Giveaway Auction Extravaganza_ by wanghonghx


May 19, 2011, 6:30 pm
Everett Holiday Inn
                          Giveaway Auction Extravaganza
                                                    Camp Fire USA
                                     May 19th, 2011, 6:30 p.m., Holiday Inn, Everett

What can I expect tonight?
    -    Each and every holder of a $300 ticket, in an order to be determined by drawing of names, spins of wheels,
         and fleetness of feet may choose any prize among those that remain.

How will the giveaway work?
- Each guest who bought a ticket has his/her name in the drawing at the front of the room. The wheel at the front
  of the room has colored slots and there is space designated on the display board for each of these colors.
- At the beginning of the program (about 7:00 pm), 3 names for each color are picked out of the bowl and the
  corresponding name plates are placed on the display board.
- The wheel is then spun. What color the wheel stops on selects the three ticket holders, and it is their turn. They
  take their name plates off the board, and place them next to their selected item. They then take the item
  numbers off the board. These will be used to claim your prizes. Three more names are drawn for that color.
  This process continues until each ticket holder has chosen a giveaway prize.

Will there be any live auction items?
- Yes! This live auction is in addition to each ticket holder’s receiving a Giveaway prize.

- The Master of Ceremonies and auctioneer for the evening is Troy McVicker. Troy is the President and “Life of the
  Party” from Event Source Northwest. Any left-over giveaway prizes will be sold at the end of the evening at a
  discount. There will be other surprises throughout the evening. So stick around!

Is there anything to eat?
- Yes! Thanks to the catering team at the Holiday Inn, a delicious dinner will be provided. Included will be: rice,
fresh fruit, garden salad, rolls, chicken and veggie skewers. Each guest will receive one complimentary drink
ticket. Additional drinks are available for purchase.

  Tonight, the winner of our raffle will receive a free ticket to next year’s event and his/her name will be the first
  name placed on the board at the beginning of the giveaways next year. Raffle tickets will be only $10 each or
  three tickets for $25. And if you buy three tickets, you also get a free box of Camp Fire candy! Watch for our
  youth members selling the tickets. Stay tuned throughout the evening for more details.

Giveaway Auction Rules
- The doors open at 6:30 pm. Giveaways begin at approximately 7:00 pm.
- Camp Fire USA has attempted to describe the items as correctly as possible, however all items are given "as is." Camp
  Fire neither warrants nor represents, and shall not in any event be responsible for, the correctness of descriptions,
  genuineness, authorship, provenance, or condition of any item.
- Sales tax has been added to all prize values where applicable.
- All unclaimed items are forfeited.
- Be prepared to select your item when it's your turn, as you will only have two minutes before the next name is called! If
  you are not in attendance when you are called, and have no proxy, you will pick your item last. Once you have selected
  a prize, it is yours! If you wish to trade or sell your prize, that is between you and any other guest, not part of the
  program structure. Consult your tax advisor regarding deductibility questions.

Live Auction Rules
-To bid on a live auction item, raise your bid number. The highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer shall be the
purchaser, which constitutes a legal contract to buy. The auctioneer's decision is FINAL.

                              A VERY SPECIAL INVITATION
                            TO SEND A CHILD TO SUMMER CAMP

During the evening’s program, you will be given the opportunity to donate to Camp
Fire USA’s Campship Fund. This Fund will be used to send 200 low-income children
to Camp Killoqua this summer.

The MC will ask those of you who wish to pledge a donation of a specific amount to
raise your bid number. We will record your bid number and the amount of your
pledge. You may pay tonight, or Camp Fire will be pleased to bill you.

Going to summer camp at Camp Killoqua is an experience that every child should
have. It is a time of fun, exploration, and learning. It is a place where lifelong
friendships are made and dreams come true. Under the guidance of caring and well
trained counselors, children enjoy swimming, boating, hiking, crafts, council fires, and
many other exciting activities in a pristine setting of forests, trails, and a beautiful lake.

Please know that your donation will help make a difference in the lives of these
children. The lessons learned and the personal growth that takes place can have a
profound and lasting effect in their lives. The results are children who are more
confident, more responsible, and less likely to get involved in drugs, gangs, or violent

Camp Fire does not pretend that a one week stay at Killoqua can solve all the
problems in a child’s life...but especially with low-income children, it is an experience
that can change their perspective and give them the encouragement they so
desperately need.

Live Items
L1. “Spirits” Package & Appetizer Evening                       $1,105
   You want to take home this amazing “Spirits” package. It includes:
   • A tequila box containing an Edgar Martinez autographed bottle of El
      Zacatecano tequila, a bottle of Cazadores Blanco tequila, 4 tequila glasses, 8
      shot glasses, and a lime press.
   • A basket containing a bottle of Headlong White Dog whiskey, a bottle of
      Peabody Jones Vodka, and 4 glasses.
   • A happy hour starter kit containing various samples of rum and mixers, Bloody
      Mary starters, genuine Mexican tequila and various other items.
   • One bottle of famous Grouse Scotch, one bottle of Pearl Vodka, and a bottle of
      Captain Morgan Spiced Rum.
   • A wonderful wine and gourmet appetizer event for 10 people brought to your
      home in the Puget Sound area. Expires 4/30/2012.
     Donors: Liquid Lime, Kristal Whaley, George Bowden, Terri Vail, Krissy Davis,
     Joan & Ed Caine, Carol Johnson

L2. Vacation Package                                          $1,275
     This great vacation package includes two getaway activites!
     1) You will receive one week’s rental in a MROP Resort Condomimuim. There
     are over 45 resort locations throughout the country to choose from, including 5
     in Washington. Transportation is not included.
     Donor: Terri Vail
     2) You will receive a getaway oportunity on Whidbey Island. It includes the use
     of a bulkheaded beach home for one weekend in 2011. Home is located on
     east side of Whidbey and available on a mutually agreeable date. No smoking
     or pets. Item is non-transferrable and must be used by winning bidder only.
     Donor: Office Interiors

L3. Security System                                           $3,194
     This custom security system includes one year of monitoring. Installation
     includes a XT30D Control Pad, a 7060W keypad, 747 siren, RJ3IX Phone
     connect, three door contacts, motion detector and smoke detector. Monitoring
     of $29 per month applies after a one-year period. Expires 5/19/2012.
     Donor: Evergreen Security

L4. Gutter Guards for Your Gutters                            $4,020
     The Gutter Guard Ultra will fasten over your existing gutters and you never have
     to clean gutters again. Guaranteed! Includes up to 150 feet of guards for any
     home in Washington state. It keeps leaves, pine needles, sand, and seed pods
     out of your gutters and is considered the strongest gutter guard on the market
     today. It has an aluminum frame for maximum strength. Expires 5/19/2012.
     Not applicable for built in or plastic gutters.
     Donor: Gutter Glove USA
L5. Africa Safari Trip for 2                                     $2,250
       This amazing trip includes six days/nights at Zulu Nyala Lodge in South Africa,
       a private game reserve. It is four-star accommodations, four unique lodges,
       three gourmet meals per day, and twice daily open land rover trips with
       personal guide. Trips will be sold for $2,250 each.

                                                                    Zulu Nyala Game Lodge
                                                                     Heritage Safari Lodge

                                               Zulu Nyala
                                              Country Manor

                           PACKAGE for 2 PEOPLE INCLUDES
                         6 nights/days at Zulu Nyala Game Reserve
                  4-star accommodations with choice of 4 unique lodges
                            3 gourmet meals per person per day
         Twice-daily open Land Rover trips with personal guide for viewing wildlife
BEST OF ALL - You save $1,700 PLUS $1,125 of your purchase price is donated to Camp Fire

                                          ZULU NYALA SAFARI


Where does the lodge’s name (Zulu Nyala) come from?
Zulu is the name of a tribe. Many members work at the lodge, and you can also tour their village if you
want. They live very primitively, and sell many handmade items. A nyala is an animal with long hair on its
neck and back. The lodge is known for having a very large herd of nyalas.

What language is spoken there?
The main language is English. Many of the natives only speak Zulu, but are able to communicate with
English speakers well enough to sell things to them.

How would I get there?
First, you take a flight to Johannesburg, South Africa. Or break up the trip with a stop in Amsterdam or
another city of your choice. From Johannesburg, you take another flight to Richard’s Bay. Then, you
have the option to either rent a car or pay to have someone from Zulu Nyala pick you up. To drive from
Johannesburg takes approximately five and one half hours.

How much does the flight cost?
Generally, flights cost between $1,300 and $1,750. They tend to vary based on the time of year and how
far ahead of the trip they are booked. However, there are several websites on the internet that offer plane
tickets at a reduced price making it is possible to fly for as little as $900.

When is the best time of the year to visit Africa?
Africa’s winter months, which are from May to August, are the most appealing time to visit for several
reasons. First, the temperature is comfortable. It tends to be in the 70s during the day and in the 40s at
night. Also, most of the grass is dead and the trees are bare. This means that the animals are active and
can easily be observed. In addition, the pineapple fields and banana plantations are a sight to see.
Summer Season – September to April         Winter Season – May to Aug
Temperature – 60-90 F                      Temperature – 32-70 F

What to pack
At Zulu Nyala, formal clothes are not necessary. We generally recommend that people bring shorts &
cotton T-Shirt, good comfortable walking shoes, casual lightweight cotton, khaki or neutral coloured
clothes for safari, fleece or sweater and a warm jacket for game drive or cool evenings, wide brimmed
hat, personal toiletries, sun barrier cream and lip creams, binoculars, camera, converter to recharge your
camera (we use 3 round pin plug – 220V) and accessories, sunglasses. For a very low cost, you can get
your clothing laundered at the lodge.

There are excellent private medical practitioners in most towns and a top class hospital at nearby
Richards Bay. It is advisable to use a mosquito spray or cream for the outdoors, especially at night.

What is the procedure for game drives?
Upon your arrival at Zulu Nyala, you will be assigned a ranger. He or she will be your chauffeur on the
game drives and will be available to answer any questions that you may have.

What will we eat?
The meals are extraordinary. The auction package includes three delicious meals per day, prepared by
the finest international chefs, with an African flavor of course. You will be given two different choices
each day for your meat, potato, vegetable, soup, and salad. Also, every meal will include extras, like fresh
fruit, cheeses, and crackers.

L6. Canon Copier                                               $3,496
     This is a commercial quality workhorse copier, capable of running up to 7,000
     images per month, and is able to connect to your network. You will be able to
     scan your documents from this unit right to your desktop or to an email as a
     PDF or TIFF. This model also has a finisher which collates and staples. Added
     bonus: EBM will provide free service for the first 12,000 copies or 1 year
     (whichever occurs first). Delvery and setup of copier is included.
     Donor: Electronic Business Machines

L7. House Painting                                             $4,500
     Get your house painted this summer!! This item includes the labor to paint the
     exterior of a house up to 3,000 square feet. Power wash is included, but
     expendable supplies are not. Must be scheduled on a mutually agreeable date,
     best time during June through August. Expires 8/31/2011.
     Donor: R & B Services

L8. Extreme Scrapbooking Package                               $1,585
     Check this out!! This basket contains over 6,500 stickers! It also has over 600
     12" x 12" scrapbooking papers, one scrapbooking kit with album, 4 assorted
     albums, lots of extra accessories, clear stamp sets, scrapbooking book, etc.
     Donor: Melissa McCoy

L9.Custom Built Garden Shed or Playhouse                       $5,000
     This is a custom built garden shed or playhouse built at your property. It will be
     uo to 8’ x 10’ in area, has two windows, asphalt roofing, and an exterior door.
     Labor provided by local craftsman and home builder Dave Hanson. No
     weekend labor to be included and expires 6/1/2012. A 5 mile radius is allowed
     from Camp Fire office or gas allowance up to 12 miles.
     Donors: Dave Hanson Custom Homes, Glass by Lund, Inc., Loberg Roofing,
     BMC Select, Gaffney Construction, White Cap, Tiz's Door Sales Inc.

L10. Ultimate Sports Pack                                      $1,745
     Wow! This Ultimate Sports Package includes:

     •   Xbox 360 Kinect Special Edition 250 GB
     •   Masters TW2012 for Xbox
     •   Fifa Soccer II for Xbox
     •   Madden II for Xbox
     •   Kinect Sports for Xbox
     •   DECA Sports Freedom for Xbox
     •   4 all-inclusive club Seattle Sounders FC tickets for Sunday, June 26th at 1:00
          pm plus parking pass, (includes buffet, soda & water at Fox Sports Grill plus
          halftime hot dogs and cookies.)
     •   4 box Seattle Mariners tickets for Sunday, June 5th vs. Tampa Bay
     •   4 box Seattle Mariners tickets vs. San Diego on Friday, July 1

     •   4 box Seattle Mariners tickets vs. Oakland on Monday, September 26    th

     •   4 sports movies: Caddyshack, Talledega Nights, Friday Night Lights, and

     Donor: Xtreme Consulting Group, Inc.

L11. Wine Packages                                                      $1,300 each

 Wine Package #1                                   Wine Package #2
 Tasting for 10 with hors d’oeuvres in Everett $500 Tasting for 10 in your home ($350)

 Girrard Sauvignon Blanc 2010                     Quilceda Creek Cab Sauvn 1995 ($240)
 Krestel Lady in Red 7th Edition ($15)            Gehringer Bros. Reisling Ice 2005 ($45)
 Leonetti Merlot ($55)                            Hightower Cellars ($50)
 Kendall Jackson Grand Res. Cab Sauv 2006 ($32) Merlot Chile 2006
 Leonetti Merlot Wines 2006, 2007 ($175)          Leonetti Melot Wines 2008, 2009 ($175)
 Horse Haven Hollywood Hill Red 2008              Seven Hills Cab Sauv 2006 ($30)
 Brian Carter Cellars Red 2006                    Columbia Valley Ice 2009 ($35)
 Russell Creek Wine Maker Select Cab Sauv 2003 Hawkstone Cabernet 2009
 Shingleback Show Res. Shiraz McCaren Vale 2004 Don Cayetano Chile 2008
 Brian Creek Chardonnay 2007                      Salento, Italy 2006
 Langhorne Creek Winners Tank Shiraz 2008         Brian Creek Merlot 2007
 Malbec Red Reserva Bodega Porton 2007            Bonterra Cabernet Sauvignon 2008
 Eagle Haven Blackberry                           Sileni Sauvignon Blanc 2009
 Va Piano Perri Reid Cab Sauv 2007 ($38)          Va Piano Rerri Reid Cab Sauv 2007 ($38)
 Gehringer Brothers Ice Wine Reisling 2005        Eagle Haven Red Plum
 Latah Creek Riesling, Wine Opener & Server ($70) Okanogan Chardonnay 2006
 Snoqualamie Cab Merlot Whistle Stop Red 2007 Toasted Head Chardonnay 2006 (Cal.)
 College Cellars President’s Blend 2007 ($24)     College Cellars Pres. Blend 2007 ($24)
 Foundry Vineyards Artisan Blend 2006 ($36)       Foundry Viney. Artisan Blend 2006 ($36)
 Secco Italian Bubbles Rose’                      Secco Italian Bubbles White
 Eleven Winery La Ronde Red Blend ($32.50)        Eleven Winery La Ronde Red ($32.50)
 Charles Smith Eve Chardonnay                     Charles Smith Velvet Devil Merlot
 Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl Riesling              Charles Smith Chateau Smith Cab Sauv
 Lost River Classic Merlot 2007 ($25)             Lost River Classic Shiraz 2007 ($25)
 Weinger Schick 2003 German                       Franciscan Estate Cab Sauv 2007
 Ghost Pines Merlot Winemakers Blend
 Icicle Ridge White Reisling 2008
 Bay Moon Sauvignon Blanc 2009

       Thank you to all of our wine donors!
       Willis Hall Winery, Port Gardner Bay Winery, Va Piano Vineyards, Foundry
       Vineyards, Katherine Schiffner, Eleven Winery, Janna Snider, Fontelle Jones,
       College Cellars of Walla Walla, Cheri Ryan, Dave Surface, Geoff Goldfinch,
       George Bowden, Jim Jonson, Joan Caine, John Crane, Kevin McCandlish, Judy
       McClure, Kathleen Ihnken, Krissy Davis, Kristine Morse Holland, Virginia Hatch,
       Jaycee Strange, Eagle Haven Winery & Vineyard, Cindy Phillips, Secco Italian
       Bubbles, Charles Smith Wines, Debbie Little, Lorraine Madison & friends, Angie
       Scharbau, Kristal Whaley, Carol Clayton, Terri Vail, Kaye Hall, Stephanie Onzay

Giveaway Items
1. Quilt                                                           Priceless
     A beautiful quilt decorated by 72 Snohomish County Camp Fire youth. Special
     thanks to Cathie Erickson for the machine quilting.
     Donor: Carol Clayton

2. Security System                                                 $3,500
     This is a fully installed hard-wired intrusion detection and verification system
     designed specifically for your home or business. It includes: 1
     control/communicator with power supply, 1 arm/disarm keypad, 1 backup
     siren, up to three audio sensors, and up to four magetic door switches.
     Requires monitoring at Sonitrol Pacific Monitoring Center at $60 per month
     residential and $120 commercial.
     Donor: Sonitrol Pacific

3. Personal Financial Plan                                         $2,500
     This is a sound personal financial plan. You will develop a clear picture of your
     current financial situation by reviewing your income, assets, and liabilities and
     evaluating your insurance coverage, investment portfolio, tax exposure, and
     estate plan. You will also receive written recommendations on strategies that
     address and build your financial strength. Expires 12/31/2011.
     Donor: Moss Adams Wealth Advisors LLC

4. Comprehensive Financial Plan                                    $1,500
     The team of professionals at BondStreet Wealth Management will complete a
     detailed analysis of your financial situation and develop a personalized plan of
     action to meet your financial goals. Whether you are concerned about building
     your assets, providing for your children's education, preparing for retirement,
     or planning for the security of someone you care about, this financial plan can
     help you identify your needs and develop a strategy for reaching those goals.
     Expires May 31, 2012.
     Donor: BondStreet Wealth Management, LLC

5. Estate Planning Package                                         $895
     It is never too soon to prepare for the future. This estate planning package for
     two people includes: simple wills, power of attorney, community property
     agreement, health care directives and consultation. Trust & Tax work is not
     included. Expires 12/31/2011.
     Donor: Hermes Law Firm

6. Athletic Club Membership                                        $865
     Get fit for the summer! This prize is a three month family membership at the
     Seattle Athletic Club at Northgate. Valid only for new members and good for
     two adults and all children in the family. Expires 5/27/2012.
     Donor: Seattle Athletic Club

7. Six Months of Storage                                           $810
     It is time to clean out that garage or backyard shed by choosing this great
     prize. It includes six months of storage in a 10' x 20' unit at Arlington Self
     Storage. Expires 1/10/2012.
     Donor: Arlington Self Storage

8. Architectural Services #1                                       $800
     Have you wanted to plan that addition or garage? Now is your chance. With
     this prize, you get 8 hours of architectural consulting services. Expires June,
     Donor: Botesch, Nash, & Hall Architects

9. Architectural Services #2                                       $800
     Another Architecture Package that includes 8 hours of architectural consulting
     services. Expires June, 2012.
     Donor: Botesch, Nash, & Hall Architects

10. Concrete Landscape Curbing                                     $710
     100 feet of continuous concrete landscape curbing, 6" x 4" aggregate style,
     prep-work and installation included. Value may be applied to other size, color,
     or stamped curbing. Extra charge for excessive prep-work, sod disposal,
     coloring, stamping, and sealing. Expires May 19, 2012.
     Donor: Complete Landscape Edging

11. Life Sentry System                                             $700
     How many times have you worried that your loved one would fall, in the shower
     or out in the yard and not be able to call for help? Now there is a simple and
     easy solution. This LifeSentry Personal Emergency Response System includes
     free installation and one year of service. Included is a base unit, pendant and
     power supply, plus four rechargable batteries continually charging and
     providing 24 hours of standby power in the event of a power failure. Up to four
     pendants can be added, and a pendant can be worn in 3 ways: lanyard, wrist
     strap, or belt clip. Expires 5/19/2012.
     Donor: Evergreen Security

12. Tissue Paper Products # 1                                 $685
     This will supply your paper towels, tissues, and toilet paper needs for the whole
     year (or longer!). You receive 16 bundles of Kleenex facial tissues (10 boxes
     per bundle for a total of 160 boxes); 3 cases of Viva paper towels (24 rolls per
     case for a total of 72 rolls); 15 bundles of Cottenelle bath tissue (12 rolls per
     bundle for a total of 180 rolls of bath tissue).
     Donor: Kimberly Clark

13. Tissue Paper Products #2                                  $685
     This will supply your paper towels, tissues, and toilet paper needs for the whole
     year (or longer!). You receive 16 bundles of Kleenex facial tissues (10 boxes
     per bundle for a total of 160 boxes); 3 cases of Viva paper towels (24 rolls per
     case for a total of 72 rolls); 15 bundles of Cottenelle bath tissue (12 rolls per
     bundle for a total of 180 rolls of bath tissue).
     Donor: Kimberly Clark

14. Tissue Paper Products #3                                  $685
     This will supply your paper towels, tissues, and toilet paper needs for the whole
     year (or longer!). You receive 16 bundles of Kleenex facial tissues (10 boxes
     per bundle for a total of 160 boxes); 3 cases of Viva paper towels (24 rolls per
     case for a total of 72 rolls); 15 bundles of Cottenelle bath tissue (12 rolls per
     bundle for a total of 180 rolls of bath tissue).
     Donor: Kimberly Clark

15. Tissue Paper Products #4                                  $685
     This will supply your paper towels, tissues, and toilet paper needs for the whole
     year (or longer!). You receive 16 bundles of Kleenex facial tissues (10 boxes
     per bundle for a total of 160 boxes); 3 cases of Viva paper towels (24 rolls per
     case for a total of 72 rolls); 15 bundles of Cottenelle bath tissue (12 rolls per
     bundle for a total of 180 rolls of bath tissue).
     Donor: Kimberly Clark

16. Tissue Paper Products #5                                  $685
     This will supply your paper towels, tissues, and toilet paper needs for the whole
     year (or longer!). You receive 16 bundles of Kleenex facial tissues (10 boxes
     per bundle for a total of 160 boxes); 3 cases of Viva paper towels (24 rolls per
     case for a total of 72 rolls); 15 bundles of Cottenelle bath tissue (12 rolls per
     bundle for a total of 180 rolls of bath tissue).
     Donor: Kimberly Clark

17. Auto Detail, Rock & More                                   $681
      First in this package is a complete auto detail package - 5 hours and oil change
      service at Klein Honda. Excludes hybrids and diesel for oil change. Standard
      oil only, expires 5/19/2012. You are likely to need this after 10 yards of
      crushed rock are delivered to your home. Valid in Snohomish County only,
      expires 1/2012. When all the work is done, you can enjoy two massages at
      The Massage Clinic in Everett, and when you take your sweetheart out for the
      evening, she can use her brand new Beijo Over-the-Moon Purse in midnight
      Donors: Klein Honda, Concrete Nor'West, The Massage Clinic, Angie Scharbau

18. Laptop Computer                                            $654
      You will take home this brand new Lenovo Idea Pad S-10-3t Touch Laptop
      computer. Includes Windows 7 Home premium, 32 Intel Graphics media
      accelerator, 3150 1GB PC2-5300 DDR 2 SDRAM, 667 Mhz processor, 10.1"
      screen, and touchpad.
      Donor: Microsoft

19. Piano Rental                                               $635
      With this prize, you can try out a piano in your home without the commitment of
      purchasing one. Included is a one-year rental of a piano with free move in and
      move out, free tuning, and all repairs during rental. Regular rent of $30 per
      month applies after one year period if winner wishes to keep the piano.
      Donor: Petrich's Piano Shop

20. Airfare Air Miles                                          $625
      You won’t need gasoline with these 25,000 air miles through Alaska Airlines.
      Miles that are required vary by destination and route, and these miles won’t
      reach all destinations that Alaska flies to. Must book trip no later than
      Donor: Goldmark Financial Corp.

21. Lunch for a Year                                           $625
      Enjoy one lunch each week for a year at Shawn O'Donnell's Restaurant & Irish
      Pub in south Everett. Choose from any menu item, also includes choice of soft
      drink. Valid from May 20, 2011 - May 17, 2012.
      Donor: Shawn O'Donnell's Restaurant & Irish Pub

22. Beverages                                                 $601
     This package will quench your thirst! You take home 20 cases of Cascade Ice
     Sparkling Juice, 10 cases of Teddy's Soda, and 10 cases of Wired Energy
     Drinks. Caution: energy drinks are not for kids.
     Donor: Unique Beverage

23. Lopez Island Getaway                                      $600
     This amazing getaway includes five nights at Lopez Lodge on Lopez Island for
     2-4 people. Stay is in the studio room, and valid Sundays through Fridays,
     October through April only. Expires 5/1/2012.
     Donor: Bargreen Coffee Co.

24. Whidbey Island Vacation Getaway                           $600
     This getaway is a one-week use of a beach home on Whidbey Island. The home
     is completely furnished, just bring your own food. There are two bedrooms,
     one with a King bed, and one with two double beds. A $50 cleaning deposit is
     required, and refunded if left clean. The home is available the week of July 1st
     through July 8th, 2011 (date is flexible as long as mutually agreed upon).
     Donor: Terri Vail

25. Sounders Suite Tickets                                    $580
     Go Sounders! You receive four tickets in a Qwest Field Club Level suite to a
     2011 Seattle Sounders FC game. Parking pass included. Game to be mutually
     agreed upon, only valid during the 2011 season.
     Donor: Creative Concepts Marketing

26. Casino Party                                              $580
     This is all you need for your very own casino night! Includes four blackjack
     tables and all casino supplies (cards, chips, etc). Winner must pick up and
     return items. Not available in June or December. Date must be mutually
     agreeable. Expires 5/31/2012.
     Donor: Fantasy Casino Parties

27. Camp Jitterbug & Jump Session Show                        $578
     All levels welcome and no partner required for this swing dance workshop
     weekend on Capital Hill in Seattle. Passes include 2 tickets to the Jump
     Session Show at Benaroya Hall and 2 full weekend Camp Jitterbug passes with
     workshops, dances, lectures, and more. Must be used either 2011 or 2012
     Memorial Day weekend.
     Donor: Jitterbug Club

28. Camp Jitterbug & Jump Session Show #2                        $578
     Missed out on Item Number 27? Here is another opportunity. Same description
     as above.
     Donor: Jitterbug Club

29. Men's Watch                                                  $568
     A gentleman's Victorinox Swiss Army Watch, Chronograph Classic Model with
     blue dial and bezel, stainless steel bracelet, scratch resistant Sapphire crystal,
     water resistant to pressure depth of 100 meters.
     Donor: Ben Bridge - Everett Mall

30. Appraisal                                                    $550
     Take advantage of those great rates! You get one real estate appraisal to be
     used with a purchase or re-finance mortgage loan application with Kathy
     Vaughn of Goldmark Financial Corporation. Expires 5/31/2012.
     Donor: Goldmark Financial Corp.

31. Custom Painted Chair                                         $546
     This chair is hot!! It is a true-fire custom painted metal chair.
     Donor: Killer Paint

32. Explosion & Microsoft                                        $532
     Three great items with this prize!
     1) First you get four season passes to the remaining Snohomish County
     Explosion basketball games. Reserve seating, home games only. Games are:
     May 21, May 27, June 19, & June 24, 2011.
     2) An online suscription for Microsoft Virtual Training courses. Included are
     two courses for Excel, one for Word, and one for Powerpoint. Expires one year
     from beginning of subscription, must be activiated by 12/31/2011.
     3) One copy of Microsoft Home & Student software.
     Donors: Snohomish County Explosion, SmartPath LLC, Stepper Family

33. Cell Phone & Software                                        $509
     You will take home this great Samsung Focus Cell Phone from the AT&T
     Network (AT&T required) and one copy of Microsoft Home & Student software.
     Donors: Terri Vail, Stepper Family

34. Kitchen or Bathroom Design                                 $500
      This is a great summer to redesign your kitchen or bath with this eight hours of
      design work. Design to include 1 hour site visit, preliminary plan development
      with a minimum of 2 hours schematic drawings and finish product selection.
      Expires 5/19/2012.
      Donor: Emerald Design Kitchen & Bath LLC

35. Bright Smile Package                                       $500
      Flash those pearly whites! This bright smile package includes: a routine teeth
      cleaning, x-rays, exam, and take home whitening kit. Includes basic
      prophylaxis only and 4 bitewing x-rays. Expires 5/2012.
      Donor: Perrinville Family Dentistry

36. Dinner or Lunch for a Year                                 $500
      Hungry??..... Not anymore. Choosing this prize gets you one lunch or dinner
      per week for an entire year at the Vintage Café in Everett. Does not include tax,
      gratuity, or drinks. Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.
      Donor: Vintage Café

37. Jewelry Set with Box                                       $496
      This is a beautiful pearl necklace, bracelet, and earrings set. Necklace strand
      has 6.5 x 7 mm cream color cultured pearls, approximately 18" length, with 14k
      white gold clasp. Matching bracelet is approximately 7" length, with 14k white
      gold clasp. Earrings are set with 14k white gold posts. Premium jewelry box
      by Wolf Design, burgundy color with key lock and travel case. Featured as one
      of Oprah's favorite things.
      Donor: Ben Bridge - Everett Mall

38. Interior Design Consultation                               $495
      This package is commercial or residential interior design services provided by
      Sue A. Whaley, IIDA. Sue has in-depth experience in all facets of design. Three
      hours of consultation and specification are included. Restricted to
      Snohomish and King Counties only. Expires 5/19/2012.
      Donor: Sue A. Whaley Interior Design/Specification

39. Spa Basket & Tickets                                        $509
      Three great items with this prize:
      1) A wonderful spa basket includes a $300 gift card to The Skin Care Lounge.
      Treat yourself to a relaxing facial and rejuvenate your skin! Also available are
      massage treatments, reflexology, eyelash extensions and body waxing.
      2) Then, after your spa, you can enjoy two tickets to "Jazz in the City" concert
      series at Benaroya Hall on June 17, 2011. This concert features Motown
      Recording's latest singer/songwriter sensation KEM with special guest
      saxophonist EUGE GROOVE.
      3) You also receive a Woodland Park Zoo Family Fun Pack for 2 adults and 2
      children, expires 12/31/2012.
      Donors: The Skin Care Lounge, Benaroya Hall, Kathleen Ihnken

40. Tureen & More                                                  $483
      1) You will take home a Fitz & Floyd "French Market" Tureen with ladle and
      platter. Tureen holds 4 quarts.
      2) When your tureen needs a break you can go out for two free bowls of clam
      chowder at Duke's Chowder House. Expires 5/31/2012.
      3) You will also enjoy an introduction to dance class for a single or a couple at
      Arthur Murray. Includes two private lessons, one group class, and one private
      Donors: Joan Caine, Duke's Chowder House, Arthur Murray Dance Studio

41. FLUKE Equipment Bundle #1                                      $479
      This great FLUKE package includes: a 566 IR Thermometer, Two TPP1-F1
      Digital Immersion Thermometers, and a FLUKE keychain, t-shirt, and hat.
      Donor: FLUKE Corporation

42. Golf Package #1                                                $478
      Two great golf outings are included in this package.
      1) One round of golf for four people at Useless Bay Golf & Country Club on
      Whidbey Island. Does not include carts. Expires 12/25/2011.
      2) One round of golf for two people at Mount Si Golf Course in Snoqualmie.
      Valid Monday through Wednesday after 11am. Expires 12/31/2011.
      Donors: Useless Bay Golf & Country Club, Mount Si Golf Course

43. Suite Tickets                                                  $475
      This prize is twelve tickets in the NW Plus Credit Union Suite at Comcast Arena
      in Everett to see the Avett Brothers. In concert, this high-flying ensemble tears
      through tunes with unbridled energy, popping banjo and guitar strings right
      and left while inciting stomping singalongs among audiences that appear to
      know every word. Show is on Friday, July 15th at 7:30 pm.
      Donor: NW Plus Credit Union

44. Real Estate Appraisal                                         $475
     You will need this if you are purchasing or refinancing your home and taking
     advantage of historically low rates. It is a single family home appraisal, no large
     farms or acreage exceeding 5 acres. Expires 6/1/2012.
     Donor: Scott Appraisal Services

45. Cell Phone & More                                             $472
     Three great items in this prize! Something for everyone in the family:
     1) A brand new Samsung Rugby II Cell Phone through the AT&T Network
     (AT&T required).
     2) Nine Booster Packs of the collectible Star Wars Masters of The Force
     3) And for the family car is one computerized spin balance, tire rotation, air and
     safety check for vehicle of choice. Not valid on motorhomes.
     Donors: Terri Vail, Discount Tire Co.

46. Everett Getaway                                               $464
     Four wonderful items in this Everett Getaway Package:
     1) One night in a standard Marina View guest room at the Inn at Port Gardner.
     Includes breakfast in a basket delivered to the room in the morning. Expires
     5/19/2012. Not available for use in July or August.
     2) Two tickets to one of Village Theatre's 2011-2012 productions in either
     Everett or Issaquah. Must make reservation in advance, valid for only the 2011-
     2012 season.
     3) Two 1 hour massages at The Massage Clinic in Everett.
     4) Dinner entrees for two at Anthony's HomePort in the Everett Marina Village
     overlooking the marine activities of Puget Sound and the scenic view of Jetty
     Island. Expires 5/19/2012.
     Donors: Inn at Port Gardner, Village Theatre, The Massage Clinic, Anthony's

47. Ipod Touch                                                    $463
     This amazing FLUKE package includes a brand new Ipod Touch, a FLUKE
     keychain, hat, and tow hitch plug.
     Donor: FLUKE Corporation

48. Golf Package #2                                               $461
      Three great golfing items in this prize.
      1) A set of Dunlop Men's 16 piece gold golf clubs that includes stand bag,
      matching rain hood, 3 matching head covers, 12 golf clubs, 15 Jack Nicklaus
      Golden Bear golf balls, 12 practice balls, and 150 jumbo tees 2 3/4".
      2) A foursome with carts at Three Lakes Golf Club in Malaga, WA.
      3) A round of golf for two people at the Nile Golf Course in Mountlake Terrace.
      Expires 12/31/2011.
      Donors: Joan & Edsel Caine, Three Lakes Golf Club, Nile Golf Course

49. Teeth Whitening System                                     $460
      You get to take home a certificate for a professional teeth whitening system
      from local dentist Amy Norman.
      Donor: Amy Norman DDS

50. Golf Package #3                                            $458
      Golf at three courses are included in this package:
      1) Round of golf for three people with power carts with member Gregg
      Blodgett at Sand Point Country Club in Seattle. Must be scheduled on a
      mutually agreeable date. Expires 12/31/2012.
      2) A round of golf for two at the Nile Golf Course in Mountlake Terrace. Expires
      3) Two weekday green fees at Camaloch Golf Course on Camano Island. No
      holidays. Expires 2/28/2012.
      Donors: Sand Point Country Club, Nile Golf Course, Camaloch Golf Course

51. Artistic Prize                                             $452
      Three great items for the artistic side of you!
      1) First is a beautiful handcrafted art platter for you to take home.
      2) A basket filled with a variety of stamps for your stamping pleasure.
      3) A six week stained glass course that consists of instruction in facets of
      copper foiled & leaded glass. During the course you will make one foiled
      project, as well as a leaded window. The class is three hours per week for six
      weeks. Does not include tools or supplies.
      Donors: Kurt McVay, Stampendous, Covenant Art Glass

52. Wine Tasting                                               $450
      This fun prize is wine tasting for 10 people in the Medicine Creek Winery
      Tasting room in Olympia for two hours. Taste five wines with appetizers. Talk
      with the wine maker and enjoy the ambiance of the tasting room. Expires
      Donor: Medicine Creek Winery

53. Sports Fan Package                                              $450
     Three great items for the sports fan!
     1) Four field level seats to a 2011 Seattle Mariners game, plus a Doug Fister
     autographed baseball. You have choice of dates.
     2) A Seattle Storm championship set that includes 2 tickets to a 2011 Seattle
     Storm game, 2 championship hats, and 2 autographed posters.
     3) A Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll autographed NFL football.
     Donors: Seattle Mariners, Seattle Storm, Seattle Seahawks

54. Jewelry Box & Jewelry                                           $450
     This is a beautiful custom built wood jewelry box with carved dolphins. Also
     includes Cookie Lee jewelry.
     Donors: Wilson's Custom Cabinets, Wendy Crownover

55. Duck Package                                                    $438
     Quack Quack! This duck lover's package includes: 2 decorative ducks, a large
     decorative goose, 2 beautifully framed pictures, 6 brand new decoys and a hat.
     Donors: Rich & Judy Boyden

56. Sunglasses For 2                                                $438
     You can choose any 2 Oakley or Maui Jim sunglasses, up to $400 in value.
     Must choose from product in stock. Expires 5/2012.
     Donor: Everett Optometry Clinic

57. Golf Package # 4                                                $438
     Three great golf items with this prize:
     1) A round of golf for 8 people with a round trip ferry ride during the week on
     Hat Island. Expires May, 2012.
     2) A round of golf for two with a power cart at Battle Creek Golf Course in
     Marysville. Expires 4/15/2012.
     3) A Tom Watson wedge by Adams Golf.
     Donors: Hat Island Community, Battle Creek Golf Course, Jeanne Olsen-Estie

58. Glass Top End Table                                             $437
     This is a beautiful Flexsteel end table with a glass top. It will look great in your
     home! It is 21" x 25" in dimension and 26" high.
     Donor: Erickson Furniture

59. Juicer & More                                                $437
     You will take home four great items:
     1) Get healthy and have fun with this Jack Lalanne Power Juicer.
     2) A custom gift basket filled with fresh goodies from Ingallina's. Yum!
     3) Four cases of honey stix from Glory Bee Foods.
     4) A $100 gift card to Borders Books.
     Donors: Monika Collazo, Ingallina's Box Lunches, Glory Bee Foods, Lorraine
     Madison & friends

60. Business Package                                             $435
     In this prize are three great items that any business could use:
     1) A sign package that includes a 2'x8' banner with 1 color copy; a 18"x24" yard
     sign, doublesided with one color copy and step stake; a one dozen t-shirts
     printed 1 color on front and 1 color on back. Expires 5/15/2012.
     2) $100 worth of in stock merchandise or engraving at Marysville Awards.
     Does not include Boy Scout merchandise. Must give minimum of two weeks
     notice on engraving orders. Expires 5/19/2012.
     3) A wooden desk clock with plate to be engraved at Awards of Praise. Expires
     Donors: Signs Unlimited, Marysville Awards, Awards of Praise

61. Complete Car Package                                         $433
     This car package has a little something for everyone:
     1) First, for the family car is a four way alignment, valid at the following Les
     Schwab stores: 4805 Evergreen in Everett, 2701 Walnut Street in Everett, 1415
     112th St in Everett, or 4933 196th in Lynnwood.
     2) For the young driver, you take home a '32 Ford Tow Truck Pedal Car.
     3) And for both cars, you get waterless car wash products - non scratching
     environmentally friendly!
     Donors: Les Schwab Tire Centers, Brien Ford, CJ's Mobile Wash & Wax

62. For the Home                                                 $432
     Three awesome items to take home!
     1) A designer European decorative pillow, 22" x 22," custom cording/tassels,
     silk/linen content with down feathers.
     2) A beautiful 24" x 36" plate glass bevelled oval mirror.
     3) A basket of plants artistically arranged by Flowers by George.
     Donors: Sue A. Whaley Interior Design, AAA Kartak Glass & Closet, Flowers by

63. FLUKE Equipment Bundle #2                                    $429
     Wow! This great FLUKE bundle includes: a Carhartt jacket, size 40; a T5-H5-
     1AC Kit with T5-1000 Voltage, Continuity and Current Tester Kit with Holster;
     an Amprobe stainless steel travel mug, 2 TPP1-F1 Digital Immersion
     Thermometers, a Laser Pointer pen, a LVD2 Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector,
     LED Flashlight, hat, tow hitch plug, keychain, and t-shirt.
     Donor: FLUKE Corporation

64. SageCliffe Getaway                                           $425
     An overnight stay for two in a Cavern Room at Cave B at SageCliffe in Quincy,
     WA. Also included is wine tasting for two at Cave B Estate Winery. Good
     Sunday through Thursday, May through October, 2011. Holidays and Gorge
     Amphitheater dates excluded. A bottle of Cave B 2009 Chardonnay wine is
     also included.
     Donors: SageCliffe Resort, Cheri Ryan

65. Handmade Dolls                                               $440
     This is a collection of two amazing handmade dolls. One is a Mermaid and the
     other is an African woman. The detail in these dolls is incredible!
     Donor: Sue VonJentzen

66. Meat & More                                                  $420
     You will love this great frozen meat and “more” package:
     1) You will receive one case of Pork Chops (27 - 6 oz pieces), one case of Top
     Sirloin steaks (24 - 6 oz. pieces), and one case of chicken breasts (48 - 6 oz.
     2) In case you spill on your floor, you also receive a deep-steam thorough
     carpet cleaning. Good for living room only. Expires October, 2011.
     3) And finally because we all need some spiritual inspiration (even while we eat
     meat!), you take home Douglas Fairbanks Jr. presents Sir Laurence Olivier in a
     dramatic performance of The Bible on classic LP. Quite the collector’s item!
     Donors: SYSCO, B Happy Carpet Cleaners, Toby Brown

67. Golf Package #5                                              $510
     Golf at two great courses:
     1) Round of golf for three people to play with Art Nunes on the Prospector
     Course at Suncadia, Oregon. Includes carts. Expires 10/2/1011.
     2) Golf for two people at Kahler Glen Golf & Ski Resort in Leavenworth. Valid
     Monday through Thursdays only.
     Donors: Northwest Asset Management, Kahler Glen Golf & Ski Resort

68. Homemade Bench                                               $416
     A four foot bench with back, made with cedar 2x4s and 2x6s. Also includes a
     spring gift bag with a recycled pot, seed packs, and picks.
     Donors: George Morse, My Garden Nursery

69. The Jittery Package                                          $415
     You can get the jitters by picking this prize! Three items included:
     1) Eight tickets to the Jitterbug Club Jump Session Show for Memorial Day
     weekend 2011 or 2012.
     2) One pound of gourmet coffee (roasted and packaged by Cascade Coffee)
     per month for one year delivered to your home. Expires May, 2012.
     3) A coffee pump to put your coffee in.
     Donors: Jitterbug Club, Cascade Coffee Inc.,Toby Brown

70. Boats, Trains, Planes, & Automobiles                         $414
     Four great items including all modes of transportation:
     1) A $150 marine and tackle gift card to Three Rivers Marine.
     2) Four passes for a scenic train excursion through the upper Snoqualmie
     Valley, including Snoqualmie Falls, aboard a vintage train. Not valid on special
     3) One ride in a DHC-2 Beaver aircraft plus unlimited admission to the Historic
     Flight Foundations Resoration Center. Expires 12/31/2011.
     4) A four-way car alignment, valid at the following Les Schwab stores: 4805
     Evergreen in Everett, 2701 Walnut Street in Everett, 1415 112th Street in
     Everett, or 4933 196th in Lynnwood.
     Donors: Three Rivers Marine, Northwest Railway Museum, John T. Sessions,
     Les Schwab Tire Centers

71. Karaoke Player & XBox                                        $412
     This Karaoke machine plays the lyrics on your TV and has 2 microphones for
     hours of family fun. It also comes with a music pack to get you started. In
     addition are two Xbox games: Forza Motorsports - limited edition and Halo
     Donors: Sound Light Karaoke, Stepper Family

72. Granite House Sign                                           $410
     This sign will spruce up your home! It is solid granite and measures 24" x 12" x
     1.25". It includes house number and family name. Must choose one of three
     colors offered. Expires 12/2011.
     Donor: Pacific Coast Memorial

73. Rustic Bench with Pottery & Basket                          $410
     These outdoor items will be wonderful in your yard. They are a rustic potting
     bench with pottery and a gardening basket that includes: bird feeder and seed,
     2 garden books, 2 hand tools, sprinklers, kneeling pad and gloves, watering
     can, small flag, and sundial.
     Donors: Mack & Robin Miller, Myrna Overstreet

74. FLUKE Equipment Bundle #3                                   $407
     This FLUKE bundle includes: a Carhartt jacket, size 52; an Amprobe t-shirt, size
     XL; 2 TPP1-F1 Digital Immersion Thermometers, an Amprobe stainless steel
     travel mug, a 2AC Volt detector, a T-PRO Electrical tester, and a 62 Mini IR
     Thermometer with volt tester.
     Donor: FLUKE Corporation

75. FLUKE Equipment Bundle #4                                   $406
     This FLUKE bundle includes: a Carhartt jacket, size 56; 2 Amprobe t-shirts, size
     2XL, 2 TPP1-F1 Digital Immersion Thermometers, an Amprobe stainless steel
     travel mug, a 334 600-Amp AC Digital Clamp Meter with H3 holster and TL223
     test leads, a coffee cup mini-bucket jacket pencil holder cozy, and a LVD1 Non-
     contact AC Voltage detector, LED flashlight, tow hitch plug, keychain and hat.
     Donor: FLUKE Corporation

76. Edmonds & More                                              $403
     This great package includes 5 items!
     1) One night's lodging at the Best Western Edmonds Harbor Inn. Subject to
     availability. Expires 5/19/2012.
     2) A $25 gift card to Scott's Bar & Grill in Edmonds.
     3) Two tickets to The Driftwood Players at the Wade James Theatre in
     Edmonds. Reservations are required.
     4) Three pieces of pottery to take home, including 2 Oaxaca vases and a
     5) Two 1 hour massages at The Massage Clinic in Everett.
     Donors: Best Western Plus Edmonds Harbor Inn, Scott's Bar & Grill, Judy &
     Steve McClure, Myrna Overstreet, The Massage Clinic

77. Someone Special Package                                            $401
      Treat that someone special in your life with these four items:
      1) A limited edition water color print: “Mount Hood.” Signed by the artist, John
      Ebner, #64/990.
      2) One pair of tickets to any regularly scheduled play in the Bagley Wright
      Theatre during the 2011-2012 season. Excludes special engagements or
      3) Enjoy a weekend brunch for 2 at Salty's Seafood Grills. Does not include tax,
      gratuity, or alcohol. Expires May 2012.
      4) 1-hour massage at The Massage Clinic in Everett.
      Donors: John Ebner, Seattle Repertory Theatre, Salty's Seafood Grills, The
      Massage Clinic

78. Salmon Fishing Trip                                                $400
      Think of the fish stories you can tell after this trip! It is a salmon fishing trip for
      two people at Neah Bay or on Puget Sound. Must call no later than January,
      2012 to schedule trip.
      Donor: Jambo's Sportfishing

79. Mariners 4 Game Plan                                               $400
      Go M's! You get four seats at four Seattle Mariners games. Games are on May
      4th, July 2nd, August 28th, and September 13th. Seats are in Section 335,
      Row 5, Seats 7-10. Parking pass for each game is included.
      Donor: North Creek Self Storage

80. Handyman Service                                                   $400
      Get your honey-do list out! We can fix anything but a broken heart or a spoiled
      child. Includes 4 hours of handyman service. Redeem right away – offer
      expires 7/30/2011.
      Donor: Ready Remodeling LLC

81. Dinner for 10                                                      $400
      Yum yum! This prize is dinner for up to ten people at Watershed Restaurant in
      the Angel of the Winds Casino. Must be used as a group and reservations
      required. Expires 12/31/2011.
      Donor: Angel of the Winds Casino

82. Auto Body Work                                                     $400
      This will be your chance to get that dent out or fix the bumper. Prize is $400
      worth of autobody work. Offer cannot be used towards deductible and expires
      Donor: Special Interest AutoBody

83. Steve Largent Autographed Football                          $400
     This collectible football is autographed by NFL Hall of Famer and former Seattle
     Seahawks player Steve Largent!
     Donor: Steve Largent

84. Mariners Mini-Game Plan                                     $400
     This is your very own mini-game plan to the Seattle Mariners! It includes two
     tickets to each of five games. Seats for each game are in Section 129, Row 12,
     Seats 19 & 20. Games are: Monday, June 13th vs. Anaheim Angels; Monday,
     June 27th vs. Atlanta Braves; Saturday, July 2nd vs. San Diego Padres;
     Tuesday, August 2nd vs. Oakland Athletics; Saturday, September 10th vs.
     Kansas City Royals.
     Donors: Wayne Lennstrom, Rod Moody

85. Family Fun Pack                                             $400
     This family fun pack includes five great items:
     1) A $100 gift card to Silvana Meats
     2) A family pass to the Woodland Park Zoo. It includes admission for 2 adults
     and 2 children to spend the day at the zoo.
     3) A balloon sculpture party pack that includes either A) Princess Package of a
     child sized princess sculpture and 15 balloon wands for guests, or B)
     Tropical/Luau Package including life sized monkey, two palm trees, and 15
     balloon flower leis for guests. Delivery within 25 miles of Woodinville is
     4) The following Xbox games: Fable III, Halo Reach, & Forza Motorsports 3.
     5) $50 gift certificate to Pacific Power Batteries.
     Donors: Silvana Meats, Woodland Park Zoo, Mikie Marzolf, Microsoft Game
     Studios, Pacific Power Batteries

86. Country Club Golf                                           $400
     Hit the links! This is a round of golf for three people with Mayor Ray
     Stephanson. Includes carts and lunch with the Mayor. Expires 5/19/2012.
     Donor: Everett Golf & Country Club

87. FLUKE Equipment Bundle #5                                   $399
     This FLUKE bundle includes: a Carhartt jacket, size 40; a Lamborghini remote
     control car; 2 TPP1-F1 Digital Immersion thermometers; 2 Amprobe stainless
     steel travel mugs; a rechargable Dynamo LED spotlight with car adapter,
     electrical charger, and hand crank; a 62 Mini IR Thermometer, a tool bag, tow
     hitch plug, hat, and keychain.
     Donor: FLUKE Corporation

88. Leap Frog & More                                              $399
      Three wonderful items are included in this package:
      1) First is a Leap Frog set that includes a Leapster Explorer handheld unit, 2
      games, 2 Leaplet download cards, camera, video recorder and fashion
      2) A balloon sculpture party pack that includes either A) Princess Package of a
      child-sized princess sculpture and 15 baloon wands for guests, or B)
      Tropical/Luau Package including life sized monkey, two palm trees, and 15
      balloon flower leis for guests. Delivery within 25 miles of Woodinville.
      3) A Beijo Unchain-My-Heart Purse in burgundy color.
      Donors: Carol Clayton, Mikie Marzolf, Angie Scharbau

89. Limited Edition Art                                           $395
      A beautifully framed limited-edition water-color Giclee print: Roache Harbor
      Sunrise. Signed by the artist, John Ebner, #7/190.
      Donors: John Ebner, Anabel’s Framing & Gallery

90. Mukilteo Getaway                                              $391
      This is an awesome Mukilteo package that includes:
      1) One night's stay in a standard room at the Silver Coud Inn in Mukilteo.
      Includes breakfast, and valid October through May only. Expires 5/31/2012.
      2) A $50 gift card good at Ivar's or Kidd Valley Restaurants.
      3) A $20 Muk Hut (formerly Tin Fish) gift certificate.
      4) A gift certificate for a 16-piece box of truffles from Mukilteo Chocolates.
      5) A hair product basket that includes a comb, shampoo, conditioner,
      straightening gel and more.
      6) A $25 gift card to Red Cup Café in Mukilteo.
      7) The Mukilteo history book.
      Donors: Silver Cloud Inn Mukilteo, Ivar's, Muk Hut, Mukilteo Chocolates, The
      Copper Comb Salon, Red Cup Café, Mukilteo Booksellers

91. Mirror & Museum                                               $390
      This is a distressed white gold framed mirror with black inlayed accent. You
      also receive four admission passes to the Museum of Flight in Seattle. Expires
      Donors: Goldfinch Brothers, The Museum of Flight

92. Comcast Arena Tickets                                         $389
     This Comcast Arena package includes tickets to the following events: 4 tickets
     in the Club Lounge to Endurocross on August 13th, 4 tickets to Lipizzaner
     Stallions in the Club Lounge on May 28th, 4 tickets to Sesame Street Live in
     Section 102 on May 22nd, and 10 passes for Ice Skating.
     Donor: Comcast Arena

93. Pamper Yourself                                               $388
     Five wonderful items in this pampering package: 1) Assorted hair products
     basket with a mini travel flat iron and round brush. 2) One satin hands set, 1
     microdermabrasion set, 1 make up bag. 3) Shampoo, conditioner, candle, and
     a gift certificate for a haircut. 4) A new foot warmer with fan and massager. 5) A
     magnifying mirror.
     Donors: The Copper Comb Salon, Elizabeth Douglass, Tracey Zefkeles, Monika
     Collazo, Toby Brown

94. Wine & More                                                   $386
     Three wonderful items with this prize:
     1) First is 10 bottles of wine with a carrying case. Included: 2002 EB Foote
     Syrah, Icicle Ridge Romanze, 2004 Waterbrook Merlot, 2004 Silver Lake
     Merlot, Drop Dead Red, 2003 Walter Clore Red Wine, 2002 Portrait of a Mutt,
     2005 Vampire Merlot, and more!
     2) A beautifully designed basket of blooming and green plants.
     3) A gift certificate good for two people for breakfast at Maltby Cafe.
     Donors: Fontelle Jones, Stadium Flowers, Maltby Café

95. YMCA Family Membership                                        $385
     This is a three-month family membership to the Snohomish County YMCA.
     Includes 2 adults plus children, and gives you full access to the Y: basketball,
     pool, cardio/weight room, cardio, tot watch, and youth activities. Expires
     Donor: Everett Family YMCA

96. Dance, Dinner & More                                          $384
     Included in this prize is:
     1) Two 30-minute private dance lessons and one 40-minute group class at
     Arthur Murray Dance Studio. Expires 12/31/2011.
     2) A $50 gift certificate for dinner at the Watershed in the Angel of the Winds
     3) A framed photograph of trees.
     4) A Mary Kay satin-hands pampering set.
     Donors: Judy & Steve McClure, Jean Olson, Sarah Arney, Elizabeth Douglass

97. Framed Photography & More                                       $384
      You will take home two amazing framed photographs. As a bonus, you also get
      one computerized tire spin-balance, tire rotation, air and safety check for
      vehicle of choice. Not valid on motorhomes.
      Donors: Rod Moody, Discount Tire Co.

98. Family Portrait Session                                         $383
      This family portrait session is on location! Photographer Susie Howell will go
      to you and photograph your family as a group. You will receive a CD of the
      images for your personal printing needs. This would be great for a family
      reunion or a holiday gathering. Expires 5/19/2012.
      Donor: Susie Howell Photography

99. Christmas Package                                               $383
      It is never too early to get ready for Christmas. You get the following five items:
      1) A 14-piece nativity set, each piece signed by the artist.
      2) Nine rolls of designer gift wrap.
      3) His and hers apron set in Holiday fabric - one of a kind set. His is tuxedo
      style, hers is festive holiday.
      4) For your holiday baking you get a cookie basket that includes: "The Cookie
      Bible" cookbook, measuring spoons, measuring cups, spatula, recipe box,
      cookie sheet, and liner.
      5) And to relieve holiday stress, you get a one-hour massage at The Massage
      Clinic in Everett.
      Donors: Toby Brown, Melissa & Bill McCoy, Fae Alexander, Myrna Overstreet,
      The Massage Clinic

100. Amazon Gift Card & More                                        $382
      This prize comes with a $250 Amazon Gift Card. Good for anything on the site. You also get two tickets for the September 17th Seattle
      Sounders FC game. And dinner for two at the Sheraton Bellevue Grill, expires
      Donors: Microsoft, Margaret & Stuart Cobb, Cindy Phillips

101. Area Rug                                                       $382
      This wonderful 5' x 8' Shaw area rug will look great in your home.
      Donor: Hatloe's Carpet One

102. Whidbey Island Getaway                                      $381
     This wonderful getaway includes one night's stay in a guestroom with double
     occupancy at the incredible Inn at Langley. Stay includes breakfast for two.
     Valid September through June. You will also get dinner for two at the Useless
     Bay Coffee Company.
     Donors: Inn at Langley, Useless Bay Coffee Company

103. Sports Package                                                $379
     Four great items with this prize:
     1) Two tickets to the Seatle Mariners vs Tampa Bay Rays on Saturday, June 4.
     Seats are in Section 148, Row 11, seats 3 & 4. Parking pass included.
     2) Two Seattle Mariners tickets for May 30, 2011 vs. Baltimore Orioles. Seats
     are Section 139, row 17, seats 5 & 6.
     3) Four Club-level tickets to the August 13th Seattle Sounders FC vs. Chivas
     USA game at Qwest Field.
     4) Since dance is a sport too, you get this introduction to a dance class for a
     single or a couple at Arthur Murray. Includes two private lessons, participation
     in one group class, and one private consultation.
     Donors: Nelson Petroleum, Michael Choy, The Fox Family, Arthur Murray
     Dance Studio

104. Mariners & Dinner                                             $370
     Go M’s! Four tickets to two Mariners games: Saturday, September 17th vs.
     Texas Rangers, and Wednesday June 29th vs. Atlanta Braves. Seats are in
     section 123, Row 22, Seats 1-4. You also take home a $50 gift certificate for
     Benihana restaurant. Enjoy watching your own personal chef slice, dice, sizzle,
     and season your steak, chicken, or seafood right at your table, or enjoy the
     sushi bar. Expires 5/31/2012.
     Donors: FLUKE Corporation, Benihana

105. Candy & More                                                  $368
     1) You will take home a variety of delicious Brown & Haley candy products.
     Included: Almond Roca, Mountain Bars, Cashew Roca, Mocha Rocha,
     Macadamia Roca and Almond Roca Cookie Bar mix.
     2) To help burn off the candy calories, you get one month of unlimited
     Jazzercise classes for one person. Locations in Marysville, Everett, & Mukilteo
     3) Finally, you receive two 1-hour massages at The Massage Clinic in Everett.
     Donors: Brown & Haley, Jeanne Linder, The Massage Clinic

106. Seattle Getaway                                                 $367
     Sometimes the best weekends are right here nearby! This prize is a one night's
     stay for single-king or double-queen at the Silver Cloud Inn on Broadway in
     Seattle. Includes room and $25 for Jimmy's Restaurant on site. Expires June,
     2012. You will also enjoy two tickets to two different performances at Pacific
     Northwest Ballet: Giselle on Saturday, June 4th; Next Step on Saturday, June
     Donors: Silver Cloud Broadway, Katherine Schiffner

107. Five Watersports Vests                                         $366
     Safety in the water is always concern! This prize includes 5 Coast Guard
     approved vests. Sizes are: 1 infant, 1 teen (90-120 lbs.), 1 men's XL, 1 men's M,
     1 womens XL. No exchanges available.
     Donor: Connelly Skis

108. Cinco De Mayo (kind of)                                        $364
     1) Let’s start off with $200 in gift certificates to La Palmera Mexican Restaurant
     in Everett. Good for Cinco de Mayo or any time during the year!
     2) You also receive "A Day at the Races" at Emerald Downs. It includes
     admission for 4, programs, and reserved seating. Good for the 2011 season.
     Expires 9/11/2011.
     3) To get you to the horse races, and to your Mexican feast, you get one
     computerized spin balance, tire rotation, air and safety check for vehicle of
     choice at Discount Tire. Not valid on motorhomes.
     4) Your car will be clean for all of this with four "Beary Best" car washes at
     Brown Bear Car Wash.
     Donors: La Palmera, Emerald Downs, Discount Tire Co., Brown Bear Car Wash

109. Sweetheart Prize                                               $363
     Five awesome items for that special sweetheart in your life:
     1) A beautiful piece of stoneware with a Tulip design.
     2) A red poppy framed print.
     3) One haircut with Jeanne Linder in Mukilteo.
     4) A Beijo - Over the Moon Purse in SeaFoam.
     5) Two 1 hour massages at The Massage Clinic in Everett.
     Donors: Marguerite Goff, Myrna Overstreet, Jeanne Linder, Angie Scharbau,
     The Massage Clinic

110. Seattle Activity Prize                                       $362
      Six great Seattle area items here!
      1) Four tickets to the July 14 Mariners game at 7:10 pm vs. the Texas Rangers.
      Tickets are in the "Terrace Club".
      2) Four passes to the Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum and
      Hall of Fame.
      3) One computerized spin-balance, tire rotation, air and safety check for vehicle
      of choice at Discount Tire. Not valid on motorhomes.
      4) A $50 gift card for Ivar's or Kidd Valley Restaurants.
      5) A $20 gift card for Walgreens.
      6) Eight one-way tickets (four round-trips) on the Seattle Monorail. No
      expiration date.
      Donors: Contractor's Bonding & Insurance, Experience Music Project, Discount
      Tire Co., Ivar's, Walgreens, Seattle Monorail Services

111. Everett Area Activities Prize                                $353
      Five great parts of this Everett package:
      1) A one night's stay in a deluxe room with 1 king or 2 queen beds at the
      Holiday Inn in Everett. Subject to availability, not valid on New Year's eve.
      Advanced reservations required. Expires 5/31/2011.
      2) A glow bowling package for 6 people at Evergreen Lanes. Includes 2 hours
      of bowling, shoe rental, souvenir bowling pin, birthday t-shirt, free game
      coupon for each bowler, unlimited soft drinks, and choice of hotdogs with fries
      or two large pizzas. Expires 11/19/2011.
      3) Admit up to 4 to Remlinger Farms Country Fair Family Park in Carnation.
      Rides and attractions include: back country pony trail rides, mine twister roller
      coaster, tolt river railroad, steam train ride, hay maze and more! Excludes fairs
      and festivals, expires Labor Day.
      4) 1 large pizza of choice, 1 pizza cookie, and up to 4 fountain sodas at Alfy’s.
      5) Four general admission tickets for the Imagine Childrens Museum in Everett.
      Passes are good for one visit.
      Donors: Holiday Inn Downtown Everett, Evergreen Lanes, Remlinger Farms,
      Alfy's Pizza, Imagine Children's Museum

112. Inflatable Tube and Inflator                                 $352
      Fun, fun, fun! This is a three-rider inflatable tube (Man-O-War) by Connelly
      Skis. Also includes a 120V quick-draw inflator.
      Donors: Judy & Steve McClure

113. Boat Repair or Maintenance                                   $350
      Tis the season to get that boat ready for the water. This prize is $350 worth of
      boat repair or maintenance. Includes labor only and expires 5/19/2012.
      Donor: Bayside Marine

114. Cord of Firewood                                             $350
      One cord of firewood, split, delivered and stacked at your home. Offer only
      good for delivery in Snohomish County. Expires 3/9/2012.
      Donor: Camp Fire USA's Camp Killoqua Staff

115. Auto Gift Certificate                                        $350
      Use this $350 gift certificate towards sales, service or parts at any of Dwayne
      Lane's Family of Auto Centers locations. No cash value, expires 5/19/2012.
      Donor: Dwayne Lane's Family of Auto Centers

116. Handmade Quilt                                               $350
      This beautiful Americana Quilt with two matching pillow cases was handmade
      by Camp Fire member Kayleigh Johnson. She is also a youth member of our
      Board of Directors.
      Donor: Kayleigh Johnson

117. Tax Services                                                 $350
      Tax time will come upon us again before you know it. This prize is 2011 tax
      preparation services. Must be provided by Brad Seltzer and information
      completed and turned in by 3/15/2012.
      Donor: Langabeer McKernan & Co. P.S.

118. Toyota Gift Card                                             $350
      This prize is a $350 Rodland Toyota gift card. It can be used towards parts,
      service, vehicle purchase, or a rental car.
      Donor: Rodland Toyota/Scion

119. Radio Advertising                                            $3,000
      Commercial production of a 30- or 60-second radio advertisement, then 100
      placements of the ad on KRKO Fox Sports AM1380 radio. Valid for new
      customers of KRKO only. Expires 9/30/2011.
      Donor: KRKO Fox Sports 1380

120. Newspaper Advertising                                        $408
      Get the word out with help from the North County Outlook. This prize is a 3" x
      5" advertisement for a business or for personal use. Expires 5/2012.
      Donor: North County Outlook

121. Potpourri Pack                                             $395
     This prize has these four fun items:
     1) Two gift cards for Robin Hood Lanes in Edmonds. Each card is good for two
     lanes for two hours each. Maximum of 6 people on each lane. Does not
     include shoe rental.
     2) Two tickets for a 2012 Washington Stealth lacrosse game plus a fan pack of
     t-shirts, player cards, posters, etc.
     3) Four guest passes to the Seattle Aquarium. Expires 5/1/2012.
     4) A Buck pocket knife with leather sheath.
     Donors: Robin Hood Lanes, Washington Stealth, Seattle Aquarium, The Estate
     of Arnold Garka

122. Golf at Suncadia                                           $1,000
     This is a round of golf for four people at Tumble Creek Golf Course in Cle Elum,
     WA. It is a private course in the Suncadia development and includes carts.
     Valid Monday through Thursday, expires October, 2011.
     Donor: Suncadia

Thank you!!!
Cash Sponsors:
JD Services
Kevin McCandlish
Matheus Lumber Company
Accurate Automotive
Susan Williams-Crowther
Johnson & Shute, PS
Sue Ambler

In-Kind Donations
The Howard Group (wheel sponsorship)
Troy McVicker – Eventsource Northwest

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