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					                      Closing Checklist
Before the Closing

  Complete mortgage application and finalize mortgage conditions

  Notify Electric Department of new billing before closing

  Notify Gas Company and/or Oil Company of new billing before closing

  Notify Phone and Cable Companies of new service

  Please Note: Water/Sewer Department will be notified of new ownership when final
  water reading is requested by the Listing Agent.

  Obtain insurance coverage for your new home two weeks before closing.
  Check with your mortgage company first. Some require a binder or
  policy and a paid receipt for the first year’s premium

  Notify post office of change of address

  Arrange date and time for movers

  Check with your lender 5 days before the closing to be sure that all
  requirements have been met

  Call the closing attorney’s office 2 days before closing to request a copy
  of the HUD settlement sheet which will show a breakdown of all the
  closing costs as well as the exact amount of the check you’ll need to
  bring. You can usually get the HUD sheet the day before the closing.

  Obtain bank check (made payable to yourself) for balance of cash due at

  Call your Realtor to schedule the final walk through of the home. Be sure
  to confirm the time, place, and directions to the closing
Bring to the Closing

   Bank check payable to yourself for balance due

   Insurance Policy or Binder and first year’s paid receipt, if needed

   Any additional items required on your commitment letter

   Driver’s license

   Personal checkbook

After the Closing

   You’ll be receiving a survey by email from Century 21 Headquarters to
   determine your level of satisfaction with our services. We would greatly
   appreciate your taking a few minutes to answer the questions and return
   the survey.

Please call me to review any other concerns or questions

Lisa Walker, Realtor, Premier Agent, CBR
Cell: 508-254-4418
Office: 508-695-2511 ext. 31