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									                                 LUIS PERDOMO
1906-Generation Drive Apt C
Raleigh, NC 27612                                                  Home 919-781-6904
                                                                    Cell 919 632 2020

                          PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Square D, NC                                                          3/2006 to Present
Contract EMC Laboratory Support

Supporting Education & Training

      UNIVERSITY OF HAVANA - Havana, Cuba
       Electrical Engineer Specialized in Telecommunication.
      EMC Technician Narte Certification                                     2007
      EMC Engineer Narte Certification

      Electromagnetic Compatibility:
       Test plan, automating EMC test, test setup, verification, calibration
       performer test, EMI data analysis and troubleshooting, test report,
       Proficient with FCC, IEC, UL, IEEE, ANSI and CISPR standard specifications for
       product design and development
       EMC automation software: Haefely, Tile, Chase, Schaffner and some in house programs
       Electromagnetic theory, radiated, conducted emission and susceptibility of systems
      Electronic: Analogue, digital electronic and embedded systems design
      Testing: Circuit analysis, hardware fixture design, troubleshooting and automation test
      Languages : C, C++, Visual Basic and LabView
      Platforms : Windows 00/NT/Xp, UNIX, MS-DOS
      Tools : Spectrum Analyze, Oscilloscope, Multimeters, Signal Generator, Power Meter, DAQ, PLC
      Other: MS Access, Assembler, Intel 80C51, 8085/86 and network.

Consultant                                                         6/2005 to 3/2006
Supporting Education & Training
      UNIVERSITY OF HAVANA - Havana, Cuba
       Electrical Engineer Specialized in Telecommunication.
      MCSE, MCSA, and MCP on Microsoft Windows 2000                          2002

   Network set up, Server programming, and networking troubleshooting.
    Network Planning ,System Integration , Switches & Hubs ,Router Configuration
       TCP/IP , Network Firewalls, Internet Information Server, Hardware
       Configuration, ISDN / T1 Lines , Software Configuration, Telephony & Fiber

CER, North Carolina                                                   11/2004 to 04/2005
Supporting Education & Training
      UNIVERSITY OF HAVANA - Havana, Cuba
       Electrical Engineer Specialized in Telecommunication.
      MCSE, MCSA, and MCP on Microsoft Windows 2000                          2002
Manufacturing Manager
Design the manufacturing process of electronic boards. Develop test fixtures. Programming SMT
and trough hole machine. Train technician in troubleshooting and testing hardware of S&H POS
system. Wrote quality inspection procedures, supervised the modification & layout of a numerous
Circuit boards, Implementation of a Window 2000 network by design and set up the network.
Conducted research on proposed system upgrades and identified potential incompatibilities
leading to alternative system purchases. Train Process Technicians in proper procedures for tool
checks, operations, data collection, process inspections / measurements, and abnormality
recognition and reporting

Manufacturing Senior Engineering Technician, Department Supervisor
Server Design, Operating System installation, Bios configuration setup, repaired hardware and
configured software for all components of S&H POS systems. (Credit Card Readers, Check
Readers, Computers, Monitors, Keyboards, Modems, Hand Scanner, Cashier Register, Printers,
Cashier Display, Neowares, Hypercom, Unix and Linux Operating System. Performed
administrative duties as department supervisor (Wrote testing and repair procedures, order
components, make repair and components plan, hardware modifications, QC Inspection).
Analysis Programming of Database, Designed and programming the reports.

Engineering Technician
Production process designed of electronic boards. The process involved production and
troubleshot power supplies, fiber optical interfaces, amplifiers, alarm systems, receivers,
transmitters, modems, modulators, demodulators, phone boards, Pulsar Systems and others.
Performed and design of in-circuit test, functional test, ESD, and Surge test. Design Hipot
tests. Duties involve the utilization of a lot of instruments (Logic Analyzer, Network Analyzers,
Spectrum Analyzer, Scope, and others). ESD and Surge

Research Engineer
Worked in the administration of the spectrum radio electric and troubleshooting EMI between
services. Design of models for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirement. Work in the
validation of products (vibration, humidity, temperature and electromagnetic compatibility. Worked
in electronic design of switching power supply, medical equipments and testing products
Accomplish circuit boards design using EMI principles. Completed a product using 8751
micro controllers (design software and hardware for a portable medical device to
measure gastric Ph). Performed and designed an instrument to measure the concentration of
hydrogen in the air. Perform and designed an instrument to measure parameters in the Parkinson
disease research. Designed device to test and verify the effectiveness of a VT100-clone
logical board. An electronic control board was developed for a shooting gallery. One EPROM
memory programmer was designed. Tasks were done to development linear and switching power
supply. The designed an A/D converter card which one interfacing medical production

        Member: IEEE and EMC Society P

        English: Fluent
        Spanish: Fluent

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