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									Draft budget submitted 23/5/05                   Required Cost

STATE/TERRITORY BUDGETS                                      $86,950
* State/territory budgets cover relevant
memberships, advertising, client hosting,
networking, subscriptions
NSW/ACT                                                      $28,500
QLD                                                          $17,450
SA                                                           $21,000
VIC                                                          $20,000

BID ASSISTANCE                                               $10,000
Assigned to assist bureaux/centres bidding for               $10,000
international events

NATIONAL MEMBERSHIPS                                       $1,200.00
MEA                                                                0
PRIA                                                               0
AuSAE                                                          1200
ICCA                                                               0

SUBSCRIPTIONS                                                     $600
Media Guide
Directory of Australian Associations                              $600

CLIENT GIFTS                                                     $2,000
General gift - wine or other, potential to be
sponsored                                                        $2,000

ADVERTISING                                                      $4,000
Yellowpages - print/online                                       $2,000
Whitepages - print/online                                        $2,000

PRINT & PRODUCTION (where no cost
assigned assume in-house resources to cover)                 $13,500
E-zine (quarterly)                                                $0
Brochures - individual for each market, Zone
brochures (estimate only)                                    $12,000
General Artwork                                               $1,500
Website                                                           $0

EXHIBITIONS                                                  $10,000
INCE                                                          $6,000
AIME                                                          $4,000

covered in general travel allowance?                         $14,400
Quarterly face to face team meetings - 6 team
members                                                          $7,200
Monthly travel (CRD)                      $7,200
Directors travel to assist in pitches

Subtotal                                $142,650

CONTINGENCY                              $12,350

TOTAL CRZ BUDGET REQUIRED 2005/06       $155,000
Wish List


            $25,000    additional
             $4,160    additional
            $15,000    additional
            $20,000    additional


                                    To training budget
                                    To training budget

        $1,000.00 query cost
        $1,000.00 query cost















  2005/06 Sales Strategy NSW ACT
INDUSTRY      OPPORTUNITIES          STRATEGY                                                    REQUIRED
Association   Networking                         Invite clients to view conferences in action   2000
                                             (2 per year, 20 guests per function)

                                                Attend industry functions where                 600

              Memberships –           SCVB
              proactive collaboration
              with member bureaus,

                                                 Renew Gold Membership                          21000
                                                 SCVB Website - Advanced Listing Level 1        400

                                                 Support bid process
                                                 Attend Sales and marketing forums              0
                                                 Attend quarterly meetings
                                                 Advertise in Convention Planner                1800
                                                Join Canberra Convention Bureau at a
                                             Gold Member Level
                                                Sales Trip to Canberra in conjunction with
                                             Canberra Convention Bureau - September

                                                Partner in CCB’s Sydney & Melbourne
                                             Showcase @ 1000.00 each
                                                Partner with Accor CBR in tradeshow for         500
                                             CBR associations
  2005/06 Sales Strategy NSW ACT
            Leveraging from                       Invite to lunch to discuss                  1200
            current/past contacts            relationship/confirm referee status and their
                                             involvement in other committees – one per
                                             month @ 100.00.

            Direct mail campaigns                Ezine only                                   0

            Territory targeted e-                Present experience in Associations           0
            zines, etc                           Present venues ie Opening of Hilton
                                                 Present staff
            Speaking/presentation                Investigate opportunities                    0
            opportunities at                     Contact MEA, AuSAE to advise speakers
            conferences and                  available
            events within
                                                 Reachout participation – 13 Jul 05
            state/territory (for
Corporate   Networking                           Attend Entertrainers and Events Seminars -
                                                Attend PRIA Events – quarterly @ $50.00
                                                 Research events for corporate and attend
                                             quarterly functions
            Memberships –           Australian Institute of Management
            proactive collaboration               Join NSW Branch
            with associations,
            Leveraging from etc                   Invite to lunch to discuss                  400
            current/past contacts            relationship/confirm referee status and their
                                             opportunities to assist other
                                             departments/branches – quarterly @ 100.00.

                                                 Ezine only                                   0
            Direct mail campaigns

                                                 Present experience in Corporate              0
            Territory targeted e-                Present venues ie Opening of Hilton
            zines, etc
                                                 Present staff
  2005/06 Sales Strategy NSW ACT
             Speaking/presentation                 Contact MEA, AuSAE to advise speakers
             opportunities at                  available
             conferences and
             events within
             state/territory (for
             Directors and other key

Government   Networking                SG will call John Trevillian, NSW Premiers Dept to ask his
                                       suggestions as to how we can network with Gov.

             Memberships –           As above
             proactive collaboration
             with member bureaus,

             Leveraging from                        Invite to lunch to discuss                     400
             current/past contacts             relationship/confirm referee status and their
                                               involvement in other committees – quarterly @

                                                   Ezine only                                      0
             Direct mail campaigns

                                                   Present experience in Goverment                 0
             Territory targeted e-                 Present venues ie Opening of Hilton
             zines, etc
                                                   Present staff
             Speaking/presentation No idea
             opportunities at
             conferences and
             events within
             state/territory (for
             Directors and other key

Education    Networking                SG will call contact at Syd Uni to ask how this can be
sectors                                achieved
  2005/06 Sales Strategy NSW ACT
              Memberships –           As above
              proactive collaboration
              with member bureaus,

              Leveraging from                      Invite to lunch to discuss                  400
              current/past contacts           relationship/confirm referee status and their
                                              involvement in other committees – quarterly @

                                                  Ezine                                        0
              Direct mail campaigns               Letter of intro and brochure

                                                  Present experience in Education Sector       0

              Territory targeted e-               Present venues ie Opening of Hilton
              zines, etc
                                                  Present staff
              Speaking/presentation             Presentation at Universities to faculty UWS,
              opportunities at             UTS, UNWS, USYD and Macquarie Uni @ $250
              conferences and
              events within
                                                Morning or afternoon tea/cocktails
              state/territory (for
              DMC                   Would require specialist staff to manage a separate
Opportunities Incentive               Would require specialist staff to manage a separate
for diversifying                      department. We could approach established incentive
our services                          houses to assist with their special events
within the
above sectors

              Greater focus on part   Part service is always offered but not always requested
              service                 by our clients. Would need to ask the question when
                                      telemarketing new clients.

Required                                                                                        $28,700.00
     What                       How                          How much?                Required Cost

Sales Strategy
  General / All   All tourism bureaus within Qld,
                  including BM, GCT, SCT, CT:
                  Strengthen relationships with key
                  representatives in each of the
                  market areas
                  Brisbane Marketing: Remain              2200 PCO membership        2,200
                  financial member
                  attending quarterly member              4 x $35 per function
                  Advertise in BM Convention              $1,800                     1,800
                  Allowance for BM campaigns              $5,000                     3,000
                  Gold Coast Tourism: Remain              approx $1600               1,600
                  financial member
                  Advertise in GCT Convention             approx $1800               1,800
                  BCEC / GCEC / CCC: continue to          Hospitality costs est
                  maintain relationships with key staff   $600
                  and support where possible

                  ECQ: exhibit as part of MEMC but        approx. 250 to exhibit     1,250
                  assist in famil hosting                 (assuming FOC booth)
                                                          plus famil cost

                  MEA: continue involvment to             6 x 2 x $45 per function
                  maintain profile and existing
                  relationships by attending bi-
                  monthly functions
                  Continue entering State awards

                  Telemarketer to assit with further      In-house assistance
                  database research across all
                  markets, as well as cleaning up our
                  existing database

 Association      Sending quarterly e-zine to keep
                  clients updated on EP activities

                  Hosting client appreciation             Ave. 1 lunch per every     600
                  functions, possibly in conjunction      2nd month @ $100
                  with new property / attraction to
                  keep our costs down - invite clients
                  to lunch/other function regularly
                  throughout the year
            Create an industry working party
            to use past clients as sounding
            boards for new marketing ideas /
            proposals etc, and thank them with
            things like o/night accomm at
            different hotels (contra deal with
            hotel to get rooms, giving them
            good chance to showcase property)

            Directory of Associations: get            annual subscription fee
            assistance from EA’s to conduct a
            qualifying process / cleanse
            database so this can be a better
            used resource
            Past client database: ensure all
            these details are in Events so we
            know background / rotation of
            Not for Profit Network: continue to
            enhance our partnership and ensure
            availability of Directors to present to
            their membership base, INCE, and
            other activities

            Directors Involvement with
            industry bodies / offer opportunity to
            speak at functions, be part of panel

Corporate   As this is a fairly new market for EP,
            it may be worth organising a
            workshop day with Suzanne Hart
            and CRZ to get a better insight into
            the market:

            how best to target these people
            what sort of deadlines and turn
            around times they work on
            pricing structures
            competitor intelligence
            databases or groups to be involved
            with such as the Chamber of
            Commerce etc
            Maintain relationship with CTM to
            further investigate the best way to
            crack the corporate market and look
            for opportunities to partner with
            Invite potential clients to lunch, seek   Ave. 1 lunch per          400
            new business opportunities                quarter @ $100
             Maintain relationship with Danielle
             (Corporate Sales) BCEC, and assist
             where possible with famils,
             marketing, or partnering with them
             for a sales activity

             Join Brisbane Junior Chamber of          $60 joining fee and
             Commerce                                 $120 annual fee

             Attend BJCC functions                    est. $200 per year
             specific e-zine for the corporate
             market including items such as past
             corporate events, maybe include a
             paragraph similar to what Bryan
             does for eventconnect

Government   work closely with relevant bodies
             such as Dept of State
             Development, BCC, BCEC, and
             Brisbane Marketing to increase
             presence and knowledge within the
             Dept of State Development: meet
             with department and staff, possibly
             do short presentation on Event
             Planners and the benefits we can
             offer the Govt market

             Invite to lunch to build relationships   Ave 1 lunch per quarter   400
                                                      @ $100
             Meet with contacts at Queensland
             Health to find out how organisation
             works, what steps are taken
             internally when organising an event
             as well as any protocol in place for
             them to appoint a PCO, as well as
             decision makers within the

             Brisbane Marketing are currently
             running a series of Smart Planner
             meetings within universities to
             target academics to show them
             how easy organising an event is by
             showcasing the services they can
             provide as well as how a PCO can
                    I am not sure how effective us          3 seminars per year,        1,500
                    running a similar campaign within       $500 per seminar
                    the universities would be, so might
                    need a smarter approach such as
                    inviting potential clients along to a
                    relevant conference to showcase
                    what we can do, and provide
                    opportunity to see how easy it can
                    be with the assistance of a PCO, as
                    well as having other speakers there
                    to value add to the presentation

                    Develop e-zine with a case study
                    focus on a previous academic
                    conference and look at all aspects
                    from the convenors / committee’s
                    point of view

                    Create an industry working party        half yearly meetings @      500
                    to use past clients as sounding         $250 per meeting
                    boards for new marketing ideas /
                    proposals etc, and to keep updated
                    on what is happening within their

Opportunities for   Look at the opportunities to partner
                    with smaller organisations who may
                    not be able to afford full event
  within these      management, but may benefit from
    sectors         the services of our zones, such as
                    registration and accommodation

                    identify area within market where
                    there may be a need for further
                    education, better networking
                    opportunities etc, and develop our
                    own conference to meet the needs

 Client Hosting     hosting clients at current events to    Assume 2 hosting            2,400
                    showcase what we can do – give          activities with 20 guests
                    them an opportunity to see the          @ $60 each per
                    company in action                       function (to cover F&B)

                    taking VIP clients to social /
                    sporting events to further develop
                                                            TOTAL BUDGET                17,450
      Wish List     Resources                   When
                  Required / Notes

                  no additional             ongoing

                  no additional

140               no additional             ongoing

600               no additional             ongoing

540               ??? Can this be           ongoing
                  transferred to training

                  Assitance from
                  Coordinators and
                  Event Teams to
                  enter submissions

                  Albina to help with       end of each
                  design, Marketing         quarter
                  Coordinator to help
                  with copy
                  Support of Directors      2-3 times per year
                  and relevant Event
                  Teams, Marketing
                  Coordinators to
                  assist with invites
                  and RSVP
EA's time to qualify     May - June 05
and cleanse

EA's time to qualify     May - June 05
and cleanse

depends on the           ongoing
requirements of NFP
and what we can do
to support - such as
Directors giving their
time to present at
Conferences or

Suzanne's time           Jul-05

no additional            ongoing
      no additional           ongoing

180   JT's time to attend     May - June 05
      functions and
      Albina to assist with
      design, Director to
      assist with words of

      no additional at this   ongoing
      stage, possibly time
      to help develop
      budgets etc

      Event Manager to        will guage
      attend presentation     outcome after
                              meeting with
                              Mark Paddenburg

      no additional           May-05
        Albina to assist with
        design, Marketing
        Coordinator to help
        with copy, past client
        to provide input into
        case study

        Combined effort of
        CRZ and Event
        Team to research
        market, identify
        needs, formulate
        proposal, work with
        industry party to
        substanciate need,
        then implement


     What                     How                          How much?            Required Cost   Wish List

General / All   ACTA membership                        3700                      3700
                Advertise in ACTA Convention           approx $1800              1800
                Proactive collaboration with member    $20 a month                              240
                bureaus, etc – continuing to liaise    entertainment
                with ACTA formally and informally      expenses

                Sending “articles” of interest and     -                         -
                building relationship with the ACC
                who are also very active in bringing
                leads forward.

                Ensuring that ACC has a number of      -                         -
                brochures / business cards out for
                distribution at all times
                Customising our approach to ACTA       -                         -
                leads as they come in – we know
                when each Events report is due
                (15th of the month). Using the
                assistance of an Event Assistant, a
                standard letter can be established
                and sent to each new lead as it
                comes in.

                Targeted e-zines each quarter to SA    -                         -
                clients / potential clients

                Proactively investigate any            may require travel for    -
                opportunity for Graham to present -    GT
                Australian Institute of Management,
                AICD as well as continued
                involvement in MEA
                Participate in ACTA promotional        -                         ?              2000
                activities and famils
                Participation in Destination SA                                  4000
                Trade Show
              Continue to build relationship with     $50 a month               600
              local industry / hotel contacts - via   entertainment
              ACTA functions & one-on-one catch       expenses
              Past Tourism Student Network -          $30 to join + $10 a                 170
              join, attend social functions &         function = $70 x 2 =
              volunteer for committee (help raise     $140
              CC profile) - Michella interested in
              joining also
              MEA: continue involvement with          Cost varies at each       500
              industry functions, awards, etc.        function
Association   Investigate any opportunity to work     -                         -
              more closely with Not-for-Profit
              Network local chapter
              Stay in touch with AUSAE who are        -                         -
              not quite as strong as Not-for-Profit

              Continue to profile and contact SA      direct mail & brochure
              members from the Directory of           costs
              Associations - develop a marketing

Corporate     GT to join Adelaide Rotary Club         -                         -

              Workshop with Suzanne Hart to get       -                         -
              better insight

              Continue with Business SA               $586.30                   $586.30

              Attendance at Business SA               6 functions a year @      300
              functions                               $25 each function x 2 =
              Look into hosting / co-hosting          costs to be advised by              3000
              Business SA function - either           Business SA
              networking or lunch
              In-Business magazine gold pages                                   332
              directory listing
              In-Business magazine "Speed"            $10 every 2 months per              60
              networking functions                    guest
              GT to continue articles for in-         -                         -
              CC to continue to attend Women @        $40 per function x 4 =    160
              Minter Ellison functions & send         $160
              them updates on latest in Events for
              their Client Xmas party
                      CC Australia-Israeli Chamber of        $50 per lunch x 6 =           300
                      Commerce Young Business                $300
                      Leaders Forum - membership &
                      attendance @ lunch / breakfasts

                      Further reseach into BRW Top 1000      -                         -
                      corporates within South Australia

 Government           As per general above & continue        -                         -
                      using SA Tenders website to
                      develop leads
                      Look into networking functions with    -                         -
                      Government departments such as
                      Department of Premier and Cabinet

 Education            Work with ACTA to see if we can        -                         -
                      partner with them in their "Tertiary
                      Education" project to contact the
                      right people
                      Advertising in Education Review        1000 per quarter              4000
                      monthly feature on Conferences

Opportunities for     Business plan for developing DMC       -                         -
                      services – this is something that
diversifying our
                      hasn't ever been really promoted in
services within the   Adelaide
above sectors         Investigation into setting Adelaide    -                         -
                      office up as merchandise centre of
                      the company – more on that after a
                      teleconference with Board on

                      Offer registration as a stand alone    -
                      service - develop specific brochure
                      as such, could be useful for
                      corporates such as Minter Ellison &
                      Business SA

Client hosting        Look into sponsoring a race day        cost to be investigated       5000
                      with SAJC - either a marquee at a
                      major carnival or the course on a
                      low key race day

                      Take clients to some of the            as per function cost          1000
                      lunch/networking functions listed
                      above or major business speaker
                      functions (such as Edward de Bono)
              Client hosting functions - use ADL        400 per function                           1600
              office carpark for BBQ / after work

              Invitation to potential clients to        2 per year, 20 guests   3200
              attend an existing conference -           @ $80pp F&B
              when we have a major conference
              on send invitation to potential clients

              Quarter Club                              $2,700                  2700

              Variety Club Bash                         $650                    650

Contingency                                                                     $1,500
TOTAL                                                                                    $20,028          $17,370.00
  Resources                  When
Required / Notes

 no additional           Ongoing

 no additional           Ongoing

 no additional - read    Ongoing
 more general
 business magazines -
 need to dedicate
 time to this each
 month - 1 day a
 month to "research"

 no additional           Ongoing

 Event Assistant - 1     15/07/2005 and
 hour a month            then ongoing

 Workshop with CRZ       In line with other
 to work out what to     states - share
 include, how best to    copy etc
 share information
 across states. Will
 require assistance of
 Albina to design,
 Coordinator to write
 copy & training for
 CRC in sending
 broadcast emails
 through Events

 no additional           Ongoing

 may be potential for
 custom stand, promo     Jun-06
 material, s/ship
no additional            Ongoing

no additional            CC to join July 05

no additional            Ongoing

no additional            Aug-05

no additional

Direct mail and follow   Sep-05
up - assistance from
an EA - aim to
contact 12 per month

GT committing 2          Sep-05
hours a week to
Would be good to         Dec-05
have face-to-face
meeting / workshop

for mbrship from 1       Ongoing
june 05 to 31 may
06, however we get
industrial relations
advice from them
also so GT
recommends this
doesn't sit under
marketing budget

no additional            Ongoing

no additional            38718

hard copy & online       Annual

no additional            Ongoing

no additional            Ongoing

no additional            Ongoing
membership not          Ongoing
necessary to attend

help from an Event      Ongoing
Assistant - 1 hour a
month - aim to
contact 3 a month
no additional           Ongoing

no additional           Aug-05

no additional           Aug-05

1 add per quarter       August,
                        December, March,

Potentially need help   Dec-05
of Marketing
Coordinator if
developing copy
Graham developing       Dec-05
this idea

as well as brochure     Dec-05
need to work out
actual internal
procedures (ie. to
what extend ADL
EM/EC get involved
in this)

May for Magic           investigate by Jun-
Millions/Adelaide       05 and implement
Cup and December        by 1/12/2005
for Victoria Park
Twilight meeting.
Use as a fundraiser -
good opportunity to
highlight corporate
citizenship also

Prefer to take          As arises
potential clients
along to non-Event
industry functions so
they're not meeting
the competition
Look @ case studies      Monthly
for what has worked
for other companies
in doing this - cost
depends on # of
invitees. Could also
be a good
opportunity for
fundraising /
corporate citizenship.

Hosting costs            As needed

GT networking and        Ongoing
client hosting
opportunity - 4
GT networking &
Fundraising - 7 Day
Suzanne Hart & Cat to meet and discuss
        What                  How        How much?   Required Cost   Wish List

   Sales Strategy
     General / All




  Opportunities for
diversification within
    these sectors

   Client Hosting
Resources    When
Required /

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