Varicella Zoster by mikeholy


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• A very common disease caused by a virus

• Spreads easily through families and villages
          Signs and Symptoms
• Slight fever, headache, and itching round spots
  of different size.
• Spots may have clear liquid inside. Some may
  be crusty. They will cover the whole body, but
  may be more on the trunk than arms and legs.
• Clean with water and soap.
• Cut fingernails to reduce damage from
  scratching (try not to scratch at all!)
• Apply Gentian Violet to infected spots ONLY.
  Give paracetamol for fever.

• Use Chlorpheniramine ONLY if patient has
  severe iching. Use Terramycine eye ointment
  if there are sores in eyes.
               Herpes Zoster
• Caused by the same virus as chickenpox

• Is a reactivation of the virus and occurs many
  years after the initial chickenpox infection
• Causes a rash of vesicles (water spots) on one
  area of the skin

• Can occur at any age, but mostly seen in older
  patients or those with low immunity
          Signs and Symptoms
• Fever and chills a few days before rash appears
• Moderate to severe pain at site where rash
• Vesicles appear 4-5 days later

• Vesicles become pustules, then crusts
• Rash is very often on the chest but can be
  anywhere on the skin or mucosa

• Is usually only on one side of the body
• Treat lesions as in Herpes Simplex treatment

• Apply cold compresses
• Give pain medications by protocol. If
  necessary give Amitryptiline.
• If infection is severe or includes eye refer to
  doctor. Acyclovir can help if given within the
  first 48 hours after eruption of lesions.

They are infectious to people who have not had

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