Sweet Potato Fun Facts by sandymcKelvey


									 H A L D A N E
 F A R M T O
Farmer’s Choice: Thursday, April 28th

Sweet Potatoes!                                     Ipomoea batatas

How did Sweet Potato get its
name?                                                A Taste of Sweet Potato History
The word "Sweet Potato" comes from “batata.”
Christopher Columbus learned this word from          Sweet potatoes are as American as apple
the Taino people of the Caribbean islands.           pie. They are native to the tropical parts of
                                                     Central and South America and were
                                                     domesticated there at least 5,000 years ago.
             Just the Facts                          Sweet potatoes were an important part of
                                                     Native Americans’ diets. When Columbus
  • Sweet potatoes are not potatoes. They are
                                                     arrived on these shores in 1492, he and his
    roots.                                           shipmates found sweet potatoes on the
  • The American "yam" is a copper-colored           islands known as the West Indies and
                                                     brought them back to Europe.
    sweet potato with a golden-red flesh that is
    moist when cooked.                               Sweet potatoes were cultivated by early
                                                     American settlers. They were the main
  • Sweet potato flour can be added to wheat         source of nourishment for early homestead-
    flour in any baked goods to make a healthier     ers and for soldiers during the Revolution-
    snack.                                           ary War.
  • Sweet potatoes grow in New York from July
    through October. But they are available all
    year round.                                     Did you know?
                                                    Sweet potatoes were once used to make
  • HIgh in Beta-Carotene (a special kind of        glue for postal stamps!
    Vitamin A) and Vitamin C, sweet potatoes
    help your immune system fight disease.          Sweet Potato joke
  • If you are feeling sick, help your body fight   “I think” said the sweet potato, “therefore
    back by eating more sweet potatoes!             I yam”

  • Go to the Cold Spring Farmers’ Market and       Take a Poll
    try some this week!                             How many kids in your class eat sweet
                                                    potatoes at Thanksgiving?

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