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					          January/February 2007     Volume 15    Issue 1

Hanover’s Education Department
A tradition of excellence in the classroom

         alk to the faculty in Hanover’s        Roberts isn’t the only one who affirms     diversity; faculty qualifications,
         education department about             Hanover’s program. In November, the        performance and development; and
         the qualities that make for            National Council for Accreditation of      unit governance and resources.
effective teachers and you’ll get a             Teacher Education (NCATE) again
                                                                                           One reason why the program is so
myriad of answers. But one thing is             awarded Hanover’s elementary (grades
                                                                                           effective is the small class size that
certain, they all believe the combina-          K-6) and secondary (grades 5-12)
                                                                                           allows for close relationships to
tion of teacher preparation and liberal         programs full accreditation. The educa-
                                                                                           develop. “We find it important to
arts education that Hanover provides            tional alliance measures programs in six
                                                                                           have that constant connection with
gives students extra benefits in both           areas, including: teacher candidate
                                                                                           the student,” said Adam Howard.
the classroom and the job market.               knowledge, skills and dispositions;
                                                                                           He came to the department last year
                                                assessment system and evaluation; field
“I feel really confident about the                                                         from Antioch College in Ohio.
                                                experiences and student teaching;
teachers we license,” said Judy Roberts,                                                   “What makes this unique from other
who has more than 25 years of class-                                                       places is that one on one individual
room experience. “The grounding in                                                         attention. I’m still in contact with
the liberal arts is the strength of our                                                    students who graduated last year.”
program.” Roberts believes that
                                                                                                                   Continued on page 6
strength comes from the variety of
courses, often interdisciplinary in
nature. “Teachers need to be able
to make those connections.”
She cites, as an example, one
graduate who was a Spanish
major. Because the student had
both high quality teacher pre-
paration and foreign language
skills, she got her first job
quickly and easily.
Hanover graduates approximately
20 students annually. Last year, all
but one began teaching in the fall.
Though classroom teaching is the
                                                                                                       Bruce Saulter ’05, in a
immediate goal for most, Roberts                                                                       local area classroom
added there are other opportunities,                                                                   during his student
such as graduate school, working in                                                                    days at Hanover.
                                                                                                       Teacher candidates
nursery schools or daycare centers,                                                                    must have 160 hours
or Boys and Girls Clubs. Some, like                                                                    in the classroom
   Jim French ’04,
Angie Ward ’81 travel across the                                                                       before student
   teaches students                                                                                    teaching.
globe to participate in the Japan
   to “think big.”
Exchange and Teaching Programme
(see sidebar, page 6).
                                                                 D THE

 5                 Combating the cost
                   of higher education

                                                        Community Arts and Culture Series
 7                 Solving the world’s
                                                        2007 Upcoming Events
                                                        Hanover’s Community Arts and Culture
                                                        Series is still going strong with lots of
 9                 Top Navy doctor                      entertaining events. Here’s what’s coming
                                                        up in the next couple of months:

10 Making our food safe                                 February 14 – March 16
                                                        “The Highland,” a group exhibition
                                                        from Cincinnati
                                                        Alumnus JonPaul Smith ’02 curated
12                 Fall sports wrap-up                  this exhibit by young artists who
                                                        derived inspiration from their
                                                        local hangout.

14 Obituaries/Classnotes                                February 15–18
                                                        HC Theatre Presents “Two Rooms”
                                                        Parker Auditorium 7:30 p.m.

22 Reducing pollution                                   By Lee Blessing, directed by Paul
                                                        When Michael Wells, an American             March 26–30
                                                        professor in Beirut, is taken hostage by    Art Gallery Exhibition – Student Works
                                                        an unspecified local Islamic faction, his   March 29
                                                        wife Lainie responds by stripping his       Ted & Lee “Fish Eyes”
    January/February 2007   Volume 15   Issue 1         home office bare of furniture and           Fitzgibbon Recital Hall 7:30 p.m.
    The Hanoverian is published four times
                                                        decorations, creating a room in which       Ted Swartz and Lee Echleman are two
    each school year by the Office of Public            she can feel close to the room in which     “hip” Mennonite performers who, for
    Relations and is entered as third-class             her husband is being held hostage.          15 years, have brought their unique
      postage material at the Plymouth,
                                                        March 9                                     form of reverent humor to college
             Indiana post office.
                                                        Hanover Vocal Students                      campuses, revival meetings, and church
      Send comments to The Hanoverian,                                                              conventions. Presented as part of
                                                        “A Night of Vocal Brilliance”
    Office of Public Relations, P.O. Box 108,
       Hanover College, Hanover, Indiana                March 16–17                                 Eastertide, their 90-minute, fully
      47243-0108; call (800) 213-2179,                  HC Theatre Presents – “Jacques Brel         staged Gospel play, “Fish-Eyes,” tells
          ext. 7008; or send e-mail to                  is Alive and Well and Living in Paris”      the story of two very human followers
                                                        Parker Auditorium 7:30 p.m.                 of Jesus. Peter (Ted) is a fiery,
                                                        A musical revue, directed by Mark           passionate cynic, while his brother
                                                        Fearnow ’80                                 Andrew (Lee) is a witty and childlike
                             Rhonda Burch                                                           optimist. Both men must journey
                       director of public relations     Do you like nostalgic songs about           toward an understanding of the
                                  Carter Cloyd          carousels as a metaphor for the crazy       miraculous man in their midst,
                            director of news services   whirl of life? Then you won't want to       culminating in the crucifixion and
                                Sandra Guthrie          miss HCTheatre’s final season offering,     resurrection. Highly recommended for
                            director of publications    a musical review of songs by the great      family audiences and church groups.
                                    Sterling Williams   20th century Belgian/French
                                      web manager
                                                        songwriter, Jacques Brel.

2       January/February 2007
Three new staff added to Advancement Office
         here are three new faces on        the venture created a line of products    Roseland received a bachelor’s degree
         campus these days. Rhonda          designed to help children overcome        from Texas Christian University in
         Burch, director of public          frightening situations.                   1979. He earned a master’s degree in
relations, Christopher Roseland, direc-                                               religious education from Southwestern
                                            During the 1990s, she worked as a
tor of church relations for Hanover                                                   Baptist Seminary in 1985. He later
                                            writer and consultant on industrial
College’s Center for Church Leadership                                                received a master of divinity degree
                                            video projects for such entities as the
(CCL) and Todd Brock, assistant vice                                                  from the Brite Divinity School at Texas
                                            National Center for Family Literacy and
president for development, began their                                                Christian University in 1989.
                                            Kentucky Fried Chicken.
duties Jan. 2.
                                                                                      Brock comes to Hanover from the
                                            From 1983 to 1989, Burch served as a
Burch comes to Hanover after four                                                     Archdiocese of Louisville, Ky., where for
                                            television and radio production manager
years as marketing manager at Indiana                                                 the past three years he was director of
                                            for TNT Motorsports. She imple-
University-Southeast in New Albany,                                                   development for the Nativity Academy
                                            mented advertising and promotions for
Ind. While at IUS, she managed the                                                    Project. While there, he successfully
                                            more than 100 national events per year.
promotional efforts of 30 student-                                                    created and implemented an endow-
                                            She also was associate producer for
services departments and eight aca-                                                   ment campaign that raised $3.5 million
                                            ESPN’s weekly show, “Truck and
demic divisions. She also developed                                                   over a span of six months. Brock also
                                            Tractor Power.”
marketing strategies for student recruit-                                             increased the academy’s development
ment, created branding and graphics         Roseland comes to Hanover after more      ranking within Nativity Model Schools
strategies and served as editor of the      than 13 years as senior minister and      from 52nd to 4th place.
university’s publications.                  head of staff at Beaumont Presbyterian
                                                                                      Prior to his position with the archdio-
                                            Church in Lexington, Ky. He has served
Prior to her work with Indiana Univer-                                                cese, Brock was the chief consultant for
                                            the Presbyterian Church since 1983.
sity-Southeast, Burch was co-founder                                                  Cornerstone Development Consultants,
and vice-president of Brave Bunny, Inc.     Roseland previously served as senior      Jeffersonville, Ind. from 2001 to 2004.
Targeting the parents of young children,    minister at Westminster Presbyterian      He increased the company’s business
                                            Church in Natchez, Miss., from 1989 to    from start-up to include 33 not-for -
                                            1993. He was Christian education and      profit, health care, public health,
                                            youth director at Westminster Presbyte-   education, religious, and environmental
                                            rian Church in Fort Worth, Texas, from    organizations. Brock also created and
                                            1983 to 1989.                             implemented a diversified plan for the
                                                                                      areas of annual giving, planned giving,
                                                                                      special events, direct solicitation, major
                                                                                      gifts, direct mail, and grant writing. He
                                                                                      served as district executive director from
                                                                                      1998 to 2001 for the Boy Scouts of
                                                                                      America, Central Kentucky Region.
                                                                                      While there, Brock increased recruit-
                                                                                      ment in the region by 68 percent over a
                                                                                      period of 3 years, as well as exceeding
                                                                                      his fundraising goals every year.
                                                                                      Brock received his bachelor’s degree in
                                                                                      psychology from Indiana University,
                                                                                      Bloomington. Some of his affiliations
                                                                                      include the Fraternal Order of Ken-
                                                                                      tucky Colonels, National Eagle Scout
                                                                                      Association, Knights of Columbus and
                                                                                      Rotary International.

                                                                                      From left to right: Brock, Burch and Roseland.

                                                                                                                       The Hanoverian   3
    Center for Business Preparation keeps growing
                    hen Hanover’s Center for Business Preparation (CBP) launched its program          Row 1: Mollie Bolin, Anthony Hornbach,
                                                                                                      Jason Darling. Row 2: Brinn Granger,
                    in the fall of 2004, it began with 19 students. Now just three years later, the   Lindsey Beiting, Jaclyn Hedrick, Genevieve
                    CBP boasts 47 students with no signs of the growth stopping anytime soon.         Laca, Tyler Thiems. Row 3: Ben Spain, Dan
                                                                                                      Graber, Tae Phojanasupan, Van Pham,
      The 47 scholars represent 14 majors, 8 athletic teams, 7 Greek houses, and 30 student           Derek Worch, Gaurav Chakrabarty, Audrey
      organizations, many of them in leadership positions. Many are merit scholars and rank           Foster. Row 4: Kayla Mosier, Chris Shay, Amy
      consistently on the dean’s list.                                                                Dunham, Ben Miller, Geoffrey Darmstaedter,
                                                                                                      Cody Davis, Autumn McClatchey, David Hull.
      The scholars also have a strong commitment to both their hometown and our local                 Row 5: Jim Yates, Stella Mainar, Jinee
      communities, volunteering with such groups as Big Brothers/Big Sisters, YMCA, Boys’             Majors, Chelsea Tucker, Ayca Coskunpinar,
                                                                                                      Ali Gantz, Ashley Wilson, Katie Fleschner,
      and Girls’ Club, Literacy Coalition, 4-H and Habitat for Humanity.                              Ayda Coskunpinar, Jacob Cooper. Row 6:
                                                                                                      Dan O’Leary, Adam Barga, Jason Abell,
      For more information about the CBP log on to: cbp.hanover.edu
                                                                                                      Lauren Moschenross, Kelly Eckstein, Jon
                                                                                                      Collier, Jacqueline Mills, Sarah Pasquale.

                                                                                                         Indiana residents! Be true to your
                                                                                                              school everywhere you go by
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                                                                                                              plate. It’s a great way to help
                                                                                                            promote Hanover College and
                                                                                                            support current students. Fees
                                                                                                                benefit established campus
                                                                                                                scholarships funds, helping
                                                For details on how to order your plate                      students get a great education!
                                                   go to: www.hanover.edu/plate/
4   January/February 2007
   Hanover combats the cost
   of higher education

       cademically-talented honor students who live in         “Attracting top
        Indiana now have another tool for funding their        scholars is nothing
          college education. PresidentRussell Nichols          new for Hanover,”
announced an aggressive financial assistance program           said Bill Preble,
that will meet 100% of demonstrated need for all               Hanover’s dean
Indiana Academic Honors Diploma recipients who meet            of admission and
certain academic criteria.                                     financial assistance.
                                                               “In fact, this program
“We want to assure strong Indiana high school students
                                                               could eventually help as many as 25 to 50 percent of
and their parents that a first-rate education is financially
                                                               the college’s 1,000 students.” The need-based program
achievable,” said Nichols. “The good students who have
                                                               will begin with Hanover’s next incoming freshman class.
met the challenge of the Academic Honors Diploma are
assets to Indiana’s future and we are delighted to make        The program will not increase the college’s current
available to them an education at one of the best liberal      financial aid budget. “Funding will come from the
arts colleges in America.”                                     college’s existing financial aid funds and adjusting our
U.S. News and World Report ranks Hanover College               approach to merit-based awards,” added Preble.
among the nation’s top 100 best liberal arts colleges in its   Additionally, Hanover will introduce a new collection of
2006 edition of “America’s Best Colleges” and among the        merit-based awards for the coming academic year.
top 25 best values in their annual rankings of colleges        Among those concerned with the rising cost of higher
and universities.                                              education is The College Board, a not-for-profit member-
The aid program, based on each student’s direct costs          ship association that connects students to college success
(tuition, room, board and fees), reinforces Hanover’s          and opportunity. In a recent release, the Board addressed
long-standing tradition of helping students from all           recent trends at both private and public institutions.
socio-economic levels accomplish their dream of a              Gaston Caperton, president of the College Board, stated,
college education. “This will effectively eliminate the        “The College Board continues to advocate for need-based
cost of college concern for Indiana’s honor students,”         aid, so that more students can have the opportunity to
added Nichols.                                                 benefit from a college education.”

        For more information on national trends in higher education costs, The College Board’s release
                  is available online at www.college board.com/press/releases/150634.html.

                                                                                                                 The Hanoverian   5
Expanding her world                                                              Continued from page 1

                                                                                 Kay Williams, the program’s director, sees
    Angie French ’04 immerses herself in Japanese culture                        support from other departments as an
                                                                                 added advantage. “There are faculty
                                                                                 members that have expressed high interest
                                                                                 in what we’re doing,” she said. “They
                                                                                 volunteer to score student portfolios. It
                                                                                 gives a great outside perspective.”
                                                                                 Occasionally, a student decides that
                                                                                 teaching isn’t the field for them. So, how
                                                                                 does Hanover’s program allow them to
                                                                                 figure that out early on? By getting students
                                                                                 in the classroom from their first semester.
                                                                                 “They get a lot of time in the classroom
                                                                                 and get quality teachers in the school
                                                                                 district to mentor them,” said Deb Hanson,
                                                                                 the department’s newest member. “There’s a
                                                                                 lot of observation time, (they) see so many
                                                                                 different styles and practices that they can
                                                                                 use to develop their own styles. It’s a neat
                                                                                 opportunity that we offer them.” Students
                                                                                 must have 160 hours in the schools before
                                                                                 their first student teaching experience.

     K        onnichiwa! For the past year and a half I have been an Assistant   While the program provides many
              Language Teacher through the Japan Exchange and Teaching           positives, the faculty agrees that the
              Programme (JET). With its current 5,508 participants from 44       homogeneity of Hanover’s campus is an
     countries, JET is a Japanese government program that aims to promote        opportunity for improvement. “Our
     internationalization in Japan’s local communities by helping to improve     weakness is students do not get to experi-
     foreign language education and developing international exchange at         ence very much diversity,” said Roberts.
     the community level.                                                        One way the program seeks to provide
     At present, I am the only foreigner living in a small rural town in         more exposure is by having all the teacher
     Western Japan, far away from my mid-western roots. I travel around to       candidates spend three days in a truly urban
     about 14 elementary, junior high, and high schools teaching English         school. Another way is through reading a
     and answering questions about American culture. My daily life includes      wide array of culturally diverse authors.
     biking or walking to schools, using chopsticks, eating raw fish, sleeping   The learning doesn’t stop when the
     and sitting on the floor, dealing with the lack of climate control in
                                                                                 program ends, however. Bruce Saulter ’05
     homes and schools, giving impromptu speeches in English and
                                                                                 has found that even though he’s now the
     Japanese, constantly taking my shoes on and off, and gesturing my way
                                                                                 teacher, he’s still a student. “My first year I
     through conversations. Everyday is full of struggles and triumphs.
                                                                                 was teaching sixth grade, working hard to
     My experience with JET has been an adventure in learning — about            manage a classroom, and learning more
     Japan and about myself. My eager (and non-eager) students, hard-            with every minute of experience,” he said.
     working colleagues, and fellow JET participants challenge my creativity,    “Now I teach third grade. It’s definitely a
     patience, American ways of thinking and doing, spontaneity, and ability     lot easier to manage a classroom of third
     to deal with ambiguity. I will leave Japan a stronger, more culturally      graders, and most importantly, I am still
     sensitive person and I will forever feel a connection with foreigners who   learning more and more with every minute
     come to the USA to seek new opportunities for themselves and to             of experience.”
     endure the challenge of learning English. By living immersed in
     Japanese society, traveling around Asia, and meeting people from all        The same thing holds for the faculty.
     walks of life, my world has expanded exponentially.                         When asked about the future, Williams
                                                                                 responded, “I still see this as a very young
     — Angie French ’04                                                          department. There’s lots of room to grow.”

6   January/February 2007
How can we solve
our social problems?
Poverty, crime, drug abuse, racial and gender inequality. These are
problems that have plagued society from the start. But what do we do
to solve them? Hanover Professor Jim Crone’s new book discusses how
we can take specific and realistic steps. Maintaining a sense of
sociological objectivity throughout, and without moralizing, he
describes what could be done to solve some of the most pervasive
social problems in America today.
In the preface, Crone is quick to point out that the suggestions in this
book are just that, suggestions. “I present what we can do,” he writes,
“but you will need to decide what we should do.” The book discusses
the barriers we face but he presents them as a means to gain a “realistic
and pragmatic outlook,” neither pessimistic and hopeless nor naïve
and innocent. The book concludes with Crone’s predictions for
societal change. To learn more or purchase a copy, go to

                                                        Award winning
                                                        When Sherry Marx ’89 was in graduate school, she witnessed instances of
                                                        passive racism in the classroom that both angered and intrigued her. Pursuing
                                                        the topic further, Marx went on to write her doctoral dissertation at the
                                                        University of Texas on the subject. The Hanover alumna received two awards
                                                        from the American Education Research Association; one for her methodology
                                                        and another for social context. The dissertation also resulted in the publish-
                                                        ing of her first book, “Revealing the Invisible: Confronting Passive Racism in
                                                        Teacher Education.”
                                                        The book outlines the steps she took to help teachers identify their own racial
                                                        prejudices as well as ways to avoid it. To try to get to the bottom of the
                                                        classroom racism, Marx set up nine interviews with different teachers to
                                                        record conversations she had with them.
                                                        “I saw that they were saying racist things,” said Marx. She played the conver-
                                                        sations back to the interviewee to help them identify their “invisible” bigotry.
                                                        A lot of self-work and self-reflection should be involved, Marx explained.
                                                        “Everyone can benefit from examining racism.” To learn more or to purchase
                                                        a copy, go to www.amazon.com.
                                                        — Haley Osborn ’09

Presidential search update
To date, the search committee for Hanover's new president has received more than 70 applications. The members will conduct
preliminary interviews in Indianapolis February 1-2, from a pool consisting of eight to ten candidates.
                                                                                                                            The Hanoverian   7
             Consistent performance
             for 32 years

                  alking into C. Kimm          Hollis teaches piano and theory at           students. He marvels at all the choices
                  Hollis’ spacious office in   Hanover. He arrived in the fall of ’75       students have at Hanover and is
                  the Lynn Center for Fine     with the ink still wet on his master’s       impressed with the ones who make time
    Arts, two things greet you. The first is   diploma from the University of Illinois.     to do so many things, particularly the
    the side-by-side grand pianos, the         He stayed for three years before then-       non-music majors who do the addi-
    second, his firm handshake, formed,        Vice President for Academic Affairs,         tional work required to perform recitals
    no doubt, after years of diligence         Harold Haverkamp, told Hollis he’d           every year.
    studying, performing and teaching. In      need a doctorate to stay on.
                                                                                            Another perk of the job is the opportu-
    an entertaining hour spent discussing
                                               “I left with a handshake and a prom-         nity for professional development. “I’ve
    his 32 years of teaching at Hanover
                                               ise.” Hollis went to Ball State Univer-      judged scads of competitions and
    College, it’s clear Hollis has found an
                                               sity after one year here to complete his     auditions, traveled everywhere and won
    ideal situation.
                                               residency requirements, during which         prizes.” Hollis also notes the many
     “I knew what I wanted to do with my       time he returned one day a week to           chances he has to perform off-campus,
    life when I was a junior in high           give lessons. Hanover sent him a             e.g., at libraries in the Chicago area, and
    school,” he said. Hollis decided to        contract for the following fall term.        often performs with former students.
    become a piano teacher, fashioning his
                                               “Where does that happen now?”                While Hanover is lucky to have such a
    style after Miss Margaret Peterson, his
                                                                                            dedicated employee, Hollis is very
    mentor at Millikin University,             Initially, faculty children and commu-
                                                                                            appreciative in return. “Landing this job
    Decatur, Ill. “She had a profound          nity people were among his students.
                                                                                            right after my master’s degree was
    influence. The further along I go the      However, Hollis pointed out what has
                                                                                            incredible,” said Hollis. “I have a great
    more I realize how much she shaped         kept him here isn’t just his calling; it’s
                                                                                            life. A tremendously supportive family,
    me and my playing.”                        consistently having highly motivated
                                                                                            great friends and colleagues.”
8   January/February 2007
                                                                                                 Speaking fondly of Herb Strayer, his

Top Navy doctor                                                                                  wrestling coach, he said, “Your coaches
                                                                                                 have the most impression on young
                                                                                                 people. You spend more time with
                                                                                                 them than anyone else. You develop
                                                                                                 teamwork.” Cullison also cited music

I    t was the era of Vietnam, hippies,     The leadership skills he developed at                professors Donald Morrison, J. David
     and rock n’ roll when a young man      Hanover have helped distinguish                      Wagner and the late Jim Fairleigh as
     from the sleepy little town of         Cullison’s career. He has earned a                   influences.
Plymouth, Ind., came to Hanover             Legion of Merit award with two gold
                                                                                                 “Hanover’s a very supportive environ-
College in the fall of ’64 interested in    stars, a bronze star, meritorious service
                                                                                                 ment. If someone’s having trouble,
two things: singing and wrestling. And      medal, Navy commendation medal,
                                                                                                 someone at Hanover will figure out
while Tom Cullison ’68 pursued those        combat action ribbon and numerous
                                                                                                 how to get help.” He also doesn’t
passions with determination, it was a       unit citations.
                                                                                                 consider himself ambitious. “I never
documentary about SEALAB II, the
                                            Cullison was a very active student. In               had any intention of ever running
Navy’s experimental underwater habi-
                                            addition to wrestling and other pur-                 anything. Med school and orthopedics
tat, which changed his direction;
                                            suits, he joined Beta Theta Pi, per-                 were huge steps.”
eventually leading the music major to
                                            formed with the concert choir, pep
attain the position of commander,                                                                Looking back, Cullison has fond
                                            band and was senior class secretary. He
Navy Medicine East.                                                                              memories. “Where else can you be a
                                            was also one of nine senior alumni
                                                                                                 music major and a wrestler; and (per-
Cullison supervises all overseas hospi-     award winners. But when you ask him
                                                                                                 form) with a traveling choir of great
tals on the east coast through the Great    about those days, he doesn’t try to
                                                                                                 quality? Hanover lets you do those
Lakes region, as well as Guantanamo         relive past glories. What Cullison
                                                                                                 things. If you fail, that’s OK, you can
Bay, Italy and Spain. Stationed in          remembers most is the teamwork skills
                                                                                                 try something else.”
Portsmouth, Va., he supervises the men      he developed and the people who
and women who deploy from there to          influenced him most.
all over the world, mostly to Kuwait,
Iraq and Afghanistan. In January 2006,
President Bush promoted him to the
rank of rear admiral.
How did he go from music to medi-
cine? “I always wanted to become a
diver,” he said. “In diving, when you
go over 1000 feet there’s not a lot to
see. It’s dark and cold. I got interested
in the physiology of what happens to
the body while diving.”
That fascination led Cullison to take a
break from his Navy career as a line
officer to earn a pre-med degree at San
Diego State University. He then
rejoined the Navy, receiving a scholar-
ship to attend medical school
at IU. While there, he became
interested in surgery,
specifically orthopedics.
“I help get people back
to their active lives.
It’s been extremely
rewarding to be
in that field.”                                                        Above: Cullison, right, greets a local Navy recruiter at a
                                                                       racing event in Indianapolis, Ind., last summer.

                                                                       Left: Cullison in 1967, on the wrestling team.
                                                                                                                                    The Hanoverian   9
          Making our food safe: an alumnus’ legacy
           For the past 100 years, we have had little to fear from the    Few people today realize what a battle this was. Dr.
           food we eat, particularly from what we purchase at the         Thurman B. Rice in a 1941 article titled, “The Hoosier
           grocery store. But it wasn’t always like that. Nostalgia may   Health Officer” stated, “Every sort of scheme was used to
           make some believe the food was better and healthier back       blacken (Wiley’s) character, question his motives and
           in the “good old days,” but the truth is many people died      scare him out of the effort that he was making so effec-
           of malnutrition or became ill due to                                                tively.” Rice also noted it was
           spoiled or impure food.                                                             commonly said that Wiley was
                                                                                               trying “to ruin business and bring
           Enter Harvey Washington Wiley, the                                                  starvation on the people.”
           “Wiley” in Wiley Hall. An American of
           great distinction, he was a noted chem-                                              As leader of the National Pure Food
           ist, professor, author and lecturer and                                              and Drug Congress, Wiley sought
           arguably, perhaps, Hanover’s most                                                    consensus among the conflicting
           illustrious graduate. However, the father                                            views held by government officials,
           of the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906                                                industry leaders and the American
           was an example of a scientist who felt a                                             people. In 1906, 23 years after
           sense of duty to his fellow citizens.                                                Wiley’s quest began, both houses of
           Wiley once remarked, “That science fails                                             Congress passed the Pure Food and
           of its purpose which does not have in                                                Drug Act and President Theodore
           view the welfare and happiness of man.”                                              Roosevelt signed it, despite strong
                                                                                                opposition from the food industry.
           Wiley was born Oct. 18, 1844, in Kent,
           Ind., just six miles from Hanover. An                                                 In 1912, Wiley resigned after nearly
           ardent supporter of the Union cause in                                                30 years as the nation’s chief chem-
           the Civil War, Wiley quit his studies at a                                            ist. He accepted a position as the
           local school after discovering that his                                               director of the Bureau of Foods,
           teacher was a Confederate sympathizer                                                 Sanitation and Health for Good
           and enrolled at Hanover College. After a                                              Housekeeping. Until he died in 1930,
           stint serving in the 137th Indiana Volunteers, Wiley           Wiley wrote monthly articles for the magazine as well as
           returned to his studies and graduated in 1867.                 several scientific bulletins. He also represented his coun-
                                                                          try at international conferences, served in many profes-
           In 1878, Wiley embraced an opportunity to study in             sional societies, and lectured to hundreds of groups
           Europe for one year. It was there that he developed a          around the country.
           fascination with sugar research and food adulteration.
           Five years later, Wiley became chief chemist for the U.S.      The lives we lead a century later, as scientists, advocates,
           Department of Agriculture, ready to spearhead the battle       or simply citizens, are quite different from the life of
           to ensure safe food for the American people.                   Harvey W. Wiley. His legacy is his commitment to the
                                                                          common good and his sense of responsibility in using
           In his position, he initiated a chemical study of the U.S.     science to better the lives of his fellow citizens and serves
           sugar crop; devised new equipment and techniques in            as motivation and inspiration today.
           agricultural chemical analysis; and most notably, devoted
           himself to a remarkable campaign against food adultera-        Editor’s Note: Much of the text and research of this piece
           tion. A food and drug bill had been in congressional           comes from Emily Abernathy ’02, who profiled Wiley in the
           hands since 1879, but Wiley persevered not only in             Winter 2002 edition of Hanover Quarterly. She is complet-
           working with senators and representatives, but in cam-         ing her residency in family medicine at St. Francis Hospital
           paigning to educate the public on the topic.                   in Indianapolis, Ind.

10   January/February 2007
Honoring dedication and service
On September 28, Randy Master ’82 received the Eleanore Watts Moyer Award for his
tenure of volunteer service to the Greek community and Hanover College that
spans more than 10 years. He recently concluded service on the Greek Summit
Taskforce where he served as alumni leader for the Social Host and Alcohol sub-
group, likely the most difficult appointment.

Deanne Walters, assistant director of Greek life, gave her
reasons for the nomination. “As I have worked with
Randy in the last year in and a half, I have been continu-
ally amazed by his objectivity and his dedication to                                   dates to remember
service as well as to the ideas and vision for Beta Theta Pi,
the Greek Community and Hanover College,” she said.
                                                                                        Florida Dinner and Baseball
“He possesses an infectious optimism and tireless drive,                                   Saturday, February 24
inspiring those around him to give a little more. His
dedication to a model partnership with the general                                         Networking Reception
fraternity and college, as well as his support of the under-                             for New York area alumni
                                                               Randy Master ’82             Sunday, February 25
graduate chapter, is an example to other Greek volunteers
in how to build a collaborative partnership with chapter
constituents. He embodies the concept of servant leadership within his many               Florida Dinner Theatre,
volunteer positions here and I am pleased the college has chosen to honor him                “Damn Yankees”
with the Eleanor Watts Moyer Volunteer Service Award.”                                     Sunday, February 25

                                                                                           Louisville GOLD event
Eric Ballenger ’81 received the Nicholas E. Rutsis Admissions Award. According to           Thursday, March 1
Mike Brown ’91, assistant director of admission and alumni recruiting coordinator,
                                                                                          Alumni Senior Banquet
Ballenger got his start with having a reception for prospective students in his home
                                                                                            Thursday, April 12
in Jeffersonville, Ind. “It grew so large that it had to be
moved to another location,” Brown said. “Eric has                                       SEIN Derby Dinner Playhouse
referred many students to Hanover and has always been                                       Outing, “Oklahoma”
willing to help not only the Admission Office, but the                                       Thursday, April 26
college in general when needed.”
                                                                                           Louisville Golf Outing
Ballenger serves as senior vice president of investments                                     at Hidden Creek
with Smith Barney, Inc. in New Albany, Indiana. At                                            Friday, June 15
Hanover, he was a member of Phi Gamma Delta and
went to Kansas City for the NAIA National Tourna-                                         Alumni Day at the Races
ment two times as a member of the basketball team.                                           Saturday, June 16
He is also a host for the Hanover Alumni Admissions
Network, on the Louisville Golf Committee since its                                            Crowe Academy,
founding in 2000, and served as a class reunion chair           Eric Ballenger ’81         “The Strenuous Life of
for Homecoming 2006.                                                                        Theodore Roosevelt”
                                                                                        Fri., Sat., Sun., June 22 - 24
The Eleanore Watts Moyer Award recognizes individuals who have given exemplary
voluntary service to Hanover College. Hanover created the award to pay tribute to          Alumni trip to Tuscany
Eleanore Watts Moyer ’42, who served the college long and well. Hanover estab-               September 15 - 23
lished the Nicholas E. Rutsis Admissions Award in 2004 to recognize alumni who
dedicate themselves to student recruitment and to pay tribute to Nicholas E. Rutsis           Homecoming
                                                                                           Saturday, October 13
’63, who established a tradition of dedication and excellence in this area.

Know someone you would like to nominate for an award? Nominations are due Feb. 28
for 2007 awards. To download a form, log on to www.hanover.edu/alumni/awards.            For more information go to

                                                                                                         The Hanoverian   11
                                      E SPORTS WRAP-UP

     Hanover capped the 2006 gridiron
     campaign with a 4-6 record. The
                                               Allen, who also earned the award as
                                               Hanover’s top linebacker, was the
                                               Heartland Conference’s co-most
                                                                                         In his fifth year at Hanover, head coach
                                                                                         Craig Jones guided the men’s soccer
                                                                                         team to a third-place finish in the
                                                                                         Heartland Conference standings with a
                                                                                         5-2-1 record. His squad posted a
     Panthers placed fourth in the Heartland   valuable defensive player this season.    school-best 7-0-2 streak during the
     Collegiate Athletic Conference stand-     He earned first-team all-HCAC honors      middle of the season and finished with
     ings with a 4-3 mark. Senior linebacker   after leading Hanover with 118 tackles    an 8-8-3 overall mark.
     Jason Allen, Cincinnati, Ohio, and        during the 2006 season. He also tallied
     senior quarterback Rick Webster,          3.5 tackles for loss, one sack, a pass    Jones and senior forward Jeremy
     Carmel, Ind., highlighted the honorees    deflection, a forced fumble and one       Owens, Batesville, Ind., were among
     at the Hanover College football team’s    blocked kick. Allen is Hanover’s first    four members of Hanover’s program
     postseason awards banquet.                league defensive most valuable player     honored by the Heartland Conference.
                                               since Jason Welty in 1999. He shared      Owens was a first-team all-HCAC
                                               this year’s honor with Matt Lawless, a    selection for the Panthers, while the
                                               senior linebacker from the College        league tabbed Jones as its coach-of-the-
                                                of Mount St. Joseph.                     year. Sophomore defender Kyle Laker,
                                                                                         Oldenburg, Ind., and freshman goalie
                                                    Webster, an honorable mention        Michael Hansford, Liberty Township,
                                                    all-conference selection, received   Ohio, were each second-team all-
                                                         the Raymond “Dutch”             conference honorees.
                                                          Struck Mental Attitude
                                                            Award. While splitting       In women’s soccer, Hanover closed the
                                                            time, Webster appeared in    2006 campaign with a 5-12 record.
                                                           10 games for the Panthers.    The Panthers, under head coach Yi Lin
                                                          He completed 133-of-235        Liu, placed fifth in the HCAC stand-
                                                          passes for 1,391 yards with    ings with a 4-4 record. Junior Lauren
                                                          14 touchdowns and 20           Drew (Carmel, Ind.) was one of three
                                                           interceptions. He also        Hanover College soccer players who
                                                             rushed for 94 yards.        earned all-conference honors from the
                                                                                         Heartland Collegiate Athletic Confer-
                                                            Hanover honored senior       ence’s nine coaches. Junior defender
                                                            end David Blount, India-     Taulbi Schnetzer, Lawrenceburg, Ind.,
                                                            napolis, Ind., as its most   and sophomore forward Stephanie
                                                            outstanding defensive        Tribbett, Fort Wayne, Ind., each earned
                                                           lineman. Blount, who          second-team honors.
                                                           represented the Panthers
                                                          on the U.S. team at the        CROSS-COUNTRY
                                                        Aztec Bowl in Mexico, was a      The 2006 NCAA Division III Great
                                                       first-team all-Heartland          Lakes Regional convened Nov. 11, at
                                                      Conference honoree in 2006.        the L.S. Ayres Athletic Complex. The
                                                      He led all Hanover linemen         men’s and women’s regional races
                                                      with 58 tackles and also led the   featured more than 20 teams and 400
                                                      Panthers with nine sacks and       runners from schools in Indiana, Michi-
                                                       12 tackles for loss.              gan and Ohio. Top-ranked Calvin
            Jason Allen ’07
                                                                                         College (Mich.) and Case Western
                                                                                         Reserve University (Ohio) captured the
                                                                                         men’s and women’s team events.
12    January/February 2007
                                              Hanover’s volleyball squad closed its
                                              season with a 21-10 overall record. The
                                                                                          The women’s golf team finished sixth
                                              Panthers, under head coach Peter
                                                                                          among seven schools in the 2006 Heart-
                                              Preocanin, finished second in the
                                                                                          land Collegiate Athletic Conference
                                              Heartland Conference with a 6-2 mark.
                                                                                          Championships. Hanover posted a 793
                                              The effort marked the Panthers’ first 20-
                                                                                          (399-394) in the event, at the Stonehenge
                                              win season since earning a 24-10 record
                                                                                          Golf Course in Warsaw, Ind.
                                              and winning a league title in 1997.
                                                                                          Sophomore Kristen Brookes, Columbia
                                              Hanover advanced to the finals of the
                                                                                          City, Ind., led Hanover with a 14th-place
                                              HCAC tournament before dropping a
                                                                                          finish in the 37-golfer field. Brookes fired
                                              four-game decision to the College of
                                                                                          a 189 (97-92) in two rounds on the par-
                                              Mount St. Joseph (Ohio).
                                                                                          71, 6,369-yard course. Senior Jerrene
                                              Junior outside hitters Carley Meek,         Takeuchi, Honolulu, Hawaii, and junior
                                              Indianapolis, Ind., and Danielle            Meredith Johns, Winchester, Ky., each
                                              Hazelbaker, Selma, Ind., were each          notched top-20 performances for the
                                              named to the all-conference team. Meek      Panthers.
                                              was named to the first team for the third
                                              consecutive season. Hazelbaker was a
                                              first-team honoree after being a second-
                      Jeremy Owens ’07
                                              team selection the last two seasons.
                                              Meek led Hanover during the 2006
                                              campaign with 463 kills (4.21
Hanover’s women’s squad placed 14th           kills/game). She was second on the
among the 31 teams in the field. Fresh-       squad with 511 digs (4.65 d/g).
man Angie Sells, Pekin, Ind., led the         Hazelbaker ranked second on the
Panthers with a 53rd-place finish in          Panthers with 321 kills (2.87 k/g).
24:24.0. Hanover’s men’s team was last        She ranked third on the team
in a 31-team field. Sophomore Geoff           with 498 digs (4.45 d/g) and
Darmstaedter, Des Peres, Mo., placed          41 service aces (.37 a/g).
181st in 29:35.8.
Junior Amanda Nocton, Greens Fork,            TENNIS
Ind., finished eighth overall to lead         Under second-year head coach
Hanover to a fourth-place finish in the       Michelle Allmendinger, Hanover
Heartland Conference championships,           posted a 7-7 record during the
held Oct. 28 in Franklin, Ind. Nocton,        2006 season. The Panthers finished
who earned all-conference honors with         6-2 in the HCAC and placed third
the effort, posted a time of 24:44.87 on      in the league standings.
the six-kilometer course. Sells also earned
all-HCAC honors with a 12th place finish      For the second straight year, sopho-
in her first conference meet.                 mores Katie Fleschner, Terre Haute,
                                              Ind., and Ali Gantz, Greenwood,
The Hanover’s men’s team finished sixth       Ind., earned all-conference honors.
in the HCAC race. Freshman Justin             Fleschner and Gantz combined
Guilkey, Fort Thomas, Ky., placed 41st        for 33 singles and doubles                                              Ali Gantz ’09
overall in 29:52.93 in the eight-             victories for the Panthers
kilometer event                               during the 2006 season.
                                                                                                                         The Hanoverian   13
                                                                                                                         became a volunteer. Scott became director
                                                                                                                         of the group’s Lactation Consultant
                                                                                                                         department in 1982, to develop consistent
                                                                                                                         standards. During this time she helped
                                                                                                                         develop educational programs, professional
                                                                                                                         regulations and certification tests as her
                                                                                                                         specialty rapidly expanded in the United
                                                                                                                         States and overseas.
                                                                         Recently, the Ivy Tech Foundation named

                                                  Michael Heitz Studio
                                                                                                                         In 1985, she became founding director of
                                                                         him and his wife Benefactors of the Year.       the International Board of Lactation
                                                                         Surviving are his wife, Margaret Francis        Consultant Examiners, an independent
                                                                         Seifert, his mother-in-law, two brothers-in-    examining body to certify specialists in
                                                                         law and their wives, three nephews, one         breast-feeding. Consulting with doctors,
                                                                         niece, one great-niece; one great-nephew;       nurses and mothers, Scott recruited
                                                                         and several cousins and other relatives.        volunteers from around the world to help
                                                                         Hanoverians may make contributions in           administer the testing program. Scott was
                                                                         Seifert’s honor to the Hanover College          executive director of the lactation examin-
                                                                         Mathematics Department or the Study             ers board until her retirement last year.
                                                                         Abroad Program.                                 Scott was a member of the board of
                                                                         DON A. VELLER, of Tallahassee, Fla., died       directors of the National Organization for
                                                                         Nov. 10, 2006, at age 94. At Hanover, he        Competency Assurance from 1992 to 1997
                                                                         was football coach for the 1946-1947            and a commissioner of the National
                                                                         season, which marked the return of athlet-      Commission for Certifying Agencies from
                                                                         ics to Hanover College after the war years.     2001 to 2003. Surviving are her husband, a
                                                                         He earned a doctorate, after having been a      daughter, a son and four grandchildren.
 RALPH L. SEIFERT, of Hanover, Ind., died
 Oct. 25, 2006, at age 63. Born Jan. 4, 1943,                            nationally-famous football player at IU.
 in Alma, Mich., he graduated from Indiana                               Veller was also a military officer, poet,       NOVRIN SAMUEL VEAL ’29, of Ponte
 University in 1963, received his master’s                               newspaper columnist and inducted into six       Vedra Beach, Fla., died Sept. 20, 2006 at
 degree in 1966, a doctorate in mathematics                              halls of fame.                                  age 97. At Hanover he was a member Beta
 from the University of California at Berke-                                                                             Theta Pi, the Triangle staff and editor of
                                                                         Veller become the first full-time football
 ley in 1968, and was a member of Phi Beta                                                                               the yearbook, Revonah. Veal became the
                                                                         coach at Florida State University and was
 Kappa. Seifert taught at Hanover College                                                                                youngest newspaper publisher in the
                                                                         the foundation of FSU’s successful football
 from 1970 to 2003, having previously                                                                                    country as publisher of The Reading Times,
                                                                         program. After four years, he became an
 taught at IU. At the time of his retirement,                                                                            (Penn.) and his publishing career spanned
                                                                         FSU professor and golf coach until his
 he was a professor and the mathematics and                                                                              over 20 years. He also owned and operated
                                                                         retirement in 1982. Veller had also coached
 computer science chairman.                                                                                              Beaches Tax Service for over 35 year before
                                                                         at Indiana University and in Elkhart.
 In 1993 Seifert was part of a study team of                             Preceding him in death was his wife, Fran,      retiring in 1999. Surviving are his wife, two
 Hanover faculty members who went to                                     on October 31, 2006. They had celebrated        daughters, three sons, 11 grandchildren,
 China, where he gave lectures at several                                their 70th wedding anniversary in August.       12 great-grandchildren, a nephew and a
 universities and teachers colleges. He                                                                                  great-niece.
                                                                         JOANNE WINNEY SCOTT ’64, of Annan-
 enjoyed travel, visiting Egypt, Jordan, Syria,
                                                                         dale, Va., died Sept. 18, 2006 at age 62. At    ROBERT G. GREINER ’37, of Stuart, Fla.,
 Israel, Greece, Hungary, Czechoslovakia,
                                                                         Hanover, she was a member of Alpha              died July 14, 2006 at age 90. At Hanover,
 and most of the countries in Western
                                                                         Omicron Pi. Scott went on to receive her        he was a member of the Sigma Chi
 Europe and Scandinavia.
                                                                         master’s degree in English from the Univer-     fraternity. During World War II, Greiner
 Seifert served as organist and choir accom-                             sity of Virginia. Scott was an advocate of      served in the U.S. Army. He was a retired
 panist at Hanover United Methodist                                      breast-feeding who helped advance the           realtor and had worked as a builder in
 Church, where he was a member and also                                  professional qualifications of lactation        Florida for several years. Surviving are his
 served as treasurer and board chairman. He                              consultants around the world. Unheard of a      wife, a daughter, a son, his sister, Mary
 was a member of Madison Rotary Club, of                                 generation ago, lactation consultants are       Louise Greiner, two stepsons, four
 which he was past president and treasurer,                              now on the staffs of hospitals, maternity       grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.
 and was recipient of the Paul Harris Fellow-                            and pediatric centers and private medical
 ship Award. Seifert also was on the board of                            practices in dozens of countries. Largely       ELIZABETH SAUER ’46, of Jeffersonville,
 directors of the Jefferson County Historical                            through Scott’s efforts, the field has become   Ind., died May 8, 2006 at age 102. At
 Society, was treasurer for the Girls Inc. and                           a licensed profession with rigorous require-    Hanover, she majored in sociology,
 United Way boards. Elected the Hanover                                  ments for certification.                        receiving her master’s in social work from
 town clerk-treasurer two and a half years                                                                               the University of Louisville in 1952. Sauer
                                                                         In 1975, she learned of La Leche League,
 ago, he resigned in Sept. because of health.                                                                            worked for United Cerebral Palsy of
                                                                         an international group of mothers who
                                                                         offer assistance with breast-feeding, and       Greater Louisville and served as a
14   January/February 2007
consultant with the Indiana State Crippled         EDWARD M. BARRY ’65, of Centennial,             JAY E. JOHNSON ’80, of Spencer, Ind., died
Children’s Service. Memberships include            Colo., died Dec. 8, 2004. At Hanover, he was    Sept. 25, 2006. At Hanover, he majored in
the National Association of Social Workers,        a member of Sigma Chi, a photographer for       history and economics and received his
Psi Iota Psi, and the Clark County Humane          The Revonah and co-chaired the bicycle race     secondary teaching certification. Johnson
Association.                                       in 1964. Barry was president of his own firm,   was also a member of Sigma Chi, active in
                                                   Holland and Barry, Ltd., a funeral home.        theatre and served on Homecoming and
RAYMOND BAYNES ’49, of Richmond,                                                                   Parents’ Day committees. After graduation
Ind., died Sept. 15, 2006 at age 88. During        MARILYN LEE MIKESELL ’67, of                    he served as a case worker for child protec-
World War II, he served in the U.S. Army.          Dimondale, Mich, died Nov. 15, 2006. She        tive services in Owen and Monroe counties.
Baynes earned a master’s degree from Miami         was a retired auditor for the State of          Surviving are his wife and three children.
University (Ohio) in 1952. He began his            Michigan. Surviving are her husband, a son, a
teaching career in 1938, spanning 50 years.        daughter, her parents, one sister, two nieces
Surviving are his wife, Jane Kennard Baynes        and two uncles. Also surviving is first
’49, two daughters, a son, Stephen Baynes          husband, Gerald Douglas Swank ’66.
’76, two sisters and four grandchildren.

CHARLES F. COLE ’50, of Sarasota, Fla.,
died Oct. 9, 2006 at age 80. At Hanover, he
played football, later serving in the Marine
Corps during World War II. Cole retired as
owner of Professional Office Services in
Indianapolis, Ind. Surviving are his wife,
two daughters, a sister and other relatives.

JACK COPPAGE ’50, of Madison, Ind.,
died, Oct. 13, 2005, at age 81. At Hanover,
he was a member of Phi Gamma Delta.
During World War II, Coppage served in
the U.S. Navy, after which he worked at
Barber Grocery until 1974, and then as
manager of the American Legion, Jefferson
Post 9, until he retired in 1997. Surviving

are his wife, two daughters, three sons, one                       t’s difficult to overemphasize
sister, nine grandchildren, eight great-                         the importance of legacy gifts.
grandchildren, and several nieces, nephews
                                                                 Hanover College created The
and other relatives.
                                                          1827 Society to honor and appreciate
JACK HOWARD SNYDER ’52, of Godfrey,                       individuals who will leave a legacy gift
Ill., died December, 2005. At Hanover, he                 for future generations.
was a member of Phi Gamma Delta. Snyder
served as professor emeritus, economics, for              Historically, these gifts have provided
Principia College (Ill.). Surviving is his wife.          scholarships, improved facilities and
                                                          enhanced the academic curriculum at
STEVE SMITH ’60, of Koleen, Ind., died
Nov. 1, 2006 at age 69. He served in the Air              Hanover. Each generation of students
Force Reserves from 1961 to 1966, with                    has benefited from the generosity of
active duty during the Cuban Missile Crisis.              those who have gone before them. We
In 1995, Smith retired as co-owner of Smith               invite you to help Hanover serve the          Russell & Patricia Nichols
Packing Co. in Indianapolis, a meat                       next generation by remembering the            Founding Members of
business started in 1935 by his father and                college in your estate plans.                 The 1827 Society
grandfather. Surviving are his wife, three
daughters, two stepdaughters, a stepson, a
brother, four grand-children, two nieces and
many other relatives.                                     BE A PART OF HANOVER’S LEGACY BY JOINING TODAY.
STEVE EARLEY ’62, of Seattle, Wash.,
died Feb. 19, 2005 at age 65. At Hanover,                   Call Darleen Connolly at (800) 213-2179, ext. 7016 for more
he was a member of Phi Gamma Delta,
where he entertained his classmates by
                                                           information or visit the web site at hanover.edu/plannedgiving/
playing the piano or organ. Earley was a
retired engineer.

                                                                                                                                 The Hanoverian   15
                                                                                                            VIRGIL L. IMEL and his wife, Sharon, have
                                                                                                            spent most of the fall attending sporting events
                                                                                                            in which their grandchildren are involved. Since
                                                                                                            his retirement in 1998, he has worked on
                                                                                                            developing Lost Fork Sporting Clays, a facility
                                                                                                            and a social club devoted to the shooting of
                                                                                                            sporting clays. Contact Virgil at 325 Meadow
                                                                                                            Lane, Hanover, IN 47243-9306 or

     1948                                               1957                                                1963
                                                                                                            CHARLES C. STEWART retired as interim
     MITCHELL RUTLEDGE DUNKER writes, “My               BARBARA R. WASHBURN writes, “My                     associate provost for international affairs and
     second novel, “When the World Was New              granddaughter, Jennifer Washburn, will graduate     professor of history, University of Illinois at
     Again,” came out last June. Novel number           from Hanover this spring.” Contact Barbara at       Urbana-Champaign, June 2006. Contact
     three, “The Misadventures of Owen McOlway,”        1010 Cumberland Avenue 333, West Lafayette,         Charles at 3304 South Race Street, Urbana, IL
     is on its way to publication.” Find her books in   IN 47906-1448.                                      61801.
     bookstores or online.

     1950                                               1958                                                ROBERT G. HEASTY has retired and moved to
                                                                                                            Montrose, Colo., to experience the mountains.
                                                        DR. JUDITH A. BABCOCK reports that this             Contact Robert at 932 Black Canyon Way,
     RICHARD C. STURM and his wife celebrated           academic year, she is Visiting Professor of         Montrose, CO 81401.
     their 50th wedding anniversary August, 2006.       Management at the Gabelle School of Business,
                                                        Roger Williams University (R.I.). She also          THOMAS L. WYLIE writes, “After twenty years
                                                                                                            as chief lobbyist for SUN Oil Company in
     1954                                               teaches piano (in her spare time) and has
                                                        students from age five to 55. She chairs the        Washington, DC, my wife Donna and I have
     In Oct., JOHN W. HAWLEY received the 2006          Pastor Nominating Committee for her church          retired to Leesburg, VA. Life is good!” Contact
     Distinguished Career Award of the Geological       and is a member of the Committee on Ministry        them at 43531 Firestone Place, Leesburg, VA
     Society of America – Quaternary Geology &          for the Presbytery, and a Commissioner to           20176-3921.
     Geomorphology Division. He also received the       Synod. For the May 2007 meeting of the
     2006 Geology Annual Achievement Award from
     the University of Illinois-Urbana, where he
                                                        Eastern Academy of Management, she will be
                                                        the “Proceedings” editor.
     completed his doctorate in 1962. Hawley will                                                           RODERICK L. RASMUSSEN reports, “I met up
     review current research on “development of                                                             with Margaret Walker Stewart and Julia Rux to
     digital-hydrogeologic models of basin-fill         1959                                                tour Spain this last summer.” Contact Roderick
     aquifer systems in the binational Paso del Norte   GINGER WRIGHT CRABTREE BARNETT                      at P. O. Box 916, Coloma, MI 49038-0916 or
     region of New Mexico, Trans-Pecos Texas, and       writes, “Hello out there from the past. I live in   rick@swmichiganstore.com.
     Chihuahua, Mexico. He is an emeritus senior        Sarasota, FL. and would love to hear from
     environmental geologist with the Bureau of
     Geology Division of New Mexico Tech. Hawley
                                                        someone in my era. TOM CRABTREE ’58 and I
                                                        were married for nearly 24 years. Sadly he passed
     also serves as an adjunct faculty member           away October, 2005 after a lengthy illness. We      MARCIA KNOX RITTER writes, “Our son,
     contributing to hydrogeology/GIS research          had two sons and now two grandchildren. I am a      Nathan, a senior in high school, waits to hear
     programs at NM Tech, the Water Resources           semi-retired massage therapist. Go figure! I have   where he will attend college next year. He plans
     Research Institute at New Mexico State             many fond memories of our college days at           to be an aerospace engineer. In the meantime, he
     University, and the Universidad Autonoma de        Hanover. The best to all of you.”                   was Lucentio in “Taming of the Shrew” and has
     Ciudad Juares, Cento de Informacion                                                                    auditioned for “The Music Man.” He also had a
     Geografica.                                                                                            solo in the District Choir concert and made
                                                        1961                                                State Choir. For Christmas, we three are going
     NANCY JOHNS reports that she moved to              JIM and ROBERTA DEMLOW COPELAND                     on a Persian Gulf cruise, visiting Oman, Bahrain
     Portland, Ore. She welcomes visitors and says it   write, “The Class of ’61 celebrated their 45th      and the United Arab Emirates.”
     is beautiful country out there. Contact Nancy at   reunion at Homecoming on a beautiful Hanover
     1300 NE 16th Ave. #1522, Portland, OR
     97232-4406 or NancycJohns@comcast.com.
                                                        weekend in September. We had a wonderful
                                                        group and surely missed those of you who could      1969
                                                        not be present. The campus is spectacular, as is    D. MICHAEL ROBINSON recently completed
     1956                                               the Clifty Inn, where we enjoyed our Saturday
                                                        evening gathering. Do put Homecoming 2011
                                                                                                            courses at Stetson Law School and has become a
                                                                                                            certified court mediator. Contact Mike at 1185
     CLARENCE A. LLOYD reported that he had a           on your calendar for our 50th reunion               Bayshore Drive, Englewood, FL 34223.
     great time at Homecoming in Sept. It was the       celebration!”
     50th reunion for his class. He sends thanks to
     the college and to all those who returned.                                                             1972
     Contact Clarence at 2603 Saint Andrews Road,
     Jeffersonville, IN 47130 or calloyd@aol.com.
                                                        1962                                                Bank of America promoted SUSAN B. LOHR to
                                                                                                            senior vice president and senior technology
                                                        C. MICHAEL TRAW will direct the musicals,
                                                                                                            manager. Contact Susan at 10210 Willowhurst
                                                        “She Loves Me” and “Thoroughly Modern
                                                                                                            Court, Charlotte, NC 28210-7242 or
                                                        Millie.” for the Saratoga Drama Group. Contact
                                                        Michael at 1373 Phelps Avenue, APT 6, San
                                                        Jose, CA 95117-3643 or ctraw@aol.com.

16    January/February 2007
                                                     and I have three children — John, a freshman at
                                                     Emory University; Anna Jean, a sophomore in
SHARON C. ST. LOUIS reports that she is              high school, and Stella, a seventh grader.
having a great time supervising the peer tutoring
program at Lincoln-Way High School, south of
Chicago. Contact Sharon at P. O. Box 68,
Elwood, IL 60421-0068 or sstlouis@aol.com.
                                                     LARRY BELCHER writes, “I currently spend my
                                                     time the same way that I have since 1990,
1975                                                 teaching college students at Stetson University in
                                                     DeLand, Fla. I have been the chairman of the

                                                                                                                 Thank You Class of 1953
MICHAEL H. CAVANAUGH writes, “I have                 finance department since 1998 and became a full
never left southern Indiana and am happy for         professor in 2004. In 2002, I began serving as
the fact. I sell and service securities for my       director of Stetson’s George Investments Institute.
neighbors. I think fondly of Hanover everyday!       I also frequently comment on economic issues
Nephew E. Lilly is scholar at Butler. Mother         and conditions for the Orlando Sentinel and
vibrant! She loved Hanover.” Contact Michael at      Daytona Beach News Journal as well as other
45 Lynwood Drive, Washington, IN 47501 or            national news outlets. In addition, I teach
mhcedj@charter.net.                                  undergraduates and graduate students here at
                                                     Stetson and MBA students at our center in
                                                     Celebration, Fla. and at our law school in St
                                                     Petersburg, Fla. If any other Betas want to revisit
                                                     spring break sites in Daytona Beach, I will be
                                                                                                           Class of 1953,
                                                     happy to give you the grand tour, at least what
                                                     the hurricanes have left.” Contact Larry at           I want to extend a very heartfelt
                                                     (386) 822-7378 or lbelcher@stetson.edu.               thank you for the scholarship I have
                                                                                                           received that you all have sponsored.
                                                     STEVE ECKER writes a bimonthly opinion                I am a junior chemistry major and I
                                                     column for the Eloy, Ariz. Enterprise. To read it,    am also in the Center for Business
                                                     log on to TriValleyCentral.com, click on the Eloy
                                                                                                           Preparation. I was a recipient of this
                                                     Enterprise link, and do an advanced search of his
                                                                                                           scholarship last year as well and
                    Walter B. Kropp                  name since September, 2006. He welcomes your
                                                                                                           many things have happened since
                                                     comments at ecker@juno.com.
                                                                                                           then. I have since become the Vice
WALTER B. KROPP was among a group of 236
                                                                                                           President of Standards and Risk for
selected to receive the Thirty-Third Degree, the
highest honor of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. The
                                                     1982                                                  the IFC, I have been elected
                                                     DR. DANA K. SAVIDGE, assistant professor,             president of my fraternity, Beta
ceremony took place August, 2005 in Grand
Rapids, Mich., during the annual meeting of the      Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, spoke at a        Theta Pi, and I am also a wide
Scottish Rite Supreme Council. The fraternity        conference in Matsuyama, Japan November,              receiver on the HC Football team.
awards the degree for outstanding service to         2006. The whole family attended. Beforehand,          Hanover has opened many new
Freemasonry or for significant contributions to      they tried to learn some Japanese.                    doors for me both as a student and
humanity. Kropp joined the Masons in 1976                                                                  as a person. I have become a better
                                                                                                           leader, a better friend, and a better
and currently serves as Thrice Potent Master of
Enoch Lodge of Perfection and voting member
                                                     1984                                                  scholar. I cannot begin to thank you
of the Board of Trustees. Kropp also serves as       LYN FORD MONTAGUE writes, “Greetings from             enough for allowing me this
chairman of the Valley Strategic Planning            Alaska! I got married Aug. 12 in Richmond, Ind.,      opportunity through this scholar-
Committee and is a member and treasurer of the       to Stuart Montague, a geophysicist with British       ship. Thank you again so much.
Board of Governors of the Valley 32º Masonic         Petroleum, and we live in Anchorage. I really
                                                                                                           Sincerely, Tyler Rump ’08
Learning Center for Dyslexic Children. Kropp is      enjoy married life. I work with a developer in
executive vice president and chief lending officer   Anchorage part time from the house. If anyone is
for Cooper State Bank of Columbus, Ohio. He          up in Alaska to visit - please give me a ring - we
                                                                                                           Thank You Class of 1954

resides in Bexley, Ohio with his wife Kathleen,      have a big house and lots of rooms for Hanover
son Will, a junior at Wittenberg University, and     friends!! My new address is: P. O. Box 243483,
Sarah, a freshman at Allegheny College.              Anchorage, AK 99524. (907) 561-9500.

1976                                                 1986
                                                     WILLIAM HOFFMAN writes, “Holly and I just
MIKE KENNEDY writes, “Hello from Highland,
                                                     became grandparents for the first time April 29,
Mich. where we live on a lake. We have two boys
                                                     2006. Brittney and Charli are doing well and the
in college. Matt is a junior at Adrian College,
                                                     grandparents are doing well, too. Sorry we missed
and Mickey is a sophomore at Michigan State.”
                                                     Homecoming and the 20th reunion this year due
                                                     to my deployment. We are still living in Navarre,     Dear Class of 1954,
1977                                                 Fla., and will retire from the Air Force May,
                                                     2008. If you get down to the Gulf Coast give us       Thank you once again for your
SAM PETROFF writes, “If anyone has a child                                                                 contribution to my education at
                                                     a ring. (850) 939-9387.”
interested or enrolled in Wittenberg University,                                                           Hanover College.
please let me know. I am still practicing law and
living in Springfield, Ohio. My wife, Antigone,                                                                                            Continued on page 25
                                                                                                                                                  The Hanoverian   17
                                                                                                                  new address! “Business Is Blooming” is its name
     1987                                                                                                         and I focus my work on weddings, parties, and
                                                                                                                  corporate accounts. I had worked at HJ Benken
     MICHELLE SPECK PHILLIPS has a few life
                                                                                                                  Florist for nine years when my sister suggested
     changes to announce. “After a 13 year career in
                                                                                                                  that I could do this on my own — so I did!
     marketing for Draper, Inc., in Spiceland, Ind., I
                                                                                                                  Anyone getting married in the Cincinnati area -
     said good-bye to the snow and cold and moved
                                                                                                                  give me a call at (513) 314-3122. I would LOVE
     to Sebring, Fla., October, 2006. I have my own
                                                                                                                  to help with the flowers! 8412 Beech Ave.,
     print-production company, chelleArt, and am
                                                                                                                  Cincinnati, Ohio 45236, (513) 225-1514.
     the program director for the Highlands Art
     League. To keep in touch, or to turn your
     concepts into print, contact me at
                                                           MATT PHILLIPS writes, “I just received my              1992
                                                           third patent. They are for flame-retarding             Morgan County has elected BRIAN A. COLLIER
     1988                                                  polyurethanes (foams), under product names             councilman three times. Over the past four years,
                                                                                                                  he helped the county recover from a $180,000
     DERON MONROE writes, “This has been an                Reofos NHP, Firemaster 550 series, and
     eventful year for me and my family. Michelle          Firemaster 600 series. I currently work at             debt to become $300,000 in the black. He serves
     and I celebrated 15 years of marriage in April.       Chemtura Corporation as research technician.           as secretary of Martinsville Fire Department,
     (Talk about making a guy feel old!) In October,       My wife, kids and I would like to hear from any        adviser for the Morgan Hospital and Medical
     I took a new job with Cingular that required          old classmates. Please feel free to e-mail or call.”   Center and treasurer for his local YMCA. His
     relocating to Memphis, Tenn. If you read this                                                                positive attitude has earned his tax business
                                                           ANN LAMBERT STENGER and her husband                    several readers’ choice awards from a local
     and think, ‘Wow, I haven’t talked to Deron in
                                                           Mark are happy to announce the birth of their          newspaper.
     ages, I should write him,’ please feel free to
                                                           first child, Jacob Alexander, born Sept. 9, 2006,
     indulge that impulse at deronmonroe@gmail.
                                                           weighing 9lbs., 5oz. The Stenger family resides        RAY CATON writes, “Isabelle Katherine Caton
     com. For those of you wondering, yes I kept my
                                                           in Batesville, Ind.                                    joined big brother Will, 4, and big sister Emily,
     promise. Michelle and I have no children, but
                                                                                                                  6, Sept. 8, 2006. Our new e-mail address is
     we do have quite a menagerie.
                                                                                                                  rcaton001@cinci.rr.com. I am now store
     Indiana Packers Corp. made DAVID W.                   1990                                                   manager at Dillard’s store in Eastgate Mall in
     MURRAY a vice-president where he has worked           STEVE ALEXANDER and CASEY BONSETT
     for 14 years. He and ANGIE KEYS MURRAY                ALEXANDER ’91 and their children, Chandler,            KYLE RICH has moved. You can reach Kyle,
     ’89 are still in Delphi, Ind., with sons Cody, 15,    Skyler and Avery, moved to the North Georgia           Beth & Alex at 3529 Hawthorne Dr W, Carmel
     Cole, 12, and Cade, 7. Contact David at 6088          Mountains in 2004 after “dropping out” of the          IN 46033. His e-mail remains the same,
     West State Road 18, Delphi, IN 46923 or               rat race and quitting their cushy jobs in              kyler500@aol.com.
     dmurray@netusal.net.                                  Indianapolis. Steve, a.k.a. Cat, Dr. A, landed a
                                                           gig with Rotoworld.com, a popular fantasy
                                                           sports website and is now the senior NBA and           1993
     1989                                                  PGA Golf editor for “Rotoworld,” recently              CHAD BROUGH and wife, Jamie, have moved to
     COLLEEN CONDRON BRELSFORD writes,                     purchased by NBC Sports. His crowning                  6505 Woodland Avenue, Charlestown, IN
     “Hard to believe college was so long ago....I used    achievement thus far was writing an entire issue       47111. The couple celebrated the birth of their
     to walk The Quad and wonder what my life              of “Fantasy Sports Monthly,” with LeBron James         second child, Lilly Grace, July 12, 2006. Lilly
     would be in 20 years....turns out not to be what      on the cover. If you play fantasy football (and        joins her brother, Conner, 10. Chad is the
     I expected, but it’s very, very good! In July,        who doesn’t?), Steve is a good source of “inside”      assistant vice president of organizational
     Northeast Indiana Public Radio, WBNI/WBOI             information, as he sits at his home computer           development at Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s
     made me program director. It’s the third              watching and writing about sports 24 hours a           HealthCare in Louisville, Ky. and serves on the
     different job I’ve held with the organization since   day, while Casey works “down the hill” at a            Board of Examiners for the national Malcolm
     I started there in 1998. For a liberal arts grad, I   bank. You can contact him at Docktora@                 Baldrige Award for Performance Excellence.
     sure spend a lot of time writing computer             hotmail.com and the Alexanders encourage you
     macros and troubleshooting technical issues!          to look them up if you’re in the Atlanta area.
     This summer, my husband, Steve, and I worked          137 Trevor Trail, Dahlonega, GA 30533.
                                                           (706) 864-0634.
     on restoring the front porch of our circa 1926                                                               NATHAN W. HABEGGER is vice president of
     home. I managed to talk him into taking                                                                      finance for CTI Group (Holdings) Inc. He
                                                           MIKE LITZELMAN announces the birth of his
     ballroom dance lessons, which we enjoy very                                                                  works with managers on meeting budgets and
                                                           third child, Sept. 6, 2006, a girl, Ella. All are
     much. It gives us a regular date night and I get to                                                          managing expenses more effectively. He also
                                                           happy and doing well.
     wear fabulous-looking shoes! I’d love to hear                                                                coaches multiple sports for the Carmel Dads’
     from any old Hanover friends, feel free to drop                                                              Club, and has been treasurer of his
     me an e-mail or note!” Contact her at
     cmcondron@mindspring.com, or 4239 Beaver
                                                           1991                                                   neighborhood association for three years.
                                                           KARI RUTENBER ALDERMAN and her
     Ave, Fort Wayne IN 46807.                                                                                    DAMON KLESA, Molly Klesa and family
                                                           husband, Sam, announce the birth of their son,
                                                                                                                  (Nate, Patrick, Charlie and Abby) have moved
                                                           Samuel, Sept. 13th, 2006. He joins his big sister,
                                                                                                                  to Pennsylvania. He now works for credit
                                                           Ella Cole, who is 19 months old. The family
                                                                                                                  Suisse. Their address is 133 Rossmore Drive.
                                                           lives in Macon, Ga., and everyone is doing great.
      CLASS NOTES MAY BE EDITED                            Contact them at 125 Alabama Ave, Macon, GA
      FOR LENGTH AND STYLE.                                                                                       Deloitte & Touche LLP has promoted DAVID
                                                           31204 or kalderman@mountdesales.net.                   LEE to Senior Manager. He works in the
                                                                                                                  Security Services Group focusing on SAP and
                                                           SANDY OSSENSCHMIDT writes, “I have
                                                                                                                  information technology, based in Detroit Mich.
                                                           started my own floral design business and have a
                                                                                                                  Contact him at Davidleeb@deloitte.com.
18    January/February 2007
ROBERT CHRISTOPHER NOBLE married                       AMANDA NEWTON married Ryan Dornbush
Lauren Bone Aug. 13, 2006 at the Mount                 May 20, 2006, in Jeffersonville, IN.
Gulian Historic Site. He is the technical director     Hanoverians in the wedding included MELISSA
of the theatre department at State University of       FENTON ’97, MARY UMSTED ’98, ANNE
New York at New Paltz and is a freelance               BRISCOE LOCKE ’95, CARRIE YELTON
furniture designer. The couple has made their          SWEENEY ’95, JULIE HOFFMAN and JULIE
home in New Paltz.                                     CAMPBELL BEATTY ’95. You can reach
                                                       Mandy and Ryan at 4220 Limestone Trace,
Papa John’s International, Inc. has promoted
                                                       Jeffersonville, IN 47130 or fggnwt14@aol.com.
JAMIE TOMES to account specialist, Online
Marketing at their corporate headquarters in           JENNY HOFFMAN and her husband, Jeff,
Louisville, Ky.                                        announce the birth of their third child, Julia
                                                       Carlene. She joins her brother, Jacob, 5, and
1995                                                   sister, Jessica, 2. Jeff is still with Cintas in
                                                       Indianapolis and Jenny enjoys her time at home
                                                                                                           ARVIN RAO married Suchitra March 30, 2006
MICHAEL HILLEARY writes, “Our third child                                                                  in Bangalore, India. The couple recently
                                                       with the kids.                                      returned from Australia, where Suchitra was
and first son was born Jan. 26th, 2006. Whitton
Michael was named after a great-great                                                                      born and raised, and where they held a wedding
                                                       BECKY MINNICK writes, “This fall I decided to
grandfather and joins big sisters Mary, 4 and                                                              reception Nov. 25, 2006. They had previously
                                                       run for public office! I won my election to the
Emma, 3. Kathryn and I moved from Louisville                                                               held a reception in Denver, Colo. May 27,
                                                       Portland School Committee by almost 20
to Nashville in July, 2005 for a job transfer. I am                                                        2006. Hanoverians in attendance at that
a branch manager for Countrywide Home                                                                      reception included BRANDON ANDRESS and
Loans, Wholesale Lending Division in                                                                       JENNY THOMAS ANDRESS ’98. The couple
Brentwood. With three kids under five we have          1997                                                resides at 4550 Cherry Creek South Drive, Apt.
little excitement to report save the bliss of non-     SHAREA WATSON BREHM writes, “My                     2101, Denver, CO 80246. Arvin started an
stop shenanigans.”                                     husband Rob and I are proud to announce our         Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery practice
                                                       third child to the family, Malia Mae, born April    after completing his residency in June at West
                                                       12, 2006. She joins her big sister Nadia, 3, and    Virginia University. Suchitra is a first year
                                                       big brother Aidan, who passed away Sept.,           pediatric infectious diseases fellow at the Denver
                                                       2002. I currently stay home with the girls and      Children’s Hospital. You can reach the couple at
                                                       would love to hear from anyone. I live at 12320     arvin1975@yahoo.com or (303) 955-1675.
                                                       Winding Creek Circle, Indianapolis, IN
                                                       MEGGAN FRYE EHRET writes, “Jason and I              STACIE FARRIS writes, “Hello! I am writing to
                                                       welcomed our third miracle into the world, Oct.     let you know that I am moving. I have accepted
                                                       24, 2006. Ava Katherine, weighing 6 lbs., 12 oz.    the position as the outdoor school director at a
                                                       and measures 20 in. She joins her brothers          camp in Melrose, Florida. My temporary address
 Mary Kelley Jankowski
                                                       Miles, almost 3, and Joseph, almost 2. We are       is 647 SR 26, Melrose, FL 32666. God Bless!”
                                                       crazy and loving every minute of it! The kids are
                                                       great and growing way too fast! Jason loves his     GREG ’99 and BRITTANY THOMPSON
                                                       practice and I am likely to return to my part-      LORENZI write, “We would like to announce
JANKOWSKI write, “Mary Kelley Jankowski
                                                       time job as in-house counsel for Thomson. We        the birth of Kelsey Tyler Lorenzi, born Nov. 14,
was born Saturday, Sept. 10th at 4:55 p.m. She
                                                       also moved to a new house. We are still in          2006. She joins big sister, Kaitlyn, 3. We are still
weighed 9 lbs. 2 oz. and measured 21.5 inches
                                                       Carmel but needed more room for our                 in Nashville, Tenn. and are all doing well.”
long. Both mother and Kelley are doing fine.”
                                                       expanding family!”
                                                                                                           CHUCK ’99 and KATIE OWEN NICHOLSON
                                                       AMY HACKWORTHY PAUL and BRUCE PAUL                  write, “We were blessed with the birth of our
“We’re a little behind schedule in announcing
                                                       ’99 announce the birth of their twins,              twin daughters, Lily Kathryn and Adelyn Jean,
the birth of our daughter, Jessamyn Catherine                                                              September, 2005. Our girls have brought us
— she’s already more than a year old! She was          Alexander Benjamin and Emily Elizabeth, May
                                                       19, 2006. They write, “Alex weighed 8lbs. 1oz.      tremendous joy. Chuck continues to enjoy his
born in Chicago on Oct. 21, 2005...healthy and                                                             work for Ultimate Software and I love being a
(usually) very, very happy!”                           and Emily weighed 7 lbs. They keep us very
                                                       busy, but we love every minute of it! Bruce         full-time mom. Our current address is 509 NE
ABBY BALLARD NEWLAND and her husband,                  continues to work as an attorney at Stites and      28th Street, Wilton Manors, FL 33334.”
Jason, announce the birth of their daughter,           Harbison in Jeffersonville, Ind., while I teach
                                                                                                           MICHELLE LYNN BERGQUIST PEARSON and
Mikala, born Jan. 3, 2006 weighing in at 5 lbs. 9      fifth grade at Georgetown Elementary in New
                                                                                                           her husband, Eric, announce the birth of their
oz. Big sister, Evanne is thrilled with her new        Albany-Floyd County School Corporation.”
                                                                                                           first son, Andrew Ryan, Jan. 24, 2006. The
little sis. The family resides in Lawrenceburg, Ind.                                                       family resides in Granger, Ind.
                                                       ANDY McCANNA writes, “Barbara and I
                                                       married April 22, 2006. We are expecting our
1996                                                   first child, Jack, in late Jan. 2007. I enjoy my
                                                                                                           CHRIS RICHARDSON writes, “I married Kelly
                                                                                                           Clarkston, sister of BRENT CLARKSTON, Sept.
KATIA ENGLE HATTER ’96 and husband, John,              work as an emergency doctor at Lutheran
                                                                                                           30, 2006. Hanoverians in the wedding were
announce the March 2 arrival of Paige Kristine.        Hospital in Ft. Wayne. Hello to all I’ve not seen
                                                       since graduation!”                                  PAULA CUADROS CLARKSTON, STACY
She joins big brother Will, 4. The family is very
                                                                                                           LINDBLOM RICHARDSON ’96, MICHAEL
much enjoying the new “princess.” She’s got
                                                                                                           RICHARDSON, CHRISTOPHER POWELL ’97,
everyone wrapped around her tiny finger,
especially her Dad and big brother.

                                                                                                                                               The Hanoverian     19
 1998 continued                                          WATSON ’00, JASON MANGES ’99 and
                                                         SUNNI KENDRICK MANGES ’00. Michael
 CARY HUTCHINGS, BRENT CLARKSTON,                        works as a quality manager for EADS North
 BRIAN ARTHUR ’99, JACK HALLORAN,                        America and Amanda is an executive assistant at
 KEVIN O’DONOHUE, and KYLE OTTING ’00. I                 TerreStar Networks, a satellite communications
 am the regional vice president for Machine Tool         company. The couple honeymooned in St. Lucia
 Capital, a national equipment leasing company           for seven days and resides in Falls Church, Va.
 based in Indianapolis, Ind., and Kelly works at
                                                         SIMON LEE will marry SHEENA ESSERT ’04
 Urology of Indiana. We also just built and
                                                         May 5, 2007. Both Lee and Essert work for
 moved into our new home in Franklin, Ind. Our
                                                         Auto Base in Indianapolis, Ind.
 address is 2428 Somerset Circle, Franklin, IN
 46131. Contact me at crich1030@yahoo.com or             JACQUELINE NONWEILER married
 crichardson@machinetoolcapital.com.”                    Christopher Parr July 29, 2006. After
                                                         graduation, Nonweiler received a doctorate in        JAMIE MASLANKA married Christopher
 The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra’s
                                                         medicine from Ross University. She is a second       Thompson Sept. 29, 2006. Chris is vice
 FORTE leadership committee has appointed
                                                         year resident at Saint Vincent Hospital. The         president of Indiana Filter Supply and Jamie
 MARY UMSTED of Baker & Daniels LLP its
                                                         couple resides in Indianapolis, Ind.                 is a marketing account manager for CMG
 chair. FORTE is a vehicle to develop future
 board leadership, increase contributed revenue                                                               Worldwide, Inc. They currently reside in Fishers,
                                                         KELY SAUERLAND and NATHAN MERTZ ’00
 and build awareness for the Symphony. As                                                                     Ind. with their one and a half year old Boston
                                                         announce the birth of their daughter. She writes,
 FORTE chair, Umsted sits on the Symphony’s                                                                   Terrier named Portia. Contact her at
                                                         “Georgia was born Feb. 23, 2006 and welcomed
 board of directors and development committee.                                                                jamieannthompson@hotmail.com.
                                                         home by Elliott, 3. We are all doing wonderfully
 At Baker & Daniels, she is the client service           — very happy and keeping busy. We live in            ELIZABETH NGUYEN and Jason Kirchoff were
 manager assisting the advocacy practice groups.         Columbus, Ohio.”                                     engaged Sept. 12, 2006. Elizabeth graduated
                                                                                                              from the Chicago College of Osteopathic
     1999                                                2000                                                 Medicine in 2004 and is in her last year of
                                                                                                              residency training in family medicine at
     DAVID BROWN married Lisa Wauligman on               ELISE ERICKSON BARRETT and her husband,              Northwestern University. Jason graduated from
     Dec. 17, 2005. Held in Cincinnati, Ohio,            Chris, announce the birth of their daughter,         Indiana University in 2004 with a bachelor of
     several Hanoverians attended, including             Emma Ruth, May 15, 2006. They encourage              science in accounting and finance. He works as a
     MATTHEW VUKIN and PATRICK CRAWFORD                  friends to visit when in South Carolina. Contact     manager of financial planning and analysis for
     ’97, groomsmen, ALISON ALDRIDGE,                    them at ebarrett@centralmethodist.net.               Global Hyatt in Chicago. The couple resides in
     Eucharistic minister, ANTHONY CULELLA ’01,                                                               Chicago and will be married Aug. 18, 2007 in
     JENNIFER GROTE, LAURA LEHMAN ’02,                   write, “We would like to announce the birth of
                                                         our daughter, Natalie Jane July 19, 2005. Natalie
     ’01. David and Lisa currently live in Auburn,
     Ala. He works as a graduate teaching assistant
                                                         just passed the 14-month mark and never fails to
                                                         surprise and entertain us daily. Jay is a Software   2001
                                                         Development Manager at Double-Take Software
     while pursuing a doctorate in counselor
                                                         and I am an investment consultant at Capital
     education and supervision at Auburn University.
                                                         Cities, L.L.C., both in Indy.”
     Lisa works as a registered pharmacist at
     Walgreen’s in Phenix City, Ala.                     SHANA HAMER BOLDEN writes, “Hunter
                                                         Mychelle joined our family Sept. 28, 2006. Big
     MARIE WONG GRIFFIN was the 2006 recipient
                                                         sister Kyndra is doing an awesome job!”
     of the Loretto Peter Mudd Excellence in
     Teaching Award at Sacred Heart Academy in           PETER DUNN has just completed his first book.
     Louisville, KY. This is her fifth year at Sacred    Titled “What Your Dad Never Taught You
     Heart as a Spanish teacher. Contact her at          About Budgeting,” it details effective ways to
     marie@griffin.ws.                                   manage your household finances. Peter is still
                                                         President of Advanced Planning Solutions Inc.
                                                         based in Fishers, IN. You can purchase a copy of     NICK and BRANDI RADEMACHER WOLF ’03
     announce the birth of their boy-girl twins, Avery
                                                         the book or contact Peter at                         announce the birth of their twin girls! Ava
     Rainer and Brooks Walker, May 26, 2006. The
                                                         www.petetheplanner.com                               Michelle and Carli Nicole were born Aug. 12,
     babies were born 15 weeks prematurely, and
     after a lengthy NICU stay, Kevin and Ashley are                                                          2006 weighing 5 lbs. 4 oz. and 6 lbs. 9 oz. He
                                                         NIKI GILLIAM GOLDSMITH and husband,
     excited to announce that Avery and Brooks are                                                            writes, “We are so thankful for a wonderful
                                                         Gary, proudly announce the birth of their first
     now home and healthy!                                                                                    pregnancy and healthy delivery. The girls are
                                                         child, Ella Charlotte Goldsmith, born March 6,
                                                                                                              doing great and we are quickly adjusting to
     AMANDA HARROLD married Michael Burris                                                                    parenthood. I continue to work at Manatron in
     Sept. 23, 2006 in Carmel, Ind. ERIN ANSETH                                                               Indianapolis, Ind. and Brandi loves staying
     MCDANIEL served as matron of honor and                                                                   home with the girls. Our family resides at 257
     KRISTI WILKINSON served as a bridesmaid.                                                                 Lazy Hollow Drive, Brownsburg, IN 46112.”
     Other Hanoverians in attendance include MATT

20    January/February 2007
                                                   JENNY GATES married ERNEST RIGG June 04,
                                                   2005. Hanoverians in attendance were JULIE
                                                   MERKEL, SHARON SPILMON, JEREMY SEAL,
                                                   HEATHER HOLLAND ’06, ELLIE MOSS ’06 and               Thank
                                                   KATIE SNIPES. Their address is 1825 E 8th St.,
                                                   Apt. 6, Anderson, IN, 46012.

                                                   SADIYE and TRAVIS RIEDER moved to
                                                   Columbia, S.C. last fall to begin graduate school.
                                                   Sadiye is in the doctoral program in biomedical
                                                   sciences at the USC Medical School, and Travis is     Continued from page 21
                                                   in the doctoral program in philosophy at USC.
                                                   Their new address is 124 Granby Crossing, Cayce,      Last term (Fall ’06) I have chosen
                                                   SC 29033. Contact them at riedert@mailbox             an internship with the Montgomery
BETH LYBARGER WALDEN and her husband,              .sc.edu or asadiye@yahoo.com.                         County Office of the Public
Asher, recently bought their first house! Their                                                          Defender down in Rockville,
                                                   KATHRYN M. SNIPES reports, “I hope to
new address is 757 N. Country Club Drive                                                                 Maryland, about an hour subway
                                                   graduate this spring from McCormick Seminary
Cullowhee, NC 28723. They have both taught                                                               ride out of D.C. I reside in Alexan-
                                                   with a masters of divinity.” Contact her at 10155
in the philosophy and religion department at                                                             dria, VA with three other women
                                                   Briar Creek Lane, Carmel, IN 46033-4108 or
Western Carolina University for the past year                                                            from the Washington Center. I am
and a half. Beth also works as the International                                                         in the Law and Criminal Justice
Student Advisor at WCU. Their awesome son          LAUREN WILLIAMS and NATHAN                            Program, which I highly recom-
Gabriel likes to spend his time dancing and        LITTLEFIELD ’05 are engaged! Nathan proposed          mend to anyone interested in the
hiking in the mountains.                           May 19, 2006 and the wedding will be June 9,          study and practice of law, as well as
                                                   2007 with many of their friends and family            law enforcement. I am taking a class
2002                                               present. The wedding party includes SARAH
                                                   ALLEN DOWNING, COLLEEN HATCHER,
                                                                                                         as well, Forensic Psychology, which
                                                                                                         ties in very well with both my
TRACY ZACK, daughter of KENNETH ZACK               SHEENA ESSERT, KAHLIL ALKATTAN,                       interests and my major.
’73, married PJ SCHLUGE ’03 Nov. 10, 2006          BRANDT DOWNING and SHANON MOCK.
in Louisville, Ky. Some of the fellow              They can’t wait for their big day! Lauren and
                                                                                                         Sincerely, Sarah Vogt ’07
Hanoverians in the wedding included                Nathan currently live in Carmel, Ind.
KEMP, along with groomsmen JEFF ZACK               2005

                                                                                                         Thank You Class of 1968
SYLVESTER ’03, RANDY HUDGINS ’04 and               would like to announce their engagement, May
EDDIE KELLER ’03. TIM SCHLUGE ’00                  18, 2006, and hope to have their wedding in
served as best man, STEPHEN DUFFIELD ’01           spring, 2008. Jerry currently attends veterinary
was a reader during the ceremony and JOHN          School in Auburn, Ala. and Stephanie is a
HOLLOWELL ’01 was a server for the couple.         substance abuse counselor. Contact Jerry at
After a honeymoon in St. John the couple now       suddejs@auburn.edu and Stephanie at
resides in Indianapolis, Ind.                      hinojosams@netscape.com.

                                                   ANNE HODSON has spent the last year living
2004                                               with her parents and working as a barista at a
                                                   small local coffee shop. After realizing that her
                                                   dream of bumming around in small town Indiana
28, 2006. Some of the Hanoverians who                                                                    Hello! My name is Brittney Kunce
                                                   was a less than stellar idea, she decided to do the
attended or were in the wedding party include                                                            and I’m the recipient of the Class of
                                                   school thing again. So, Anne began classes at the     ’68 scholarship. I’m from Anderson,
                                                   University of Cincinnati to obtain her master of      IN, and went to Frankton Jr/Sr
                                                   fine arts in sculpture. Her current address is 601    High School, in Frankton, IN. I am
                                                   Lowell Ave., Apt. 9, Cincinnati, OH 45220.            currently a junior Biology major and
couple resides at 3427 West 206th Street                                                                 chemistry minor. I plan on either
                                                   MONICA L. WARGEL married Craig Hutton
                                                                                                         attending graduate school to study
Sheridan, IN 46069.                                Oct. 7, 2006. Hutton works for Fifth Third Bank       biomedical research or going to
                                                   in Evansville, Ind. as a relationship manager         pharmacy school. I am also involved
                                                   working in investments. Wargel works for              in my extracurricular activities
                                                   Kentucky Data Link as a project/pricing manager       including Phi Mu sorority, Panhel-
                                                   in Evansville, Ind.                                   lenic Council, and I also work as
                                                                                                         senior manager for Hanover’s
                                                   2006                                                  football team. I’ve also attended the
                                                                                                         medical mission trip to Jamaica with
                                                   TRINADY KAY SCHOTTMILLER married Joshua               the Timmy Foundation. I’m
                                                   Abbott Sept. 16, 2006. Schottmiller works for         planning on studying art history in
                                                   DC Broadcasting as an account executive. Abbott       Paris this Spring Term. Thank you
                                                   works for Nicholas Financial of Louisville, Ky., as   graciously for your contribution. I’ll
                Jenny Gates and Ernest Rigg        a financial analyst.                                  try to make you proud!

                                                                                                                                   The Hanoverian   21
         Innovations in Reducing
         Nonpoint Source Pollution
         Methods, Policies, Programs, and Measurement                                                           AT HANOVER COLLEGE

     In November, the Rivers Institute at Hanover College hosted a major conference in
     Indianapolis, Ind., “Innovations in Reducing Nonpoint Source Pollution,” with
     support from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, The Nature
     Conservancy and USCID. More than 220 people attended, including presenters
     from 12 states, Washington D.C., China, and New Zealand.

                                                                                                                       Greg Bright ’75 speaks to
                                                                                                                          conference attendees.

                                                                                                                       Keynote speaker Wes Jackson
                                                                                                                               of The Land Institute.

                                         A group of Hanover faculty, staff and students attended the
                                         conference dinner address given by Dr. Wes Jackson, President of
                                         the Land Institute in Kansas. Pictured from left to right front row:
                                         Bob Rosenthal, professor of philosophy; Ashley Rief; Mi Yung Yoon,
                                         professor of international studies; Patty Rodda, Ryan Keller; Chris
                                         Shay. Back row: Ruth Turner, professor of political science; Jesika
                                         Kuzuoka; Ben Gunning; Jim Yates; Daryl Karns, professor of biology.

     Keynote speaker Otto Doering
              of Purdue University.

      Brian Lutey of the Indiana Ready Mixed
 Concrete Association describes some of his
      innovative products, including pervious
         concrete pavement, to Shelley Arvin,
     learning resource librarian of the Rivers
   Institute. IRMCA was one of 20 firms who
             exhibited during the conference.
22    January/February 2007
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What parents want
What do parents want in a college for        Classes in Italy for one son and semes-
their children? An education guided by       ter studies in Australia broadened two
highly qualified educators, where their      of our sons’ perspectives. Not all the
student is in comfortable learning           experiences were positive. Almost
environment, that values teaching more       losing a passport to a pickpocket was
than research, a value for the cost, that    eye-opening. Having your Australian
provides opportunities to prepare them       buy you a toy gun because “all Ameri-
for life as well as a vocation, where they   cans tote guns” was rather startling. But
can continue maturing, and a safe and        they came home with new perspectives,                      Joe and Nancy Kimmel
beautiful campus. We, like all parents,      having learned from other cultures
seek the best for our children.              through shared experiences with their       missing home or being homesick as
Over the last nine years, we have been       classmates and teachers.                    much as they talked about college and
fortunate to have three sons attend                                                      missing their friends and the campus.
                                             How does it happen that Hanover food
Hanover College. This spring our third       service staff know what our sons eat        After these college years, it seems
son will graduate. We have shared with       and even when/if they usually make it       understated to say that we are
many our feelings about how each of          to dinner? Our sons have all been           impressed with our children’s college
our boys has grown and how Hanover           involved in some kind of campus             learning experience and how it has
and the college experience itself has        employment. One worked closely with         prepared them for their current jobs
contributed to that growth. We have so       security and developed a database.          and relationships. We have only a
many good memories.                          Another developed great relationships       smidgeon of awareness of how much
Hanover’s quality education and educa-       with staff from the theology depart-        they have learned. However, we have
tional experience continues to impress       ment. There were many staff members         much understanding of and a great
us. Students have to study hard and          who showed genuine interest in our          appreciation for how much we have
cannot afford to miss classes. Professors    boys. Our boys learned to value and         learned from them and this college.
truly teach, both in and out of the          care in return.                             Hanover professors and teachers,
classroom, and demonstrate that they                                                     administration, food service staff,
                                             We still remember our students coming
are interested in students’ well-being.                                                  security staff, maintenance workers,
                                             home at the end of each school year
Our sons have had professors with                                                        housekeeping & grounds, and all the
                                             and the adjustment to life away from
whom they met several times a week to                                                    students that we and our sons have
                                             campus. We knew they had learned to
review materials and ask questions.                                                      known, we thank you! May the
                                             be more independent but didn’t dream
They shared visions, trust, and planned                                                  learning continue.
                                             that they would have forgotten how to
for the future. Professors have become       tell their parents where they were going    By Joe and Nancy Kimmel
their instructors, mentors and counsel-      and when they would be home. And            2006 - 07 Co-Presidents of
ors. There is little more that we can        they didn’t really talk to us about         the Hanover Parents’ Association
wish for in an educational experience.

                                                                                                                       U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                     Hanover College

      Post Office Box 108
       Hanover, IN 47243

Address Service Requested


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