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									                                      PETE LEWIS BEIGHTON

MOBILE: 07977 681 508                                         CALLBOX:01932 592 458

NINE FILMS               Nine the musical
ROCKET PICTURES          It’s a Boy Girl Thing,                                                           Stand
in/ runner
EON PRODUCTIONS         James Bond test filming.         Martin Campbell   Barbara Broccoli
                        Casino Royale

COMPANY                 PRODUCT                                                           POSITION

AGILE FILMS              Lyolds TSB                                                       Runner/driver
AGILE FILMS              Natwest                                                         Runner/driver
AGILE FILMS              CH 5 Ident                                                      Runner/driver
AGILE FILMS              The Times online                                                Runner/driver
OUTSIDER FILMS          Insurance commercial                                            Rushes runner
TANK                     New Look photoshoot                                             Runner
ASD LIONHEART           Dancing video game corporate                                    Runner
CHANNEL FOUR            4 music ident                                                    Rushes runner
GREAT GUNS              Lewis Hamilton tyre sponsor                                      Runner/driver
JJSTEREO                Nokia                                                            Runner
VIRGIN PROD             V.FUNNY promo                                                    Runner
VIRGIN PROD             Crime invasion promo                                             Runner
MAD COW                 FINISH ad                                                        Runner
INTERNATIONAL           Coco pops a                                                     Runner
MOBO AWARDS              MOBO Awards show                                               Runner
ROOT                     Jack Mcmanus photoshoot                                         Runner
AMERICAS MOST WANTED    American tv show and crew                                       Runner
RED BEE MEDIA            BBC ident ‘one and only’                                       Runner
ONE GIANT LEAP           888 GAMBLE ad                                                  Runner
THOMAS THOMAS            EON ad                                                         Runner
JSA PRODUCTIONS          Morning Fresh ad                                                Runner
JSA PRODUCTIONS          Yoplait ad                                                      Runner
JAM CREATIVE            Eurostar ad                                                     Runner
YIPP FILMS              Asda ad                                                          Runner
OUTSIDER FILMS           Gala Bingo                                                      Runner
SILVER FILMS             Lexus commercial                                               Runner
SILVER FILMS             ITV movie sponsor                                              Runner
SILVER FILMS             ITV movie sponsor                                              Runner
2AM FILMS                Sainsburys christmas campaign                                  Runner
ANNEX FILMS              HALIFAX graduation campaign                                    Runner/Driver
FEEL FILMS               Sun Newspaper                                                   Runner
FINK TANK                 COI                                                            Runner
FEEL FILM                Bella Magazine                                                  Runner
COMMUNICATIONS          DFS sofa ad                                                      Runner
BRICK                     Sony car radio speaker                                        Runner/driver
FINK TANK                Samsung web virals                                             Runner
HOTSPUR and ARGYLE      Cricket sponsor ad                                              Runner
FINK TANK               London transport
                          oyster card                                                     Runner/driver
BBC                      Holby Blue                                                       PA
DARE FILMS               Child abuse ad                                                   Runner
DARE FILMS               Prudential ad                                                    Runner
REDBEE MEDIA             UK Living idents                                                 Runner
ANNEX                     Homebase photoshoot                                             Runner
ANNEX                       TOTE Sport                  Runner
HSI LONDON                 Vision Express               Runner/driver
FINK TANK                   FIFA World Cup SA           Runner
SIX by SIX                  UEFA                        Runner
STINK                       Wife Abuse ad               Runner
STINK                       EA Sports dream world
                             cup ad                     Runner
ITV                        Last Detective drama         PA
                            ‘Persuasion’                Rushes Runner
BBC DRAMA                  Dracula xmas drama           Rushes Runner
GAINSBURY and WHITING    Alexander Mcqueen
                           Suitcase photoshoot          Runner
TALKBACK THAMES           Home Improvement show         Runner
JOY@RSA                    Magnum ad.                   Runner
ASD LIONHEART            Yutaka Loves London.
                           Virgin airline promotion.     Photography
FLEXTECH                   Pub Quiz.                     Runner
MJZ                        Lloyds TSB Ad.                Runner
PARTIZAN MIDI MINUIT     Honda power of Dreams Ad.
IWC MEDIA                CH 4 Induction video           2nd AD
                           With Avid Merrion
ANNEX                     ASDA Xmas Ads.                Runner
BBC BROADCAST            ITV 4 Idents.                   Runner
ASD LIONHEART            Virgin Atlantic virals.        Client
FLEXTECH                 Ultimate Gambler Ad.            Runner
LOKI PRODUCTIONS         Realm ‘retail therapy’ Ad.      Runner
ANNEX                     ASDA 40th Birthday Ad.         Runner
GRANADA                   Poirot ‘mystery blue train’     Runner
DUPLEXX PRODUCTIONS      Smooch yoghurt commercial.      Sound op
RADICAL MEDIA            Elephant ‘test commercial’      Runner
CHANNEL 5                 Murder Prevention Drama.       Runner
PULSE UK LTD             British Gas Corporate.          Runner
PARTIZAN MIDI MINUIT    Cadburys Idents.                Video Playback
BBC/ENDEMOL              Restoration live final.         Runner
FLYNN                    Dulux Test commercial.          Runner
PARTIZAN MIDI MINUIT    Anti drink drive Commercial.    Runner
EXPOSURE FILMS          Gliss Kur commerical.             Sound operator
PARTIZAN MIDI MINUIT    Playstation 2 viral.             Runner

JJSTEREO                KAISER CHIEFS album promo        Runner
JJSTEREO                AC/DC Album promo                Runner
DRAMATICO               Katie Melua promo               Runner
CROSSROADS               The Saturdays promo             Runner
ANNEX                     BOY KILL BOY Promo            Runner
ANNEX                     MTV Promo                     Runner
JJSTEREO                 Natty album promo              Runner
JJSTEREO                 Jack Mcmanus album promo       Runner
JJSTEREO                 Kooks Album promo               Runner
JJSTEREO                 Adele album promo              Runner
JJSTEREO                 Black Kids promo                Runner
BLINK                     Interpol promo                Bands personal runner
GAS and ELECTRIC         Music show pilot                Camera
GAS and ELECTRIC         Music show pilot                Runner
FINK TANK                Cowboy Dancer promo            Runner/driver
BERMUDA SHORTS           MTV C’mons promo                Runner
BERMUDA SHORTS           MTV C’mons promo                Runner
BERMUDA SHORTS           MTV C’mons promo                Runner
FINK TANK                Cowboy Dancer promo            Runner/driver
PARTIZAN                  Get cape,wear cape fly
                           Promo                         Runner/driver
INDEPENDENT FILMS       Pink pop promo                   Runner
COWBOY FILMS            The Darkness
                         ‘one way ticket’ promo.        Runner
SCHMIK TV               Will Young promo content.       Video Playback
ALCHEMY                Amy Nuttal promo.                                                                          Runner
STYLO ROUGE          Joseph Mcmanus promo Ad.                                                                     Video Playback
PAGAN PRODUCTIONS    Robert Post promo.                                                                            Runner
PAGAN PRODUCTIONS    Mattafix promo.                                                                              Runner
FLYNN PRODUCTIONS     Fleet promo ‘Get Down’                                                                      sound op
EXPOSURE FILMS        Ladytron promo ‘Destroy’                                                                    Runner
FACTORY FILMS         Hard-fi Promo:
                       ‘living for the weekend’                                                                  Runner
LADY RAY PRODUCTIONS Towers of London promo.                                                                     Sound op
DIDO FILMS             Bashar pop idol promo.                                                                    Runner
ALCHEMY                Danni Minogue
                      ’You won’t forget about me’                                                                 Runner
RADICAL MEDIA         Fast Lane Roogalator promo.                                                                Runner
PARTIZAN MIDI MINUIT Manhead promo.                                                                              Runner
AIMIMAGE              Jamelia ‘ Live DVD’                                                                        Runner/Camera asst
EXPOSURE FILMS       Gladiator feat Izzi promo.                                                                  Video playback/sound
FLYNN                 Hundred Reasons promo.                                                                     Runner
FLYNN                 Snow Patrol ‘Run’ Promo.                                                                   Runner

PARTIZAN                            HLA LONDON               GERARD DE THAME
FLYNN PRODUCTIONS                   ROGUE                    HSI LONDON

First: independent Film making.
Travel film maker                                             Directed, filmed, produced, Edited 13 films.
Award nominated director.                                     After Effects, Final Cut pro, photoshop, Cubase,
Adobe Premier.        PC + MAC
Learning website design FLASH, DREAMWEAVER.                   Learning 3d animation Cinema 4D.

Many thanks for taking a look at my cv Pete Lewis Beighton

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