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					                                   COUNTY OF SIMCOE
SECTION:                 Environmental
ITEM NO.                 WMS 07-001
MEETING DATE:            March 22, 2007
SUBJECT:                 County of Simcoe Waste Management Facilities Rate Schedule


THAT the necessary by-law be presented to Council to implement the County of Simcoe Waste
Management Facility Rate Schedule, substantially in the form as Schedule 1 of Item WMS 07-
001, to be effective July 1, 2007.


Further to Item WMS 06-001, staff is contemplating changes to the rate schedule which assesses
costs for a variety of materials received for disposal or diversion at County Waste Management
Facilities as well as provides prices for items commonly sold from these facilities. In
consideration of the discussions on this topic at the last Waste Management Subcommittee
meeting (September 2006) and after further discussion with County staff on implementation of
the new rates, a number of changes have been made to the recommended rate schedule. The
recommended County of Simcoe Waste Management Facility Rate Schedule is attached to the
proposed enacting bylaw in Schedule 1 of this Item. For comparison purposes the existing rate
schedule is attached as Schedule 2 of this Item.

The existing rate schedule has been in place since January 1, 2005. The last change was meant to
be relatively revenue neutral while changing all measurements to be based in metric. The major
areas under consideration for the current change include:

   a) Methods to speed ticket processing and alleviate lineups,
   b) Pricing to recover full costs for items requiring processing, and
   c) Pricing to encourage use of divertible items.

The basic rate for garbage disposal at landfill sites of $115.00 per tonne is not recommended to
change. The following are the major changes reflected in the proposed rate schedule:

   1. A minimum fee to be implemented of $5.00 per load for chargeable garbage. The intent
      of this change is twofold: firstly it is hoped to reduce the number of small loads coming to
      the landfill sites, and secondly it will speed up ticket processing for obviously small loads
      as they will not have to go over the scale a second time if assessed as a small load. The
      impact of this change is likely to have a marginal increase in revenue.

   2. Removal of the subsidy for the first 1.5 m³ of garbage at unscaled facilities. The intent of
      this change is to correct the former volume rate which was significantly under assessed.
      The impact of this change will result in a marginal increase in revenue at the two County
March 22, 2007      Waste Management Subcommittee WMS 07-001                                Page 2

       unscaled facilities (Site 8 – Matchedash, and Site 7 Mara).

   3. The mixed waste definition has been changed to include any materials which could have
      been diverted from disposal at the waste facility. The intent of this change is to encourage
      additional waste diversion at the facility by charging the customer double the garbage
      tipping fee for loads with materials not properly segregated for diversion. In past this
      mixed waste policy was specific only to scrap metal and wood wastes in the garbage
      stream. As additional materials such as tires, brush, leaf & yardwaste, cardboard, drywall,
      shingles, blue box recyclables, etc. can be diverted at most County facilities it is
      reasonable to require them to be separated for diversion by the customer. The impact of
      this change will likely result in a marginal increase in revenue.

   4. A new category has been added called Difficult Wastes with respect to waste materials
      such as asbestos and slaughterhouse wastes which require additional work by County
      Staff for preparation of a pit and immediate cover after receipt of the wastes. The intent
      of this change is to double the general rate to $230.00 per tonne to recover County costs
      for these wastes. The existing rate for Asbestos (only allowed for disposal at County Site
      2 (Collingwood) is $155.00 per tonne. The existing rate for slaughterhouse/abattoir
      wastes is at the general County landfill garbage rate of $115.00 per tonne. The impact of
      this change will likely result in a marginal increase in revenue as not a significant quantity
      of this material is managed by the County.

   5. Decrease free residential leaf & yard waste from 250 kg per load to 200 kg per load and
      increase free residential brush waste from 150 kg per load to 200 kg per load. The intent
      of this change is to standardize and reduce the number of categories. There is no real
      revenue impact to this change anticipated as the changes offset each other.

   6. Remove commercial rates for finished compost and brush chips. The intent of this change
      is to allow staff the opportunity to market these materials (after the public has had an
      opportunity to purchase them) along the same lines employed for marketing finished
      recycling material from the North Simcoe Materials Recycling Facility. Staff will
      therefore be able to shift prices along with market rates and demand to ensure finished
      product is cleaned up from our sites. There is no estimated change to site revenues for
      this item as the price changes will fluctuate up or down with what the market will bear.

   7. Reduce rate for residential brush chip sales from $2.00 per load to $1.00 per load. The
      intent of this change is to encourage the reuse of this material at a minimal cost to the
      customer / resident. The impact of this change is hoped to be a minimal change in
      revenues due to the sale of substantially more brush chips than current sales despite the
      cost decrease.

   8. Decreased Leaf & Yardwaste fee from $40.00 per tonne to $35.00 per tonne. The intent
      of this change is to reflect savings in processing this material from the pregrinding of the
      material prior to composting. The impact of this change is anticipated to be a marginal
      decrease in revenues.

   9. Decreased Leaf & Yardwaste volume fee from $10.00 per m³ to $9.00 per m³. The intent
      of this change is to reduce the number of different cost categories and reflect the
      decreased cost of yardwaste management brought about by pregrinding the materials prior
March 22, 2007      Waste Management Subcommittee WMS 07-001                                 Page 3

        to composting. The impact of this change will be slightly decreased revenues.

Upon approval of a new rate schedule by County Council, staff will devise a handout to be
provided to all customers of the landfill sites prior to the July 1, 2007 implementation date to
ensure that the major changes are understood by all. Appropriate newspaper advertisements, and
County website information along with site signage will be completed in advance of the
implementation date.


The changes described in the foregoing are anticipated to result in a net revenue increase in the
range of $100,000 annually. There is a risk to the increased revenues that the small amount of
commercial customers we do have at our sites may choose other out of County disposal options if
the mixed waste rate means their fees will significantly increase.

SCHEDULES:         The following Schedules are attached hereto and form part of this item:

Schedule 1: Proposed By Law enacting the attached Schedule A Rate Schedule
Schedule 2: Existing Rate Schedule

  Schedule 1 to

PREPARED BY:          R. McCullough, Manager Environmental Services

APPROVALS:                                                             Date

R. Newlove, P. Eng., General Manager of Corporate Services             March 15, 2007
Tom Evans, General Manager of Finance and Administration               March 15, 2007
M. Aitken, Chief Administrative Officer                                March 15, 2007