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and will last for about
                          A Guide for Families
four minutes.
Helping Learning was
designed to provide
students with the
same sort of help they
could expect to receive
when they raised their
hands in class.
Using the internet,       “Making the connection between
students and teachers
can talk to each other
                             students and teachers!”
and share live images
using webcams.
Longer sessions for
revision or general
tutoring can also be
The Helping Learning
service can only be used
by students who have
Registration is
straightforward and we
recommend that it is
completed by an adult.
As we use Skype, the
free internet telephony
service, you will need to
download Skype and
choose a Skype
username before
registering with Helping
When you have your
Skype username you
will be ready to
You can access the
Helping Learning
registration page
from our home page.
You will need to have
a headset or a
microphone and
speakers to use
Helping Learning. A
webcam will enable
you to share pictures
with the teacher.
Registration is
completely free.
During the
registration process
you will be asked to
provide a Family
Admin password.
The information that
you provide will be
stored on our secure
We will not share this
information with
anyone else.
You can view our
Privacy Statement
from the link at the
bottom of our
As soon as your
registration is
complete, you will
receive an email
containing a
username and
password to enter      Family registration is now complete
the Helping learning
You are now ready to
start using Helping
Eventually we hope
that the service will
be available twenty-
four hours a day.
For the time being
we will be asking        Using Helping Learning
teachers to be
available during the
period from 6pm to
9pm each weekday.
As the student
numbers increase we
will extend our hours.
You can view all your
transactions, charge up
your family account
and make alterations to
your user account once
you have logged-in and
identified yourself.      John    Johnie123
                          Mary    Maz5

You will need your
                          Peter   PeterPiper

‘Family Admin
Password’ for some of
these actions.
Mary is a 13 year old
student who has been
set some Geography
homework involving the
use of six-figure grid
She is unsure about
them and is going to
seek help through
Helping Learning.

                         Helping Learning in use!
Mary’s family has
already registered
with Helping
Learning and they
have a username and
password to access
the service.          StuSmithD125

Before she can
contact a Helping
Learning teacher or
make changes to her
account, Mary must
identify herself from
the list of family      John

                        Peter   PeterPiper
Next, Mary is asked
to select whether
she needs instant
help or wishes to
book a revision or
tutoring session.
She chooses ‘Live
   The system now
    invites Mary to
 indicate her level of
study so that she can
    be matched to
appropriate teachers.
……….. and then to
identify the subject.
A list of teachers who
are currently on-line
and available to help at
the appropriate level
and in that subject, will
then appear on her
Using the information
that is provided Mary       Mr A Smith

can select the teacher
she wants to talk to.
                            Miss B Jones   3

She can see how much
the help will cost.
Before she is connected,
the system will check
that there are sufficient
funds in the family
account to pay for the
help that Mary has
Families can, at anytime,
top up this account or
request repayment of
the remaining balance if    3

they do not wish to
continue using Helping
Payment in to the
Family Account may be
made using either a
debit or credit card and
you will automatically
be connected to
Nochex, our secure
payment processing
As soon as there are
sufficient funds                        3

available Mary will be
able to continue.

Mary is asked to
confirm that she
wishes to make this
Her chosen teacher
will then receive a    Mary

message on their
computer inviting
them to call Mary.
Once the link is
established Mary and
the teacher can talk
to each other and
use webcams to view
her work.
                         The teacher’s computer.
Provided that the call
exceeds 30 seconds,
Mary’s family account
will have been
reduced by the agreed
fee and her teacher
will receive a credit in
to their account.
After the call, Mary
will be invited to rate
the help she has
received on a scale of
1 to 10.
If Mary decided that
she needed some
additional help with
geography she could
see if there are any
appropriate online
geography revision
sessions available or
she could book an
online general
tutoring session with
a geography teacher
from the Revision
and Tutoring link.
Please use the
feedback form on our
website to tell us
what you think about
Helping Learning and   Why not register your
how we might
improve our            family now?
presentation and
Thank you for watching this
presentation. We hope that it
has helped you to understand
how Helping Learning works.

If you would like to know more,
please contact us via the
feedback form on the website.