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									      marketplace                        prOduced by krissa rOssbund                  phOtOgraphy by peter krumhardt

   “Turk” Venetian-style
   mouth-blown glass lamp,
   $585, from Tracy Glover
   “Christa” satin heels,
   $295, by Kate Spade
   through Zappos Couture

                                  Once tOO preciOus tO be
                                  mainstream, purple is
                                                                                                                       PHOTOGRAPH: LAMP COURTESY OF TRACY GLOVER

                                  now rising to power
                                  If colors were people, then purple would be highly
                                  mannered, influenced, perhaps, by its royal and
                                  aristocratic history. Purple demonstrates its
                                  willingness to pull rank in the hierarchy of hues.
                                  Although it may not jolt the senses like fiery orange
                                  or enjoy the populism of green, purple easily exudes
                                  the aura of authority. Its personality may be reserved,
                                  but don’t mistake that for shyness; this color has no
                                  trouble asserting itself when the occasion arises. ➤

32 may 2010 traditionalhome.com

Murano glass chandelier, circa
1930, $13,000, from Chameleon
Lighting through Thomas Lavin

                                                This season, purple is driving fashion,   Above: Lavender in Mercury
                                            furniture, and everything else in the         glass vases, $255 for two; NDI (ndi.com).
                                            aesthetic arena. From delicate and            “Valmont” key tassel, $100; Houlès
                                            romantic variations like periwinkle and       (310/652-6171). Left: “Evelyn” slipper chair,
                                                                                          $2,940; CF Style Designs (cfstyledesigns.com).
                                            lilac to darker, more passionate tones
                                            such as rich grape and mysterious
                                                                                                                                           PHOTOGRAPH: InTERIOR COURTESY OF ERIkA BRUnSOn

                                            amethyst, purple is definitely the color      way to achieve the ultrafeminine look
                                                     of the moment.                       that her client was hoping for.
                                                           When Los Angeles interior          “Purples and lavenders are colors
                                                          designer Erika Brunson was      that are not used a lot, so they always
                                                          commissioned to complete a      look new and fresh,” says Brunson.
                                                          private suite at a Hollywood        For this large living space, she used a
                                                          hotel, above, she picked a      scheme of lilac and orchid with accents
                                                         pleasing purple palette as the   of hot pink to create a glamorous room ➤

                                   Alice Walker’s
                                  heroine begins
                                                                      novel The Color Purple is so titled because its
                                                    to heal when she appreciates the beauty of a field of purple flowers.

34 may 2010 traditionalhome.com
                                                           great grapes
   There’s something to be said for simplicity. When Larry and Tabitha Kurofsky opened
   their first café and wine bar in Woodinville, Washington, they could have spent hours
               inventing a clever name. But they settled on Purple (thepurplecafe.com) in
  recognition of an extensive wine list and an ambience that is hip, grown-up, and tony.

  Designer Erika Brunson
  used a purple palette when
  creating a private suite at
  a Hollywood hotel.
  Below: “Carousel” rug by
  Judy Ross Textiles
  (judyross.com). “Cascade”
  wool and silk rug from
  Emma Gardner

                                                                                                                      PHOTOGRAPH: InTERIOR COURTESY OF ERIkA BRUnSOn
                                                                                              “Atlanta” silk
                                                                                              charmeuse nightgown
                                                                                              in merlot, $288, by
                                                                                              Kumi Kookoon
                                                                                              Below: Woven lavender
                                                                                              and ribbon sachets,
                                                                                              $25–$55, from

                                                   saturated in strong but sophisticated
                                                   color. Luxurious fabrics in silk and
                                                   velvet establish a formal attitude, with
                                                   such shimmering accessories as a pair
                                                   of rock crystal lamps and shiny
                                                   occasional tables amping up the opulent
                                                   vibe. Wall-to-wall carpet with purple
                                                   blossoms ties the seating area to the
                                                   dining space at the opposite end of the
                                                   room, where a round table with a base
                                                   in a smoky lavender finish mixes with a
                                                   quartet of sweet chairs covered in
                                                   vibrant purple velvet. ➤

36 may 2010 traditionalhome.com

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