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IRSC–Florida Tech Connection


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									                             IRSC–Florida Tech Connection
                                       A Fact Sheet for Undergraduate Students

                          Florida Institute of Technology has long
                          been a premier educational choice for
                          Florida high school graduates. Florida
                          Tech is now partnered with Indian River
                          State College to create the IRSC–Florida
                          Tech Connection. This is a dual-admis-
                          sion program designed to help Florida
                          high school graduates pursue an associ-
                          ate of arts degree from Indian River State
                          College followed by a bachelor’s degree
                          at Florida Tech’s Melbourne campus.

                          Who is eligible to participate in the                     Must a student apply to Indian River
                          IRSC–Florida Tech Connection?                             State College as well as Florida Tech to be
                          •  Any Florida high school student who has completed      eligible?
                             the full-time undergraduate application process for    Yes. Students interested in the IRSC–Florida Tech 
                             Florida Tech                                           Connection must apply to enroll in an approved 
                          •  Any currently enrolled Indian River State College      associate of arts degree program. As a degree seeking 
                             student who applies to Florida Tech before earning     student, you will need to submit an official copy of 
                             30 credits at Indian River State College               your high school transcripts (showing graduation date 
                                                                                    and courses completed) or official copies of college/
                          Which students might benefit from the IRSC–               university transcripts from each post secondary 
                          Florida Tech Connection?                                  institution attended. Applicants seeking in-state fees 
                          •  Students who need additional preparation prior to      must show documented proof of residency for the 12 
                             attending Florida Tech                                 months preceding their term of enrollment.    
                          •  The student who is admitted to Florida Tech but 
                                                                                    Is the IRSC–Florida Tech Connection open
                             whose financial circumstances prevent enrollment 
                             as a full-time, first-year student                     to students for all major areas of study at
                          •  Currently enrolled Indian River State College 
                                                                                    Florida Tech?
                             students who have earned fewer than 30 credits         Yes. In some majors, Florida Tech has an articulation 
                             and plan to complete their full-time baccalaureate     agreement with Indian River State College. In 
                             studies at Florida Tech                                those areas where the course of study is not clearly 
                                                                                    articulated, academic advisers from Indian River 
                                                                                    State College and Florida Tech will assist the student 
                                                                                    in the proper selection of courses. However, it is 
                                                                                    recommended that students enroll in the associate 
                                                                                    of arts degree program at Indian River State College 
                                                                                    to maximize the number of transfer credits given at 
                                                                                    Florida Tech.

Learn more by visiting:
IRSC–Florida Tech Connection

Reputation: Florida Tech is ranked 
a top tier national university by U.S.
News and World Report and has 
been named among the “Best in the 
Southeast” by Princeton Review. In 
addition, Florida Tech has been ranked 
a Barron’s Guide “Best Buy,” and the 
top private university in Florida by 
Washington Monthly.

Outcomes: The 2010–2011 College
Salary Report published by  
places the salaries for Florida Tech 
bachelor’s degree graduates at the top of 
the list for private research universities 
in Florida. The average starting salary of 
recent graduates is over $55,000.

Campus: Florida Tech encompasses 
130 subtropical acres including a 
                                                    How should students apply for                              How does an IRSC–Florida Tech
lush botanical garden. It is located in             financial aid?                                             Connection student move from Indian
Melbourne, Fla., the heart of the “Space            Both Indian River State College and Florida Tech           River State College to Florida Tech?
                                                    require students to submit the Free Application for        IRSC–Florida Tech Connection students must 
                                                    Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which should be filed         achieve a 2.5 cumulative GPA in their course of 
Enrollment: 2,413 full-time                         as soon as possible after Jan. 1. Students eligible for    study at Indian River State College to enroll at 
undergraduates studying at the                      the IRSC–Florida Tech Connection must request              Florida Tech with the $6,000 IRSC–Florida Tech 
                                                    that the Student Aid Report from FAFSA be sent to          Achievement Grant. Students should request that 
Melbourne campus, with 54% living on 
                                                    both Indian River State College (Code 001493) and          Indian River State College send their transcript to 
campus. Entire student body represents 
                                                    Florida Tech (Code 001469).                                Florida Tech and then call the Florida Tech Office 
50 states and more than 100 countries 
                                                                                                               of Admission to indicate that they are prepared to 
overall.                                            Does Florida Tech offer any scholarships                   enroll for the following term.
                                                    or grants to Indian River State College
Numbers                                                                                                        Are there other benefits for students in
•  Full-time Faculty: 224
                                                    Indian River State College graduates are awarded an        the IRSC–Florida Tech Connection?
•  Student to Faculty Ratio: 9:1                    IRSC–Florida Tech Achievement Grant of $6,000,             The IRSC–Florida Tech Connection student will 
   (Melbourne undergraduates)
                                                    equivalent to what an in-state resident would pay for      have a Florida Tech academic adviser in addition 
•  Average Class Size: 20                           the cost of an associate degree program ($3,000 will       to a Indian River State College adviser during their 
                                                    be disbursed in each of the junior and senior years at     course of study at Indian River State College. They 
History: Founded in 1958 by                         Florida Tech). If academic merit warrants, a student       will be invited to a IRSC–Florida Tech Connection 
visionary physicist Jerome P. Keuper                will instead be awarded a Transfer or Phi Theta            orientation at Florida Tech at the beginning of 
to educate area professionals working               Kappa scholarship (he or she will be awarded the           their first term.
on the U.S. space program, Florida                  higher scholarship; they do not stack). In addition, 
Institute of Technology got its start               IRSC–Florida Tech Connection students are eligible 
with an initial donation of 37 cents.               for admissions incentives, academic scholarships, 
                                                    plus need-based financial assistance. Florida Tech’s 
Alumni: Around 50,000 graduates,                    Army ROTC program offers full paid scholarships 
including five space shuttle astronauts,            to students who have a desire to become a 
an Olympic medalist, a National Teacher             commissioned officer.
of the Year and three four-star generals.
Facts and figures apply to Melbourne campus only
and do not include online or off-campus programs.

IRSC–Florida Tech Connection Coordinator
Florida Institute of Technology
150 W. University Blvd.
Melbourne, FL 32901-6975
(321) 674-8030
(800) 888-4348 •


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