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                            MINUTES OF THE TRUSTEES MEETING
                            HELD ON 5 MAY 2011, AT CAPE TOWN


M.V. Brumer          (MVB)         Chairman
E. Smit              (ES)          Trustee
R. Keytel            (RK)          Trustee
R. Williams          (RW)          Trustee
G. Essop             (GE)          Trustee
A. Greenaway         (AG)          Trustee               Managing Agent

C. Newell            (CN)          Trustee
Ludwig Vercuiel      (LV)          RGC Manager

M. du Preez          (MdP)         Trustee

1.     Welcome                                                                ACTION    ACTION
MVB welcomed all to the meeting and thanked them for taking the time to
attend. MVB also thanked CN in his absence for chairing the meeting on 25
March 2011.

2.    Minutes of the Meeting held on 25 March 2011 Accepted

Matters arising:
2.2     Construction on the Village Fence have started but no further         MVB/AG    Nxt mtng
        progress to report since the last meeting. MVB estimate a cost of
        R40 000 to complete the fence. MVB will supply the Trustees with a
       list of material needed to complete the fence. AG to write in the
       Newsletter regarding the progress of the fence.
2.3    Contract between SHOA and Caravan Park to be attended to. RK &         CN / RK   Nxt mtng
       CN to draft written agreement. A proper plan & design must be          MVB       Nxt mtng
       drawn up to upgrade the slipway. Funds to be used from the boat
       licence fee. Estimated cost of R20 000k for the upgrade of the
2.5    Ongoing outstanding payments due to the SHOA were to have been         MVB       13/05/11
       settled in full by MVB by the end of February 2011. Payment to the
       amount of R22 984.15 was received from MVB on 17/03/2011. The
       outstanding amounts of R10 100 for the DVA & R18 981.67 for the
       Caravan park remain on MVB‟s account. MVB to make payment by
      13 May 2011 after discussion with AB.
2.6    Quotes for the repair of the perimeter fence have been obtained. One   AG        Immy
      from HK for R25 000 & one from an outside contractor for R21 500.
      The SM&L company submitted a quote of R17 000 for the repair work.
      All Trustees are in agreement to go with the lowest quote. AG to
      inform the contractor to commence repair work.
      The SHOA insurance does not currently cover the fence. AG received
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         a quote from M&F, the current insurer, of R12 000 per annum to
         insure the fence to the value of R4 million. All Trustees are in
        agreement to go ahead with the cover. Legal action to be taken
        against the person that caused the damage and that he should
        be held liable for the damage. Attorneys have been instructed to
        take legal action and take the individual to judgement for the full
        amount of the cost of repairs to the fence.
2.7     AG received several complaints during March & April 2011 regarding         AG       Ongoing
       the dams in the Village. This is an ongoing issue and will be monitored
       on a weekly basis during the site inspections with the contractor.
2.8     3 home owners have written to the SHOA enquiring about the                 MVB      20/05/11
       landscaping of open spaces on the golf course. It needs to be
       established who is responsible for the open areas firstly. AG to follow
       up with MVB to identify clearly the public open spaces that was
       transferred to the SHOA. MVB is awaiting feedback from Nicolas Clark,
       Landscaping Architect with finalised drawings identifying the areas of
4.4    Attempts has been made by ES and RB to contact the contractor for           ES/RB    Nxt mtng
       the security gate and ES also emailed him the outstanding snaglist.
       ES is on site today, 21/01/11 to see to snaglist. Will try and resolve
       as best possible as no retention was held back and contractor was paid
      in full.
4.5    MVB stated that the clearance of the silt from the Sandriver is an          MVB      Nxt mtng
       important issue. Sally Durandt has written a letter of motivation to the
       Provincial Road Engineer that it is imperative that the culvert is
       enlarged. The letter has been sent to Louis Bruwer, but no further
       feedback is available. The insurance claim for damage to the course
      and estate is still an open case and Danie Cloete informed LV that MVB
      needs to send copies of the letters regarding the culvert to the
      insurance company

3.2 GE to contact other estates and find out how they manage damage to             GE/LV    Nxt mtng
     properties caused by golfing activities. LV will also contact Karl v/d
    Merwe at Boschenmeer.
    LV was absent and could not update the Board of Trustees on points             LV       Nxt mtng
    3.3; 3.4 & 3.6. These items will stand over to the next meeting.

3.2 The cost of the shop and the house that is occupied by HK needs to             MVB      Nxt mtng
     be reviewed. Currently no rent is being paid for either. HK does pay
     a monthly water & electricity bill that is paid into the SHOA account.

4.3 Landscaping & DVA Contract finalised. RW was seconded by the Board             AG       Immy
    of Trustees to sign on behalf of the SHOA. A resolution to the effect
    was passed. Copies of contracts to be filed in the SHOA and a copy to
    be sent to MVB‟s office.
    The Security Contract will stand over for at least another 2 months. ES        ES/MVB   Nxt mtng
    will obtain 3 quotes from outside security firms to determine a suitable
    fee for the Security contract. MVB to email spreadsheets of cost
    breakdowns to ES.

3.      Finances
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3.1 RW to investigate a long term solution for the management of the              RW         Nxt mtng
     DVA within its income budget and present a feasibility study to the
3.2 Trustees require a monthly report from the RGC on the management              AG/LV      Monthly
      of the Reserve Maintenance Fund. AG to request from LV.
3.3 Delinquent levies: The conditions of sale of properties sold at auction       AG         Immy
      states that the purchaser is liable for arrear levies. AG to send letters
      to the transferring attorneys to put purchasers to terms who have not
      fulfilled that obligation to date.
3.4 Any potential buyer into the development is entitled to access of the         AG         Ongoing
     management accounts of the SHOA. Buyers can view these with AG by
3.5 AG to start with the outline for the Financial Year Budget 2011-2012 and      AG/CN/RW   Nxt mtng
    circulate copies to CN & RW. The penalty levy must be reviewed.

4.     Portfolio Reports
4.1    Governance                                                                 GE
       4.1.1 GE request a copy of the Agreement between the Developer             MVB        Nxt mtng
              and the RGC for the record, to be kept in the SHOA office.
       4.1.2 GE will follow up on the cost of establishing a website for the      GE         Nxt mtng

4.2    OEMP                                                                       CN
       Nothing to report

4.3    Contracts                                                                  ES
       Please see item 4.3 in Matters Arising

4.4    Security                                                      ES
       See Report Attached
       RB reports that a member of the RGC refuses to sign in at the
       security gate.

4.5    Communication / marketing / liaison                                        MVB
       Newsletter will be sent out monthly with the levy statements.              AG         Ongoing
       4.5.1 AG to inform all HO‟s that golf carts may only be operated by        AG         Nxt Mtng
             persons of the age of 18 or older, holding a valid driver‟s
             licence. RB to ensure that Security officers report back on any

4.6   Building Guidelines & Construction                                          RK
      4.6.1 Contractor‟s boards at completed homes to come down. AG to            AG/RB      Immy
             follow up with RB that he informs the contractors.
      4.6.2 Trustees request the plans for erf 7172 to determine whether or       AG/RB      Immy
             not the plans were approved by Richard Straw, Development
      4.6.3 Owner of erf 7178 to remove the trees planted on the                  AG         Immy
             pavement. AG to inform the owner.

4.7    Estate Maintenance Manager‟s Report                                        HK
       See Report Attached

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4.8     Managing Agent Report                                                    AG
        See Report Attached
        AG to include in the monthly report information on number of plans       AG     Ongoing
        approved, number of houses under construction and the number of
        houses completed

4.9     DVA Manager‟s Report
        No Issues

4.10     Golf Course Report
         No report from the RGC
         4.10.1 AG to report on the RGC constitution and if there are any        AG     Nxt Mtng
                conflicts with the SHOA constitution.
         4 10.2 MVB to draft a letter to the RGC regarding the management        MVB    Immy
                issues as experienced on the course.
         4 10.3 A meeting of the RGC/SHOA committee must be called as a          MVB    Immy
                matter of urgency.
5.      General
5.1     SM&L will provide quotes for the maintenance, painting & repair of       MVB    Nxt Month
        Golf course and river townhouses. This will then be circulated to HO‟s
        to complete by date as set by the Board of Trustees.
5.2    AG to get permission from HO to circulate letter from Tertius Maree to    AG     Immy
        all home owners with the next Newsletter.
5.3    Responses to be sent to Mr Steyn & Mr Geldenhuys regarding their          AG     Immy
       respective letters to the board.

The meeting closed at 18h00

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Appendix 1

From Hein Kriel
Maintenance Manager
Dated: 20 April 2011

Golf Estate

      Cleaned roads every second week
      Entrance maintained every second week
      Irrigation system serviced
      Cut vacant plots and removed „Tolbos”
      Clear open space between Erven and Canal

Village Estate

      Every 2 weeks cut the grass at the village townhouses
      Entrance maintained every 2 weeks
      Irrigation system serviced
      Grass in open areas cut every two weeks
      Grass along river bank are cut every two weeks
      Roads cleaned every 2 weeks
      Remove grass cuttings
      Removed reed cuttings from around the Village dam & plant grass
      Cleaned flower beds along fence weekly
      Clean area between Bruwer farm and Village
      Paint & repair Village Entrance
      Repair pump that circulates water between dams.


      The grassed area on both sides of the road between Golf Estate and Village cut every 2 weeks
      Sewage pumps are serviced weekly
      Garage where rubbish is stored are inspected weekly
      Bins are cleaned every Monday & Friday
      Cut DVA Grass
      Take water meter reading every month
      “Olyf Boord” is cleaned every 2 weeks
      Installed fence & Gate at the DVA

Planning for May 2011

      Continue removing Papyrus around dams
      Finish cutting open vacant plots on Golf Course
      Remove papyrus from dams
      Replace irrigation sprayers that are faulty

HP Kriel

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Appendix 2

21 April 2011

SSHOA                                                       (For attention: Chairman)

Installation of new alarms

Mr Eichrodt, Erf 7034 Silwerstrand Boulevard, Silwerstrand Golf & River Estate
Mr Andre Kuhn, 5 Lilly Crescent, The Village, Silwerstrand Golf & River Estate
Silwerstrand Shop
Mrs Stephnie Posselt , 6 Riesling Street, Silwerstrand Golf & River Estate
Miss Denise Barnard, 44 Village Way, Silwerstrand Golf & River Estate


Mr JP Coetzee, Erf 7172 Riesling Street, Golf Estate
Mr Outien Rabie, Chardonnay Street, Golf Estate
Mr Lucien Jansen, 3 Lilly Crescent, the Village, Silwerstrand Golf & River Estate(Approved)


No Incidents to report

Application for a power boat launching licence

Currently 38 new licences for 2010/2011 were issued.

Building contractors currently busy with construction

Golf Estate

Slaney Construction      Erf 7178 Riesling Street 1, Golf Estate
                         Erf 7106, Sauvignon Street 13, Golf Estate
                         Erf7137, Chardonnay Street, Golf Estate
CCD Construction         Erf 7042, 7043, Silwerstrand Boulevard No 40/42, Golf Estate
DJ Schneider             Erf 7034, Silwerstrand Boulevard No 24, Golf Estate
JSM Construction         Erf 7126, Chardonnay Street 16, Golf Estate
Milpro construction      Erf 7175, Riesling Street, Golf Estate
Gher Rabie               Chardonnay Street, Golf Estate
                         Erf 7164,Riesling Street, Golf Estate
                         Erf 7032, Silwerstrand Boulevard

The Village

Christiaan Builders Erf 7379, Lily Crescent 13, The Village
De Beer Construction Erf 7372, Willow Close 3, The Village
Smith Construction Erf 7388, Lily Crescent 3, the Village
BJ van Niekerk       Erf 7371, Willow Close 6, The Village
Outien Rabie         Erf 7326, Village Way

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Building completed

Lily Crescent no 10, The Village, Silwerstrand Golf & River Estate, Robertson.
Chardonnay Street 9, Silwerstrand Golf & River Estate, Robertson
Chardonnay Street 27, Golf Estate
Village Way 3, the Village, Silwerstrand Golf & River Estate, Robertson
Mr Outien Rabie, Chardonnay Street, Silwerstrand Golf & River Estate, Robertson
Mr & Mrs Burger, Erf 7141 Chardonnay Street 17, Golf Estate
Mr JP Coetzee, Erf 7172 Riesling Street 7, Golf Estate
Mr Andre Kuhn, Erf 7384, 7 Lily Crescent, The Village


Rejeanne Botha
Manager/Silwerstrand Security

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Appendix 3

Managing Agent Report                                                  30 April 2011


The Village Entrance walls have now been repaired and painted.
The pump that circulates the water through the dams were fixed.

Reeds are growing in the dams and HK said they will be sprayed towards end April / May.

The vacant plots on the golf course are being cut (only the sold plots). I‟m not sure what the
plan is for the unsold plots.

Just awaiting clarification from MVB regarding who owns what ground on the golf course side,
so that I can answer the owners who have requested landscaping around their houses. This
will also give clarity on the grassed areas around the golf course townhouses. Once that
information is received a complete reply can be sent to Mr Heath regarding his questions
around irrigation of the open spaces around the townhouses.

It was brought to my attention that the owner of the property at the top of Riesling street has
planted 3 trees on the pavement. I will ask him to remove these, with board approval, as the
pavement area is where all service lines run, i.e. electricity lines, water etc. He has made it
really beautiful in front of his house with the paving. I am sure everyone will agree that he
may plant the trees on the golf course ground next to his house.

Water issue

The water times are still an ongoing issue.

LV did state that he will produce a report regarding the water issue, and will circulate it to all
parties. I‟ve not received said report. This was in my March report as well.

Moreson provided a quote to make the water connections for the drinking fountains. Water
meters are available from the Developer and all costs are for the RGC.
Once the water meters are installed monthly readings will be taken and the RGC will be billed
for any water consumption.


According to RB, security finally received ID documents for the Caddies.

A report was received from RB that a member of the club refuses to sign in at the security gate.
According to the RGC member the security and the estate has nothing to do with the golf
course and he will only sign in if LV tells him to sign in.

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RB sent the Estate Rules & Regulations regarding access control to the RGC asking that the
process be explained to all RGC members at their AGM at the end of March. To my knowledge
this information has not been sent to club members and it wasn‟t discussed at the AGM.


In the DVA a permanent security gate to the entrance has been installed. Signs have been put
up regarding the closure of the facilities for the winter months. Cost R4795.

MB responded to emails regarding outstanding monies and that payment will be made after
Easter and the May long weekend.
Balance of R10 100 to the DVA
Balance of R18 981.67 form the Caravan Park for water & electricity

The RGC has made first payment to the DVA loan which includes the R17 000 for the quad-

A quote for the insurance of the perimeter fence comes in at R12 000 per year based on the
value of the fence being R4 mil. The broker did advise that we could identify sections of the
fence, i.e. the stretch along the road and have that covered instead of the entire fence which
will have a cost saving, potentially reducing the cost of the monthly cover from R1000 to R250.
We need to take into account potential flood damage and where these areas are most
vulnerable before we go with the partial cover of the fence.

Chris Newell requested the financial statements for the RGC. I‟ve sent two separate requests to
LV to supply statements along with the balance of the Reserve Maintenance Account, as
described in our Constitution. I‟ve received no reply on any of my requests.


Electricity - Complaint received from owner that the electric current flow to their house was too
high and blowing all the lights and implements. Johan Rossouw, electrical engineer with the
Municipality and Home owner attended the site, and turned down the voltage in the 2 Village
Transformers as well as the 3 boxes on the golf course. He then highlighted some Health &
Safety issues regarding the management & maintenance of electricity to the homes as well as
the HOA responsibilities. Mr Rossouw sent me some information regarding compliance and
responsibilities. I will have to go through this in depth, but we do seem to have missed
something here. Especially with access to these boxes and the connection of electricity and
compliance certificates that are required before power is turned on to the property. I will
report back on this once I‟ve studied the information.

For your information a copy of the complaints register attached.

Kind regards
Antonette Greenaway
Managing Agent

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