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									                                                  The POPULAR ASTRONOMY CLUB                  club pride is the POPULAR ASTRONOMY
                                              was a founding member society of the            CLUB MOBILE OBSERVATORY. Housed
                                              ASTRONOMICAL LEAGUE. What does                  in a fourteen-foot enclosed trailer with an
                                              this mean to you? It means that when you        attached six foot rotating dome is a
                                              join the POPULAR ASTRONOMY CLUB                 computer controlled Meade LX-200
                                              you not only get the fellowship and             telescope of 12-inch aperture. It is
                                              experience of those in your local area but      equipped for astrophotography as well as
                                              of those throughout the nation. The             direct visual observing. It can be moved to
                                              expertise of many fellow hobbyists is there     dark sky sites or wherever members need
                                              to be shared, to enrich your experience.        to either observe or promote astronomy.
                                                                                              As a member you can have access to this
                                                 The POPULAR ASTRONOMY CLUB,                  roving observatory. Also available for
                                              INC. (PAC) meets on the second Monday
        John Deere                            of each month with the exception of the
                                                                                              members only is our permanent Paul
                                                                                              Castle Memorial Observatory
        Planetarium                           month of August when our meeting is on
                                              the night of the Perseid Meteor Shower,            Members can get discounted
     Augustana College                        and the month of October when we                subscriptions to Sky and Telescope and
    Rock Island, IL 61201                     schedule our Annual Banquet. Past               Astronomy magazines and on virtually any
                                              meetings have included lectures on various      astronomical publication. Members
   Founded in 1936 under the leadership       astronomical subjects by guests, the            receive our own club newsletter as well as
of Dr. Carl Gamble, the POPULAR               showing of astronomy and space science          the newsletter of the LEAGUE.
ASTRONOMY CLUB has had as its main            videos and DVDs, planetarium                       The POPULAR ASTRONOMY CLUB
purpose to act as interpreter of              presentations, observing sessions and           together with the LEAGUE sponsors
astronomical events to the public. We are     eclipse slide reports. Meetings are             observing programs designed to increase
pleased that over the years thousands of      scheduled at 7:30 PM. Members are also          your observational skills. You are
people have become aware of the wonders       encouraged to observe together.                 encouraged to participate in all of these
that exist in the heavens above.                                                              activities.
                                                 Special meetings are scheduled at
     Astronomy is contagious. As the          various times. These may be special guest          PAC is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT
general public became more interested in      speakers, field trips, or the annual picnic.    corporation.
it, it became a well patronized hobby.           Astronomical knowledge or telescope              If you have further questions or desire a
Hobbyists are a gregarious lot and it is      ownership is not needed at all, just simply a   Membership Application, feel free to write
natural for many to associate together.       desire to know, to discover new things          to the POPULAR ASTRONOMY CLUB at
Amateur astronomers have organized            astronomical. To assist you in this             the address on the front of this brochure,
societies and clubs from coast to coast. It   endeavor, PAC members have access to an         call 563-332-4032 or e-mail
was inevitable that a federation of clubs     astronomical library, a video tape and
be formed and thus was born the               DVD collection, and telescopes that can be
ASTRONOMICAL LEAGUE.                                                                          We also invite you to visit our web site
                                              checked out to enrich their own                 at
                                              astronomical experiences. Of particular
                                                                                                   PAC wishes you Clear Skies!!

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