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					 Conservation of Transboundary Biodiversity in the Minkébé-Odzala-Dja Inter-zone
                        in Gabon, Congo, and Cameroon

A number of important stakeholders have been identified in the project area, as outlined in Table 7 below.
Note that most of these stakeholders have complementary powers, skills, strengths and weaknesses and
only through a combined effort can conservation and sustainable resource management be a successful
option for the future.
Stakehol der mapping
   Stakehol der         Interest in or relationship to      Resources available         Potential role or
                                   project                                                invol vement
Govern ments of    TRIDOM fo rms a part of the fo llo w   Govern ment can        Directly involved through
Gabon, Congo,      up to the 1999 Yaoundé Forest          raise taxes to pay for Ministry of Water and
Cameroon.          Summit (Presidential Su mmit). This    natural resource       Forest. Broad-scale
                   large conservation zone benefits from  management.            Govern ment support will be
                   a green image fro m the three                                 sought (such as involvement
                   governments.                                                  of different ministries).
Ministry of Forest Primary beneficiary, co-               Hu man resources at Project will be imp lemented
and Protected      implementing the project.              national and local     in close collaboration with
Areas (Cameroon, Responsible and primary decision         level. So me           the different services of the
Congo, Gabon)      maker for land-use and forest          logistical resources. Ministry of Forest and
                   management. Strong will to engage      Law enforcement        Protected Areas. Policy
                   in trans-border conservation after the and state authority    development. Crucial partner
                   Yaoundé Summit. Increased capacity                            for field imp lementation
                   building.                                                     (development of rules, law
International       Conservation of a large and intact    Financial resources Lobbying of national
community.          tropical rainforest ecosystem         and influence on       governments. Provision of
                    (biodiversity, evolutionary           Govern ment policy. essential financial resources.
                    processes). Carbon sequestration                             Co mmunicat ion of local
                    benefits. Ecotourism.                                        efforts to international
                                                                                 audience. International
COMIFA C            TRIDOM is identified as a priority    Political power,       Cataly zing coordination in
                    transborder conservation zone in the convening power,        the development of
                    Plan de Convergence.                  and lobbying in        TRIDOM as a recognized
                                                          Forest Ministries.     trans-border area.
Local Authorities   Project will be imp lemented in their Authority and power Partner at the local scale.
                    zone of authority; much collaboration in intervention zone.
                    with their services is essential.
Mining Min istry    Some mining potential in the project Expertise on            Will be consulted and take
                    zone.                                 planning and data on part in the land-use planning
                                                          mineral resources in process.
                                                          the project zone.
Local populations   Directly concerned by land-use        Expertise, local       Will be consulted on a
(Bantu)             decision-making and development of knowledge and             regular basis and involved in
                    natural resource governance systems. know how. Pool o f      land-use planning. Project
                                                          recruits.              will provide job-

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   Stakehol der           Interest in or relationship to         Resources available           Potential role or
                                      project                                                    invol vement
Local populations     Use part of the forest in the project      Expertise on the        Will be consulted and
(Baka pyg my)         zone for subsistence and elephant          forest.                 involved in the land-use
                      hunting. Participate in development                                planning process. WWF is
                      of rules regarding use and access to                               involved in the
                      resources.                                                         empowerment process of
                                                                                         marginalized Baka pygmies.
Elites (people        Have vested interests in their region      Power-base related      Will be consulted and
fro m pro ject zone   of orig in (including political).          to the project zone,    involved in the land-use
resident in                                                      based in capital.       planning process.
nation’s capital)                                                Influence on local
                                                                 resident population.
Logging               Logging co mpanies are more and            Financial resources,    Logging co mpanies have
companies             more interested in a green image and       logistics, expertise    important resources and
operating (or         under pressure to work towards             on their area of        presence on the field. A ll of
willing to operate)   “good forest management”.                  intervention,           them are to be partners in a
in the project                                                   influence in land-use   landscape wide strategy to
zone.                                                            planning process.       avoid the use of logging
                                                                                         infrastructure for
European Union        Important donor in TRIDOM (Dja             Financial resources     WWF will ad minister EU
(EU)                  and Odzala -Ko koua, Min kebe,             and lobbying power.     resources in Minkebe. WWF
                      CIFOR research station)                                            works with EU on natural
                                                                                         resource policy.
USAID/CA RPE          Engaged in supporting TRIDOM               Financial support       WWF and WCS are
                      management                                 and technical           executants for
                                                                 assistance. Lobbying    USAID/CA RPE in close
                                                                 capacity.               cooperation with
                                                                                         government authorities. US
                                                                                         government agencies and
                                                                                         NGO’s based in the US are
                                                                                         motivated to provide
                                                                                         technical guidance.
UNDP & GEF            Engaged in the process to provide    Financial resources           Work with WWF, ECOFA C
                      increased GEF support for TRIDOM.    and lobbying                  and WCS on supporting
                                                           capacity.                     policy development.
ECOFA C               Providing support to Dja and Odzala- Hu man and financial          ECOFA C, WWF and WCS
                      Kokoua. Long-standing partner of     resources are                 assist the Government in
                      WWF and WCS.                         available. Specific           making TRIDOM an
                                                           expertise and                 operational conservation
                                                           contacts available.           area based on effective
                                                                                         protected area management
                                                                                         and well-managed logging
WWF                   WWF is the NGO provid ing support          Technical and           Support to the
                      to Minkébé, Nki and Boumba-Bek             financial support.      implementation of the
                      National Parks. WWF also plans to          Longtime experience     project.
                      launch activities in the north-western     in the area.
                      periphery of Odzala (Souanké-
                      Garabin zam)
WCS                   WCS is the NGO prov iding support          Technical and       Support to the
                      to Ivindo National Park and is also        financial support.  implementation of the
                      starting activities in the north-eastern   Longtime experience project.
                      periphery of Odzala                        in the area.

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1. International conservation organizations operating in the TRIDOM are presented in the Table below.
Table 1: International organizati ons currently i nvol ved in the project area
 Organization or project      Interventi on zone                              Comment
ECOFA C                     Dja Reserve              This EU regional program           has been working on
                                                     management of the Dja Reserve since 1992 (law
                                                     enforcement, research, infrastructures, community
                                                     development). The EU is currently preparing ECOFAC
                                                     IV, wh ich should start at the beginning of 2005.

ECOFA C                     Odzala-Kokoua            This EU reg ional pro ject has been working on the
                            National Park            management of Od zala-Kokoua National Park since 1992
                                                     (law enforcement, research, infrastructures, community
                                                     development, monitoring). The EU is currently preparing
                                                     ECOFA C IV that should start at the beginning of 2005.

WCS                         Ivindo National Park     Since 2002, WCS has started working on the management
                                                     of Ivindo National Park. It started with wildlife
                                                     monitoring in clearings and is now expanding into park
                                                     management and building of infrastructure for the park.

WCS                         Odzala Northern and During 2004, WCS will start working on the northern and
                            Eastern periphery   eastern periphery of Odzala-Kokoua National Park
                                                (monitoring, law enforcement).

WWF                         Minkebe – Mwagne         Since 1997, WWF is assisting the Gabonese Govern ment
                                                     with the management of M inkebe Reserve and its
                                                     periphery focusing on building capacity for law
                                                     enforcement, controlling hunting in logging concessions,
                                                     developing collaborative management with pygmy
                                                     communit ies and gold-miners and developing a master
                                                     plan for the Min kebe Forest Block.

WWF                         Bou mba-Bek &       Nki Since 1996, WWF is organizing surveys and monitoring
                            National Parks          in Bou mba-Bek and is active on building a landscape
                                                    vision with all actors in Southeast Cameroon. It is
                                                    currently expanding its efforts towards increased
                                                    management of these parks (law enforcement capacity,
                                                    infrastructure, monitoring).

WWF                         Odzala-Kokoua          In 2004, WWF will fund surveys in the northwestern
                            northwestern periphery periphery of Odzala -Ko koua to assess the potential for the
                                                   creation of a new park.

JGI                         Mengame                  Jane Goodall Institute works in the Mengame Gorilla
                                                     Sanctuary and focuses on community-based conservation.

Conservation International Ivindo                    CI (through GCF) has provided funding to WCS for short-
                                                     term operation in Iv indo National Park and to set up a
                                                     long-term financing mechanism for the Park.

Conservation International Odzala-Kokoua             CI is providing funding to ECOFA C for operational costs
                                                     of Od zala -Ko koua National Park.

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