Document Sample

         Minutes of the meeting of the Council of the Federation held in the Morris J.
         Wosk Centre for Dialogue, Vancouver, Canada on 8th and 9th October 2005

Peter Davey, representing the Australian Institute of Environmental Health
Claudia Kurzac, “            “ Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors
Domenic Losito, “          “                        “
Stephen Cooper, (Honorary Treasurer) representing the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health -
England, Wales & Northern Ireland
Steen Fogde, representing Foreningen af Miljomedarbejdere I Kommunerne, Denmark
Kati Gruenwald, “           Bundesverband der Lebensmittel Kontrolleure, Germany
Hans Hohenleitner, “                                 “
Ina Lenzing,        “                               “
Raymond Ellard, “            the Environmental Health Officers’ Association, Ireland
Colm Smyth, (President Elect)        “                             “
Shaari Ahmad,       “       the Malaysian Association of Environmental Health
Danny Wee          “                               “
Jan Homma,          “       College van Keurmeesters, Netherlands
Isobel Stout (Honorary Education Liaison Officer), representing the New Zealand Institute of
Environmental Health
Bernard Forteath, representing the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Environmental Health
Michael Halls (Honorary Secretary), representing “                   “
Jerry Chaka (President), representing the South African Institute of Environmental Health
Kia Regner (Honorary Public Relations Officer), representing the Swedish Association of
Environmental Health Officers.

1.       Welcome, Introductions, Practical Arrangements etc.
Claudia Kurzac, on behalf of the host organisations, the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors
and the British Columbia Branch thereof, welcomed delegates to the meeting and expressed her
appreciation to the Council for agreeing to come to Vancouver. She stated that CIPHI was honoured to
host the meeting and suggested that those attending should avail themselves of the opportunity to
inspect the facilities, which CIPHI intended to use for the 2010 World Congress.

Domenic Losito added his welcome on behalf of Vancouver Coastal Health and gave delegates details
of the arrangements, which had been made for them during their stay in Vancouver.

2.       Agree agenda & running order and note guidelines for conduct of meetings
The Council then agreed the order in which it would deal with the items on the agenda. As a result, the
business conducted by the meeting was undertaken in an order other than that shown in the agenda,
which had been issued but these minutes are prepared in the order as indicated in the agenda.

3.       Apologies for absence
Apologies for absence were intimated on behalf of one or more of the nominated delegates to the
Council from the member organisations based in, Australia, Austria, Cyprus, England Wales &
Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Liberia, Malta, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa &
Sweden; from the following Associate Members -British Columbia Institute of Technology and Water
for Kids; and from the following Honorary Vice Presidents – Diane Evans & Terence Moody.

4.       Declarations of Interest

5.       Appointment of Minutes Panel
Noted: that persons appointed to the panel require access to email facilities and to be able to respond
within a few days, once the draft minutes are circulated

Agreed : the panel should comprise the President, the Honorary Secretary, Claudia Kurzac &Isobel

6.      Minutes of the Council meeting held in Denver in September 2004
Noted: the minutes were circulated in November 2004 and are accessible on the web site at the
following address:

Considered: the view of the Swedish Association that the wording of the decision at item 16f was
The Honorary Secretary indicated that the above item had been badly worded and that it should have
indicated that Raymond Ellard had agreed to be nominated at the Annual General Meeting of the IFEH
in 2006 to take over as Honorary Secretary when the present incumbent indicated that he wished to

Agreed: that these minutes reflect the above facts.

ACTION: Honorary Secretary

7.      Matters arising from item 6 above, if not appearing on this agenda
                 a.       Item 11h
Considered: the decision noted at item 11h of the minutes of the Denver Council meeting.

Noted: that no report had yet been received from Les Milne of the CIEH who had undertaken to bring
something to this meeting.

Agreed: that the Honorary Treasurer should contact Les and request that he submit the report called for
as soon as possible.

ACTION: Honorary Treasurer

8.       Meetings of Board of Directors
                a.       Minutes of meeting held in Dublin, Ireland on 15th January
Considered: the minutes of the above meeting, which had been circulated with the agenda for this

Noted: that any matters arising from the above minutes which required further consideration by the
Council appeared on the agenda for this meeting

Agreed: to note the minutes.

                 b.       Minutes of meeting held in London, England on 21st June
Considered: the minutes of the above meeting, which had been circulated with the agenda for this

Noted: that any matters arising from the above minutes which required further consideration by the
Council appeared on the agenda for this meeting

Agreed: to note the minutes.

9.      Matters arising from the above, if not appearing on this agenda
                a.        Item- London– 6a liaison with WHO
Considered: a written report by the President, which was circulated at the meeting.

Noted: that contact had been made with Dr Bartram, Director, Protection of the Human Environment,
at WHO, to ascertain how IFEH needed to proceed in order to achieve formal recognition by WHO. A
response was awaited to the approach.
It was also noted that some member organisations had assisted WHO in the past and that others held
collaborating centre status with the WHO.
It was acknowledged that seeking recognition by WHO would not lead to financial support being
forthcoming but that it should result in a raised status for IFEH.

Agreed: to ask the President to report on progress at the first available opportunity.
It was further agreed that the President should ascertain from the organisations mentioned how they
had achieved privileged status and that he should also contact the IFEH Regional Groups to see if they
would be able to assist by making contact with WHO Regional Offices.

ACTION: President

10.     Finance

                 a.       Income & expenditure for the current year, up to 31st July 2005
Considered: report circulated with the papers for this meeting and prepared by the Honorary Treasurer

Noted: further information provided verbally which updated the above data. It was noted that the
Development Fund currently contained the sum of just over GB£29,000

Agreed: to note the information supplied and to congratulate the Honorary Treasurer on his work for

                b.       Budget for 2006
Considered: proposals from the Honorary Treasurer, which had been circulated with the agenda for this

Noted: that the proposals had been approved by the Board of Directors at its meeting in June 2005

Agreed: to approve the budget and to remit to the Board of Directors the power to amend the figures,
should the need arise after the commencement of the financial year 2006 and prior to the next
Council meeting.
It was also agreed that contact should be made with all member organisations to ask them to update
their membership numbers.

ACTION: the Board & Honorary Treasurer

                  c.      Annual Report & Financial Statement
Considered: the above report, copies of which had been sent on August 18th by Company Secretary
with the agenda for Annual General Meeting

Noted: that the Honorary Treasurer and the Federation’s auditors had worked together to produce the
report and that the auditors had reported that the accounts had been prepared in accordance with good
established practice.

Agreed: that the Council should approve the report and statement for submission to the Annual General
Meeting, which was scheduled to be held later that day.

                   d.       Funding of Regional Groups
Considered: : item 7e of the minutes of the Board of Directors held in London in June 2005 and a
report on current situation by Honorary Treasurer circulated with the papers for this meeting

Noted: that the sum of GB£1,000 is included in the expenditure forecast of IFEH each year and that, to
date, in the current year a total GB£612 had been claimed by the Americas Group and by EFEH.

Agreed: that the other groups be reminded of the availability of these funds and that a similar provision
should be made in future budgets. It was also agreed that any monies remaining at the end of the
financial year would not be carried over to the following year but would be returned to the general

ACTION: Honorary Treasurer.

                  e.       Grants from the Development Fund –
Considered: item 7e of London Board minutes and a report by President Elect, which had been sent
with the papers for this meeting

Noted: the view expressed in the report, which was backed up by those delegates who spoke on this
item, that the criteria laid down in the regulations was too vague and that more detailed and specific
guidelines were required.

Agreed: that contact should be made with the organisations which had made applications, to explain
why their requests had been turned down and encouraging them to submit further proposals once the
criteria had been revised.
It was also agreed that the use of an application form should be considered but that, meantime, the
regulations should not be amended. Any amendment of Regulations is a matter for the Council.
In addition, a provision should be added which sought information as to where additional funding was
to be sourced.

ACTION: the Board & Honorary Secretary

11.      Membership
                 a.        Role for associate members
Considered: content of item 8d of London Board minutes and a written report by Immediate Past
President on behalf of the Board, which had been circulated with the agenda

Noted: that delegates had different ideas as to how Individual Associate Members (IAMs) could be
involved more in the work of IFEH and how useful the issue of draft agendas would be.

Agreed: to agree to the report’s recommendations 1a, 1b & 2a but not to accept 2b.
Therefore IAMs are to be eligible to serve on committees and working groups; organisations holding
Associate Member status, including Academic Associates, should be invited to host IFEH meetings;
and draft policy & position papers should be made available to IAMs for comment.
It was agreed that the Honorary Secretary should remind all member organisations that if they wished
any matter to be considered by the Council or the Board, they should contact him and he would arrange
for that to happen.
To give effect to these decisions the Honorary Secretary was asked to amend the Procedures Manual.

ACTION: Honorary Secretary

                 b.       Applications received for full membership
Considered: verbal report by the Honorary Secretary

Noted: although a number of contacts had been made only one new member had been admitted since
the last Council meeting – the Public Health Inspectors’ Union of Sri Lanka.

Agreed: to note the situation.

                 c.       Applications received for associate membership
Considered: verbal report by the Honorary Secretary

Noted: an application for Associate Membership had been approved by the Board but that it had not
been actioned as the subscription was still outstanding.

Agreed: to authorise the approval of the application from the Environmental Health Section of the
Administrative Services Department of the Royal Commission for Jubail, Saudi Arabia, once the
requisite fee had been received

ACTION: Honorary Secretary

                 d.       Resignations/removals
Considered: verbal report by the Honorary Treasurer & the Honorary Secretary

Noted: two educational establishments in England had fallen behind with their annual subscriptions and
that, in accordance with agreed procedures, both could be regarded as requiring removal.

Agreed: to advise Norwich City College and Kings College London that they had been removed from

ACTION: Honorary Secretary

                 e.      Arrears of subscriptions – full members
Considered: report by Honorary Treasurer, which had been sent out with the agenda

Noted: up to date information supplied by the Honorary Treasurer indicating that some payments had
been received since the above report was drawn up.

Agreed: to pursue the member organisations based in Cyprus, France, Hong Kong and South Africa in
an effort to have their arrears cleared.

ACTION: Honorary Treasurer.

                f.       Arrears of subscriptions – Associate Members
Considered: report by Honorary Treasurer circulated prior to the meeting

Noted: further information provided in a verbal submission by the Treasurer.

Agreed: to remove Flinders University, Australia from membership, as its arrears were two years old.
It was also agreed to make contact soon with the remaining 12 Associate & Academic Associate
Members to ask them to clear their arrears as soon as possible.

ACTION: Honorary Treasurer

                g.        Recruitment activities
Considered: how to recruit new members.

Noted: Peter Davey had established contacts with environmental health professionals in China, where
there are some 20,000 such operatives.

Agreed: to ask Peter Davey to liase with the Honorary Secretary to see if contact could be made with
an organisation (s) with a view to recruitment.
It was also agreed that the Honorary Secretary should remind the Regional Groups that recruitment was
a matter in which all Groups had a role.

ACTION Honorary Secretary & Peter Davey

                  h.        Proposal for a practitioners exchange project
Considered: written report prepared jointly by members of the Danish & Netherlands associations and
sent with the papers for this meeting

Noted: that, in addition to that project which was outlined in the report, involving the member
organisations in Denmark & Scotland, other similar projects were extant, for instance those involving
organisations in Cyprus, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, etc.
It was stressed that persons involved in such exchanges were expected to work, that they could not look
on their involvement as being a holiday and that, to be successful, each project had to be low-cost.
Such projects could come about as an extension to twinning agreements.

Agreed: that Steen Fogde should work with the Honorary Secretary in contacting all member
organisations, suggesting that each should consider participating in exchanges with other member
organisations and that each body agreeing to participate should appoint a person to be the point of
contact for the project.
It was further agreed that the scheme should be managed through the IFEH web site, with all persons
appointed as points of contact forming a network and one person being designated as network

ACTION: Honorary Secretary & Steen Fogde

12.     Announcement concerning the result of ballot to elect the President Elect as from 2006
Considered: a verbal report by the Honorary Secretary.

Noted: nominations for the above post had been invited on 30 th July 2005 and the closing date was set
as 15th September. In between these dates, contact was made with all member organisations to remind
them of the closing date and it became clear towards the end of the period that some difficulty was
being experienced in ensuring that the ballot papers were returned by 15 th September.

The Board therefore authorised a few days extension to allow for the receipt of those ballot papers,
which were known have been sent but which had not arrived by the above date.
By 23rd September all the votes that had been sent had arrived and arrangements were made for the
count to be carried out in the presence of a solicitor located in Galashiels (the home town of the
Honorary Secretary) so as to ensure that the process was seen to be fair.
In terms of the number of votes cast almost 75% of those eligible to vote (that is delegates appointed by
member organisation to represent them at Council meetings) actually voted -a distinct improvement on
the last ballot on this matter, which was conducted two years ago.
The number of organisations, which cast their votes, was 27 out of 36 possible – also a percentage
turnout of 75%

It was noted that the number votes cast for each of the candidates in the ballot was as follows:
Peter Davey               22 votes
Bernard Forteath          27 votes
Isobel Stout              12 votes

Agreed: that the Honorary Secretary and the Company Secretary should note the above situation when
preparing the agenda for the 2006 Annual General Meeting (AGM) and ensure that Bernard Forteath
was nominated to succeed to the post of President Elect as from the date of that AGM.

13.      Announcement concerning the recipient of the Eric Foskett Award for 2006
Considered: Verbal report by the Honorary Secretary on action he had taken in respect of the decision
of the Board at its meeting

Noted: by the due date, 5 nominations had been received and, acting on the instructions of the Board,
the Secretary had sought agreement from 3 Hon Vice Presidents who are also past Presidents to form a
Nomination Committee to examine the nominations and to make a recommendation to the Board as to
who should be awarded the above at the Dublin World Congress in June 2006.
Roy Emerson acted as Chairman and was assisted by Ron Spratt & Lars Olsen.
In due course, the Committee made a recommendation to the Board and the Board accepted this.
Contact was then made with the persons who, or the organisations, which, had made nominations to
advise them of the success or otherwise of their nomination but no contact has been made by IFEH
officers with the persons nominated.
The unanimous recommendation of the Nomination Committee, supported by the Board is that the
2006 award should go to Kia Regner.

Agreed: that the President Elect and the Honorary Secretary should make arrangements for a suitable
memento to be obtained and presented to Kia during the World Congress in Dublin in 2006

ACTION: Honorary Secretary& President Elect

14.     Regional Activities
                 a.       Africa Group
Considered: the minutes of the meeting of the Africa Group held in Mombasa, Kenya on 18 th August
2005. The President, who had attended the Group meeting, explained some of the decisions taken.

Noted: with considerable pleasure the intent of the Africa Group to hold an all-Africa Conference on
Environmental Health in Kenya in 2007 to coincide with the Council meeting to be held there.
It was also noted that member organisations based in Africa had made contact with the DfID (UK)
concerning financial assistance but that applications for 2005 had closed.

Agreed: that the Honorary Secretary should liase with the Secretary of the Group in regard to the
arrangements for the two events in 2007 in Kenya.
It was also agreed that a further approach should be made in 2006 to DfID (UK) to see if financial
support could be made available either to individual organisations or to the Africa Group.
It was also agreed to approach the AAEHA, USA, to see if it would join IFEH as an Associate

ACTION: President & Honorary Secretary

                 b.       Americas Group
Noted: no meeting of the Group had taken place since the last meeting of the Council.

                   c.       Europe Group (now EFEH)
Considered: verbal reports by the Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer indicating that they
had both attempted to ensure that the minutes of the EFEH meeting held in Malta in April would be
available for the Council at this meeting but that they had had no success.

Noted: that Raymond Ellard had been at the Malta meeting and had with him a copy of his notes which
he had prepared for EHOA purposes. He gave a brief report on what he had noted had transpired at the

Agreed: to express great concern at the lack of minutes and to ask the two officers named above to
contact the Secretary of EFEH to obtain these as soon as possible and to issue a copy right away.

ACTION: Honorary Secretary& Honorary Treasurer.

                 d.       Asia & the Pacific Group
Considered: the minutes of the meeting of the Asia & Pacific Group held in Melbourne, Australia on
17th October 2004. Isobel Stout, acting Secretary of the Group, spoke to the contents, as did Peter
Davey, who had acted as Chairman of the meeting.

Noted: that the Group considered that it should regard itself as a partnership as opposed to a group.
It was also noted that the group thought that it should have access to and representation on the Board of
Directors and voting rights therein. Kia Regner stated that the Swedish association also felt that the
Regional Groups should have a broader role and should have seats on the Board.
Peter Davey reported that contact has been made again with HAKLI (Indonesia) and he hoped to
persuade it to rejoin IFEH.
It was hoped that the group would assist in the organisation of a conference on dengue fever due to be
held in Malaysia in March 2006.

Agreed: that the group should continue to be regarded as a group, notwithstanding its opinion that it is
more like a partnership.
In regard to the question of the relationship between the Regional Groups and the Board of Directors, it
was agreed that this matter should be examined by the Board and that prior to this examination, an
attempt should be made to ascertain the views of all Regional Groups on this subject; the Honorary
Secretary to approach the groups as a matter of some urgency. (In this regard, the Board will require to
take into account any action arising from the consideration by the Council of items later on in this
agenda, which might have a bearing on this subject – for instance an overall IFEH strategy.)
It was also agreed that clarification should be sought on the suggestion that IFEH should consider
reconfiguring the area currently served by the Asia & the Pacific Group.
The Honorary Treasurer should liase with the Group regarding the payment of the GB£250
administration allowance.
Peter Davey was asked to keep in touch with the Honorary Secretary in regard to the potential
membership of HAKLI and in regard to the proposed conference on dengue fever.

ACTION: Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary & Peter Davey

15.     Public Relations & Publicity
                 a.       Web Site
Considered: content of item 10 of London Board minutes and a report on redesign of by
Webmasters, backed up by a verbal report from Steen Fogde.

Noted: that a contract has been signed between IFEH and a consultant who is assisting the Webmasters
carry out the redesign of the site and, to ensure that deadlines were met it would be necessary to ensure
that information requested by the Webmasters should be provided as quickly as possible so that the
redesign goes smoothly.

Agreed: to aim to have the redesigned web site in use by 1st January 2006 and to give delegated power
to the Webmasters, in consultation with the working group (Raymond Ellard, Steen Fogde & Kia
Regner) to take all steps to ensure that this target was met.
The Honorary Secretary should be kept advised of progress and will comment on matters referred to
the working group, when necessary.
Should time constraints permit, an opportunity should be given to all member organisations to
comment on the content of the site prior to it being finalised but this consultation should not be allowed
to hold up the project.

ACTION: Webmasters, Honorary Secretary, Honorary PRO, Ray Ellard & Steen Fogde

                  b.      Other web site matters
                  Considered: report circulated prior to the meeting, which had been prepared by the

                  Noted: comments made by Steen Fogde in elaboration of the matters raised in the

                                              1.   Translations – to seek translations of certain parts of
                                                   the web site once the redesign had been completed.

                                              2.   Pages for Regional Groups – each Group should
                                                   appoint an information co-ordinator whose task
                                                   would be to work with the Webmasters in setting up
                                                   and managing the regional pages

                                              3.   Events pages – should be managed by CMS (Content
                                                   Management System) once the site is redesigned

                                              4.   Page for Faculty Forum – the Honorary Secretary
                                                   should contact the Faculty Forum to ascertain what
                                                   information it requires to place on its pages and how
                                                   the content is to be managed.

                                              5.   Sustainability Indicators Project – dealt with under
                                                   agenda item 15j

ACTION: Webmasters, Board, all Regional Groups & Honorary Secretary

                  c.       Proposed Environmental Policy
Considered: report by Board circulated with the agenda and referring to item 9e of London Board
minutes. The Council also heard from the Honorary PRO who had originally suggested that such a
policy should be prepared.

Noted: the proposed policy was for IFEH internal use and was not intended to relate to the activities of
member organisations although member organisations hosting IFEH meetings, etc, were expected to
have regard to the content of the policy.

Agreed: to add a check-list of the requirements contained within the policy, which would be used to
guide member organisations hosting IFEH meetings etc on what was expected of them.
It was also agreed that the policy and check-list should be added to the criteria laid down by IFEH for
Council meetings and, further, that reference to the policy should be contained on the IFEH web site.

ACTION: Honorary PRO, Honorary Secretary & Webmasters

                 d.       Codex Alimentarius -general
Considered: verbal report by representative of BVLK

Noted: representatives of BVLK had not attended any meetings since they made their last report but a
considerable number of documents emanating from Codex had been perused.
It was also noted that representatives of the University of Salford, had looked after IFEH’s at a meeting
in Argentina, although no report had been submitted to the Federation.

Agreed: to thank BVLK for its continued assistance in this matter.
It was also agreed that the Honorary Secretary should remind Professor Taylor of the University of
Salford that IFEH would welcome being advised of her intention to attend Codex meetings and
required reports on any such meetings, which she attended on its behalf.

ACTION: Honorary Secretary

                  e.       Codex Alimentarius & the involvement of more IFEH members
Considered: a report prepared by the Honorary Secretary on behalf of the Board of Directors, which
had been sent out with the agenda and which had been considered by the Board at its meeting in
London in June 2005.

Noted: that the Honorary Secretary had contacted all members of IFEH asking if they wished to
volunteer to assist IFEH in its work with the Commission and that 3 organisations had expressed an
One full member, the Jamaican Association, and two Academic Associate Members, Dublin Institute
of Technology and the University of Salford had expressed a wish to become involved.

Agreed: in regard to the desire of the University of Salford to become involved in the three Codex
Committees which had been stipulated and in respect of the wish of Dublin Institute of Technology to
get involved in the work of two such committees, the Honorary Secretary should contact both
establishments to advise them that IFEH required to know if representatives therefrom were intending
to attend Codex Committees. Furthermore IFEH expected to receive reports on the business dealt with
at such committees where the Federation was represented.
The Honorary Secretary was asked to contact the University of Salford to ascertain how it intended to
operate, as two separate departments within the University seemed to be involved.
It was also agreed that, since both establishments had expressed a wish to become involved in the
Codex Committee on General Principles, the Honorary Secretary should ask them to confer and to
decide which of them would be the lead establishment.
In respect of the desire of the Jamaican Association to be involved in the Food Hygiene Committee,
JAPHI should be advised that, since BVLK already represented IFEH on this committee, the role of
JAPHI would be one of working with BVLK, who would be the lead organisation for IFEH.
It was further agreed that if any member organisation representing IFEH at any Codex Committee
wished to make written observations to a meeting, the content of the submissions would have to be
cleared with IFEH first.

ACTION: Honorary Secretary

                 f.       Exhibition material on web site
Considered: verbal report by Honorary Secretary

Noted: no positive progress had yet been made.

Agreed: to ask the Honorary Secretary to expedite this matter.

ACTION: Honorary Secretary

                  g.       “Environment & Health International”

Considered: report by Honorary Editor, which had been issued with the agenda for this meeting

Noted: that the most recent issue had been much praised and that the Honorary Editor was planning to
publish the next magazine before the end of the year.

Agreed: to congratulate the Honorary Editor on another excellent issue and to appeal to all members to
assist by sending in papers and articles.

ACTION Honorary Editor, all Officers and all Member Organisations

                 h.       Annual Report for 2004
Considered: verbal report by Honorary Secretary

Noted: that the Annual Report had been published and that it had been distributed to all interested
parties in August. It was also noted that REHIS has contributed towards the cost of production.

Agreed: to express the Council’s appreciation for the continued support of REHIS in this project.

ACTION: Honorary Secretary

                 i.       Honorary PRO review role & duties
Considered: report from the Board arising from the decision noted in the minutes of the Board’s
London meeting at item 9f

Noted: that there had been extensive correspondence between the Honorary PRO and the Honorary
Secretary on this matter and that a satisfactory outcome had been agreed between the parties involved.

Agreed: to affirm that the Council wished to continue with the post of Honorary PRO and that the job
description detailed in the above report should apply to the post. The new job description should
replace that already contained in the Procedures Manual.

ACTION: Honorary Secretary

                  j.       Policy number 8 & Liaison with IISD
Considered: report by Henning Hansen, one of the IFEH Webmasters. Comments were also made by
Domenic Losito and Steen Fogde, who had both been involved in previous discussions on the matter.
The Council then heard from Lazslo Pinter of IISD over a telephone link about what IISD was and how
he saw the liaison between IISD & IFEH developing. A power point presentation was also made on
Mr Pinter’s behalf and a copy of this can be obtained from the Honorary Secretary.

Noted: the content of item 9c of the minutes of the Board meeting held in London in June 2005.
The Council noted the variety of initiatives, which IISD was involved in, including those climate
change, energy use, measurement & assessment and sustainable natural resources. IISD produced a
compendium of initiatives containing over 600 projects and it wished to include the Federation’s
sustainability indicators project therein as well as examining other avenues for cooperation.

Agreed: to approve the Memorandum of Understanding between IISD & IFEH; to continue to work
with IISD in preparing a shorter version of IFEH policy number 8; and to rename the IFEH
sustainability project the “Sustainability Indicators Initiative”.
It was also agreed that the latest version of Policy number 8 was the final one and, on that basis, to ask
that it be made available on the IFEH web site.
The Federation’s interests in these matters will be delegated to Henning Hansen with the support of the
Board of Directors and regular reports are to be presented to the Board and the Council, as appropriate.

ACTION: Webmasters

                 k.       “E H N International”
Considered: verbal report by Honorary Secretary referring to item 9h of London Board minutes

Noted: Chadwick House Group Limited was producing a supplement on a quarterly basis, which dealt
with international environmental health topics and, after negotiations between the company and the
Honorary Secretary, copies of each issue were being sent, free of charge, to persons and organisations
nominated by IFEH, including all members and associates.

Agreed: to confirm the action taken by the Honorary Secretary in this matter

                  l.        Durban Resolution

Considered: the content of item 6d of Board’s London meeting minutes

Noted: Raymond Ellard had not yet managed to amend the document in line with the Council’s wishes
but hoped to do so soon.

Agreed: to ask Raymond to complete this task as soon as possible.

ACTION: Raymond Ellard

                 m.       Emergency Disaster Relief –
Considered: report submitted by the President Elect copies of which had been circulated prior to the

Noted: that a number of individual members of CIEH, EHOA (Ireland) & REHIS had consulted with
each other and after consideration had issued a press release advising that they intended to set up a
register of environmental health professionals who were prepared to make themselves available to
work in conjunction with relief agencies in disaster areas. Peter Wright, a member of CIEH, would be
responsible for maintaining a register of such persons.
It was noted that volunteers would need to be trained and equipped and that there would be costs to be
met in these fields.
The representatives of other member organisations in attendance at the meeting indicated that they
would report back to their organisation to see if other, similar initiatives could be mounted in other
parts of the World.

Agreed: to give the Federation’s wholehearted support and encouragement to the initiative and to ask
the President Elect to advise his colleagues of this decision.
It was also agreed that the Board of Directors should investigate how IFEH could support the initiative
in a more tangible way, for instance, by assisting towards the financing of the training and equipment
The President Elect was asked to report back to the Council in due course.

ACTION: President Elect & the Board

16.     Education
                 a.      Liaison between IFEH and Faculty Forum
Considered: report by Honorary Education Liaison Officer (ELO), which had been sent out with the

Noted: the fact that, later in this meeting, a report on the educational conference to be held in Dublin in
June 2006 was to be considered.

Agreed: that the Honorary ELO to continue to liase with the Forum in regard to the above conference
as well as more general educational matters.

ACTION: Honorary ELO

                 b.       Educational Conference, Dublin 2006
Considered: the report mentioned in the previous agenda item, together with a report prepared by
Barbara Delaney of the Dublin Institute of Technology who was heading the Institute’s preparations for
the conference.

Noted: preparations were proceeding well, a working committee was overseeing the project and close
liaison was being maintained with EHOA who were organising the World Congress. A provisional
programme has been drawn up and contact made with many academics from all over the World.

Agreed: to congratulate the organisers and to confirm the Federation’s support for the conference. The
Honorary ELO would be responsible for liaison between IFEH and the conference organisers.
It was also agreed to remind the organisers that the role, which IFEH now had in respect of Codex
Alimentarius, should figure in discussions at the conference.

ACTION: Honorary ELO

                 c.       African Academy of Environmental Health – see
Considered: the content of the minutes of Board meeting held in London at item 12b

Noted: that the constitution of the academy had been approved by the Africa Group.

Agreed: to continue to support this project in whatever ways were necessary and to ask the President to
maintain the link between the Group and the Board & the Council

ACTION: President

                    d.      Role of IFEH in validating courses/ drawing up core competencies
Considered: verbal report by the Honorary Secretary advising the Council that, in accordance with the
wishes of the Board as noted at item 12a of minutes of London Board meeting, he had been in touch
with Paul Robinson, Director of Education with the CIEH, who had agreed to attempt to make progress
in this matter, following the inability of the person delegated at the meeting in Durban in 2004 to make
any progress

Noted: that due to pressure of his ordinary duties, Paul had not been able to progress this matter but
was hopeful of doing so before the end of the year.

Agreed: to confirm the wish that Paul complete the task and furthermore that the EHOA (Ireland) be
asked to discuss with the organisers of the Education Conference which was to be held in conjunction
with the 2006 World Congress the Council wish that this matter be dealt with at the above conference,
with a view to a final report being produced by the end of the conference.

ACTION: EHOA & Paul Robinson

17.     World Congresses
                 a.       Dublin 2006
Considered: progress report by EHOA (Ireland)

Noted: the organising committee was now meeting every 5/6 weeks and a web site
( was available. Meetings of the Council and any Regional groups will be
held in the impressive surroundings of the historic Dublin Castle and the educational conference and
associated meeting of the Faculty Forum will be held in the Dublin Institute of Technology.
There are 4 themes for the Congress – “Environment & Health”, “Occupational Health”, “Food Safety”
and “Public Health”, with a mixture of plenary & parallel sessions. Promotional activity and searching
for sponsorship are very much in evidence and a number of keynote speakers have been confirmed.
There will be a lively social programme and a range of accommodations will be identified.
Registration will cost €675, prior to March 2006 and €750 thereafter.

Agreed: to note the information supplied and to congratulate EHOA on its progress.

                 b.       Brisbane 2008
Considered: progress report by AIEH, copies of which had been circulated prior to the meeting

Noted: progress made, including the formation of an organising committee, the setting aside of funding
for preparatory work and the involvement of the other IFEH members based in the Asia & the Pacific
region. Brisbane Convention Centre has been booked and approaches are being made to see what
sponsorship can be obtained.
The theme will focus on the use of technology in delivering innovative solutions for humanitarian &
sustainable development.

Agreed: to note the information supplied and to congratulate AIEH on its progress.

                 c.       Vancouver 2010
Considered: progress report by CIPHI, copies of which had been circulated prior to the meeting

Noted: an organising committee has been formed, its first meeting has been held and one of its earlier
tasks will be to identify sponsors and to draw up a preliminary programme. The Westin Bayshore
Resort & Marina has been chosen as the hotel for the 2010 Congress and a contract has been signed.

Agreed: to note the information supplied and to congratulate CIPHI on its progress.

                 d.       Bids for 2012
Considered: verbal report by the Honorary Secretary making reference to item 6i of the minutes of the
meeting of the Board held in London
The Council also heard from Stephen Cooper on behalf of the CIEH.

Noted: that the IFEH protocol governing the process of bidding for World Congresses aimed at having
bids for the World Congress in 2012 considered at the Council meeting to be held during the 2006
World Congress.
On behalf of the CIEH, Stephen Cooper intimated a statement of intent that the Chartered Institute was
considering making a bid to hold the 2012 World Congress in London, where the Olympic Games were
due to be held the same year.

Agreed: that the Honorary Secretary should commence the process which would lead to bids for the
right to hold the 2012 World Congress being dealt with by the Council during the 2006 World
Congress in Dublin.

ACTION: Honorary Secretary

18.       Policy & Strategy
                    a.      Overall Strategy for IFEH
Considered: report by Raymond Ellard on behalf of the Board of Directors. Prior to this meeting
copies had been emailed to a group of IFEH Member organisations but not to all members and paper
copies were circulated to those attending.
The Council also had regard to the comments, which had been made during earlier discussions at this
meeting, particularly during consideration of item 19f.
Raymond then gave a verbal presentation illustrated by power point slides.
Some discussion took place on 8th but most was on 9th October, although this minute makes no
distinction as to the timing of the points made and captured hereunder.

Noted: the following points were made during the debates:
For a vision to have relevance it requires to have a timeframe.
A strategy document requires to be dynamic.
Any action plan, which is adopted must be look more than one year ahead and 5 years was felt to be
better; and it must be adequately resourced.
Any action plan needs to identify the person or organisation charged with doing each task.
It would be difficult to gauge the feelings of member due to the very poor response made to the
questionnaire sent out by the President Elect, therefore further research on that aspect would be useful.
Council members are passionate about environmental health – that is why they are here this weekend.
IFEH is not an environmental or “green” organisation, it is a cadre of professionals dedicated inter alia
to assisting developing countries.
IFEH needs to decide to whom it needs to speak in order to achieve its aims.
The strategy document, which emanates from this discussion, will assist member organisations to
advise their individual members what IFEH is about.
It might also lead to the recruitment of more members by making IFEH appear to be an attractive
organisation to join.
For IFEH to be an effective NGO, people need to know about environmental health.
The use of the phrase “unity & diversity” is very apt, as is the idea of IFEH being a “partnership”.
There is a need to have all member organisations involved in finalising the strategy.
The vision should take a holistic view on public health protection and should assist IFEH become an
organisation recognised in terms of World health, which aims to develop policies in terms of the health
of the public.
It should develop partnerships, use modern language, recognise the benefits of a good web site and
encourage lifelong learning amongst environmental health professionals.
IFEH should strive to bring about sustainability and sustainable communities.
In drawing up a strategy the process is more important than the product.

Agreed: first, to thank Raymond for the work that he had put into preparing the report.
Raymond Ellard, Kia Regner & Peter Davey should confer on preparing terms of reference for a
facilitator who would be asked to facilitate a meeting over a full day (with time set aside for workshop
sessions) just prior to the opening of the Dublin World Congress. The aim of the full day meeting
would be to carry out an in-depth review of the IFEH, prior to which the facilitator will have
undertaken, with assistance from the appropriate IFEH personnel, a needs assessment of all aspects of
the operation of the Federation
Once the above 3 had completed their remit, they should refer the matter to the Board who should
attempt to organise the proposed Dublin event, aimed at agreeing a Federation strategy.
In the meantime, the report prepared by Raymond should be adjusted to take account of some of the
comments made during the discussion and thereafter it should be sent to all member organisations with
a covering note advising them of what transpired at this meeting and asking them to send comments on
the report to the Honorary Secretary by the end of January 2006.

ACTION: Honorary PRO, Raymond Ellard, Peter Davey, Honorary Secretary & the Board

                 b.        Proposed Policy on Climate Change
Considered: draft policy prepared by the Asia & the Pacific Group and circulated with the agenda

Noted: the widely differing views of those attending the meeting but there was agreement that a policy
on climate change was something worth striving for.
It was felt that the policy required a preamble and that the target audience at which such a policy is
aimed require further work.

Agreed: it was agreed that a new working group should be set up which would review the work done
already, have regard to the views expressed at this meeting, seek the views of other member
organisations and prepare a new version for the next Council meeting.
The membership of the group would be Steen Fogde, Domenic Losito, Kia Regner & Isobel Stout and
it would carry out its task by electronic consultation. Once a new version was prepared it should be
circulated to the membership and placed on the web site.

ACTION: Steen Fogde, Domenic Losito, Kia Regner & Isobel Stout

                   c.      Proposal for a Policy paper prepared by the Americas Group
Considered: a draft policy on the international response to large disasters & calamities prepared by
representatives of the Canadian Institute.

Noted: although the Council had asked the Canadian Institute and the US Association to co-operate in
his venture, there had been no input from NEHA.
It was felt that in general the idea of having such a policy was sound but there had to be a recognition
that the role of member organisations was more likely to be of use in local as opposed to major national
There is a dearth of awareness as to which member organisation have experience in such calamities but
it was worth finding out and it was important that the skills that environmental health practitioners can
bring to such situations was emphasised.

Agreed: an approach should be made to all member organisations to ascertain (a) what experience they
have in such matters (b) what sort of skills are necessary and (c) if they would be willing to contribute
to the finalisation of a policy on this aspect of environmental health.

ACTION: Honorary Secretary & CIPHI personnel

                  d.      The appointment of staff, etc
Considered: verbal report by the Honorary Secretary, in which he referred to item 9a of the minutes of
the meeting of the Board of Directors held in London

Noted: a very useful meeting had been held during the CIEH Annual Conference in September at
which he had met with representatives of the above 3 members. As a result of that meeting, it had been
agreed that the Honorary Secretary & the Company Secretary should prepare a detailed report to be
considered by the 3 bodies, explaining what IFEH required and how its aims could be achieved using
resources from the 3 organisations and some of IFEH’s own funds.
The Honorary Secretary also reported that hope had not yet been given up of obtaining support from
the EU, although this was now a matter better dealt with by EFEH. There was concern however at the
apparent lack of action by EFEH.
In so far as the possibility of obtaining help from the UK Government’s Commission for Africa is
concerned, the Honorary Secretary was working with the President and the Secretary of the Africa
Group in making approaches to the Commission by the Group and by constituent members of the

Agreed: to ask the officers involved to continue their researches and to report as soon as possible to the
Council or the Board of Directors on progress made.

ACTION: Honorary Secretary, Company Secretary & Secretary of EFEH

19.     Administration
                  a.      Calendar of Council meetings
Considered: schedule produced by the Honorary Secretary outlining the programme of Council
Meetings for the period 2006 to 2010

Noted: that, after further discussion between the Honorary Secretary and the General Secretary of
EHOA (Kenya), it was suggested that the 2007 Council meeting should take place in Nairobi, Kenya
during the month of August 2007

Agreed: that the 2007 Council meeting should be held in Nairobi, that the calendar of Council meetings
be amended to take account of that decision and that the Honorary Secretary should liase with the
Kenyan Association in regard to the 2007 Council meeting.

ACTION: Honorary Secretary

                b.        Procedures Manual
Considered: verbal report Honorary Secretary

Noted: that the manual now was accessible on the IFEH web site but that it was not very easy to find it
It was also noted that some of the decisions taken at this meeting would require amendments to be
made to the manual.

Agreed: that the Honorary Secretary should make the necessary amendments to the manual and that,
with the help of the Webmasters, he should ensure that the means of locating the manual on the web
site should be made easier.

SECRETARY’S NOTE: to access the Procedures Manual, go to and on the home page
click on “News”; then scroll down and you will find a link to the manual.

                  c.        Individual Associate Members Scheme

Considered: verbal report Honorary Secretary

Noted: that the number of individual members stood at 39 but that few of the members of the Council
were in that number.

Agreed: that the Honorary Secretary should contact all members of the Council to suggest that they
consider subscribing to the Federation as Individual Associate Members.

ACTION: Honorary Secretary

                 d.       Maintenance of IFEH Work Programme
Considered: report prepared by the Honorary PRO and circulated at the meeting. Kia gave the
background to the report.

Noted: discussion on this item was detailed and varied and there was some concern expressed as to
what a work programme should do, how it should relate to an action programme and how all of these
matters fitted into an overall strategy.
It was also noted that it is common practice for the minutes of all Council and Board meetings to
allocate tasks to named officers etc and that that system is, to all intents and purposes, an action plan.

Agreed: that strategic matters, which had been raised during the discussion on this item should also be
referred to during discussion on item18a. In the meantime, the Honorary PRO should prepare a list of
projects, which the Council had agreed should be carried out as part of the old work programme but
which had not been completed.
This list is to be supplied to the Honorary Secretary who will circulate it for comment to all members.
If possible this task should be undertaken within one month.
In the meantime, reference to the work programme should be deleted from the Procedures Manual.

ACTION: Honorary Secretary & Honorary PRO

                 e.        IFEH flags
Considered: verbal report involving the President, the President Elect and the Honorary Secretary

Noted: that the flags owned by IFEH and used during each World Congress were now in the possession
of the EHOA (Ireland). It was also noted that because new members had been admitted to IFEH since
the last occasion on which the flags had been used (the 8th World Congress in Durban in 2004) 3 new
flags would have to be purchased.

Agreed : to leave this matter in the hands of the appropriate officers.

ACTION: Honorary Secretary

                 f.       Terms of Reference for Board of Directors
Considered: a copy of the above terms of reference, which had been circulated with the agenda.

Noted: it was noted that the terms of reference require to be reviewed annually by the Council.
Concern was expressed by the Swedish representative, that her association felt that operation of the
Board was leading to too much centralisation of decision-making and that the regional groups needed
to be involved to a greater degree. She also alleged that the Board was filtering some aspects of IFEH
business and thereby preventing the involvement of member organisations. She suggested that the
Board should undertake much more consultation so that other officers did not feel undervalued and left
out of IFEH matters. Her association felt that the current system was undemocratic. Similar concerns
were expressed by the representatives of the Australian & Danish associations and a suggestion was
made that the organisation of IFEH was too hierarchical.
It was pointed out that IFEH must be made relevant to individuals in membership of member
A spirited defence of the work of the Board was given by the President Elect and the Honorary
Secretary and they suggested that if the Board had not acted as it had done over the last few years,
IFEH would not have made the progress that it had. They also stated that the criticisms made were
unwarranted and both felt very disheartened by the nature of the remarks made. They pointed out that
the Board members gave up their time (mostly leisure time) willingly and that a major problem faced
by all the members of the Board was a significant degree of apathy amongst the members.
The Honorary Secretary spoke of his frustration at getting no response from members when he asked
for information or assistance.
Other comments were made which sought to reassure the Board members that not everyone agreed
with the criticism and that too much of it had been lacking in specifics.
The Board members also reacted strongly to the allegation that it was resistant to change and suggested
that if member organisations wished to raise any matter with IFEH the system allowed (indeed,
encouraged) contact with the Honorary Secretary who is only too willing to have matter to put on
Council etc agendas.
The opinion was also expressed that, despite the criticisms made of IFEH and its Board of Directors,
considerable progress had been made during the 21 years of the Federation’s existence in regard to
assisting those member organisations, which had limited resources and those persons involved should
be proud of what has been achieved.

Agreed: to approve the Terms of Reference but to ask the Board to discuss the criticisms made during
consideration of this item and specifically to look into how better to consult with persons outside the
The Honorary Secretary was asked to set a deadline for responses from members on all matters which
he issued and which required a response.
It was also agreed that some of the matters raised under this item should be considered further in the
discussion on item 18a – the overall IFEH strategy.

ACTION: Honorary Secretary & the Board

20.       Next Meeting
Noted; the next meeting of the Council will be held in Dublin, Ireland over the weekend prior to the
opening of the Ninth World Congress on Environmental Health, that is Saturday 17 th & Sunday 18th
June, 2006.
It was also agreed that the Board should arrange the agenda of the above meeting to allow for enough
time to discuss strategic issues.

ACTION: Honorary Secretary & the Board

21.      Any other competent business
On behalf of the whole Federation and everyone who had attended this meeting, the President
expressed grateful thanks for the hospitality of CIPHI and the excellent arrangements, which had been
made by the Institute and the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.
The meeting commenced at 0900 on 8th, adjourned at 1700 the same day, reconvened at 0940 on 9th and concluded at 1220 the
same day. The meeting also adjourned during the afternoon of 8th to allow for the Annual General Meeting to take place
MH/MH                                                                                                              15:11:05