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									                                                      Nicholas A Orlando
                                      1425 West Schaumburg Rd #343, Schaumburg IL 60194
                      Home Phone: (847) 594-8753 Cell Phone: (847) 529-9688 E-mail: nick.orlando@naocf.com

                         Windows, Exchange, Network, System Administrator and Engineer

Nicholas A Orlando’s Profile
I am a Microsoft Windows, Exchange, Network, System Administrator and Engineer, computer repair expert, graphics and web designer
with leadership attributes. With over seventeen (17) years of experience in the Information Technology industry, as well as a knowledge
base derived from formal and informal education, I have developed in the field of networking from ground up to massive infrastructures. In
addition I have upgraded substantial networks that were already in place, advised/consulted on what network and system components to
purchase and built work stations and servers to run network infrastructures. I have worked with teams to assure that the job was done
correctly and in a timely manner, provided complete support and acted on an advisory council for staff and software based applications.

Technology skills:
I have substantial knowledge of standard and enterprise servers running Microsoft Windows 2000 and 2003 domains, including Active
Directory, DHCP, DNS, and Wins from a single flat level to multi-level environments. I have been involved with messaging platforms such
as GroupWise, Lotus Notes, and Microsoft Exchange. I consider this area to be one of my greatest achievements. My experience with
Microsoft Exchange has grown from version 4.0 to the most current Exchange 2007. I have built Exchange standard and clustered
environments from 25 to 15,000 users, built multi-site and single site configurations, upgrades, and migrations. In addition, I have built and
maintained many types of disaster recovery processes using Symantec-Veritas backup products and HP Data Protector using LTO3, DLT,
and LTO2 while using many types of hardware backup options including robotic devices. During my career I have installed numerous
Compaq, HP, and Dell servers into organizations. Finally, I have worked with. Installed, and maintained HP (EMC and EVA) and Dell
SAN systems.
Nov 2007 - Present Kaplan University                 Fort Lauderdale Fl
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - Network Administration
   Taking two classed per 10 weeks until I graduate.

Professional Experience
Jan. 2008 –Current          CNA Insurance                               Chicago, IL
Exchange Engineer/Administrator (Contract)
   Supporting, administrating and managing Worldwide Microsoft Exchange 2003 environment
    - Including:
        - 10,000 Active Directory, including Exchange 2003 User Account Management
        - Native Exchange 2003 mailbox management
        - Blackberry server and Blackberry user setup and management
        - Statics and reporting system information
        - Trend Intrascan E-Mail Scanning for Spam and E-Mail Anti-Virus
   Supporting, administrating, and managing Worldwide Microsoft Native Exchange 2003 environment.
   Helping increase Tier 1 and Tier 2 Support Knowledge of E-Mail, Blackberry, Anti-Virus and Spam Filtering.
Sep. 2007 –Dec. 2007        Jones, Lang, and LaSalle                             Chicago, IL
Exchange Engineer/Administrator (Contract)
   Supporting, administrating and managing Microsoft Exchange 2003 environment for Australia, Asia-Pacific, and New Zealand
    - Including:
        - 10,000 Active Directory, including Exchange 2003 User Account Management
        - Exchange mailbox management
        - Exchanger Cluster Server Management
        - Microsoft Antigen (aka Forefront) for Exchange and SMTP bridgeheads
        - Blackberry server and Blackberry user setup and management
        - Support users mail forwarding and location changes on domain
        - All issues that may occur with Exchange, SMTP, or E-Mail systems for these countries
        - Statics and reporting system information
        - Ironport Mail Transport systems
        - Hardware Management and Update management on all Exchange servers
        - This is a 23,000 user domain infrastructure.
   Assisted in planning a Windows Exchange 2007 upgrade in 2008
  Updated: February 2008 (Word 2007)                                                    03085284-4b8c-45a3-8fee-61d6e4d58e29.doc
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                                                   Nicholas A Orlando
                                      1425 West Schaumburg Rd #343, Schaumburg IL 60194
                      Home Phone: (847) 594-8753 Cell Phone: (847) 529-9688 E-mail: nick.orlando@naocf.com

Oct. 2006 – Jul. 2007      Textura LLC                                        Lake Bluff, IL
Network and Exchange Engineer/Administrator
   Designed and Implemented a complete Windows 2003 Server Domain Environment
    - Including:
        - Microsoft DNS and DHCP
        - Active Directory User Accounts and Exchange 2007
        - Shared folder system and security for user and user groups
        - Login Scripts for users and user groups
        - Windows Exchange 2007
        - Trend Micro Antivirus services for all computers and servers
        - Migrated 55 users, with custom configurations to domain profiles and logons
   Managed/supported
    - Client Access Licensing for all software products requiring licensing
    - Dell laptops and HP desktops configurations and repairs
    - Ordering of software, desktops, servers, laptops, and production system hardware
    - Internal questions and help desk features for all employees
    - Verizon wireless cell connections for company laptops and worked with Verizon on our Q phone distribution.
    - VPN issues for connectivity.
   Created a complete disaster recovery process
    - Symantec Backup Exec 11d rollout to backup network servers, email server, and Linux servers
    - Symantec Continues Backup Protection on network servers and email server
    - Symantec Ghost 2.0 for laptop and desktop rollout of standard setups
   Implemented a multi-site location (Lake Bluff IL to Phoenix AZ) over MPLS
    - Setup and installed Textura’s first training facility in Phoenix AZ
    - Created custom VMware Workstations and servers for testing of web applications

Aug. 2006 – Oct 2006        BancTec Service                                   Elmhurst IL
Dell Field Service Technician (Temporary)
   Traveled to customer homes to service and repair Dell Computer Systems.
   Average Call volume was 30 calls a week
   Certified in all Dell Laptops, and Desktops (See Certifications)
May 2006                   Underwriters Laboratories                          Northbrook, IL
ILO and Symantec NetBackup Project (Contract)
     Created a Disaster Recovery Process with Symantec NetBackup for Multi-domain configuration backup
     Designed a plan for ILO Setup and configuration
     Configured VMware ESx Servers on cluster servers
     Configured of EVA4000 cluster servers on current servers
Nov. 2005 – Feb. 2006         Innovene Inc                                    Lisle, IL
Exchange Engineer II / Architect (Contract)
   Created a Disaster Recovery Process with Hewlett Packard’s (HP) Data Protector and Fast Recovery Solutions on HP EMLe Robotic
    LTO Tape system.
   Installed, setup, and maintained:
    - McAfee ePO Antivirus server version 3.6 with systematic deployment for the Exchange Environment.
    - McAfee SMC 3300 SGM servers for Antivirus, Content Control, and Spam Protection.
    - HP Rib ILO Network setup for remote shut down and remote startup.
    - HP Proliant DL 360 Servers running Windows 2003 standard server and Enterprise server edition.
    - Cisco Fiber Switch, for network backup for HP EMLe Robotics LTO Tape Library system.
   Managed:
    - Four active and two passive clustered aware exchange servers.
    - Services involving HP System Insight Management Tools, FRS backup systems, HP Data Protector Systems, ePO Antivirus
         Servers, and including exchange tools to manage servers.
    - Network 24/7 with HP monitoring SPOP critical business services being on call with a 6 hour call to repair service.
   Helped with beginning and planning stages of migrations from one domain many locations to one new centralized domain.
   A 15,000 user Exchange Network environment for worldwide operations.

  Updated: February 2008 (Word 2007)                                               03085284-4b8c-45a3-8fee-61d6e4d58e29.doc
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                                                  Nicholas A Orlando
                                      1425 West Schaumburg Rd #343, Schaumburg IL 60194
                      Home Phone: (847) 594-8753 Cell Phone: (847) 529-9688 E-mail: nick.orlando@naocf.com

Feb. 2005 – Nov. 2005          Dainippon Screen Graphics                     Rolling Meadows, IL
Senior Network Administrator / Engineer (Contract)
   Designed/Implemented/upgraded a complete Windows 2003 Server Domain Environment
    - Complete Windows NT4 Domain conversion to Windows 2003 Active Directory Domain.
    - Complete and keep Machines updated with latest security and operating system updates.
    - Repaired a number of security problems involving DNS, DHCP, Drive Mappings and Sharing.
    - Blackberry server for Black Berry Devices and connections to Exchange 2003 and Act 2005 Premium for Workgroups.
    - Twelve Sales Laptops, Best Software Act 2005 (7.0) Premium for Workgroups that uses advanced networking protocols.
    - Logon in process after Checkpoint VPN (R56) connection to network for synchronization of Act Databases.
    - Image process for devices using Symantec Ghost Corporate Server 8.1.
    - Configured Cisco Catalysts 2950 Switches and assorted hubs
   Created a disaster recovery setup using Symantec-Veritas Backup 9.1.
Feb. 2005 – Nov. 2005 (cont) Dainippon Screen Graphics                       Rolling Meadows, IL
   Upgraded and maintained network wiring infrastructure, Routers, and Hubs.
   Managed/supported
    - Setup user accounts for Windows 2003 Active Directory including mappings, security rights, policies, and exchange rights and
       mailbox functions.
    - Microsoft Exchange 2003 server, Symantec BrightMail antispam.
    - All major networking protocols for communications via remote (VPN) and internal network.
    - Controlled desktops and servers using VMware and Windows Remote Desktop.
Nov. 2004 - Dec. 2004        Motorola Inc                                    Deer Park, IL
System Administrator (Contract)
   Designed/Implemented
    - Security on IBM T41 Laptops
    - A new device, called an OQO, running Windows XP Professional for mass distribution
    - Implemented Security policies for device using Windows Local Policy services.
    - Image process for these devices using Symantec Ghost 2003, Ghost 9 and PowerQuest DeployCenter 5.5.
   Configured Laptops and OQO Devices to speak to each other using Secure Encrypted Bluetooth Technology.
   Documented all steps and procedures for Company.

Jun. 1999 – Aug. 2004        Cleveland Public Library                        Cleveland, OH
Network and Server Administrator
   Designed/Implemented/upgraded/installed
    - Windows NT4, Windows 2000, and Windows 2003, Domain controlled servers.
    - Assisted in Designing of Windows Policy Systems on Active Directory Systems. (2k and 2k3 domains).
    - Assisted in Design and conversion to Active Directory Systems from Windows NT 4.0 Domains.
    - Citrix Metaframe (1.8) Servers on NT 4 Servers.
    - Tested Virtue Servers with VMware products.
    - Upgraded Windows 2000 Terminal Servers with Citrix Metaframe (1.8).
    - Setup, and created security connection for Mobile Library Book Unit.
    - Tested, wired and Secured, Compaq and Cisco wireless access points.
    - Mobile Compaq IPAQ units for management.
    - Imaged Desktop and Laptop Computers with Norton Ghost.
   Managed/maintained/supported
        Software and hardware support to end users.
    - 600 users in Main CPL System, Includes branches and Main Library Office; Supported 32 other Library Systems Connected to our
    - User database on Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and 2003 Active directory servers, Citrix Terminal servers, VMS servers, and
        Alpha Main Frames running UNIX platform.
    - Citrix Metaframe (1.8) Servers on NT 4 Servers.
   Used and Configured Cisco Catalysts 2950 & 3950 Switches, Cisco 2500 Series Routers, and assorted hubs
   Used Altiris Software to remote deploy software packages to install on client computers
   Implemented a disaster recovery system for main operating servers and other specialized servers.
   Implemented Large Scale Norton Anti-Virus Server and Workstation Protection.

                                                References available upon request
  Updated: February 2008 (Word 2007)                                               03085284-4b8c-45a3-8fee-61d6e4d58e29.doc
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                                                         Nicholas A Orlando
                                       1425 West Schaumburg Rd #343, Schaumburg IL 60194
                       Home Phone: (847) 594-8753 Cell Phone: (847) 529-9688 E-mail: nick.orlando@naocf.com

Certifications / Hardware, Software, Imaging, and Networking Product Experience
 Computer Technology Industry Association A+ Certified Service Technician (1999)
 IBM Warranty Basics (1996)
 Hewlett Packard certifications on servicing various HP Personal Computers and printers(1999)
Dell Hardware Certifications
      431 Printers - Dell P1500 and S2500\S2500N - Certification              564 DSP Portables - Inspiron 1200 / Inspiron 2200 / Latitude 110L
      495 Printers - Dell 1700 / 1700n - Certification                         Product Certification
      496 Printers - Dell 1600n- Certification                                568 DSP - Desktops V.2 Chassis Certification
      523 Dell ESD - Certification                                            571 DSP - Small Form Factor V. 2 Chassis Certification
      524 Printers - Dell 5100cn – Certification                              602 Portables - Inspiron 630m XPS M140
      525 Printers - Dell 3100cn - Certification                              603 Portables - Inspiron 1300, B120 B130, Latitude 120L
      542 DSP - Mini-Tower V.2 Chassis Certification                          619 Portables - Latitude D820 / Precision M65 Product Certification
      543 Foundation 2005 Desktops                                            620 Portables - Latitude D620 - Product Certification
      544 Portables - Latitude D810 / Precision M70 Product Certification     627 Printers - Dell 5210n/5310n- Certification
      545 Portables - Latitude D410 Product Certification                     629 Portables - XPS M1210 Product Certification
      546 Portables - Latitude X1 Product Certification                       630 Printers - Dell 1815n - Certification
      547 Foundation 2005 Latitude                                            639 DSP - Full-Sized Tower V.2 Chassis Certification
      548 Foundation 2005 Inspiron                                            642 Portables - XPS 2010 Product Certification
                                                                               643 Printers - Dell 3110cn Printer – Certification

*Note* All this hardware and software built from 1988, versions are listed on some products or current versions I am at.
Hardware: HP and Compaq Proliant, Dell Poweredge, and IBM Servers; HP, Compaq, Dell, Gateway, and IBM Thinkpad Laptops, HP EVA8000
storage arrays, plus other computer brands
Server Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 2003 Standard Server (R1, R2) (SP1,SP2) (x64 and x86), Microsoft Windows 2003 Enterprise
Server (R1,R2)(SP1,SP2), Microsoft Windows 2000 Server (Sp4), Citrix/Metaframe Servers (1.8), Microsoft Windows NT Server (4.0), Microsoft
Windows NT (3.11/3.51), Redhat Linux (9), Novell IntraNetWare (4.11/4.2), Novell IntraNetWare (5), Novell NetWare (3.2), Novell Small
Business Server, Microsoft Small Business Server, IBM O/S (2.1), VMware ESx Server (2.5)
Backup/Disaster Recovery Hardware: Quantum, HP, Adaptec, and Dell Raid 0 and Raid 5 Control Systems, HP EMLe Robotics Backup system,
Dell PV22T LTO Changer system, RIB ILO Cards
PDA / Pocket PC Hardware: Palm Pilot, Palm Pilot III, HP Jornada 820, HP Jornada 420, Palm Pilot IV, Palm Pilot Zire 71, Palm Pilot Tungsten
E, Blackberry Communication devices, Compaq IPAQ with wireless connections, Dell Pocket PC’s, OQO, Blackberry Enterprise Server (4.0),
Verizon Q Server
IP Telephony Solutions: Avaya IP Office, Cisco Call Manager Administration, Cisco Unity Manager Systems
Network Hardware: Sonic Firewall, Cisco Catalyst 3750 and 2950 Switches, Cisco Fiber Optic Switches, Cisco 1700, 2600, and 2800 routers, Dell
Power connect Switches, D-Link Switches/Hubs, Linksys Switches/Hubs, Cisco Aironet 1240 AG Access Points; Compaq, D-Link, Linksys, and
Netgear Wireless Access points, Other assorted Cisco Firewall’s, Switches and Hubs
Management Operation Products: HP Insight Management Software, Command View EVA, HP Command View TL (EMLe), VMware,
Symantec PCAnywhere, Microsoft Remote Desktop
Backup/Disaster Recovery Software: HP Data Protector 5.5, HP Fast Recover Systems (build 54), Symantec Backup Exec (9.1), Symantec Backup
Exec (10d), Veritas NetBackup (5), Windows NT Backup
Security Protocols: Active Directory Group and Local Security Policies (Windows 2k and 2k3 domains), Windows NT 4 Domain Group and Local
Polices, WEP/WPA 128Bit Encryption, Specified Secure User configurations for logons, VPN Secure Logons (Cisco/Checkpoint)
Networking Protocols: Fiber Optic connections/zoning, TCP/IP (Setup and Configuration), DHCP (setup and Configuration), DNS (Setup and
Configuration), AppleTalk, CiscoWorks, TFTP/FTP, RSA ACE Server, Active Directory Services (2000/2003), NT4 Domains, Wireless
connectivity /w Security Encryption (WEP/WPA), Bluetooth Connectivity
Work Station Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows Vista (Business, Ultimate), Microsoft Windows XP Professional (Sp2), Microsoft Windows
2000 Professional, Microsoft Windows NT Work Station (3.50, 3.51,4.0), Microsoft Windows (3.1/95/98/ME/XP), Citrix Metaframe ICA Client,
MS Dos (6.22), IBM Dos (7)
Internet/Email/Contact Mngmt: Microsoft Exchange 2007, Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 (Sp2), Microsoft Exchange Server (5.5/2000),
Microsoft Internet Explorer (6), Netscape Navigator/Communicator (7), Lotus Notes (4.5,6.5), CC Mail (8), Microsoft Outlook (2000/2003/2007),
Act (4.0/5.0/6.0/7.0). Internet Information Server (IIS) (4.0/5.0/6.0),
Office Suites: Corel WordPerfect Suite (12), Microsoft Office Premium (XP/2000/2003/2007), Lotus SmartSuite (Millennium)
Deployment Software: Altiris, Microsoft Windows SMS, Microsoft Windows SUS
Imaging Software: Symantec Ghost Server Corporate (8.1/2.0), Symantec Ghost 2003, Symantec Ghost (9)
Antivirus Server/Software: McAfee Antivirus EPO Server (3.5/3.6). Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition Server (8.1), Symantec Antivirus
(2005), Symantec Antivirus (8.1), McAfee Antivirus (8.0i), TrendMicro Antivirus (8.0), TrendMicro Control Center (3.5)
Firewall Software: Windows XP Service Pack II, Zone Alarm Pro (5.5), McAfee Firewall, Cisco Firewall configurations

  Updated: February 2008 (Word 2007)                                                         03085284-4b8c-45a3-8fee-61d6e4d58e29.doc
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