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									THE NEW 2008
As the earth’s first full-hybrid
premium SUV, the original
Mercury Mariner Hybrid
offered the best of both worlds:
outstanding hybrid efficiency
and generous SUV capability.
Redesigned for 2008, our 2nd-
generation model continues its
innovative ways. Available for
the first time in a front-wheel-
drive (FWD) model, Mariner                      STarTing Up                             accELEraTion
Hybrid delivers better fuel                     From modest acceleration to speeds      During full acceleration, the electric
economy and goes farther on a                   up to about 25 mph, Mariner Hybrid      motor gives the gas engine an extra
tank of gas than its conventional               can run on electric power alone in      boost of power and torque in Hybrid
gas-powered sibling. If snow                    Electric Drive mode. Because more       Drive mode, giving you power
is your winter companion, an                    time is spent in this mode in urban     when you need it and providing
Intelligent 4-wheel-drive (4WD)                 environments, city mileage is higher    performance similar to a V6 engine.
configuration is available as well.             than highway mileage for full-hybrid
                                                                                        rEgEnEraTivE Braking
Both models meet California’s                   vehicles like Mariner Hybrid.
                                                                                        When you apply the 4-wheel disc
strict Advanced Technology                      normaL Driving                          brakes, the electric motor captures
Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle                  As you leave low speeds behind,         this kinetic energy and uses it to
requirements,* which helps keep                 there’s a seamless transition           recharge the battery pack. In essence,
our air cleaner too. To head                    from electric power to gas engine       Mariner Hybrid is recharging itself –
down the path to a brighter                     operation. Mariner Hybrid’s 2.3L        so there’s never any need to plug it
tomorrow, start up the new 2008                 4V I4 engine uses Atkinson-cycle        in. This 330V sealed Nickel-Metal
Mercury Mariner Hybrid.                         combustion to squeeze the most          Hydride (Ni-MH) battery pack,
*AT-PZEV is a rating approved by the            from each drop of gas, producing 124    located at the cargo area floor,
 California Air Resources Board. Vehicles       lb.-ft. of torque and a peppy 155 net   completes the process by supplying
 sold in federally regulated states meet the
 Environmental Protection Agency’s Tier 2/Bin   hp when combined with the 70-watt       energy to start the engine, to drive at
 (3) emissions standards.                       electric motor.                         low speeds and to boost acceleration.

STopping                                    Hybrid’s Energy Flow/Navigation/                minimizing oUr impacT
As you come to a complete stop, the         Audiophile® System (included in                 The 2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid
gasoline engine can shut off if it is not   the Livery Package). In addition to             not only drives greener, it’s even
needed, conserving fuel and reducing        seeing how long you can keep the                built greener. The Mariner Hybrid
emissions. As soon as you start up,         vehicle in Electric Drive to get the            is produced under a carbon offset
the cycle begins again.                     best mileage, the Navigation System’s           program, a claim no other hybrid
                                            6.5” color LCD screen guides you to             manufacturer can make. By funding
HyBriD pErFormancE
                                            destinations near and far, while the            U.S.-based renewable clean energy
Hybrid Drive mode is the key to
                                            Audiophile Sound System lets you                projects (such as wind-powered
Mariner Hybrid’s lively acceleration.
                                            experience 320 watts of sonic bliss.            energy) that reduce emissions
Step on the accelerator and the
                                            A new 110-volt power outlet works               elsewhere, Mercury offsets greenhouse
electric motor gives the gas engine,
                                            like an AC outlet in your home so               gases at its kansas City plant by the
and you, an extra boost of power and
                                            your clients can hook up their laptop           same amount released during the
torque. An Electronically-controlled
                                            or cell phone.* And thanks to the               manufacture of each 2008 Mariner
Continuously Variable Transmission
                                            standard audio input jack, you can              Hybrid. Now you can do the same
(eCVT) keeps shifts smooth.
                                            broadcast all of your client’s favorite         thing! Through Ford’s greener MilesTM
To track the hybrid powertrain’s            tunes from their personal music                 partnership with TerraPass, you can
3 main modes of operation                   player through Mariner’s speakers.              neutralize the climate effect of your
(Hybrid Drive, Electric Drive               *See your Owner’s Guide for complete details.   driving. To learn more, Ford invites
and Idle Charging), get Mariner                                                             you to visit
2008 Mariner hybrid features                                                                                                          exterior
all the versatility, storage capacity, satin-pewter accents and sophisticated style of the                                            OxFOrd whItE

new ’08 Mercury Mariner are standard on Mariner hybrid as well. Making this Mariner
even more distinctive is ford Motor Company’s own innovative hybrid technology and
other unique features.

                                                                                                  Livery Package
• 2.3L 4V I4 Atkinson cycle engine                                                                                                    sILvEr
                                                                                                  (Option Code 47L)
• 330V sealed Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) battery
• Available Intelligent 4WD System                                                                • Heated front seats
• 4-wheel-disc Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)                                                       • Premium leather
• Electric Power-assisted Steering (EPS)                                                            seating surfaces
                                                                                                  • Lumbar controls
• Electronically-controlled Continuously Variable Transmission
  (eCVT)                                                                                          • Energy Flow/
                                                                                                    Navigation System                 bLaCk
• Permanent magnet electric motor
                                                                                                  • Reverse Sensing
• Regenerative Braking System
• EPA-estimated 34 mpg city and 30 hwy*
                                                                                                  • Roof rack with satin
*Mariner Hybrid FWD models. Actual mileage will vary with driving habits.
                                                                                                    inserts and black
Exterior                                                                                            cross bars
• Hybrid-unique 16" aluminum                                                                      • Heated outside
                                                                                                                                      LIght ICE bLuE
  wheels w/brushed aluminum                                                                         mirrors
  center cap                                                                                      • Body-color exterior
Interior                                                                                            mirrors
• 6-way power driver’s seat                                                                       • Cargo area cover
• Auto-dimming rearview mirror                                                                    • 110V AC power outlet
• Autolamps                                                                                       • 4-Year/100,000-Mile
                                                                                                    ExtraCare ESP*
• Compass and outside                                                                                                                 kIwI grEEn

  temperature read out                                                                            *Due to unique state regulations,
                                                                                                   ExtraCare coverage not
• Dual automatic                                                                                   included in Florida, but may
  temperature control                                                                              be purchased from your dealer.
• Cloth driver & passenger                                                                         See dealer for details.
  visors w/dual covered
  vanity mirrors
• 65.9 cu. ft. cargo capacity behind first row                                                                                        interior
• 27.9 cu. ft. cargo capacity behind second row                                                                                       stOnE LEathEr

For more information, visit
or call toll-free 1-800-34-FLEET.
Information herein was believed correct when approved for printing. Ford Motor Company reserves
the right to change specifications, content and availability without notice or obligation.

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