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KASHIF ALI SABIRI, MR                              Mobile: 00968-98938527
Pakistan school-Muscat,                            Office: 00968-98914783
Sohar Branch, Post Code # 311, Al-Hambar Street, Email:
Post Box # 644, Sohar, Al-Batinah, Sultanate of Oman. Fax: 00968-26842561

Date of Birth:             08 April, 1972
Marital Status:            Married
Education of Spouse:       Master of Science in Zoology and teaching degree of Bachelor
                           of Education followed by years of experience as a Science
                           (Biology) Teacher.
Nationality:               Pakistani
Passport Number:           AE5021101
Number of Children:        Two-Son Qasim Ali Sabiri (18/06/2004) & Daughter Ramin Ali
Driving License:           Full Pakistan Driving License with no historical and pending
Objective:      “To obtain a position for teaching English to students to help them
appreciate the wealth and beauty of language and literature.”

Opening Track Speaker at International Conference on Language, Education and
Millennium Development Goals held at the Twin Towers Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
on 09-11 November, 2011. My paper was “How Language can Reduce Poverty”.

Teaching:      English Literature, Language, Linguistics, Stylistics, Syntax and
Phonetics/IELTS/TOEFL/Spoken English/English Grammar/Business English/English-
Urdu Translation & vice versa/Cambridge, Oxford, British, American, Australian, IGCSE,
O, A & AS levels and CIPP English/English Writing & drafting/Creative writing/Essay
Guidance Counselling & Coordinator:                       Curriculum design and
development/Differentiated     instructions/Classroom management/Student  centred
learning/Cooperative learning/Multicultural awareness/Student motivation/Student
assessment/Interactive learning/Whole group learning
Professional Skills:
1   Classroom Management:
       Establish a classroom climate conducive to effective learning.
       Make a significant contribution to improving the performance of the students.
       Prepare weekly lesson plan and making them available on request to school
       Encourage productive teamwork among students.
       Ensure that the School’s code of conduct is applied.
       Provide an example to the students.
2   Student Assistance:
       Use a variety of means for overcoming weaknesses among students.
       Display a positive and constructive tone of voice that encourages a healthy
         relationship with students.
       Give all students the same attention.
       Employ a variety of instructional techniques and instructional media.
       Make some provision for being available to students and parents for education-
         related purposes outside the instructional day.

3   Student Evaluation:
        Provide a complete summary of the student’s performance in the subject, covering
          results of tests, daily work, language lab exercises and projects.
        Describe the student’s classroom behaviour, overall disposition, and attitude to
          subject, teacher, and classmates.
        Specify the skills, which the student uses without difficulty, has mastered, or must
        Confer with parents regarding student’s progress, strengths and weaknesses.
4   Professional Involvement and Growth:
       Participate in the selection of textbooks and other instructional materials and
         equipment where appropriate.
       Contribute to the continuous improvement of the educational programme.
       Work with the School Principal, School Director, members of the BOD Team and
         other staff members in a positive and cooperative manner.
       Keep myself abreast of new trends in education and new ideas in my field.
       Set an example of high moral, ethical and professional standards.
       Participate fully in the Teacher Evaluation process and engage in the feedback
         process with a view to improving professional performance over time.
Education and Certificates:
Degree:               Master of Arts          Subject:    English
Specialization:       Literature & Language   University: University of the Punjab, Lahore,
Pakistan.             Start date:             01 September 1992
End date:             31 August 1994          Date of completion:        08 June 1996
Computer Skills: Microsoft     Office, Internet, Software Installation, proficient in MS
                      PowerPoint presentations, computer grading and attendance systems.
Professional History:
    1.     English Teacher
            21 December, 2009 – Present
            Pakistan School-Muscat, Sohar Branch, Oman.
    Tel #: 0096898914783 / Mob #: 00968-96673837 /
    2.      Coordinator
            08 May, 2010 – Present
            Pakistan School-Muscat, Sohar Branch, Oman.
    Tel #: 0096898914783 / Mob #: 00968-96673837 /
    3.      Acting Principal
            11 January 2011 – 23 January 2011
            Pakistan School-Muscat, Sohar Branch, Oman.
    Tel #: 0096898914783 / Mob #: 00968-96673837 /
At Pakistan School Muscat-Sohar Campus, I am executing the following duties and
A:      I follow professional practices consistent with school and system policies in working
        with students, students’ records, parents, and colleagues.
     I demonstrate communication and interpersonal skills as they relate to interaction
        with students, parents, other teachers, administrators, and other school personnel.
     I am available to students and parents for conferences according to system policies.
     I facilitate home-school communication by such means as holding conferences,
        telephoning, and sending written communications.
     I maintain confidentiality of students and students’ records.
     I work cooperatively with school administrators, special support personnel,
        colleagues, and parents.

    B. I comply with rules, regulations, and policies of board of directors, school
        administration, school management committee and supervisory personnel.
     I comply with state administrative regulations and Board of Director policies.
     I adhere to school and local school system procedures and rules.
     I conduct assigned classes at the times scheduled.
     I enforce regulations concerning student’s conduct and discipline.
     I demonstrate timeliness and attendance for assigned responsibilities.
     I provide adequate information, plans, and materials for substitute teacher.
     I maintain accurate, complete, and appropriate records and files and reports
     I attend and participate in faculty meetings and other assigned meetings and
       activities according to school policy.
     I comply with conditions as stated in contract.
     I demonstrate professional practices in teaching.
     I model correct use of English language, oral and written.
     I demonstrate accurate and up-to-date knowledge of content.
     I implement designated curriculum and assist in the curriculum development.
     I maintain lesson plans as required by school policy.
     I assign reasonable tasks and homework to students.
     I participate in professional development opportunities and apply the concepts to
       classroom and school activities.
     I act in a professional manner and assume responsibility for the total school program,
       its safety and good order.
     I take precautions to protect records, equipment, materials, and facilities.
     I assume responsibility for supervising students in out-of-class settings.
     I demonstrate appropriate personal contact while in performance of school duties.
     I assume a role in meeting the school’s student achievement goals, including
       academic gains of students assigned to the teacher.
(Other duties and responsibilities prescribed by local school or system such as, but not
limited to: staffroom, hall, playground, assembly area and other advisory duties).
4.     Lead English Teacher
       September 1996 – November 2009
Modern Institute of Technology, Faisalabad, Pakistan.
Tel #: 0092-41-8846999 / Mob #:       0092-321-9663565 /
5.     Guidance Counsellor
        September 1996 – November 2009
Modern Institute of Technology, Faisalabad, Pakistan.
Tel #: 0092-41-8846999 / Mob #:      0092-321-9663565 /
Manage Classroom coverage of 2nd to 16th grade classes; assume all responsibilities of
classroom teacher, including professional development, communications with parents,
assessments of students, and staff meetings. Collaborate with cooperating teachers to design
curriculum and lesson plans; perform basic administration duties such as recording
attendance and organizing student portfolios; provide individual assistance to students, as
 Launched a Writing Club to increase writing proficiency amongst students and
    encourage expression of ideas; held meetings to develop effective writing and editing
    techniques and inspire creativity, allowing students to perform their written pieces for
    the enjoyment of others.
 Collaborated with students to publish a writing magazine that included artwork from
    students within the Art department, resulting in delightful collection of outstanding
    student work.

   Incorporate constructivism philosophy of teaching into classroom by implementing
    various student-centred learning methodologies; significantly enhanced the class
    environment by acting as facilitator to promote student leadership in initiating and
    creating positive learning opportunities.
   Integrate technology into curriculum, supplementing class lectures and developing
    students’ word processing and researching skills and abilities. Utilize internet for
    resources on current events, history, and literature to complement learning activities.
   Establish and maintain positive relationships with students, parents and colleagues,
    fostering an environment of open communication and support.
   Talent for capturing students’ interest in learning by providing training, support and
   Plan numerous co-curricular activities, including organizing tournaments, coordinating
    transportation, and chaperoning students on out-of-town trips.
   Work with students in various aspects of career exploration and testing, including
    completion of career interest inventories, College testing, resumes design, and interview
    skills training.
   Coordinate assessment, registration, and testing activities for all incoming students.
   Provide individual and group counselling with primary focus on self-esteem
    enhancement, anger management, drug awareness, and peer mediation.
   Responsible in keeping Anecdotal, telephone, home visit logs. Perform office duties such
    as filing, faxing, copy, memos, and telephones. Responsible for training all new staff
   Coordinate all activities including award ceremonies, holiday celebrations,
    parent/student workshops, and trips.
   Familiarize students with the college admissions process; help students prepare
    applications. Provide vocational counselling for students who are more technically
    inclined and desired to enter trade school. Ensure mental and emotional well-being of
    the student body.
   Teach Oral English and Writing to college sophomores, juniors and seniors. Am able to
    successfully communicate with students in which English is a rarely used second
    language. Am responsible for developing lesson plans, class lectures, homework
    assignments and exams.
   Lecture on different times English department staff on the organization of lesson plans
    and creating an effective class structure. Give instructions on how to present
    American/British culture and tradition in accordance with the relevant literature and
    Write articles for college magazine, and assist in writing college plays/debates. Help
    organize different programming, and teach interview techniques.
   Conducted a 3-month teacher training course at Al-Faisal Grammar School, Gulistan
    Colony, Awan Square, Faisalabad, Pakistan and got the best teacher trainer award.
Professional Trainings and Workshops:
       Opening Track Speaker at International Conference on Language, Education and
        Millennium Development Goals held at the Twin Towers Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
        on 09-11 November, 2011. My paper was “How Language can Reduce Poverty.”
       Trainer of Trainers Workshop (Feb-Mar 2010) at Pakistan School Muscat, Oman.
       Teachers’ Training Workshop (Feb-Mar 2010) at Pakistan School Muscat, Oman.
       Technology Integration Seminar (2005) at Dynasty Restaurant, Faisalabad, Pakistan.
       Standards Based Education Seminar (2007) at Serena Hotel, Faisalabad, Pakistan.
       Rural Education Promotion Workshop for 5 days (2007) at Modern Institute,
        Faisalabad, Pakistan.

       IT and Curriculum Compatibility Seminar (2008) at Allama Iqbal Public Library,
        Faisalabad, Pakistan.
Community Involvement:
       Ex-Member, English Teachers Community, Faisalabad, Pakistan.
       Ex-Treasurer, Modern Institute Grant Funding Committee, Faisalabad, Pakistan.
       Editor, School Magazine, Pakistan School Muscat-Sohar Campus, Oman.
       Football and Badminton Coach, College team, Modern Institute of Technology,
         Faisalabad, Pakistan & PSM-Sohar Campus, Oman.
       2004-2006, Freelance Editor of Annual Magazine, National Textile University,
         Faisalabad, Pakistan.
       Ex-Head of college co-curricular activities, Modern Institute of Technology,
        Faisalabad, Pakistan & Current Head at PSM-Sohar Campus, Oman.
       March 2010, The Best result-oriented teacher, Pakistan School Sohar, Oman.
       February 2010, The Best orator and speaker, Pakistan School, Sohar, Oman.
       September 2006, the Best result-oriented teacher award, Modern Institute of
        Technology, Faisalabad, Pakistan.
       November 2001, Commencement Speaker, Modern Institute of Technology’s
        Graduation Ceremony, Faisalabad, Pakistan.
       May 1994, Best English Orator, farewell ceremony, MA Final years students,
        Government Zamindar College, Gujrat, Pakistan.
       February 1994, Best Badminton Player, Government Zamindar College, Gujrat,
Interests and Hobbies:
I enjoy the outdoor life and spend a great deal of time working outside. I am a practical
individual with the confidence to tackle new projects although I do take care to research any
processes involved. I enjoy using my hand and would consider myself to be “mechanically
minded”. I enjoy reading history, philosophy, psychology and poetry. I used to take keen
interest in astrology and astronomy.
       Mr Sohail Yousuf (Current Employer / Professional)
        Principal, Pakistan school-Muscat, Sohar Branch, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman.
        Mobile: 00968-96673837/Office: 00968-98914783 /

       Mr. Khalid Mahmood, (Ex-Employer / Professional)
        Director, Modern Institute of Technology, Sheikhupura Road, Millat Town Square,
        Faisalabad, Pakistan.
        Mobile: 0092-(0)321-9663565/Office: 0092-(0)41-8846999 /

       Mr Muhammad Zaman (Personal)
        Electrical Engineer, Shoa’lat Al-Madaen Trading Company, PO Box # 571, PC # 320,
        Al-Barka, Sultanate of Oman.
        Tel/Fax: 00968-26882949/Mobile: 00968-99716197 /

       Dr. Muhammad Shafiq (Personal)
        Children Specialist & Lecturer in Paediatrics at Pakistan Para-medics College,
        Faisalabad, Pakistan.
        Mobile: 0092-(0)333-6501223 /