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Web Application Development with PHP and MySQL Course contents


									                    Web Application Development with
                                     PHP and MySQL

Commence on 18th of April 2010                 Saturday                      8.30am-12:30pm

          Duration = 40 hours                                Course Fee = 15 000/=
   Trainer: Roshan Gunathilake SCJP, SCWCD

   Web site and database assimilation is a necessity for many of today’s businesses,
   and learning to work with PHP is the key to integration success. The objective of
   this course is to teach building dynamic, data-driven, interactive web sites. The
   web design basics will also be taught for the convenience of the developer. The
   course will guide you to design, develop and host attractive web sites.

                                    Course contents
                 PHP                                                            MySQL

     Introduction to PHP and MySQL                              MySQL basics
     Installation , configuration and                           Create Read Update and Delete
      testing a PHP application                                   databases (CRUD)
     PHP language fundamentals                                  Database Connectivity
                                                                 MySQL batch scripts
     Variables and data types
     Control structures                                       Web Design Basics and GUI Tools
     Operators
     Object oriented programming                                    PHP myadmin
     Functions                                                      HTML
     Arrays                                                         Rapid Web development with
     Building dynamic web pages                                      Macromedia Dreamweaver
                                                                     Web design basics
            Web Hosting                                              MVC architecture
     Domain name registration
                                                                             FINAL PROJECT
     File uploading with Filezilla
     Web hosting and CPanel handling

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