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					     Owners Manual

         Vertical Boatlift
             Model 1VBL4000120
             Model 1VBL5000120
             Model 1VBL6000120

         Phone: 218-746-3625 Fax 218-746-3635

      1074 Dorado Drive North  Pillager Minnesota, 56473

Please read and understand the contents of this Owners manual before assembly or
operation of you Ridgeline Boatlift. Be sure to always follow operating instructions and
safety guidelines of all equipment.

Make sure you know the total weight of your watercraft including fuel and accessories.
Exceeding the recommended capacity of your lift could result in damage to the lift and/or
your watercraft.

Make sure no one is on your watercraft during operation of your lift. This addition weight
can cause you to exceed the recommended capacity of your lift, resulting in damage to
the watercraft and your lift, or both.

  Failure to follow these instructions and recommendations outlined in
 this manual will void the factory warranty and may result in personal
                              injury or death!

                          Lift Safety Instructions
 Read and understand all operating manuals for both the lift and the boat.
 Lift must be level to properly operate. (Check against water line)
 Position lift as close to dock as possible, for safety and ease of loading.
 Stop lowering the lift once boat is floating.
 Do not “free-spin” the boatlift wheel or try and stop the wheel if it “free-spins”.
 Do not reach through spokes of boatlift wheel ever.
 Inspect pulleys and cables periodically for wear. Replace excessively worm parts.
 Remove Drain plug from boat when not in use. Rain water buildup in boat could
cause lift to become overloaded resulting in failure and/or personal injury.
 Do not play on or around the boatlift. Keep everyone clear during operation.
 Check all nuts and bolts, for proper tightness, before each use.
 Inspect pulleys and cables periodically for wear. Replace excessively worm parts.
 Remove boat from the lift when doing any maintenance or moving of the boatlift.
Electrical drive units must be installed by a certified electrician following all codes.
 Boat must be positioned upon the lift correctly or damage could happen.
See Page XX for proper positioning of the boat onto the lift.
                            Assembly Instructions
        For easy in assembly of your boatlift, lay out all materials in a level open area
large enough to allow room for assembly. Placing all hardware and small items on a tarp
or drop cloth helps to prevent accidental loss. Please follow each step to insure correct
assembly of your lift. Proper assembly will ensure proper operation of you lift.

         ***Note – Do NOT fully tighten any bolts during assembly.
Step #1.
 Attach leg pads to the lift legs using hardware that is attached to the pad. Legs are
shipped locked inside of winch posts and leg pads have the hardware attached.

Step #2
 Replace leg assemblies into upright posts until lowest hole aligns with quick release and
lock leg by rotating quick release lever. Repeat for all four upright posts.
Step #3
 Loosen the square nuts on the upright posts. *Note it is not necessary to completely
remove the square nuts! Attach the frame members to the upright posts by sliding the
square nuts into the channels of the frame members and snugging them hand tight.

**Note Front Winch Posts (2) have only flat plates welded onto them.

**Note Rear Winch Posts (2) have Flat plates on the bottom and Angles at the top.

**Note Side Frame Members (2) have Plates attached to them at time of delivery. Front
and Rear Frame Members (1 ea.) do not have plates attached. Not all members pictured.
Step #4
 Place side bed members onto frame members as shown below. Note, that the swedged
end of the cable goes downwards(as shown) on the shore end and upwards on the lake
end. All 3” round Beige pulleys towards the outside of the lift, facing the upright posts.

Step #5
 Attach front/rear bed members to the side bed members as in the following two pictures.
Note that the below picture is of the front(shore side) bed member with a single groove
pulley and no cable installed at this point.
  The Below picture is of the rear(lake side) bed member containing double grooved
pulleys and two of the Z-cables installed at the factory. **Do not remove these cables
from the bed members.

Step #6
 Attach diagonal side braces as shown below. Remove nuts and bolts attached to
diagonal braces. Attach the diagonal brace to uprights as shown. Attach the lower end of
the diagonal brace last, using hardware supplied.

Step #7
 Temporary prop up the side bed members at all four corners. Remove the double nuts
and flat washer attached to cable. Run the swedged cable end through the front frame
member (shore side). Replace the double nuts and flat washer ontoswedge.
Step #8
 Attach rear(lake side) Z-cables as shown below. One end of the Z-cable is attached to
the lower angel bracket while the other end is attached to the upper angle bracket on the
opposite side of the lift. Reverse the attachment method for the second Z-cable. One Z-
cable is low/high while the second Z-cable is high/low. Also note that is does not matter
which cable is in the front/rear groove of pulleys, as long as the each cable is running in
the same grooves on both pulleys.

Step #9
 Attach winch to mounting bracket using the 1 ½” bolts and nuts attached to the bracket.
You might want to remove the winches top cover to help with this step. Loosen the long
bolts and nuts (not shown) that come attached to the mounting bracket. Slide assembly
over the front winch post on the side you want the wheel mounted onto. Secure the winch
assembly by tightening the 2 large bolts. Note that the large 1” holes drilled into the
mounting bracket align with the smaller hole in the winch post.
Step #10
 Find the winch cable, this cable has a 2” loop on one end and nothing on the other end.
Thread the winch cable through the front/shore side bed member as shown. Note, that the
cable runs under both the pulleys inside of the front winch post. Secure the looped end on
the opposite side of the lift from the winch using a ½” X 4” bolt and lock nut by running
the bolt through the loop.

Step #11
 Attach then winch cable to the mounted winch. Turn winch until you can locate the
7/32” set screw in the winch drum, with an Allen wrench, as shown in first picture below.
Loosen set screw, but do not remove it completely from the drum. Insert cable into winch
drum as shown. There must not be any extra cable passing out the second hole of the
drum. Also not that the cable is inserted so that it will not kink when the drum is rotated.
Step #12
  Attach wheel to boatlift. Remover Bolt and washer from the spindle of the winch.
Double check to make sure fiber washer is still on the spindle, as winch will not operate
properly without this washer. Do not remove the washer! To prevent the winch from
spinning while installing the boatlift wheel, clamp the drum and frame of winch together
as shown below. Spin boatlift wheel onto winch spindle by turning wheel clock wise until
it stops. Remove vise-grip. Remove slack cable by rotating the boatlift wheel clock-wise
while keeping some tension on the cable.

Step #13
  Attach and adjust bunks as shown below. Attach the bunks(2) to the supplied bunk-
risers(4), leaving slightly loose. Remove the bolts from the bunk-risers and slide the
square nuts into the channels of the front and rear bed members. Note that the flat sides of
the square nuts are facing out when sliding into channels. Run the bolts through the bunk-
risers and in the square nuts. Adjust to desired position and tighten bunk-riser bolts. Tilt
bunks to desired angle and snug the bunk bolts to keep angle.

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