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									5 things I use that gives me an “Unfair Advantage” as a Real Estate Investor
When I communicate with owners about buying their home, I use 5 things to that give’s me an “Unfair Advantage” as a Real Estate Investor 1.Posture, I am in control and I am the one asking the questions. If you’re the on answering questions, you are going in the WRONG direction. 2. Questions, I do not use a script and my questions come from my listening to what the owner is asking. I do not just ask questions for the sake of sounding intelligent but I use the questions I ask like the surgeon uses a scalpel. Too often, people are just trying to get through a script and they come off sounding like a cheap Tele-marketer. When you listen, I mean really listen; the prospect will give you your next question. 3. Silence, because I do not use a script I am completely tuned in to what the owner is telling me. Again, most people simply are not listening to what a homeowner is saying because they are just waiting for the next moment to ask their next question on their script. 4. The Take Away... the owner knows that I am not attached and ready to walk away at a moments notice. When you are first starting out, it is very easy to become “attached to doing a deal” Nothing will put you in harms way MORE than becoming attached to any real estate deal. Be ready to step away from any real estate deal at a moment’s notice. This one strategy will put more money into your pocket than will ever take out. 5. Buyer’s Mentality…From my first day as a real estate investor, I have had a “Buyers Mentality. I am there to buy NOT to sell you or convince you to do anything. I am a Buyer and I am not going to jump through hoops to buy your home. People sometimes ask how in the world do we talk people into doing $1-10 dollar Down Deals and No Credit Check Deals as we teach at and the answer is simple. We don’t and neither should you! Mess up on any of these 5 things and it can spell the kiss of death for any Real Estate investor Now it is one thing for me to tell you this in print and it is another thing entirely for you to actually listen to me apply this things as they happened "live and in the moment" We actually have an Audio CD Program You can actually listen to as I called up Motivated Sellers and used these 5 principals.

Regardless, you should start to use these 5 principals right away in your Real Estate investing career You will see immediate results. TC and Vickie Bradley #1 Best Selling Authors

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