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                                             Las Vegas personal injury lawyers

       By shannon
       Dated: Jan 23, 2009

       At the law firm, we focus our practice exclusively in the areas of personal injury and wrongful death. Our
       attorneys have been protecting the legal rights of accident victims throughout Lasvegas for more than 30

       Our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers have successfully represented thousands of clients, holding to the
       principle of thorough preparation, attention to detail and tenacious advocacy. We have recovered
       compensation for many clients after other firms told them, "You have no case," or attempted to get them to
       accept low, early settlement offers.
        Our personal injury practice includes cases stemming from a wide range of accidents and incidents of
       negligence, including motor vehicle accidents (car, truck, motorcycle, bus and taxicab accidents, as well as
       plane crashes, train collisions, boating accidents, and rollover accidents), construction and work site
       injuries, defective products, dog bites, pedestrian and bike accidents, premises liability, and nursing home
       abuse. We have successfully recovered large settlements and verdicts for victims of catastrophic injuries
       such as brain injury, back, neck and spinal cord injury, and burn and smoke inhalation injury, as well as for
       those who have lost family members to wrongful death.
        When you have suffered a serious injury, medical bills, lost wages and other financial burdens can be
       overwhelming. Our personal injury lawyers focus on maximizing your financial recovery by pursuing all
       available avenues of compensation. We determine if you are eligible for workers' compensation benefits or
       Social Security disability benefits in addition to any personal injury compensation.
        Obviously, from the get go of a personal injury claim, it is very important to determine its potential value.
       An even more important question is, how much can I recover on my personal injury auto accident claim?
       The value and the potential recovery of your personal injury claim are not the same. The first question that
       must be answered is, what is the maximum potential recovery of my personal injury claim?
        To determine what the maximum potential recovery of your personal injury claim, you must first know
       how much insurance is available. The first thing to determine is how much liability insurance does the
       adverse driver have? In the State of Nevada, this can be determined by the use of NRS 690B.042, which
       simply states that an adverse carrier must release proof of liability insurance upon receipt of a medical
       authorization and a list of your health care providers. Sometimes, we can get a general idea of how much
       insurance is available by taking a look at the adverse driver’s insurance company. Generally speaking,
       major insurance carriers like State Farm, Farmers, and Allstate, are companies that will write liability
       policies above the statutory minimum. The minimum liability insurance in the State of Nevada is
       $15,000.00 per person and $30,000.00 per accident. Other company’s only write minimum policies,
       because these company’s are not as financially solvent as the major carriers. These marginal insurance
       companies try to limit their exposure by only writing minimum liability coverage policies.

        Another important factor increasing the value of your personal injury claim is egregious behavior on the
       part of the adverse driver. Was he drunk? Was he using drugs? Was he engaging in a speed contest or
       reckless driving at the time of your accident? Does he have a felony record? Egregious conduct on the part
       of the adverse driver can raise the value of your claim. Juries don’t like these Defendants.

        Your pre-existing injury and prior treatment, if any, can effect the value of your claim. If you have no
       pre-existing conditions related to your injury and you had no prior treatment for a similar injury, your claim
       will be worth more. If you are claiming a neck or back injury and you have had prior treatment for
       conditions involving your neck and back, or if you had prior claims involving injury to these body parts, an
       insurance company will offer less money to settle these claims.

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

 if you have an injury that will cause you to have pain and suffering in the future and cause you to incur
future medical bills, this will add value to your claim. (Caveat: insurance companies don’t like future
damages and have a tendency to downplay them.”)

 As you can see, calculating the total amount of the value of your personal injury auto accident claim is not
easy. Juries struggle with placing a price on things that do not normally carry a monetary value.

 Consider these things in your decision to litigate your personal injury claim.
 Some insurance adjuster’s will make a commission on your claim, in the event that they settle your claim
for less than the authority provided to them by the insurance company. Therefore, adverse adjusters under
certain circumstances may have a monetary stake in your claim.
 Most personal injury accident claims settle before litigation. In order for a personal injury attorney to
successfully settle a personal injury claim, it is sometimes necessary for the attorney, the health care
providers, and health insurance carriers to compromise their financial positions on a personal injury claim
in order to provide adequate compensation to the injured party.

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