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					  The Media

Functions and Issues
                 The Media
• Comprised of Radio, TV, Internet, Print
  (newspapers and magazines)

• Importance – 1st Amendment to the constitution.

• “Congress shall make no law abridging the
  freedom of the press.”

• Goal was to provide for a full wide-ranging
  discussion of public affairs.
                               7 primary functions
                                                                 Political
                                                                • Cover the activities
                                                                  of Government
                                                                • Watch for
                                                                • Provide information
 Bush Denies Racial Component to Response
By JENNIFER LOVEN, Associated Press Writer
                                                                  to base decisions.
President Bush denied Monday there was any racial component to people being left behind after
Hurricane Katrina, despite suggestions from some critics that the response would have been quicker if
so many of the victims hadn't been poor and black
                           7 Primary Functions
                                                             Economic
                                                            • Provide information
                                                              about products, goods
                                                              and services.
                                                            • Report basic indicators
                                                              of economic well
Confidence Drops in September on Katrina
By JEANNINE AVERSA, AP Economics Writer
WASHINGTON - Consumer confidence tumbled in early September as Hurricane Katrina made people feel
increasingly anxious about the economy's prospects and their own in the months ahead, according to figures
released Friday.
                       7 Primary Functions
                                                        • Look out for what lies
                                                          ahead of us or future
                                                        • Examples technology,
                                                          life style, crime trends.

Samsung Unveils New Flash Memory Chip
SEOUL, South Korea - Samsung Electronics Co. on Monday unveiled a new flash
memory chip it says will double storage capacity on portable music players and other
mobile devices
                    7 Primary Functions
                                                   Record Keeping
                                                   • Report basic
                                                   • Births, deaths, sports
                                                     scores, election
                                                     results, economic data,

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck releases a pass against the Carolina
Panthers during the third quarter of the NFC championship football game Sunday, Jan. 22,
2006 in Seattle. The Seahawks won the game, 34-14. (AP Photo/John Froschauer)
                         7 Primary Functions
    • Fulfills the need to
      provide variety.
    • Comics, horoscopes,
      strange but true, etc…

"The Da Vinci Code" lead Tom Hanks and director Ron Howard, right, take part in a promotion of their film at the 2006
 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Jan. 5, 2006. Based on Dan Brown's esoteric thriller about code-breaking
  and conspiracy, the film will debut at the Cannes Film Festival and in French theaters on May 17, the festival said
Saturday, Jan. 21, 2006. The rest of the world will have to wait two days, until May 19.(AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)
                       7 Primary Functions
    Social
   • Provides a relationship
     that connects people.
   • Typically human
     interest stories of
     bravery, courage etc…

 Volunteers Try to Reunite Kids, Relatives
By PAM EASTON, Associated Press Writer Tue Sep 13, 3:39 AM ET
HOUSTON - Sixteen-year-old Reshad Batiste was separated from his grandmother during the chaotic
evacuation of the Louisiana Superdome. He ended up in Texas; she was taken to Kentucky.
                      7 Primary Functions
 • Provides a forum or
   place where the
   general public can go
   to air concerns and
   possibly have them
 • Editorial and opinion
   pieces. Equitable
The father of US woman journalist Jill Carroll, seen here in a September 2005 Christian Science
Monitor(CSM) handout, urged those holding his daughter in Iraq to set her free, in a statement read on
CNN television(AFP/HO/File/Delphine Minoui)
           7 Primary Functions
• Political
• Economic
• Sentry
• Record Keeping
• Entertainment
• Social
• Marketplace
• What should the primary focus be? Let’s look at
  the Journal Sentinel.
• Assignment
     A final word on Functions
• Different sources of
  the Media emphasize
  different functions.
• It is good to arm
  yourselves with a
  variety of sources.
• Do you expect to find
  the same news stories
  in the N.Y. Times as
  the Journal/Sentinel?
3 Primary Changes in the Media
               • (1) Cable TV

               •   (2) Internet

               • (3) Digital recording

               • How have these
                 innovations changed the
                 reporting of the news?
3 primary effects
         • 1. 24/7 news reporting.
         • 2. More competition.
         • This often forces media
           outlets to find their niches
           and specialize.
         • It also forces them to “fill”
           their time slots.
         • 3. The use of film footage
           from amateur video
           recordings. Everyone is a
         • Should they be???
Tactics to look out for
            • Bias – Fox news
              versus CNN.
            • Sensationalism –
              exaggeration of the
              news and the use of
              specific tactics to gain
            • When and why did the
              transformation take
         Sensationalized tactics
•   In your face reporting.
•   On the scene – Helicopters, satellites
•   Rumor Reporting.
•   Personal Narratives.
•   Eye catching lead ins
•   Scare tactics.
    Sensationalism Assignment
• Every other week you will have the
  assignment of seeking out articles or news
  stories you feel have been sensationalized.

• You will be given two direction sheets to
  help you with this assignment.

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