October 21st 2008 HOA Board Meeting Minutes - Covered Bridge Canyon

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					        Covered Bridge Canyon Home Owners Association
                 10/21/08 Board Meeting Minutes

1.      Brad King
        Brad King visited the Board meeting. He is running for District 27 Utah Senator,
and requested permission to post political signs and possibly knock on doors in the
canyon. Board members were not aware of anything in the covenants that would prohibit
these activities. Mr. King also discussed Highway 6 issues with the Board.

1.     Water
       Tom’s tour of the canyon water system was rescheduled for October 25 at 10am.
Randle and Randy would like to attend this meeting. As our water master has moved
away, Linda is researching details on outsourcing the water master position.

3.      New signs
        Loads longer than 45 feet should not be allowed on the bridge. Linda was not able
to find a “No Long Loads” sign for the bridge, thus the board will inform residents of this
policy at the January meeting.

6.      Covenants
        Thirty eight voting forms have been returned thus far, with 30 “yes” votes and 8
“no” votes. We need 43 “yes” votes for the new covenants to take effect. Jane Bingham
will team up with Gaye to remind residents to turn in their voting forms.

8.      Fire hydrants
        Residents living near a fire hydrant need to be responsible for maintaining that
hydrant. Randy will GPS all fire hydrants to determine exact location, and Linda will
obtain a PDF file of the neighborhood map in order to create an accurate fire hydrant
        On October 25, Randy and Heath will flush all fire hydrants. Randy believes the
canyon needs additional fire supply boxes, and will talk to the county about installing
four additional boxes in the Spring. Many of the fire hydrants’ hoses, sprayers, shovels,
etc. are faulty or missing, and need to be replaced. Randy is currently talking with the
fire marshal about replacing supplies.

7.     Committees
       Roads-- Jim and Ross Woolf will be splitting responsibility for the roads. Dave’s
red snowplow truck is ready to go for the winter. Mark found an older new (unused)
sander engine for $250. The board approved the purchase. Heath will have the truck
windshield fixed, possibly at the same time as inspections.
       Safety-- Randy needs to attend future block captain meetings in order to train the
block captains concerning fire safety. He plans to attend the upcoming block meeting on
Nov. 4 at 7pm. Randle will alert Randy about upcoming meetings.
       No residents have signed up for the fire home inspections. Linda, Randle and
Randy are interested in having their homes inspected. They will then be able to explain
the inspection process to canyon residents at January’s meeting.

8.     Bridge
       Randle talked to Cal Hjorth (new Scoutmaster) about having the scouts paint the
bridge. Cal agreed to help with repairs on the bridge and work with the scouts to paint it.
Randle will coordinate with Cal to complete this project.

6.     Canyon entrance area
       Jim and Heath will oversee trimming the trees from the mailboxes to the bridge.
The trees have not yet been trimmed.

7.     Budget
       The yearly budget will be reviewed at the next board meeting.

The meeting was adjourned. The next board meeting will be on Tuesday, November 18
at 8:30pm.

Board meeting attendees:
      Ross Woolf
      Gaye LeFebvre
      Randle Romney
      Linda Baird
      Randy LeFebvre
      Mark Nelson
      Lisa Jackson
      Jane Bingham
      Brad King

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