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Good luck in your legal education, and if you have any further questions regarding ordering books, please feel free to
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                                                   ADVANCED LEGAL REASONING
     Sneidmiller     The Performance Exam Solution for the Bar Exam, 2003                                              105.00 No ISBN issued
     Kaplan          Finals Law School Exam Series – All Subjects Previously Studied
     Various         Audio Lecture Series – All Subjects Previously Studied
     Various         Gilbert Law Summaries – All Subjects Previously Studied

                                                      BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS
     Choper          Gilbert Law Summaries Corporations, 15th 2005                                                      34.48     9780314156396
     Conviser        Gilbert Law Summaries Agency, Partnership & LLC’s, 5th 2003                                        29.55     9780159007853
     Cox             Sum & Substance Corporations Audio CD’s, 4th 2008                                                  72.89     9780314196019
     Hamilton        Corporations Cases & Materials, 10th 2007                                                         135.00     9780314180742
     Henn            Law of Corporations Hornbook, 3rd 1983                                                             78.80     9780314092298

                                                             CIVIL PROCEDURE
     Clermont        Black Letter Series Civil Procedure, 8th 2009                                                      33.49     9780314199751
     Friedenthal     Cases & Materials on Civil Procedure, 10th 2009                                                   154.65     9780314184023
     Friedenthal     Civil Procedure Hornbook, 4th 2005                                                                 75.00     9780314156112
     Kane            Civil Procedure in California: State & Federal, 2009                                               55.00     9780314204479
     Marcus          Gilbert Law Summary Civil Procedure, 17th 2008                                                     34.48     9780314181138
     Miller          Sum & Substance Civil Procedure Audio CD’s, 6th 1999                                               77.82     9780314261809

                                                        COMMUNITY PROPERTY
     Bird            Cases & Materials on California Community Property, 9TH 2008                                      131.99 9780314180285
     Reppy           Gilbert Law Summaries Community Property, 18TH 2003                                                31.52 9780314152206

                                                            CONSTITUTIONAL LAW
     Barron          Black Letter Series Constitutional Law, 8th 2010                                                   33.49     9780314190314
     Cheh            Sum & Substance Constitutional Law Audio CD’s, 7th 2009                                            72.89     9780314180834
     Choper          Gilbert Law Summary Constitutional Law, 30th 2008                                                  35.46     9780314191397
     Kaplan          Finals Law School Exam Series Constitutional Law, 2nd 2009                                         24.95     9781607140917
     Nowak           Constitutional Law Hornbook, 8th 2009                                                              88.65     9780314195999
     Sullivan        Constitutional Law, 16th 2007                                                                     159.57     9781599412467

                                Prices are subject to change without notice – please call for latest information
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                                                LEGAL BOOKS DISTRIBUTING
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                                                       CRIMINAL PROCEDURE
   Boyce           Criminal Law & Procedure, 10th 2010                                                                154.65   9781599415925
   Dressler        Sum & Substance Criminal Procedure Audio CD’s, 4th 2005                                             72.89   9780314183927
   Kaplan          Finals Law School Exam Series Criminal Procedure, 2nd 2009                                          26.95   9781607140955
   Israel          Criminal Procedure in a Nutshell, 7th 2006                                                          31.52   9780314167750
   Loewy           Criminal Law in a Nutshell, 5th 2009                                                                30.54   9780314194961
   Marcus          Gilbert Law Summary Criminal Procedure, 17th 2008                                                   34.48   9780314194336

                                                   EVIDENCE (Required Materials)
   Broun           Black Letter Series Evidence, 5TH 2009                                                              33.49   9780314194459
   Goode           Sum & Substance Evidence Audio CD’s, 4th 2008                                                       72.89   9780314189530
   Kaplan          Finals Law School Exam Series Evidence, 2nd 2009                                                    29.95   9781607140979
   Kaplan          Gilbert Law Summary Evidence, 18th 2005                                                             34.48   9780314152213
   Miller          Federal & California Evidence Rules, 2009                                                           37.92   9780735579422
   Wellborn        Rules of Evidence, Cases & Materials, 5th 2009                                                     132.98   9780314199300
                                                   EVIDENCE (Optional Materials)
   Broun           McCormick’s Hornbook on Evidence, 6 2006                                                            75.00 9780314161277

                                                PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY
   Kaplan          Finals Law School Exam Series MPRE Exam, 2nd 2009                                                   49.95   9781607141051
   Chemerinsky     Law School Legends Series Professional Responsibility Audio CD’s, 2007                              47.23   9780314161062
   Morgan          Professional Responsibility Problems & Materials, 10th 2008                                        137.00   9781599413815
   Morgan          Gilbert Law Summaries Legal Ethics, 8th 2005                                                        34.48   9780314156334
   Rotunda         Black Letter Series Professional Responsibility, 8th, 2009                                          33.49   9780314194442

   Bernhardt     Black Letter Series Property, 5th 2006                                                                33.49   9780314158727
   Casner        Cases and Text on Property, 5th 2004                                                                 147.75   9780735539808
   Kaplan        Finals Law School Exam Series Property, 2nd 2009                                                      30.95   9781607140993
   Krier         Gilbert Law Summary Property, 17th 2006                                                               36.45   9780314172334
   Juergensmeyer Sum & Substance Real Property Audio CD’s, 2 2000                                                      72.89   9780314264923
   Stoebuck      Law of Property Hornbook, 3 2000                                                                      75.00   9780314228703

   Baumann         Gilbert Law Summaries Remedies, 11th 2003                                                           32.51   9780314143495
   Dobbs           Remedies Hornbook, 2nd 1993                                                                         78.80   9780314011237
   Fletcher        Law School Legends Series Remedies Audio CD’s, 2005                                                 51.22   9780314161109
   Re              Remedies, 6th 2005                                                                                 143.81   9781587789014

                                                   UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE
   Benfield        Sales, Cases & Materials, 5th 2007                                                                 143.81   9781587789861
   Meyer           Black Letter Series Sales & Leases of Goods, 1993                                                   33.49   9780314010681
   West            Uniform Commercial Code w/Official Text, 2009                                                       87.67    Mat# 40698301
   Whaley          Gilbert Law Summary Sales & Leases of Goods, 13th 2005                                              33.49   9780314163042
   White           Uniform Commercial Code Hornbook, 6th 2010                                                          78.80   9780314917669

           Sales Tax will be added to any order shipped within the State of California. The tax rate is for the county of destination.
      Audio cassette tapes are available, please call or email for pricing.
      We will always ship the latest edition available in accordance with the wishes of your school.

                              Prices are subject to change without notice – please call for latest information
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