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									The 3 Hottest Words in Real Estate Investing! Recently in the USA Today, there was an article about a Doctor who was putting 20% down on a home and had an 800 credit score. 2 Days before he was supposed to close, his funding disappeared. A real estate broker contacts me about one of our homes available for "rent to own" and her story is almost the same except her credit score is in the 700 range. A family man contacts me about one of or homes on a rent to own basis and tells me he has been a homeowner for years and always paid on time that is until his adjustable rate mortgage payment went from $1,600 to $3,200 and then to $3,800 3 months later. The alarming thing is that he is not alone. We have not even seen the majority of these ARM loans adjust yet but that caboose is coming down the track and nothing is going to stop it. Foreclosures and short sales dominate the news. Stories of mature older folks moving out and leaving the keys on the counter and calling the mortgage company and saying "come get the home the keys are on the counter" are becoming more and more commonplace.

Some investors have focused in on foreclosures and short sales and God knows there are a TON of them. But it seems everyone is fishing out of that pond. What most investors are missing is something that is so simple that most miss it. No one is talking about the 3 Hottest Words in real estate investing...everybody it seems is talking about foreclosures and short sales. What are the 3 hottest words in real estate investing at least for the next 2-3 years? Creative Owner Financing. The sub prime meltdown has already effected the good credit market and good luck getting a mortgage if you have bad credit So what that means is that in the midst of a "Buyers Market" the pool of Good Credit Buyers has been reduced greatly for sellers. Sellers are stuck and Buyers are stuck unless they learn how to bypass the "banker" Creative Owner Financing does just that. Those folks with marginal or bad credit who still want to own property, will have to look to creative owner financing to get the deal done.

So here is my Million-Dollar Question.. Where are all of these folks that are being foreclosed on, losing their homes to short sales and ARMS... where are they supposed to live? They are used to owning their own home and do not want to be renters yet they are shut out for sure because of their credit! Those attempting to sell their home have seen their pool of potential buyers be decimated by the Sub- Prime meltdown These events have led to an unprecedented opportunity for the creative real estate investor who understands the 3 hottest words in real estate..Creative Owner Financing! If you get the right specialized knowledge you can be the "Rain Man or Women and bring these 2 parties together and solve each of their problems and profit all because you have the right specialized knowledge! If you have not already, commit yourself to learning all of the methods of creative real estate investing ,especially "getting the deed" and "lease purchases" and wrap around mortgages. "Creative Owner Financing" truly are the 3 hottest words in real estate investing today! TC and Vickie Bradley are the authors of the #1 Best selling Real Estate Investing course "Buy with No Credit, How to Make Money this month in Real Estate!” ©2008 New Life Vision,LLC

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