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Motivated Sellers..The Real Estate Investors "Secret Weapon"


TC Bradley shares with you what is the real estate investors "secret weapon" in this article

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									The Real Estate Investors “Secret Weapon”
When I went to kindergarten they did not have computers. Today they do. When I got started investing in real estate, I did not have a web site for filtering out unmotivated sellers and now I do. One of the biggest mistakes folks make when starting out in creative real estate investing is wasting time with un-motivated sellers. Talking with un-motivated sellers can drain the life out of your body and leave you highly discouraged wondering if this creative real estate stuff is really true. Well, it is true. I do not spend any time with un-motivated sellers and only contact 4 and 5 star leads. You can hear my actually calling these leads live on our Audio CD Program. A website allows you to filter out the curious and unmotivated seller and only deal with highly motivated homeowners. If you do not have a web site, you really need to get one.

It is the Real Estate investors “Secret Weapon”
The good news is that you can actually get a web site just like the one we use on a daily basis up and running within the next 72 hours!
Not having a website today is like being in kindergarten today without a computer…You can do it but we not use everything you can for YOUR advantage? Take Care, TC and Vickie Bradley #1 Best Selling Authors

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