who have become members of the Rialto Police team.

    The Personnel and Training Division has become one of the most innovative recruitment
    teams in the region. Our staff has implemented a number of changes to our hiring process
    that resulted in us becoming a competitive and efficient police agency. Our team members
    have also employed the use of the Internet by partnering with and creating a
    professional hiring video that professionally represents the entire Rialto Police Department.
    The video can be located on the police department website, or by

    Rebuilding the Police Department
    The City of Rialto is committed to rebuilding the police department.
    The rebuilding effort is estimated to take between 7-10 years, with
    the goal of becoming a premier police agency in the region. Since
    we are technically in year 2 of the rebuild, we are progressing
    as expected. The police department facility is currently
    undertaking a remodel of its interior design. The entire
    police facility has been painted with the addition of a newly
    purchased office modular that houses up to 29 employees, including
    the department’s Traffic and Animal Care and Control Divisions.

    The most notable change in the rebuilding effort was an agency decision in establishing a
    more tradition policing structure that centralizes police services. The police department now
    consists of two distinct divisions which direct directly to a police captain, who is a member of
    the executive division in the police department, reporting to the police chief. This past year the
    department recognized the opportunity to redesign the entire organizational structure and is
6   currently continuing in its efforts to streamline the delivery of services.
Succession Planning
As part of the police chief’s commitment to the
future, succession planning is currently being
implemented. The idea of developing a succession
plan will provide the department with the ability
to have established personnel ready to fill vacant
positions as they occur. This is a new concept for
the Rialto Police Department, but one the entire
organization has embraced, including expanding
personal formal educational development and
professional training through the State of California
Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST).

                                          “Helping people help each other,” is the concept
                                          currently being undertaken at our police department.
                                          This year offered the executive staff with the
                                          opportunity to expand and redesign mentoring
                                          of employees, volunteers, and our community’s
                                          youth. Our entire staff is committed from learning
                                          from one another and passing this knowledge onto
                                          the next generation of Rialto Police employees.
                                          The benefits of mentoring will simply raise the
                                          excellence bar and provide each employee with
                                          a road map of being successful in their personal
                                          endeavors. In addition, our organization believes
                                          that mentoring will also help establish a common
                                          set of agreed upon values that are consistent with
                                          the law enforcement profession.

Public Service Announcements
This past year the Rialto Police Department participated in several
public service announcement opportunities. The police chief was
interviewed by Clear Channel radio and the department was
featured on radio stations throughout the Inland Empire, including
99.1 KGGI, Radio Disney AM 1290, Q103.3 and 94.5 FM. The service
announcements were designed to provide an educational opportunity
of how Rialto Police Department is well on its way of delivering
exceptional service delivery to our community and region.                                        7
    The Rialto Police Department continues its efforts
    of being recognized as a world class police agency.
    Langley Productions, who produce the world renowned
    COPS Television show, featured 20 episodes of Rialto’s
    finest during their weekly prime time world broadcast
    television market. The COPS Television series celebrated
    their 20th season this past year and the Rialto Police
    Department and City of Rialto were featured. This
    opportunity allowed viewers from around the Nation and world to learn first hand about
    the police department and our ever changing challenges in policing our community. The
    experience projected our police department into the National spotlight as a recognized leader
    in police services.

    Developing a New Strategic Plan
    Strategic planning is a structured, rational methodology that brings projections of the future to
    bear on today’s decisions. Without strategic planning, making appropriate decisions becomes
    a game of chance. In order for the Rialto Police Department to be prepared in an ever-changing
    world, it must look forward and anticipate what is likely to occur on the horizon.

    The creation of a five-year strategic plan provides a significant opportunity for the Rialto Police
    Department to project possible futures and anticipate their impacts. The structured, rational
    methodology enabled the police department to:

           1.   Refine organizational direction and purpose.
           2.   Identify issues and set priorities.
           3.   Build a culture of inclusion by seeking input from stakeholders.
           4.   Focus resources on specific target areas.
           5.   Create a framework for budgets and operations.
           6.   Enhance internal coordination through mutual goal determination.
           7.   Establish accountability throughout the organization.

                                       The department plans on formulating its five year strategic
                                       plan in 2008. The department recognizes that over the next
                                       five years the policing environment will continue to be a
                                       dynamic one. The police profession itself faces an increasing
                                       number of trends and issues that have social, technological,
                                       economic, environmental, and political characteristics. The
                                       Rialto Police Department recognizes that these will have
                                       a profound effect on the way police services are delivered.
                                       These are the challenges of the future.
Team Building
The term “team building” has become a buzzword in
recent years, and has many connotations. In terms
of corporate development, team-building exercises
are important not for the immediate experience of the
activities performed by the team, but also for the group
skills, communication and bonding that result. Team-building programs provide realistic
experiences that empower individuals to contribute to common goals. The success of most
organizations depends on the ability of individuals to build effective teams

The main goals of team-building are to improve productivity and motivation. Taking
employees out of the office helps groups break down political and personal barriers, eliminate
distractions, and have fun. The benefits of team-building programs are so significant that
many corporations have incorporated teambuilding strategies into their standard training
curriculum. Some of these benefits include:

               1. Improves morale and leadership skills.
               2. Finds the barriers that thwart creativity.
               3.   Clearly defines objectives and goals.
               4.   Improves processes and procedures.
               5.   Improves organizational productivity.
               6.   Identifies a team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Internal Affairs Unit
The Professional Standards Division is an internal
administrative investigations unit staffed with personnel who
report directly to the Chief of Police. Sergeant Andy Shourds is
the unit supervisor and Corporal Steve Mastaler is the unit

The Professional Standards Division is responsible for
investigating complaints that are received from members of the public concerning the
performance, demeanor, and behavior of police personnel. The unit also conducts internal
investigations concerning violations of Department policy and criminal law that are reported
by police personnel, and maintains confidential personnel files of our employees.

The Professional Standards Division investigates risk management issues, conducts
internal audits concerning appropriate use of force standards, police pursuits,
personnel records retention, and other Department policies and functions. The
unit works in cooperation with the City Attorneys Offices, reviews matters of civil
liability for the Department and the City, and responds to court requests for police             9
     personnel information. The unit assists in coordinating and implementing policies and
     procedures aimed at improving police services to our community. The unit also provides
     training for police personnel concerning complaint documentation and investigation as well
     as employee discipline and professionalism standards.

     The Command Staff of the Rialto Police Department regularly reviews and evaluates
     the work performance of our police personnel in order to ensure the highest levels
     of professionalism. We recognize that the normal operation of any law enforcement
     agency may generate complaints of personnel misconduct. We also recognize that
     the public’s trust in our organization is vital to our success. It is our assurance
     that each and every complaint of personnel misconduct receives the full attention
     and review of our management staff. Valid complaints are swiftly and thoroughly
     investigated and appropriate measures are taken to ensure the professional conduct
     of our personnel.

     This year the City of Rialto, its busi-
     nesses and community partners, in
     addition to the City’s labor unions
                                                                      (10%) Public Works              (8%) Other Taxes

     united in renewing the City’s needed      50,000,000
                                                                      (11%) Other Departments         (9%)Fees for Services

                                                                                                      (10%) Property Tax
     Utility User’s Tax (UUT). The UUT is      40,000,000             (11%) Non-Department
                                                                                                      (14%) VLF/In Lieu
                                                                                                      Property Tax (VLF)

     the largest revenue source for the                               (27%) Fire
                                                                                                      (18%) Misc.

     city’s general fund. The tax, which

                                               20,000,000                                             (19%) Sales Tax/In Lieu
     helps in providing vital public safety                           (41%) Police
                                                                                                      Prop Tax (Sales Tax)

     services, is expected to generate
                                                                                                      (22%) Utility Users
                                               10,000,000                                             Tax

     $12.5 million in FY2008. The UUT                 -
                                                            Expenditures (By Department)        Revenues (By Source)
     contributes 22% of the revenue to
     the general fund making it an invaluable resource to the City’s public safety
     departments. Since the implementation of the tax, the police department has added
     20 police personnel and nearly 50 police vehicles, all contributing to our efforts of
     delivering superior police services.

Executive Command Staff

                       Executive Assistant Jeanette Lopez
                       Jeanette Lopez was hired in 2005 as an Administrative
                       Assistant; in October of 2006 she was promoted to Executive
                       Assistant and works side by side with Police Chief Mark
                       Kling. She calls the police department her home away from
                       home because her Command Staff is like an extended family.
                       She says her job is fun, exciting and challenging. Jeanette’s
                       main objective is assisting and supporting Chief Kling on a
                       daily basis; other responsibilities include coordinating and
                       attending Super Staff meetings, maintaining police personnel
files, and working closely with the Command Staff which consists of all Lieutenants,
both Captains and the Police Chief.

Jeanette’s position provides her the opportunity to be involved with the community by
participating in such events as National Night Out, Red Ribbon Week and the “Every
15 Minutes” Program. She represents the Rialto Police Department as a coordinator for
the American Cancer Society’s Daffodil Days and she hopes to one day live in a world
that is cancer free. Jeanette is responsible for publishing the department monthly
newsletter, “Kling’s Corner”, and establishing an Employee of the Month Program.

                       Executive Assistant Gina Karol
                       Gina Karol began her career with Rialto Police Department
                       in February of 1998. Gina was hired as a police transcriber
                       and shortly thereafter began working for the Professional
                       Standards Division as a Senior Office Assistant. In 2007, Gina
                       was promoted and is currently the Administrative Assistant
                       to Captain Farrar and Captain Martinez.       In this capacity,
                       Gina provides high-level administrative support by conducting
                       research, handling information requests, maintaining employee
                       I.D. database, and performs a wide variety of clerical functions
such as preparing correspondence, receiving visitors, scheduling meetings, preparing
training bulletins, etc. In the absence of the Executive Secretary, Gina will step in
and assist in this position. Gina also has collateral duties at the present time. In
this capacity, she assists the Professional Standards Division where she provides
administrative support to the sergeant and corporal of this unit.     Gina maintains
confidential files, prepares correspondence, transcribes reports, interviews, and
produces Cost Recovery Reports. Gina also assists the Records Bureau with the false
alarm reports performing data entry to assist with the billing process.
     Executive Command Staff

                               Captain Tony Farrar (Operations Bureau Commander)
                               Captain Tony Farrar has been a police officer for 25 years;
                               18 years with the Rialto Police Department, and 7 years in Los
                               Angeles County.

                               Captain Farrar holds a Masters Degree in Administration of Justice,
                               an MBA in Business Administration, and a Bachelor’s Degree in
                               Police Science. He is graduate of the POST Executive Leadership
                               Command College and the POST Executive Development Course.
                               He is an adjunct instructor through the Coast Community College
                               District and the Golden West Police Academy.

     Captain Farrar is a graduate of the POST Master Instructor Development Program (MIDP)
     and a certified trainer/instructor through the Peace Officers Standard and Training (POST)
     in six different disciplines. He is also a certified trainer through the California Association
     of Tactical Officers (CATO), and the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA).

     Captain Farrar has authored several articles in major publications/magazines and was
     selected to participate as the main law enforcement evaluator in the 2006 Statewide EOC
     Golden guardian Exercise and also was selected to participate on main Board for the
     Attorney Generals State Report on SWAT.

                               Captain Martinez (Support Bureau Commander)
                               Captain Raul Martinez has been a police officer for over 28 years.
                               Twenty one years have been with the Rialto Police Department and
                               seven have been with another municipal agency in Los Angeles

                               Captain Martinez possesses a POST Management Certificate. He
                               holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management and an
                               Associate of Arts Degree in Administration of Justice. He is a past
                               graduate of the F.B.I. National Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

     Captain Martinez has supervised or worked in most all assignments available within the
     Police Department throughout his career. Some of these assignments have included the
     Field Training Officer program, Investigations Bureau, Traffic, Narcotics and the Street Crime
     Attack Team (S.C.A.T.).

     Captain Martinez currently oversees the Support Services Division of the police department,
     which includes such units as Records, Personnel and Training, Logistics, Property/Evidence,
     Payroll, Budget, Jail Operations and Animal Control. Additionally, Community Services falls
     within the Support Services Division and consists of various units such as Cadets, Reserve
     Officers and the Citizen Volunteer Program.
Command Staff

                      Lieutenant Joe Cirilo (Area Commander)
                      Lieutenant Cirilo is a senior member of the Rialto Police
                      Department and has served the police department and
                      community for the last 28 years. He is currently assigned to
                      the Patrol Division as one of three Area Commanders, and
                      works Monday through Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

                      Lieutenant Cirilo has worked a variety of jobs within the
Department, but has focused in the area of Community Outreach for the last ten
years. He has a collateral duty of overseeing all of the community programs such
as National Night Out, Every 15 Minutes, Red Ribbon Ceremony, Police Explorers,
Bike Patrol Team, Honor Guard, and Media relations. Lieutenant Cirilo is a recent
                      graduate of the FBI National Academy.

                      Lieutenant Randy DeAnda (Area Commander)
                      Lieutenant DeAnda has been a police officer for 24 years;
                      18 years with the Rialto Police Department and 6 years with
                      Baldwin Park PD. He has held assignments to include; FTO,
                      Corporal, Detective, Narcotics, and the Street Crime Attack
                      Team (SCAT). While working SCAT he was involved in several
                      “Narcotic Sting Operations” gang and parole sweeps, search
warrants and other high profile cases. He has testified as an expert in gangs and
narcotics and is a member of CGIA and CNOA.

Lieutenant DeAnda is currently the Area III Commander and has been involved in
several Area Commander Projects: Down town “Punk Rock” concert hall, “Southside
Rialto” gang injunction, Scores Bar, “Willow & Winchesters” 200 E. Jackson, El
Patio Night Club, Area Commander meeting’s in the community, neighborhood
watch, National Night Out and other community functions.

     Command Staff

                             Lieutenant Reinhard Burkholder (Area Commander)
                             Lieutenant Burkholder has been with the Rialto Police
                             Department for over 21 years. He is currently assigned to the
                             Patrol Division as one of three Area Commanders working
                             Sunday through Wednesday from 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM.
                             Lieutenant Burkholder graduated Eisenhower High School in
                             1974, and joined the U.S. Army where he served for 4 years.
                             He was employed with the U.S. Postal Service here in Rialto
                             for over 7 years. He then joined the Rialto Police Department
     in 1986, and has worked a variety of jobs within the Department, which includes the
     following; Field Training Officer, SBSD Narcotic Team Sergeant, Narcotics Officer,
     Detective Sergeant, Crime Impact Sergeant, SWAT Team, Detective Sergeant and
     Bike Patrol Sergeant.

                             Lieutenant Thompson (Support Bureau)
                             Lieutenant Kathy Thompson has been with the Rialto
                             Police Department for more than 22 years. She joined the
                             Department in 1985 as a Reserve Police Officer. She became
                             a fulltime officer after graduating from the San Bernardino
                             County Sheriff’s Academy in 1986. Lieutenant Thompson
                             has held a variety of assignments during her tenure with
                             the Department including Patrol, Field Training Officer and
                             Investigations. She also served on a special assignment
                             to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department as an
     observer in the helicopter, 40-King.

     Lieutenant Thompson has a Master of Arts in Organizational Management and a
     Bachelor of Science in Business Management, both from the University of Phoenix.
     She has an Associate of Arts in Communications from Pasadena City College. Lt.
     Thompson also earned the Management Certificate from the California Peace Officer
     Standards and Training (POST).

Support Bureau

Training and Recruitment
The Personnel and Training Unit is responsible for the recruitment and training of all
law enforcement personnel, both sworn and non-sworn. Assigned to this Unit are Officer
Steve Daniels, Officer Andrew Pilcher, Corporal Richard Royce and Human Resource Analyst
Terri Hernandez.

Since November 2006, this unit has attended numerous job fairs, academies and other training
institutions searching for qualified applicants. Additionally, we contracted with to
create a recruitment video. This video increased the traffic to our recruitment website from 50
new viewers a day to over 150. This video can be seen on both and our website An unexpected, yet highly effective, recruitment resource came from our recent
appearance on the Fox television network show COPS. When COPS aired in September 2007
our recruitment website traffic immediately increased to over 1,500 new viewers in a single
day. Today, we average 300 new viewers a day from all over the world.

Since November 2006 our Unit has screened well over 2,000 applicants through various
written exams, oral interviews and physical agility tests.

Of these applicants only 350 passed and were allowed to enter the background phase. The
background phase consists of a polygraph exam, extensive
background check, medical exam and psychological

Of these applicants, only 41 (25 sworn and 16 non-sworn)
were successful and are currently working at the Rialto
Police Department.

The Rialto Police Department’s Records Unit is currently
comprised of one Records Supervisor, Glenda Montgomery
(14 years), and nine Records Assistants.

The Records Unit’s primary functions include:
l Processing of crime and incident reports submitted to the Records Unit
l CLETS data entry and updates
l RMS entries and updates
l DOJ monthly reports
l Follow-up and data retrieval for requests under the California Public Records Act
l Release of reports to general public and insurance companies, as requested
l Collection, storage, release and disposal of records in accordance with State laws and
  the Rialto Municipal Code
l Maintenance of citations
l Monthly DOJ validations
l CHP 180 data entry from DUI checkpoints
     The Rialto Police Department’s Senior Accounting Assistant, Ron Hartt (10 years),
     is responsible for the bi-weekly payroll for the 154 current departmental employees.
     He screens timecards for calculation accuracy, and he ensures all necessary
     documentation is attached, so that our employees are paid on time and their
     paychecks are accurate. He works closely with the City’s payroll supervisor with
     regard to payroll records, time off slips, FMLA information, and FLSA records.

     Technical Support (IT)
     The Police Departments in-house computer technical support is maintained by
     Erick Behr. Erick works with computer hardware and is responsible for maintaining
     all department computer systems; to include computer hardware diagnosis, repair,
     configuration, and installation. Additional duties include, collaborating with project
     managers, to organize and plan projects, design system configurations, provide
     technical support, coordinate the installation of computer hardware or software,
     document and evaluate project progress and provide analysis and recommendations
     for overall system architecture.

     Property and Evidence
     Property and Evidence for Rialto Police Department is handled by two Law
     Enforcement Technicians who have specific training in the processing and handling
     of property and evidence. Currently assigned to the Property and Evidence Unit
     are Sharon Georgi and Ignacio Cuevas, who have been with the Department for 18
     and 4 years, respectively. The property and evidence technicians are responsible for
     receiving, storing, tracking and disposition of property and evidence. They preserve
     evidence for lab analysis, and they are responsible for the chain of custody for
     prosecution purposes. During 2007 property room personnel processed over 5,452
     items and responded to over 4,429 requests.

     Currently the registration of sex, arson, and narcotic offenders is handled by Corporal
     Wendy Hunt and LET David Cornforth. In 2007, they registered approximately 248
     sex offenders, 424 narcotic offenders, and 12 arson offenders. In 2007, Corporal
     Hunt focused on getting the out of compliance sex offenders located and back into
     compliance or removed from our list, if confirmed they were living elsewhere or were
     no longer alive. This project was successful in the accountability of 58 of the 64
     subjects out of compliance at various times throughout the year. Currently, the
     City of Rialto has only 6 sex offenders who remain out of compliance, which is less
     than 4% of the 159 sex offenders officially listed with the Department of Justice as
     having residency in the jurisdiction of the Rialto Police Department.
Front Counter
The front counter is currently staffed by four cadets and one law enforcement technician.
The cadet’s and LET handle all citizen walk-ins. They assist them by taking non-suspect
reports and/or providing the public with a police officer to assist in the investigation
of crimes involving suspects. The front counter duties also consist of vehicle releases,
simple advisals, report/records requests, cite sign-offs, fingerprinting, daily crime lab
runs, and the daily mail run. On occasion, cadets also assist the Records Unit with
filing, data entry of citations and other tasks, as needed.

Logistics Unit
The Logistic unit oversees the day to day facilities operation of the Police Department. In
May we added an on-site purchasing agent in an effort to procure equipment needed in
a more fiscally responsible manner and to streamline the purchasing process. We also
added a second representative from the Finance Department to help manage our ever
increasing work load and to improve our grant administration program.

Humane Services
Currently, Humane Services consists of three fulltime Animal Control Officers (Teresa
Lutz, Erica Bluff-Hopp, and Betty Ochoa), and one fulltime Animal Control Licensing
Inspector (Denise Searcy). In 2007, Animal Control Officers captured 1582 dogs and
1059 cats. They collected the remains of 136 dogs and 46 cats. They handled 140 dog
bite reports and 26 cat bite reports.

Animal Licensing
Denise Searcy is the Animal Control Licensing Inspector. Her main duties are to canvass
the City for unlicensed dogs and violations of RMC Chapter 6, which pertains to animal
control regulations and vicious and dangerous dogs; and PC 597, with regard to cruelty
to animals; write citations as necessary; sell tags in the field and collect money for
them; answer all phone inquiries and complaints regarding licensing and animal laws;
compute licensing fees; and establish payment arrangements, as necessary. Denise
also coordinates and works all shot clinics, which are usually held four times each year.
She handles the data entry, verifications and corrections of all licensing accounts;
retrieves rabies certificates from local veterinarians, and verifies whether or not dogs
are currently licensed. In 2007, Denise visited 2273 homes and wrote 83 citations. She
coordinated four shot clinics, and sold 119 tags for a total of $3072.
     Operations Bureau / Patrol Division

     The Patrol Division is under the direction of the Area Command Lieutenants;
     Lieutenant Joe Cirilo, Lieutenant Randy DeAnda and Lieutenant Rienhard
     Burkholder. The Patrol Division is divided into six patrol teams; with the patrol
     officers working a 3-12 work schedule with one 10 hour payback day per month.

                                                                 The      Patrol    Division     is
                                                                 comprised of the officers
                                                                 assigned      to    uniformed
                                                                 patrol     which      are      the
                                                                 first to respond to calls
                                                                 for   assistance          in   the
                                                                 community.         This    would
                                                                 include the Traffic Unit,
                                                                 K-9 Teams, and Reserve
                                                                 Officers. The Patrol Division
                                                                 operates 365 days a year,
                                                                 twenty-four hours a day.

     Response times and calls for service are not only a concern to the department, but to
     the community as well. The Rialto Police Department understands the importance of
     response times and will be aggressively re-evaluating staffing, call types, and other
     factors that affect this. As the City’s population increases, freeways are completed,
     and residential properties increase in numbers, so does the department’s obligation
     to provide services. Staff is committed to stay in front of this issue and evaluate both
     internal and external factors that impact the ability of the department to effectively
     police its community.

     To function effectively, the Rialto Police Department recognizes that it must have the
     trust and confidence of the community. Therefore, the organization’s commitment to
     the principles of community policing will remain unwavering. A police department
     cannot function apart from the people that it serves. The people must be as much
     a part of the police department as any of its police officers. The police department
     believes each of the following initiatives is the joint responsibility of each citizen and
     every person working at the police department. This is the essence of community

The Patrol Division is under the direction of the Area Command Lieutenants;
Lieutenant Joe Cirilo, Lieutenant Randy DeAnda and Lieutenant Rienhard
Burkholder. The Patrol Division is divided into six patrol teams; with the patrol
officers working a 3-12 work schedule with one 10 hour payback day per month.

The Patrol Division is comprised of the officers assigned to uniformed patrol which
are the first to respond to calls for assistance in the community. This would include
the Traffic Unit, K-9 Teams, and Reserve Officers. The Patrol Division operates 365
days a year, twenty-four hours a day.

Response times and calls for service are not only a concern to the department, but to
the community as well. The Rialto Police Department understands the importance of
response times and will be aggressively re-evaluating staffing, call types, and other
factors that affect this. As the City’s population increases, freeways are completed,
and residential properties increase in numbers, so does the department’s obligation
to provide services. Staff is committed to stay in front of this issue and evaluate both
internal and external factors that impact the ability of the department to effectively
police its community.

     Area Command Program
     The Rialto Police Department’s Area Commander
     Program is working to provide a safe and secure
     environment for the community. The utilization
     of proactive community based policing concepts,
     problem solving principles, and effective crime
     fighting strategies are just part of the programs
     overall plan.

     The Area Commander Program is responsible
     for those areas which directly influence the
     quality of life for the residents and businesses
     in Rialto. In addition to enforcing the laws of
     our society, the Police Department believes it
     is equally important to maintain and develop
     positive relationships with all members of the
     community. The following information outlines
     the duties of the Area Command Program:

     	    l   Three lieutenants assigned

          l   Serve as Watch Co mmanders

          l   Act as community liaisons

          l   Serve as contact points for community related inquiries

          l   Conduct quarterly community meetings

          l   Oversee all community policing operations in assigned area

          l   Monitor crime trends and relevant issues – Accountable to the Chief of Police

          l   Utilize a variety of resources to resolve issues facing the community.

     The Area Commander Program is one of many innovative examples of the Rialto Police
     Department’s “Commitment to Community.”

     The three Area Commanders are:
          l   Lieutenant J. Cirilo         (Area #1)
          l   Lieutenant R. Burkholder     (Area #2)
          l   Lieutenant R. DeAnda         (Area #3)
Crime Free Multi-Housing
The goal of the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is to reduce the blight, crime, narcotics sales,
and narcotics use within the multi-housing communities within the City of Rialto. The Crime
Free Multi-Housing Program will reduce blight, crime and provide a safer living environment
for the managers, landlords and tenants that live within the multi-housing communities.

The benefits of the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program include: A stable, more satisfied
tenant base. Increased demands for rental units with a reputation for active management,
lower maintenance and repair costs, increased property values, improved personal safety for
tenants, landlords and managers. The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program will also work with
the Area Commander Program and the Area Commanders. The Crime Free Multi-Housing
Program will also work with other city and county agen cies, such as the San Bernardino
County Crime Free Multi-Housing Program along with the City of Rialto Redevelopment,
Building and Safety, Code Enforcement, Fire Department and Fire Marshall.

     Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)
     The Special Weapons and Tactics teams (SWAT) is a
     twenty-six member team of specially trained personnel
     whose primary mission is the protection of life and
     property and peaceful resolution of high risk situations
     that require a prolonged tactical deployment of police
     personnel. The Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) is a
     component of SWAT and is a seven member team
     specifically trained in hostage negotiations, intelligence
     gathering, and conflict management. They are deployed
     on all SWAT call-outs with their primary function being to
     establish communications with barricaded suspects and/or
     to negotiate the safe release of innocent person(s) in a hostage
     situation. The crisis negotiation team works hand-in-hand with
     SWAT in providing intelligence to officers in order to secure the surrender of armed and/or
     barricaded suspects.

     The SWAT Team also utilizes Tactical Dispatchers. These Dispatchers are deployed on all
     call-outs and have received specialized training on Tactical Communications and Operational
     Procedures. The Special Weapons & Tactics team is called upon to respond to the following types
     of incidents:
                                                   l   High risk search and arrest warrants
                                                   l   Barricaded suspects
                                                   l   Hostage situations
                                                   l   Mutual aid to allied agencies
                                                   l   Sniper activity
                                                   l   Riot and crowd control
                                                   l   Rescue tactics
                                                   l   Terrorist activities
                                            SWAT team members are required to be on call
                                            24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Team members
     are also required to pass vigorous physical requirements and attend schools and
     specialized monthly training. In 2005, the Rialto SWAT team received the Team
     Medal of Valor Award from the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) for their
     valorous actions during an armed hostage rescue operation. The team also received
     the Medal of Valor Award from the Veterans of Foreign Wars (San Bernardino), the
     Attorney General’s Award for Valor from the State of California, and a Unit Citation
     from the Rialto Police Department.
Canine Teams
The Rialto Police Department K9 Unit is
made up of four K9 teams. The unit began
2007 with three teams and added a forth
team in November, 2007. The K9 units are
deployed to conduct area, perimeter, open
fields and building searches. The police
K9’s allow officers perform their duties in
a safe manner, by alerting on the areas
where suspects have hidden themselves
in order to avoid capture and arrest. Three of the K9 unit’s teams are also trained to detect
drugs and narcotics.
                                                   The use of the police K9’s saved the citizens
                                                   of Rialto over 1200 manpower hours. Rialto
                                                   K9 teams were requested over 40 times
                                                   to assist other law enforcement agencies.
                                                   Twelve suspects were apprehended by
                                                   Rialto Police K9’s, one of whom was a
                                                   homicide suspect.

The Rialto Police K9’s presented over 30 demonstrations to meet and great the public. A
majority of these requests for K9 demonstrations were from schools and children’s groups.

In 2007, the K9 unit set a department record by winning over seven trophies at the Temecula
Police K9 Trails. This included several first place awards in several different categories. None
of these successes would have been possible if not for the loyal community support from the
Friend’s of Rialto Police K9’s. The friends have provided the funding for the Police Service
Dogs since 1983.

     Street Crime Attack Team (SCAT)
     The Street Crime Attack Team (SCAT) is a specially trained gang enforcement team. The
     team is currently comprised of one sergeant and three officers with the primary mission
     of reducing gang violence and impacting the quality of life in neighborhoods through
     the persistent application of innovative law enforcement techniques. This concept is
     based upon ethical practices and effective strategies that endorse the use of extensive
     prevention, and suppression techniques. SCAT works in conjunction with other law
     enforcement agencies, San Bernardino County Probation, State Parole, and the District
     Attorney’s Office in their endeavor to arrest and prosecute violent gang members.

     The following information shows some of the SCAT teams activity:
     l Approx. 300 Arrests. (This arrest total includes the 3 SMASH operations).
     l 42 weapons (firearms) recovered.
     l 3 Major Operations; Operation “Renisanz” (gang association warrants), Operation
       “March Madness”, (gang association warrants), Operation “Beech Party” (combination
       gang association warrants, and smash operation). Each of these operations
       enlisted the aid of over 100 law enforcement officers from several local, state, and
       federal agencies.
     l 110 Search warrants served (including gang association warrants).
     l Provided expert testimony in over 40 gang related cases, several of which
       were murders.

     SCAT has participated in numerous gang enforcement operations throughout the
     county as members of San Bernardino Movement Against Street Hoodlums (SMASH).

Rialto Facts

Investigations Unit
The Rialto Police Department Detective
Bureau is responsible for handling complex
criminal investigations beyond the initial
efforts of law enforcement field personnel.
Some of the cases handled by detectives
include homicides, serious assaults, sex
crimes, reports of elder or child abuse, robberies, burglaries, frauds, and other
thefts. These investigative efforts include the gathering of information, interviewing
involved parties, collecting evidence, recovery of stolen property, arresting offenders,
and bringing criminal cases to successful prosecution and conclusion. They are
accomplished through the ongoing relationships and collaborative efforts of personnel
throughout the law enforcement community, as well as other professionals in both
public and private sectors, and private citizens.

Throughout 2007, the Detective Bureau was staffed with (1) Detective Sergeant, (1)
Detective Corporal, (5) Detective Officers, (1) Law Enforcement Technician, (1) Office
Assistant, and (1) part-time Reserve Officer. The Detective Bureau was assigned
to review and/or investigate more than 530 criminal cases generated by our police
department, and were also called upon to assist many other law enforcement agencies
on countless criminal investigations with links to the city of Rialto. Detectives made
more than 170 arrests of criminal offenders and assisted officers in many other cases.
They also served more than 50 search warrants, and recovered over $1,000,000
worth of stolen property.     The detectives were also called upon to investigate
                                                               seventeen        homicide
                                                               cases    that    occurred
                                                               throughout the year,
                                                               and to conduct extensive
                                                               follow up investigations
                                                               on    homicides      from
                                                               previous years. These
                                                               homicide cases resulted
                                                               in nine arrests, five court
                                                               trials, the convictions
                                                               of    six    murderers,
                                                               and additional cases
                                                               pending trial.
     Traffic Unit
     During    2007     the    Rialto    Police
     Department Traffic Division made
     many     notable        accomplishments.
     During 2007 RPD Traffic acquired
     $421,000 in grant money from The
     Office of Traffic Safety. These grants
     included a comprehensive DUI and
     speed related collision reduction grant, a DUI checkpoint grant continuing into 2008 and a
     seatbelt enforcement grant. Additionally, RPD Traffic became involved in a countywide DUI
     program called Avoid the 25, which is comprised of 25 San Bernardino County agencies that
     collectively work together targeting DUI offenders. This program is also sponsored by The
     Office of Traffic Safety and grant money is made available to RPD in addition to the grants
     the PD is currently involved in. This extra money is used during peak holiday travel times
     and is focused towards DUI enforcement.

     With the increase in personnel to the traffic unit and the additional equipment, officers were
     able to conduct more enforcement for speed related violations, which ultimately influenced
     the reduction of speed related injury crashes by 25% far surpassing the unit’s goal of 10%.
     Fatal traffic collisions were also down dramatically from 12 to 7 in 2007, a 45% reduction.
     DUI enforcement officers also benefited from the decrease in crashes and the additional
     manpower giving officers more time to conduct DUI enforcement. As a result 2 officers from
     the traffic division were awarded MADD (Mothers Against Drunk
     Driving) awards this year and last for superlative efforts in DUI
     apprehensions. Officer Fore additionally received the states
     MADD award in 2006 and was nominated in 2007 for the same.

     The efforts of the Rialto Police Department resulted in:
                         l    408 DUI arrests
                         l    784 vehicles impounded and 18,545 cars screened during checkpoints
                         l    72 criminal arrests during checkpoint operations
                         l    Over 5000 citations issued in 2007 for various violations
                         l    Seat belt use increased by 10 percentage points from 87% to 97%
                              and exceeded the original goal set by OTS of 93% to 97%
                         l    11 educational presentations impacting 6750 people
                         l    Hit and Run fatal collisions reduced 80% from 5 to 1.
                         l    Speed related injury collisions were reduced 25% from 121 to 78.
Narcotics Team
The Narcotics Team is a specially trained enforcement team comprised one
sergeant, one corporal and two officers. The unit also has one officer assigned to
the DEA Taskforce. The primary mission of the team is to reducing narcotics sales
impacting the quality of life in neighborhoods through the persistent application of
innovative law enforcement techniques. The following are a few highlights for 2007.

                                       Scores Bar & Grill: working with detectives,
                                       SCAT, and other City agencies, we where able
                                       to shut down Scores pending criminal and civil
                                       charges on the owner and several employees.

                                       South Los Criminal Street Gang: Working with
SCAT, officers conducted a (16) location search warrant operation which led to the
recovery of numerous guns, drugs, and gang intelligence. Several arrests were made.

High Level Methamphetamine Dealer: with the assistance of DEA Riverside, the team
recovered of 2.5 lbs of methamphetamine, $14,000.00 in US Currency, and obtained
several felony indictments.

Search Warrant Operation: with the assistance of DEA Bakersfield, the team
recovered (5) kilos of cocaine, $30,000.00 in US Currency, and obtained (5) federal

Marijuana Stash House: a search warrant resulted in the recovery of over 1,100 lbs of
marijuana and one arrest.

Search Warrants Served            65
Felony Arrests                    100

Narcotics recovered                                                  Street Value
  Methamphetamine                        7 lbs, ¾ oz                    98,000.00
  Marijuana BC Bud                       60 plants                    360,000.00
  Marijuana                              1,118 lbs                    447,000.00
  Cocaine                                12.7 lbs                     104,000.00
  Heroin                                 1 ounce                         1,200.00
  Ectacy                                 507 pills                       3,300.00
                                                       Total       $1,013,500.00
Guns                              26
Cash                              $33,526.00                                            27
     Bike Patrol
     In the late 1990’s the Rialto Police Department implemented its first bike patrol team. The
     bike patrol team proved to be a highly successful proactive policing tool. The team made
     several high profile arrests, participated in numerous anti-crime efforts, and provided security
     for several community and downtown events. Unfortunately the team was disbanded due to
     shortages in manpower and resources.

     In August of 2007, the bike patrol team was reestablished. The team currently consists of
     five specially trained officers. Each officer had to attend an arduous week long training
     course where they learned how to traverse stairs, maneuver through obstacles, chase fleeing
     criminals and use the bike to gain a tactical advantage on criminals.

     The Rialto Police Department’s Bike Team has received tremendous financial support from
     several businesses within the community. These businesses have generously contributed
     over $20,000 dollars to purchase bikes and other needed equipment. Due to their generous
     contributions, the Rialto Police Department’s Bike Team is equipped with the best bikes and
     equipment money can buy.

     Since the regeneration of the Rialto Police Department Bike Team they have participated in
     several community events such as the Rialto Holiday on Ice where they provided security for
     the event. They have also logged numerous hours of extra patrol in some of the cities high
     crime areas and busy business districts. Once again the bike patrol team has proven to be not
     only an effective and efficient crime fighting tool, but also an effective public relations tool as

Communications Center
The Rialto Police Departments Dispatch Center is in operation 365 days a year, 24 hours
per day. Communications personnel currently work a 3-12 /4-12 rotating schedule. The
dispatchers are responsible for:
Dispatchers are the communications link between citizens and officers. Dispatchers receive,
evaluate and prioritize emergency and non-emergency calls for service.
Dispatchers assign officers to handle calls for service.
Dispatchers keep track of officer locations. Dispatchers document all transactions in a
computer aided dispatch (CAD) system.

Call Volume 90,616 CAD calls were created in 2007
            Average of 248 CAD entries a day
            275,609 phone calls were processed.
            170,735 inbound calls
            59,433 outbounnd calls
            45, 441 (91-1) calls received
            Average of 124 (9-1-1) calls per day

     Crime Analysis
     The Crime Analysis Unit falls under the Operations Division and is primarily
     responsible for the identification, analysis, and dissemination of crime and offender
     information to patrol and other divisions of the department to assist in the goals of
     crime prevention, criminal apprehension, and resource allocation. Incident data is
     studied to determine “who is doing what to whom” and to assist in the identification
     of any existing crime pattern(s) or series. This type of information is distributed to
     all members of the department by means of crime bulletin notifications, crime series
     forecasts, wanted flyers, and hot sheets.

     Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is used to display a visual of the incident
     locations and aids in the identification of hot spots and/or denser crime areas
     which is oftentimes useful in determining where to focus extra patrol efforts.

     CAU also works closely with the Detective Bureau by providing a list of possible
     suspects that match certain criteria on a case-by-case basis in order to clear cases

involving homicide, robbery, burglary, aggravated assault, grand theft, sex crimes,
and identity theft. Some of these factors include but are not limited to a suspect’s
physical description, vehicles owned/associated with, parole/probation status,
prior criminal history as it relates to the investigation, and probable locations for
contacting the individual.

The Crime Analysis Unit
also conducts intelligence
analysis for the gang and
narcotics units by focusing
on the relationships between
subjects and the criminal
organizations they affiliate
with.   Examples   of   this
include the understanding
and breakdown of a gang’s
hierarchical structure as
well as how local nar-
cotics rings are connected
with large-scale Mexican
drug cartels.

The analysis of statistics is also an essential role of this division.     The unit
provides regular updates to command staff regarding changing trends in violent
and property crimes, response times, traffic data, etc. This information is used by
staff in consideration of personnel deployment changes as well as special projects/
operations when targeting areas of concern.

Other areas the Crime Analysis Unit contributes to are: provision of statistics for
upcoming and existing grants; planning and research projects; internal affairs
investigations; city-involved litigation matters; assisting federal, state, and local
agencies with their investigations; providing data for the Area Command Program;
generates intelligence products for gang association warrant and narcotics search
warrant briefings; provides intelligence related to SWAT operations; conducts audits
on DOJ statistics; provides training on Part I Crime definitions to Records Bureau
     Police Volunteers
     The Rialto Police Volunteers are involved in several aspects of service to the Department.
     Among other things, they assist with traffic control at accident and crime scenes, conduct
     citizen and vacation patrols, host Neighborhood Watch meetings, conduct station tours,
     and conduct free child fingerprinting at a variety of Department events. In 2007, the
     Police Volunteers were instrumental in the successes of the following programs:

          l   Public Safety Day
          l   Every 15 Minutes
          l   National Night Out
          l   Citizen’s Academy
          l   Hearts to Share

     Every Wednesday morning at 8:00 a.m., volunteer Judy Roberts hosts Coffee with a
     Cop at the Farmer Boys Restaurant, 1310 W. Baseline Road, Rialto. This program is an
     avenue for citizens to meet informally with Department representatives to discuss issues
     of importance to them, such as: crime trends, neighborhood problems, and quality of
     life issues. Judy then disseminates the information to the appropriate Department
     representative, or she forwards it to Code Enforcement.

     There are currently 33 Police Volunteers, and there are 96 Neighborhood Watch groups.
     In 2007, the Police Volunteers donated approximately 5,000 hours of service to the
     Department, and they hosted approximately 70 Neighborhood Watch meetings. We are
     indebted to this fine group of men and women who selflessly dedicate themselves to
     assisting the Rialto Police Department.

     Police Explorers
     Law Enforcement Exploring is a worksite-based program for young men and women who
     have completed the eighth grade and are 14 years of age, or are 15 years of age but have
     not yet reached their 21st birthday. Law Enforcement Explorer posts help youth to gain
     insight into a variety of programs that offer hands-on career activities. For young men and
     women who are interested in careers in
     the field of law enforcement, Exploring
     offers experiential learning with lots
     of fun-filled, hands-on activities that
     promote the growth and development
     of adolescent youth. The Rialto Police
     Department Explorer Program currently
32   has 43 active explorers.
School Resource Officers
The School Resource Officer Program was created in 1996 in a cooperative effort between the
City of Rialto Police Department and the Rialto Unified School District. The School Resource
Officer is an asset used by the community and the school district in an attempt to address
situations in the lives of students in a manner other than within the judicial system.

The School Resource Officers provide the school, staff, and students with direct access to
law enforcement personnel, which also provides for an immediate response to problems on
and around the campus on a daily basis. The officers use a proactive approach to deal with
the pressures today’s youth encounter, and provide that liaison or mentoring/counseling
relationship that would otherwise be unavailable.

Reserve Officer Program
Reserve Police Officers assist and support the Patrol Division in a number of capacities such
as assisting police officers with patrol duties, conducting patrol in specified areas, providing
police presence at various community functions, transportation of prisoners and crime
scene security and many other functions.

Department Training
One of the most daunting challenges facing California law enforcement is the State budget
crisis and its possible effect on the training of police officers. As most professional groups
will agree, continuous training is of paramount importance to the accomplishment of any
organization’s goals. Without it, skill levels will decline and services provided to the public
will suffer.

The department is committed to providing applicable training to all personnel and to ensure
it remains compliant with POST training standards. In 2006/2007 the Police Department
spent over $207,000 on training for its personnel.

     In House Training 2007                   Department Sponsored Courses
     Less than Lethal                         Narcotics Recognition
     Terrorism for Patrol Officers            Terrorism for Patrol Officers
     EVOC                                     Tactical Dispatcher Course
     NIMS                                     Advanced SWAT Commander Course
     Patrol Rifles                            Active Shooter Response Course
     Missing Persons
     Range Day                                                                                     33
     Grants Opportunities
     The Police Department continues to seek grant funding though a variety of sources.
     During 2007 the Department received over $327,000 in both state and federal
     grants. The following are lost of grants and their funding source.

         Bureau of Justice Assistance            $54,298       Tactical Robot
         Office of Homeland Security             $70,008       Ballistic Helmets/Riot Gear
         State COPS                            $193,058        Computers/Radios/Tasers/
                                                               Ballistic Helmets
         Justice Assistance Grants               $74,000       Tasers/Plate Readers/
                                                               Dispatch Upgrades
         Vest Reimbursement Grant                $24,000       Patrol Vests

     Capital Improvement Projects
     The following are a list of approved Capital Improvement Projects.
         Range Upgrades                         $45,000
         Conference Room Upgrades               $50,000
         Lounge Upgrades                        $25,000
         Locker Room Upgrades                  $100,000
         Briefing Room Upgrades                 $75,000
         Computer Upgrades                      $50,000

     Technology Improvements
     The information technology industry introduces change at a breakneck pace. Newly
     developed technologies enter the marketplace on a daily basis. These new products
     make current applications inadequate. On occasion, new product releases occur
     within days of the original product’s introduction. The expense, time and training
     required implementing each new generation of technology, makes it impossible for
     any public agency to remain on the cutting edge.

     During the next five years, the fundamental challenge for the police department, as it
     relates to technology, will be to effectively implement, fund, and employ new technologies
     that will positively impact the police department’s ability to achieve its goals.
The following is a list of new technologies the police department is currently pursuing
and will likely implement during the next five-year strategic plan:

    CopLogic Online Reporting System             Mentoring Program
    Auto Plate Readers                           Sergeants Command Vehicle
    Digital Recorders                            Armored Tactical Vehicle
    Mobile Fingerprint Devices                   Tactical Communications Vehicle
    Robotics                                     Command POST Upgrades
    Accomplishments / New Programs               Community Events / Service
    Patrol Rifle Program                         Every 15 Minutes Program

Every 15 Minutes

The “Every 15 Minutes” is a powerful program that offers real-life experience without the
real-life risks. This emotionally charged program is an event designed to dramatically
instill teenagers with the potential dangerous consequences of drinking alcohol and
driving under the influence. This program will challenge students to think about drinking,
personal safety, and responsibility of making mature decisions when lives are involved.

This last year we held
our first “Every 15
Minute” program at
Eisenhower High School
and involved the ASB
staff and students. It was
a great success which
also involved parents,
members of the Rialto
Police Department, Rialto
Fire Department, Mercy
Air Ambulance, City of
Rialto KRTO film crew,
Arrowhead       Regional
Medical Center,
                                                                      San Bernardino Coroners
                                                                      office, and the help of the
                                                                      Fontana Superior Court
                                                                      and Judge.

                                                                     A traffic accident was
                                                                     re-created with ASB
                                                                     students as role players.
                                                                     Members of the Rialto
                                                                     Police      Department’s
                                                                     traffic division along with
                                                                     Fire personnel responded
                                                                     to assist with medical
                                                                     aid and to investigate
                                                                     an alcohol related traffic
                                                                     accident, which involved
                                                                     injuries to the drivers
     and passengers. One of the students was air lifted to the Arrowhead Regional Medical
     Center, while others were treated at the scene. The student driver responsible for the
     accident was placed in handcuffs and eventually booked and later transported to the
     Fontana Superior Court, along with all of the ASB students, where he was sentenced for
     driving under the influence and causing injuries and death. The Superior Court Judge
     spoke to all of the students about the consequences of drinking and then driving.

Explorer Golf Tournament

The Rialto Police Explorers
hosted their first annual golf
tournament this last September
in order to raise funds for future
training and competitions
among other law enforcement
agency explorer posts. The event
was hosted at El Rancho Verde
on September 21, 2007. Those
in attendance included Rialto
Police Chief Mark Kling, the
Rialto Police Command Staff
along with many other members of the Rialto Police Department, citizens and
businessmen from throughout the city.

It was a great day as we all came out to participate in this great cause. The Rialto
                                                    Police Explorer program saw a
                                                    huge jump in its membership
                                                    this last year under the
                                                    direction of Officer Steve Slavik.
                                                    The program started with five
                                                    explorers at the start 2007
                                                    and has gained membership to
                                                    approximately 47 total. It is for
                                                    this reason that this tournament
                                                    and future fundraising events
                                                    are important to this program.

     Red Ribbon Week
     The “Red Ribbon Week” is now the oldest and largest drug prevention and awareness
     program in the nation reaching millions of young people during the week of October
     23 through 31st. It is an ideal way for Schools, Citizens, Police and other City
                  Officials to unite and take a visible stand against drugs.

                          The Red Ribbon Campaign was started when drug traffickers
                             in Mexico City murdered DEA agent Kiki Camarena in
                               1985. This began the continuing tradition of displaying
                                 Red Ribbons as a symbol of intolerance towards the
                                  use of drugs. The mission of the Red Ribbon Week
                                   is to present a unified and visible commitment
                                    towards the creation of a DRUG-FREE AMERICA.

                                     Each year the Rialto Police Department in
                                     collaboration with the Rialto Unified School District
                                     commemorate this cause by joining in a special
                                     celebration in front of the Rialto Police Department.
                                       We celebrated this last year with approximately
                                          500 students from the Rialto Schools who
                                             were treated to demonstrations from the
                                                police departments SWAT team, K-9
                                                   dogs, Motorcycles, and Bike Patrol
                                                      Teams. In addition, Radio Disney
                                                        provided music and all in
                                                            attendance were also treated
                                                               to performances by local
                                                                 high school bands and

National Night Out
National Night Out
is a nation wide
program co-sponsored
by “Target” in where
neighborhood watch
groups come together
one night a year with
Target representatives,
police, fire, school
and city officials to
celebrate the concerted
effort in fighting crime
throughout the year.
This year was our
second time in participating in this annual event. It brought out hundreds of citizens
throughout our city and made national television news.

The event was successful because of all of our neighborhood blocks captains
working together to make this a huge event. There were five locations throughout
the city where various neighborhoods gathered collectively to celebrate with music,
food, games and prizes.

It’s a wonderful opportunity for our community to promote police-community
partnerships, crime prevention, and neighborhood camaraderie. It represents the
kind of spirit, energy, and determination that is helping make our neighborhoods
safer places throughout the year. It is a night to celebrate safety and crime prevention
success and to expand and strengthen our commitment throughout the year.

                                                                  The Rialto Police
                                                                  Department and its
                                                                  personnel are proud
                                                                  to host such a great
                                                                  event and we would
                                                                  like to say a special,
                                                                  “Thank You” to all of
                                                                  our citizens for their
                                                                  willingness to work
                                                                  with us to make this a
                                                                  better and safer Rialto.
                                                                  We look forward to next
                                                                  year’s event which is
                                                                  sure to be even bigger.
                                             Daffodil Days
                                             Daffodil Days is one of the American Cancer
                                             Society’s oldest and most beloved fundraising
                                             programs. As the first flower of spring, the daffodil
                                             represents hope and renewal. To the American
                                             Cancer Society, the daffodil symbolizes the hope
                                             we all share for a future where cancer no longer
                                             threatens those we love. For 35 years, Daffodil
                                             Days has empowered people to make a difference
                                             in the fight against cancer by raising funds and
                                             awareness to help beat the disease. Daffodil Days
                                             involves offering daffodils every spring to donors
                                             in appreciation for their contributions, but it is
                                             about more than just giving beautiful flowers - it
                                             is everyone’s opportunity to share hope for a word
                                             free of cancer. By giving daffodils to friends, family
                                             members, local businesspeople, and even cancer
                                             patients, you are really giving hope by enabling
                                             the Society to offer free programs and services to
                                             improve the lives of people facing cancer.

     The Rialto Police Department along with other city employees and friends of Rialto raised
     $2500 dollars for the American Cancer Society’s 2007 Daffodil Days campaign, exceeding the
     goal of $1500 as well as the funds raised in 2006 by an excess of over $1200.

PD Vs. Fire (Battle of the Badges)
On September 22, 2007, the Rialto
Police Department and the Rialto
Fire Department squared off in the
First Annual Police/Fire Softball
Game. This game titled, “Battle of the
Badges” was the first of many to come.
Final score: Rialto Police Department
37, Rialto Fire department 11.

     PD Fire Public Safety Day
     On June 16, 2007, the Rialto
     Police Department and Rialto Fire
     Department held their first joint
     Public Safety Day. The event was
     an opportunity for citizens to meet
     their police and fire personnel
     together and enjoy learning about
     both departments. The festivities
     got under way after the National
     Anthem was sung by Rialto Police
     Sergeant Jim Gibbons and his
     barbershop                                         quartet, The Riverside Boys.
                                                        The     Police     Department
                                                        conducted demonstrations of
                                                        SWAT situations, motorcycle
                                                        officer details, and police
                                                        canines. The Fire Department
                                                        conducted demonstrations of
                                                        a hose tower rescue and an
                                                        auto extrication. Fire Explorers
                                                        demonstrated a bucket brigade,
                                                        an old-fashioned method of fire

     Two contests were held between the two agencies. A tug ‘o war between the Police
     Explorers and the Fire Explorers ended with the Police Explorers declared the
     winners. There were 14 entries in the chili cook-off, with a Fire Department entry
     being declared the best.

     Several booths were set up with information from various groups inside the Police
     and Fire departments, as well as local
     organizations. Additionally, there was
     free child fingerprinting by the Rialto
     Police Volunteers, a bounce house, dunk
     tank, and police car rides. The Police K9s
     were available for photographs with the
     dog and handler. The Fire Department
     hosted an area where children could color
42   and do crafts, as well as try on some of
Thanksgiving Food Drive
During the Thanksgiving holiday, we were asked for help by 10 families. We were
able to provide turkeys and gift cards for all that requested assistance. The families
were very diverse in the reason assistance was needed. We had a family that was
considered      “working
poor”, one that was on
public assistance, one
that was an elderly
female with a disabled
son and one that was
two disabled adults. We
also had food packs for
any homeless subjects
that needed them. The
homeless food pack
consisted of Ramen
soup, crackers, canned meat, juice, water, hard candy and granola bars. These are
generally available year round if requested by Officers.

Hearts to Share
This was the biggest year for the Hearts to Share Christmas program in its 15 year
history. More than 700 children were given gifts for Christmas. We delivered to 14
families with a caravan including Police and Fire vehicles. More than 50 families
                                                                picked up gifts from
                                                                the Department.
                                                                Officers delivered to
                                                                additional families.
                                                                Officers passed out
                                                                toys while on patrol,
                                                                at their discretion.
                                                                More than 1000
                                                                toys were donated
                                                                to a local church at
                                                                the conclusion of
                                                                the project.

     Baker to Vegas
     The Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup is a
     120-mile, 20-stage, foot, relay race, which
     starts in Baker, California (gateway to Death
     Valley), through the California desert,
     over the mountains, to Las Vegas,
     Nevada. The teams are restricted to Law
     Enforcement teams (Police and Sheriff
     departments, judges, bailiffs, and other
     agencies and service teams). All of the
     teams are responsible for providing their
     own logistics and support efforts, including
     communications. In 2007 the Rialto Police
     Department finished xx.

     Special Olympics Torch Run
     The Southern California Law Enforcement Torch Run involves more than 3500 officers
     who proudly carry the Special Olympics Torch over 1,500 miles and through more
     than 200 communities. The mission of the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special
     Olympics is to raise funds for and awareness of the Special Olympics movement
     worldwide. Law enforcement officers from every state and more than 30 countries carry
     the Flame of Hope in honor of the Special Olympics athletes in their area and around
     the world. Rialto Police Department participates by carrying the torch through a section
     of Western San Bernardino. The Torch Run is the largest grassroots fundraising event


     for Special Olympics.
First Annual Police Department Racquetball Tournament
In keeping with the tradition of sportsmanship and friendly competition, the Department
held its First Annual Racquetball Tournament. The competition was fierce in both the
singles and double brackets. The winner of the singles tournament was Corporal Gary
Richard followed by Captain Tony Farrar. The winners of the doubles championship
was Captain Tony Farrar and Lieutenant Randy DeAnda.

      Memorial Page

                                Sergio Carrera Junior was born on March 5, 1978. He
                                spent the majority of his young life in Riverside County,
                                graduating from Moreno valley High School. Sergio
                                graduated from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s
                                Department Police Academy in 2003 and began his career
                                with the Rialto Police Department on June 30, 2003. He
                                became a member of the Special Weapons and Tactics
                                (SWAT) Team in 2006. On October 18, 2007, Sergio made
                                the ultimate sacrifice.

                                We should remember Sergio’s
                                dedication to protect and serve,
                                and the tragic price he paid
     for that devotion. We must remember his family and the
     sacrifices they have incurred because of the deep-seated
     commitment to duty and public service that Sergio had.
     We all owe a debt of gratitude to this officer and brother
     who lost his life in the line of duty. Sergio paid the ultimate price doing what he
     believed in, and protecting the community he served.

     We honor the memory of this officer; he has given the most absolute of sacrifices.
     Leaving behind good friends and family. Let his courage be an inspiration. Like every
     Police Officer, Sergio swore to live by these words, “and if necessary lay down my life
     rather than swerve from the path of duty.”

          Rialto Police Department
            Personel March 2008
JOHN BLACK JR.                             CHRISTOPHER HICE
FLOYD BLUE                                 MARVIN HOGGATT
ERICA BLUFF-HOPP                           WENDY HUNT
NICK BORCHARD                              ROMAN JACKSON
VANESSA BOWLING                            CHANEL JOHNSON
RYAN BRADIC                                CARL JONES
BOBBINGTON BRANDT                          CHARLES JONES
TIMOTHY BRAYSHAW                           GINA KAROL
JUSTIN BREEN                               ANDY KAROL
FELICIA BROWN                              SARAH KING
ROBERT BROWN                               KURT KITTERLE
DENISE CABRAL                              JENNIFER KRUTAK
JOHN CANDIAS                               JAMES KURKOSKE
ROBERT CARROLL JR.                         TIMOTHY LANE
GEORGIA CAVIN                              LISA LAURIA
               Rialto Police Department
                 Personel March 2008
     SHAUN MOONEY                            ROBERT SMITH
     MICHAEL MORALES                         JANIS SMITH
     ROBERT MORALES                          KATHERINE SOLANO
     ROBERT MUIR                             PAUL STELLA
     ROGER NAKAMURA                          KEVIN STEPHENS
     CAMERON NELSON                          KATHY THOMPSON
     BETTY OCHOA                             KERI TRAN
     DAVID PADILLA                           AARON VIGIL
     JONATHAN PALMER                         JOSEPH VIOLA
     JOHNNY PARTIDA                          AGNES WATSON
     SHEILA PAVLOVICH                        ROBERT WILLIAMS
     ANDREW PILCHER                          WILLIAM WILSON
     FREDERICK POCHING                       JEROME WILSON
     JAVIER PULIDO                           PAUL WING

                     Law Enforcement Code of Ethics

As a law enforcement officer, my fundamental duty is to serve the community; to
safeguard lives and property; to protect the innocent against deception, the weak
against oppression or intimidation and the peaceful against violence or disorder; and
to respect the constitutional rights of all to liberty, equality and justice.

I will keep my private life unsullied as an example to all and will behave in a manner
that does not bring discredit to me or to my agency. I will maintain courageous calm in
the face of danger, scorn or ridicule; develop self-restraint; and be constantly mindful
of the welfare of others. Honest in thought and deed both in my personal and official
life, I will be exemplary in obeying the law and the regulations of my department.
Whatever I see or hear of a confidential nature or that is confided to me in my official
capacity will be kept ever secret unless revelation is necessary in the performance of my

I will never act officiously or permit personal feelings, prejudices, political beliefs,
aspirations, animosities or friendships to influence my decisions. With no compromise
for crime and with relentless prosecution of criminals, I will enforce the law
courteously and appropriately without fear or favor, malice or ill will, never employing
unnecessary force or violence and never accepting gratuities.

I recognize the badge of my office as a symbol of public faith, and I accept it as a
public trust to be held so long as I am true to the ethics of police service. I will never
engage in acts of corruption or bribery, nor will I condone such acts by other police
officers. I will cooperate with all legally authorized agencies and their representatives
in the pursuit of justice.

I know that I alone am responsible for my own standard of professional performance
and will take every reasonable opportunity to enhance and improve my level of
knowledge and competence. I will constantly strive to achieve these objectives and
ideals, dedicating myself before God to my chosen profession . . . law enforcement.
Mayor and City Council Members

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