Credit Card Authorization Form

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					                                AUTHORIZATION OF CHARGES ON CREDIT CARDS

                The most clear photocopy of plastic credit card on both sides (Signature must be legible).

    Write under the copy:

    Credit Cardholder's Name:

    Credit card type:                                     Visa
    (Check one)
                            American Express              Master Card

    Credit card number:                                                 Exp:

    If credit card is American Express, please write the four "non engraved" digits code:

    I hereby authorize Live Aqua Cancun to apply a charge to this credit card for a
    maximum of US$:

(                                                                                            ),
                                      Amount in letters

    as deposit of the following group:

    Group Name:


    Arrival Date:                                         Departure Date:

      Signature (Should be identical to that on plastic credit card).

    Please fax this format back to: 52 (998) 8817601 Attention: Flor Blanco | Please include:
    1. Copy of driver license or picture ID of credit card holder.
    1. Front and back copy of credit card that is being utilized.

    Note: Our rates are worldwide quoted in US Dollars, therefore, subject to money exchange fluctuations,
    unless paid in US cash or travelers' checks.

    Thank you for your immediate attention.