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					Orig Dec.2004 revised April 2008 by R. Brophy

                                 Northside Running Club
                           Committee’s Roles and Responsibilities
Background: An informal group of runners formed in 1993 to train for Six Foot Track. Run leaders included Gary
Swain, Susan Griffith and Steve Bruggeman, among others. After Gary passed away in January 2000, Susan and
others sought assistance to improve the club‟s administration via merger with Athletics East, becoming Athletics
East Northside later that year. Geographic distance between the two club chapters impaired cohesion, so a
committee was formed to formalise an independent club with its first meeting on 16th April, 2002. Competitions
were held to create a logo and a name, the winners being      and Northside Running Group (NRG). In December
2004, with the committee and its leadership having experienced considerable adjustment and still facing significant
turnover, Susan requested each office to provide a position description. The result of that exercise (and
subsequent revisions) is below.

The aim of the NRG Committee includes but is not limited to:

   Manage the club on behalf of its members.
   Manage the club within the guidelines for associations as set out by the Dept of Fair Trading.
   Encourage attraction of new members and the retention of existing ones.
   Provide an opportunity for members to have their say about what they want from the club.
   Discuss members‟ requests and make decisions on implementing new ideas/suggestions.
   Continually look at adding value for our members.
   Ensure that the finances of the club are managed honestly and responsibly.
   Provide an encouraging, friendly environment for all members, and one which is safer than running alone.
   Do not hold prejudices to any person wishing to become a member, whilst at the same time ensuring that the
    best interest of all members are adhered to.
   Offer member running sessions that are well structured, promoted, and varied to suit all members‟ abilities.
   Ensure that new members are welcomed into the club and are introduced to others.

Duties and responsibilities of office bearers

The table below shows the committee positions, position description and a rough history of the holders of those

Position          Position Description                                                      Holders
President            To provide leadership to the committee.                               Susan Griffith
                     Ensure that the committee members fulfil their duties and/or          2002-2005
                      provide support to them in doing so.
                     Canvass ideas from members and committee members.                     Randy Brophy
                     Provide guidance on new topics.                                       2005-2008
                     Promote the club.
                     Be responsible for handling media/PR enquiries.
                     Signature on cheque account.
                     Authorise expenditure as agreed to by the committee.
                     Delegate duties.
                     Recruit new members and committee members.
                     Listen to all members‟ queries/ideas.
                     Maintain relations with other clubs, e.g. Coolrunning, Striders,
                      Frontrunners, Hash, etc.
                     Run committee meetings.
                     Prepare Award and Voting process (November)
                     Report at AGM.
Vice President       Maintain appropriate records and keep current with                    Randy Brophy
(up to two)           organisational requirements                                           2002-2005
                     File new forms as needed with appropriate authorities and
                      organisations. Have signing authority.                                Marcus Giles
                     Be a focal contact for club presence and events including the         2002-2004
                      packaging, perception, promotion in various media.
                     Assume or delegate the duties of president if necessary               Jim Carter
                      (absence temporary or longer-term).                                   2005-2007
                     Help potential new members to become better acquainted with
                      club features and events.                                             Leanne Ambrogio
                     Function as a listening ear for feedback and ideas to bring to        2005-2006
                      the committee from the membership, and to consolidate ideas
                      from other committee members.                                         Anne McGuire
                     Provide leadership on the newsletter (including editorial duties if   2007-2008
                      required), adding structure & content where needed.
Orig Dec.2004 revised April 2008 by R. Brophy

Treasurer            Manage the finances for the club                                 Neil Cocks
                     Regularly report back to the Committee on the state of those     2002-2005
                     Pay club‟s bills                                                 Clyde Russell
                     Banking monies                                                   2005-2007
                     Preparing an annual budget
                     Working out an appropriate annual subscription for membership    Daniel Mellish
                     Prepare annual financial reports                                 2007-
                     Provide guidance to budgets of events as appropriate
                     Report at AGM

Registrar        To look after the Club‟s membership database, and keep the            Heather Kent
                 database up-to-date as new members join/existing members              2002-2004
                 renew their membership.
                 Empty the club‟s P.O. box weekly, managing the incoming               Sue Jeffrey
                 mail for the club.
                 Manage all in-person, electronic and post registrations.              Anne Barnettt
                 Ensure that the correct money is paid, and then given to the          2006-2007
                 New members formally welcomed to the Club, via email, and             John Mitchell
                 given all necessary information about our Club‟s details              2007-
                 (website password, etc.).
                 Respond to queries via phone or email, about club
                 Promote and recruit new members to the Club.

Secretary          Advise Committee members of upcoming Committee                     Anne McGuire
                    Meeting                                                            2002-2004
                   Collate topics from Committee and Club members to
                    discuss at Committee Meeting                                       Carol Thompson
                   Provide Agenda for Committee Meeting
                   Take Minutes during Committee Meeting                              Stewart Vincent
                   Type and distribute Minutes from Committee Meeting                 2005-2006
                   Undertake whatever task allocated at Meetings
                   Regular check NRG Website to make sure that it is up to            Anne McGuire
                    date and correct                                                   2006-2007
                   Advise Committee Members and Club members of
                    Annual General Meeting or Special Meetings that may be             Tom Cho
                    called during the year                                             2007-2008
                   Distribute all necessary paperwork prior to AGM and
                    Special Meetings
                   Ensure correct protocol is observed in relation to
                    Meetings and other Club formal events
                   Act as liaison point for enquiries from new members and
                    prospective members
                     Prepare agenda, take minutes and report at AGM
Coaching             Program special coached sessions                                 Leanne Ambrogio
Coordinator          Program general run sessions (i.e. rostering)                    2002-2006
                     Co-ordinate coaches for set coaching sessions (i.e.
                      rostering)                                                       Steve Bruggeman
                     Seek, schedule and co-ordinate “run leaders” for non-
                      coaching, general run sessions                                   Louise Heywood
                     Schedule Saturday “away” runs                                    2007-2008
                     Co-ordinate training programs for specific events
                     Put together calendar of races to send to
                      communications coordinator or post to the Website
                     Provide information to NRG members who wish to
                      become involved in coaching
                     Promote and recruit members for NRG

Sponsorship &        Maintain club merchandise                                        Steve Bruggeman
Merchandise          Actively promote and sell club merchandise at running sessions   2002-2003
Coordinator          Provide merchadise report at each committee meeting
                     Present to the committee the order submission, if approved       Martin Gillespie
(Were separate        order merchandise                                                Kathryn Evans
Orig Dec.2004 revised April 2008 by R. Brophy

roles now                Approve merchandise invoices from suppliers                       2003-2004
combined)                Provide the money from merchandise sales to the treasurer
                         Encourage new runners to become members of the club               Sandra Little
                         Make contact and reconfirm arrangements with all existing         Pamela Carter
                          Sponsors                                                          2004-2005
                         Maintain records on spreadsheet.
                         Ensure these sponsors have broad appeal and add value to our      Pamela Carter
                          members                                                           2005-2008
                         Assess if any sponsors may be suitable for contributing to our
                          education nights or offering product at an event we may hold.
                         Ensure sponsorship details are kept up to date on Web and go
                          out with newsletters.
                         Monitor and enforce NRG‟s policy of services offered to the
                          club, (ie physio‟s, massage, etc, ) and ensure these dealt with
                          in a way that is of benefit to both parties.
                         Assisting other committee members where help maybe
                          required, e.g. Education nights, social events.
Social                   To organise and coordinate social events throughout the           Heather Kent
coordinator               year.                                                             2002-2005
                         These include social events after certain „traditional‟
                                                                                            Rebecca Stevens
                          running events, as well as weekends away, day &                   2005-2006
                          evening restaurant socials, theme nights, & our not-to-be-
                          missed annual Christmas Party.                                    Louise Heywood
                         This includes working with various members that „own‟ a           2006-2007
                          particular social event to ensure that it is a successful fun
                          event, and give assistance where necessary.                       Simon Rogers
                         Developing Social Calendar which is placed on our                 2007-
                         Be a focal contact and listening ear for our members, as
                          to new ideas for social events.
                         Promote & recruit new members to the Club.

Webmaster                Maintain web site                                                 2002-2005
(official position       Advise on hosting arrangements.                                   Tony Arrowsmith
left unfilled 2006-
                         Advise / define new requirements as identified
2007 with some                                                                              2005-2006
tasks moved to           Coordinate new developments as required                           Dave Masters
Communications           Update site with communications provide by committee
Coordinator)              members as required                                               2006-2008
                          1. Race reports and special interest items – specific             Randy Brophy
                             events are published as received                               Jon Bird
                          2. Specific documents – eg time trials, six foot track            (de facto)
                             training regimes etc are published as received.
                          3. Specific club administrations documents – club
                             registration, AGM notification etc available form club

Education                                                                                   Kathryn Evans
coordinator           Principle role of the Education Officer is to ensure the              2004-2005
                      members are being offered relevant information directly
                      related to running, or health and fitness in general.                 Jim Carter
                      The main task is to seek feedback from the members to
                      ensure member‟s interests are being served and the topics             Keith Hong
                      are relevant to the majority of the group. This typically             2007-
                      - Organise yearly member surveys to gauge feedback on a
                      number of issues
                      - Organise specific feedback forms for education nights

                      The next task is to organise periodic education events.
                      Typically quarterly.
                      A typical event requires:
                      - room hire
                      - speaker choice, payment, and topic choice (With committee
Orig Dec.2004 revised April 2008 by R. Brophy

                   - promotional copy for the weekly email
                   - promotion for the education event at NRG events
                   - locking in members to help with cost and catering
                   - organise catering if required
                   - organise gift for speaker if required
                   - extend invitation to other clubs if desired

Communications        Solicit, collect and edit stories and photos from club members.   Randy Brophy
Coordinator           Control the advert content if any.                                2002-2005
(formerly             Write supplementary stories as needed.
Newsletter            Post alerts about races, social events, etc.                      Jon Bird
Editor)               Organise the content onto the NRG News posting format.            2005-2008
                      Post to NRG Website for club member viewing.
                      Post weekly plus special posts as needed
Ordinary              Respond to queries and issues raised by members                   Kerry Wren, Clive
Members               Be alert to issues arising from the club                          Jeffery, Dan
(up to five)          Attend and contribute at committee meetings                       Caratti
                      Promote NRG                                                       2002-2003

                                                                                         Sandra Little

                                                                                         Susan Jeffrey
                                                                                         Steve Bruggeman

All members of the committee should be clear about their roles on the committee and their ability to fulfil that role.
Whilst committee members are not paid, they hold a responsible position and must notify the President if they are
unable to fulfil their commitment or require assistance in completing the task.

The committee should be united in its promotion of the club, its rules and regulations and the aims and objectives,
and its actions shall be bound by the club‟s Constitution and Bylaws.

Committee members are required to pay the annual registration fee, and the normal member payment for any
NRG social and education events. Meals and beverages during regular meetings are also the responsibility of the
committee members.