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					Personal Resume of S. Koots,
Service Engineer with 10+ year’s experience.
Bachelor degree, Engineering.
Electronics, mechanics, chemistry, computer science.

                                    Sergey Koots
                                 Revere, MA 02151
                                   (781) 724-6509


       Seeking a position in a growing company, to be involved in the manufacture
      or maintenance of complex devices, factory equipment, networking, telephone


GRASE (small factory/car dealer)                             Phillipston, MA 01331
Service Engineer                                             Aug. 2010 to currently

      - Design, planning, and implementation of a new network architecture.
      - Replace equipment and setup computer network.
      - Installation, rewiring and initial programming phone exchange system (PBX,
      Comdial FX II 480, Business Communications System).
      - Maintenance and upgrades of internal networking and telephone equipment.
      - Windows based desktop and laptop troubleshooting, repair.
      - Setup and repair of shop's equipment.

North Shore Lincoln Mercury (new car dealer)                  Peabody, MA 01960
Service Engineer                                          June, 2006 to June, 2010

      - Support and repair of pneumatic, hydraulic and electric equipment used in
      repairing vehicles.
      - Support and repair Car Diagnostic Equipment (NGS, VCM IDS, Panasonic,
      Nemisys, and MAC).
      - Provided, onsite, computer service (IBM, HP, Dell), include repair,
      installation, setup, and Data Recovery.
      - Successfully troubleshot, repair, operate a small branch office network (49
      PC's and network printers).
      - Car diagnostics and services.

CityCab (Taxi Company) Boston, MA                               Boston, MA 02151
Service Engineer                                          May, 2000 to Aug, 2005

      - Maintenance of radio communications between dispatchers and taxi drivers.
      - Communication (RF) devices installation and services.
      - Calibration and programming of taxi meters.
      - Special and custom devices installation and services.
      - Design, manufacture and install advertising signs on taxi cars.
      - Support and repair office's and shop's equipment.
      - Car diagnostics and services.

Foxtrot (consumer electronics)                                         Kiev, Ukraine
Service Engineer                                             Sept, 1995 to Jan, 2000

      - Production of electronic devices, such as 8-bit computers, controls systems
      and RF amplifiers.
      - Manufacture and installation of antenna systems for long-distance radio
      communications and cordless phone systems.
      - Consumer electronics (TV, Audio, Phone and etc.) warranty and after-
      warranty services (for Sony, Panasonic and Samsung).
      - Participated in the development of a corporate computer's network and
      advanced phone system.
      - Some projects, which are connected to scientific and research equipment.

Rostok (manufacturing enterprise)                                     Kiev, Ukraine
Service Engineer                                             Aug, 1988 to Dec, 1995

      - Design and maintenance of high-precision electronic and mechanical


      Bachelor degree, Chemical Engineering                                  1982-1988
      National Technical University of Ukraine                            Kiev, Ukraine

       Certified Lab Technician in the organic                              1980-1982
      and inorganic chemistry.
      High school training (National University of Kiev)                  Kiev, Ukraine

       Certified Tech in consumer and industrial                            1981-1982
      electronics setup, repair and services.
       DOSAF (National Guard courses)                                     Kiev, Ukraine

      Available upon request.