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					                         POSEIDON 3     G4
                              Betjeningsvejledning    DK
                                     Bruksanvisning    N
                                     Bruksanvisning    S
                                    Operating guide   UK
                                   Betribsanleitung    D
                                      Mode d’emploi    F
                             Gebruiksaanwijzingen     NL
                           Instrucciones de manejo     E
                                Instruções para uso    P
                                        Käyttöopas    FI
                              -                       GR
                                      Operating guide
301002984 – 2007-01-02

                         POSEIDON 3    G4
                                                                                                                  POSEIDON 3

Do not use the high-pressure           The cleaner may only be con-         Please contact the Gerni serv-           english
hose for lifting loads.                nected to a correctly installed      ice department or an authorised
                                       plug socket.                         specialist work-shop for all other
NOTE!                                                                       maintenance or repair work!
The maximum permissible work-          Switching on the cleaner may
ing pressure and temperature           cause voltage fluctuations.
are printed on the high-pressure       Voltage fluctuations should not      Testing
hose.                                  occur if the impedance at the
                                       transfer point is less than 0.15 .   The cleaner conforms to the
Do not continue to use the             If in doubt ask your local elec-     German „Guidelines for Liquid
cleaner if the mains power lead        tricity supplier.                    Spray Jet Devices“. The high-
or high-pressure hose is dam-                                               pressure cleaner must be sub-
aged.                                                                       jected to a safety examination
                                       Storing the cleaner (below           in accordance with the „Acci-
Ensure adequate air circulation.       0°C)                                 dent Prevention Regulations for
Do not cover the cleaner or op-                                             Working with Liquid Spray Jet
erate it in inadequately ventilat-     Store the cleaner where it will      Devices (BGV A3)“ as required,
ed rooms!                              not be exposed to frost!             but at least every 12 months, by
                                                                            an authorised inspector.
Never operate the cleaner with-        If the high-pressure cleaner is
out water. Even brief shortages        stored in a room with tempera-       After all repairs or modifica-
of water result in severe damage       tures around or below 0°C, anti-     tions to electrical equipment,
to the pump seals.                     freeze should be drawn into the      the protective conductor resist-
                                       pump beforehand:                     ance, the insulation resistance
                                                                            and the leakage current must
Control / Operation                                                         be measured. Furthermore, a
                                       Maintenance and repair               visual inspection of the mains
                                                                            power lead, a voltage and cur-
                                       CAUTION!                             rent measurement and a func-
CAUTION!                               Always remove the plug from the      tion test must be carried out. Our
Unsuitable extension leads can         mains plug socket before clean-      after-sales service technicians
represent a source of danger.          ing or carrying out maintenance      are at your disposal as author-
Always unwind cord from the            work on the cleaner.                 ised inspectors.
reels completely to prevent the
power cord overheating.                Carry out only the maintenance       The complete „Accident Preven-
                                       operations described in the op-      tion Regulations for Working
Plugs and connectors of mains          erating instructions. Use only       with Liquid Spray Jet Devices“
power leads must be at least           original Gerni spare parts.          are available from the Carl Hey-
splash water-proof.                    Do not make any technical mod-       manns Verlag KG, Luxemburger
                                       ifications to the high-pressure      Strasse 449, 50939 Cologne or
When using an extension cord,          cleaner.                             from the appropriate associa-
check the minimum cross-sec-                                                tion of employers’ liability insur-
tions of the cable:                    Ensure that the machine is           ances.
 Cable length     Cross section        regularly serviced by Authorised
      m                                Gerni dealers in accordance
                 <16 A     <25 A                                            Unloader valve
                                       with the maintenace plan.
   up to 20 m   ø1.5mm² ø2.5mm²        Failure to do so will invalidate
   20 to 50 m   ø2.5mm² ø4.0mm²        the warranty.                        Unacceptably high pressure is
                                                                            fed back without residual pres-
Do not damage the mains power          CAUTION!                             sure via a bypass line into the
lead (e.g. by driving over it, pull-   High-pressure hoses, fittings        intake line of the pump when the
ing or crushing it).                   and couplings are important for      safety device is tripped.
Disconnect the power cord by           the safety of the cleaner. Use       The unloader valve is set and
pulling the plug only (do not pull     only high-pressure parts ap-         sealed at the factory and must
or tug the power cord).                proved by the manufacturer!          not be adjusted.

CAUTION!                               The mains power lead must not
Never spray electrical equipment       differ from the version specified
with water: danger for persons,        by the manufacturer and may
risk of short-circuiting.              only be changed by an electri-



             Purpose                 This high-pressure cleaner has      Always use the cleaner as de-
                                     been designed for professional      scribed in these operating in-
                                     use in                              structions. Any other use may
                                                                         damage the cleaner or the sur-
                                     – Agriculture                       face to be cleaned or may result
                                     – industry                          in severe injury to persons.
                                     – transport industry
                                     – automotive cleaning
                                     – municipal facilities
                                     – cleaning trade
                                     – construction industry
                                     – food industry

             Control / Operation

             Operating elements      See fold-out page at front of       6 Detergent metering knob
                                     these operating instructions.       7 Receptacle for Spray lance
                                                                         8 Supply water connection
                                     1 Spray gun                            with water inlet filter
                                     2 Mains power lead                  9 High pressure hose
                                     3 Spray lance                          connection
                                     4 Receptacle for electrical         10 Main switch
                                       lead                              11 Handle
                                     5 Detergent intake hose             12 Hose reel1)

             Using cleaning agents   Cleaning agent can be drawn
                                     in via the injector installed as
                                     standard only in low-pressure

                                     Never allow cleaning agent to
                                     dry on the surface to be cleaned.
                                     The surface may be damaged.

             4                                                                               Model variants
                                                                                                            POSEIDON 3

Maintenance / Troubleshooting
            Fault                             Cause                             Remedy
Pressure drop                   >   Air in the system                •   Vent the system by operat-
                                                                         ing the spray gun several
                                                                         times at short intervals.
                                                                         If necessary, operate the
                                                                         cleaner for a short time
                                                                         without the high-pressure
                                                                         hose connected.
                                >   High pressure nozzle blocked •       Clean/replace the high
                                    worn                                 pressure nozzle
                                >   Pressure control on the spray •      Set the required working
                                    pipe is not set correctly            pressure
                                >   Detergent tank empty             •   Top up detergent tank or
                                                                         set detergent metering to
Pressure fluctuations            >   Pump draws in air (only pos-     •   Check that the suction set
                                    sible in suction mode)               is air-tight
                                >   Lack of water                    •   Open water tap
                                >   Water inlet hose is too long     •   Use specified water inlet
                                    or its cross-section too small       hose
                                >   Lack of water caused by          •   Clean the water filter in the
                                    blocked water filter                  water connection (never
                                                                         work without water filter)

                                >   Lack of water because max.       •   See instructions
                                    permissible suction height
                                    has not been heeded
The motor does not start when   >   The plug is not inserted prop- •     Check the plug, lead and
the cleaner is switched on          erly, i.e. there is no current       switch and if necessary
                                                                         have them replaced by a
                                                                         trained electrician
                                >   The mains fuse is switched       •   Switch on the mains fuse

Recycling the cleaner                  Make the old cleaner un-      As specified in European Direc-
                                       usable immediately.           tive 2002/96/EC on old electri-
                                                                     cal and electronic appliances,
                                1. Unplug the cleaner and cut        used electrical goods must be
                                    the power cord.                  collected separately and recy-
                                Do not discard of electrical ap-     cled ecologically. Contact your
                                pliances with household waste.       local authorities or your nearest
                                                                     dealer for further information.

Guarantee                       Our general conditions of busi-
                                ness are applicable with regard
                                to the guarantee. Subject to
                                change as a result of technical


             Operating elements /
             Bedienelemente /
             Eléments de                 11 12
             commande /
             ten / Toebehoren                        1
             Organi di comando /
             / Tilbehør
             Manöverelement /                        2
             / Tilbehør             10               3
             Hallintalaitteet /



             Elementos de manejo
             / Accesorios
             de operação/                        5

             Kumanda elemanlarý
             / Aksesuarlar

                                   POSEIDON 3

Assembling the
Gerät                  1
Assembler l‘appareil
Toestel samenbou-
Montere maskinen
Hopmontering av
Samling af apparatet
Laitteen kokoaminen

Ensamblar el aparato           A

Montar o aparelho

Cihazýn montajý




         Switching on the cleaner
         Gerät einschalten
         Mettre l‘appareil en service   1
         Toestel inschakelen
         Slå på maskinen

         Inkoppling av apparat
         Opstart af apparatet
         Laitteen käynnistäminen

         Conectar el aparato
         Ligar o aparelho               1
         Cihazýn çalýþtýrýlmasý

                                        2   O

                                                                       POSEIDON 3

Pressure regulation /
Using cleaning agents
Druckregulierung /
Verwendung von
                            1    +
Réglage de la pression /
Emploi de détergents                    CHEM
Drukregeling / Gebruik
van reinigingsmiddelen                   –
Regolazione della
pressione/ Impiego di
prodotti detergenti
Trykkregulering / Bruk av
rengjøringsmidler           2                          0%
Tryckreglering /
Användning av                                                    3%
Trykregulering/ Brug af
rengøringsmidler                                                 5%
Paineensäätö suuttimella
/ Pesuaineiden käyttö



Regulación de la presión    4                  O

/ Utilización de agentes
de limpieza
Regulação de pressão /
Emprego de produtos de

Basýnç ayarý / Temizlik
maddelerinin kullanýlmasý


       Switching the cleaner
       off and storage
       Gerät ausschalten       1   O
       und aufbewahren

       Arrêter et ranger
       Toestel uitschakelen
       en bewaren
       Spegnimento e
       Slå av maskinen,
       Stänga av och
       förvara apparat         2
       Slukning af apparatet
       og opbevaring
       sammuttaminen ja

       Desconexión y
       depósito del aparato
       Desligar e guardar o

       Cihazýn kapatýlmasý
       ve muhafaza edilmesi


             Important safety instructions
                                                     tect any faults or damage.             sure cleaner be connected via a
                                                     In the event of any damage con-        residual current circuit breaker.
                                                     tact your Gerni dealer immedi-
                                                     ately.                                 This device stops the supply
                                                                                            of electricity if the leakage cur-
             For your own safety                     If your 3-phase cleaner was sup-       rent to earth exceeds 30 mA for
                                                     plied without a plug, have it fitted   30 ms or it has an earth tester
             Before using the high-pressure          with a suitable 3-phase plug with      circuit.
             cleaner, be sure to also read the       earth conductor, by an electri-
             enclosed operating instructions         cian.                                  Operate the cleaner only in an
             and keep them within reach at                                                  upright position!
             all times.                              CAUTION!
                                                     Before connecting devices with         Please observe the regulations
             The high-pressure cleaner may           voltage changeover: Check that         and provisions applicable in your
             only be used by persons instruct-       the pre-selected voltage on the        country. Before putting the high-
             ed in its use and who have been         machine corresponds with the           pressure cleaner into service,
             expressly authorised to do so.          voltage of the electrical instal-      carry out a visual check of all the
                                                     lation. Otherwise the electrical       major components.
             Although extremely easy to op-          devices of the machine can be
             erate, children should not be al-       destroyed.                             CAUTION!
             lowed to use the cleaner.                                                      High-pressure water jets can be
                                                     Do not connect the cleaner-            dangerous if misused. The jet
                                                     directly to the public drinking-       must not be directed at persons,
             General                                 water mains. A connection is           animals, live electrical equip-
                                                     permitted,however:                     ment or the cleaner itself.
             Use of the high-pressure cleaner        – briefly to a pipe interrupter-
             is subject to the applicable local          with moving section                Wear appropriate protective
             regulations.                                                                   clothing and eye protectors.
                                                     – with a free outlet
                                                      In the case of poor water quality
             Besides the operating instruc-                                                 Do not direct the jet towards
                                                     (sand, etc.), we recommend that
             tions and the binding accident                                                 yourself or towards other per-
                                                     a fine water filter is fitted in the
             prevention regulations valid in                                                sons in order to clean clothes or
             the country of use, observe rec-        water inlet.
             ognised regulations for safety
             and proper use.                         We recommend the use of a tex-
                                                     tile-reinforced water hose with        During operation of the cleaner,
                                                     a nominal diameter of min. 3/4"        recoil forces are produced at the
             Do not use any unsafe work                                                     spraying device and, when the
             techniques.                             (19 mm).Before use, check that
                                                     the high-pressure cleaner is safe      spray lance is held at an angle,
             Transport                                                                      a torque is also created. The
                                                     and in proper condition.
                                                                                            spraying device must therefore
             Transport of the high-pressure                                                 be held firmly in both hands.
                                                     Regularly check whether the
             cleaner is easy on its large
                                                     power cord is damaged or shows
             wheels.                                                                        Do not use the cleaner when
                                                     signs of ageing.
                                                                                            other people without protective
             For safe transport in and on ve-                                               clothing are in the working area.
                                                     Use the high-pressure cleaner
             hicles we recommend to prevent
                                                     only when the mains power lead
             the equipment from sliding and                                                 Check that cleaning will not re-
                                                     is in a safe condition. (risk of
             tilting by fixing it with belts.        electric shock if damaged!).           sult in dangerous substances
                                                                                            (e.g. asbestos, oil) being washed
             Transport (when tilted):                Check the rated voltage of the         off the object to be cleaned and
             – do not tilt the machine on the        high-pressure cleaner before           harming the environment.
                front with the water connec-         connecting it to the mains power
                tions.                               supply. Ensure that the voltage        Do not clean delicate parts
                                                     shown on the rating plate corre-       made of rubber, fabric, etc. with
                                                     sponds to the voltage of the local     the 0° jet. Keep some distance
             Before starting the cleaner             mains power supply.                    between high pressure nozzle
                                                                                            and surface in order to prevent
             Before using the cleaner for the        We strongly recommend that the         the surface from damage.
             first time, check it carefully to de-   power supply to the high pres-
                                                                                                                      POSEIDON 3

     Technical Data
                                                      POSEIDON 3
                                                                                   3-24                   3-30 XT
Voltage                                                     V                             230 V / 1~ / 50 Hz
Fuse (slow)                                                 A                       10                         15
Power rating                                                kW                      2.3                        3.4
Power consumption                                           A                       10                         15
Protection type                                                                                IP X5
Working pressure                                            bar / Mpa             100 (10)                150 (15)
Permissible pressure                                        bar / Mpa                        165 (16.5)
Volume flow Qmax                                             l/h                                 660
Volume flow QIEC                                             l/h                                 600
Cleaning Impact                                             kg/Force                2.4                        3.0
High pressure nozzle                                                                          NT 0530
Max. water inlet temperature Intake-/Pressure operation     °C                                   60
Max. water inlet pressure                                   bar / MPa                          10 (1)
Dimensions l x w x h                                        mm                            400 x 400 x 1020
Weight                                                      kg                                  38.5
Noise level at a distance of 1m EN 60704-1                  dB(A)                  79.9                        78.7
Sound power level LWA                                       dB(A)                   94                         93
Vibration ISO 5349                                          m/s²                                < 2.5
Recoil forces                                               N                       24                         29
Oil quantity                                                l                                  0.180
Oil type                                                                                     Agip Rotra

                                                   EU Declaration of Conformity

Product:                           High Pressure Cleaner

Type:                              POSEIDON 3

Description:                       230 V, 1~,50 Hz, IP X5

The design of the unit             EC Machine Directive 98/37/EEG
corresponds to the following       EC Low-voltage Directive 73/23/EEG
pertinent regulations:             EC EMV Directive 2004/108/EEG
Applied harmonised standards:      EN 12100, EN 60335-2-79
                                   EN 55014-1, EN 55014-2, EN 61000-3-2
Applied national standards and     DIN EN 60335-2-79
technical specifications:

                                   ALTO Deutschland GmbH
                                   Guido-Oberdorfer-Straße 2-8
                                   D-89287 Bellenberg
Dipl. Ing. Wolfgang Nieuwkamp
Tests and approvals                Bellenberg, 2007-01-02

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               48 Egerton Street
            Silverwater NSW 2128
               Ph: 1300 556 710
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