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					  A business to provide all type of good quality products
and ,services to every citizen of our country in good

  Aimed to open our stores in all India and provide
maximum daily using products to our reputed customers
and investors to provide opportunity to earn money by
selling our products and services to our team.

  One of the most trusted business house in India.

  Registered under companies Act 1956 with registrar of

  Proud to be a healthy & dedicated team.
Birla Sun Life Insurance

       LIC- Life Insurance Corporation

              Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance


                                Oriental Insurance

                                             Air Tickets from Sai

                                                   Holiday Packages
                                                   from Sai Holidays
Coming Soon

              & Many
Rs.50,000/- Mediclaim Facility for 5 years.

Accidental Insurance worth Rs.1 lac for 5 years

Premium Suit Length

Family Holiday Package for 2N3D.*

Business Support Material.

Free Entry in 47,77,500 Growth Plan.

                                                  * Conditions Apply
Insurance Policy bond

Family Holiday Package for 2N3D.*

Accidental Insurance worth Rs.1 Lac

Free Entry in 47,77,500 Growth Plan

Business Support Material

                                      * Conditions Apply
Insurance Policy bond

Family Holiday Package for 2N3D.*

Accidental Insurance worth Rs.5 Lac (By LIC)

Free Entry in 47,77,500 Growth Plan

Business Support Material

                                               * Conditions Apply
Air-O-Space (5-in-1) Sofa

Premium Suit Length

Family Holiday Package for 2N3D.*

Accidental Insurance worth Rs. 1 lac.

Free Entry in 47,77,500 Growth Plan

Business Support Material

                                        * Conditions Apply
* Conditions Apply

      When you sponsor your A & B you will get Rs.800
1:1=1 Pair and each pair made under you will give you Rs.800

    The maximum income from indirect sponsoring will be
                  Rs.48000 in a week
When you sponsor anyone in your leg after A & B anywhere as ‘C’
It will be called Spill and you will get Rs.100 on each sponsoring
till Unlimited Depth.

                There is no caping on this income
  This Income is based                                               30 lacs
  on 100% growth of the                                        10 lacs
  company                                                  5 lacs
                                                  1.5 lacs

Level     1    2      3      4      5     6   7   8    9     10     11   12
5 Pairs in 1 Month    = CDMA Mobile

Next 10 Pairs in 2 Months   = DVD Player

Next 50 Pairs in 2 Months   = Goa Tour for 2/GSM Mobile

Next 100 Pairs in 3 Months = Laptop/Bike/A.C

Next 150 Pairs in 3 Months = Foreign Tour for 2
300 Pairs         = Maruti 800 Basic (worth Rs.1, 90, 000)

Next 400 Pairs    = Alto Car        (Worth Rs.2, 35, 000)

Next 800 Pairs    = Indica Car      (Worth Rs.3, 40, 000)

Next 1500 Pairs   = Tata Safari Car (Worth Rs.6, 50, 000)

Next 4000 Pairs   = Endeavour Car (Worth Rs.15, 00, 000)

Next 7500 Pairs   = Mercedes Car (Worth Rs.25, 00, 000)

Next 15000 Pairs = Flat            (Worth Rs. 50, 00 ,000)
Mr.Ashutosh Srivastava
Mr.Nitin Srivastava
Mr.Jitendra Kumar Saxena
Mr.Rajeev Singh
Mr.Rakesh Kumar Pandey
Mr.Pramod Singh Parihar
Mr.Ranjeet Kumar Verma
Mr.S.C.S. Pal
Mr.Vivek Kumar Gangwar
Mr. Ajay Kumar Rastogi
Ms.Alpana Chaturvedi
Mr.Amarjeet Singh
Mr.Anil Kumar
Mr.Braham Prakash
Mr.Dalvindra Singh
Mr.Devesh Singh
Mr.Dharmendra Kumar
Friends WorldWide Group
Guruji Associates
Mr.Hargovind lal Jaiswal
Mr.Jhajan Lal Maurya
Mr.Krishna Kumar Soni
Mr.Meraj Ahmad Khan
Mr.Mukesh Jaiswal
Ms.Alpana Chaturvedi
Mr.Pradeep Kumar Singh
Mr.Prem Prakash Gangwar
Mr.Pyare lal
Ms. Ranpinder Kaur
Mr.Ravindra Yadav
S.M. Associate
Sai Creations
Ms.Santosh Kumari
Ms.Savita Singh
Mr.Shakeel Anjum
Mr.Om Prakash Maurya
Mr.Suresh Kumar Kushwaha
Mr.Surya Pratap Singh
Mr.Talwinder Singh
Mr.Vijay Kumar Gautam
Mr.Vivek Kumar Gangwar
Mr. Yesh Kumar Pandey
Mr.Hardev Singh Nagi
Mr.Akhilesh Kumar Verma
Mr.Kulwant Singh
Mr.Jagat Pal Singh
Ms.Aayasa Khatoon
Mr.Aditya Kumar Parihar
Mr.Akhilesh Gupta
Mr.Akhilesh Kumar Verma
Ms.Alpana Chaturvedi
Mr.Amar Singh & Baljeet Singh
Mr.Amar Singh Meena
Mr.Ameer Ahmad Ansari
Mr.Amit Kumar
Mr.Amit Kumar Rastogi
Mr.Amit Kumar Rastogi
Mr.Anand Ballabh
Ms.Aneeta Maurya
Mr.Anil Kumar
Ms.Anita Srivastava
Mr.Anuj Kumar
Ms.Archana Rastogi
Mr.Arjun Singh
Mr.Arshad Hussain & IrshadAhmad
Mr.Arun Kumar Jaiswal
Mr.Arvind Singh
Mr.Asrar Ahmad
Mr.Bechu Lal
Mr.Binod Kumar Sharma
Mr.Biswajit Kumar Roy
Mr.Buta Singh Karnawal
Mr.Chandra Pal
Chela Ji Associates
Ms.Deepa Goswami
Mr.Dependar Singh
Mr.Dev Nath Pandey
Mr.Dileep Kumar Yadav
Mr.Dinesh Kumar Bansal
Mr.Divya Prakash
Mr.Fareed Khan
Mr.Gajesh Kumar Rathore
Mr.Ganga Prasad Mishra
Mr.Ganga Ram
Mr.Ganga Ram
Mr.Gufran Khan
Guruji Associates
Mr.Hari Shankar Panday
Mr.Hari Shankar Saxena
Mr.Harsh Verdhan
Mr.Hirdaya Ram Chaudhery
Mr.Iftikhar Ahmad
Mr.Jaswant Singh
Mr.Jitendra Kumar
Mr.Kheyali Ram
Mr.Kulvinder Singh
Mr.Kulvinder Singh & Ramesh Chand
Mr.Kushal Rawla
Mr.Laiq Ahmad
Ms.Madhu Srivastava
Mr.Mahesh Chand Jaiswal
Mr. Mahesh Chand Panday
Mr.Manish Kumar Gupta
Mr.Manoj Kumar Gupta
Mr.Manoj Kumar Yadav
Mr.Manoj Verma
Mr.Masud Raza
Mr.Mithlesh Singh
Mr.Mohd. Kasim
Mr.Mohd. Saleem
Mr.Mohd. Yusuf Khan
Mr.Munishwar Dayal
Ms.Munni Devi Rajpoot
Ms.Munni Devi Rajpoot
Mr.Naveen Kumar Maurya & Rajendra Maurya
Mr.Nisar Ahmad
Mr.Nisha Tiwari
Mr.Nitin Srivastava
Mr.Om Prakash Verma
Mr.Om Sai Ram
Mr.Pervesh Kumar
Mr.Pradeep Saxena
Ms.Pramiti Vij
Mr.Pramod Singh
Mr.Pravesh Kumar Singh
Mr.Prem Narayan Srivastav
Mr.Prem Prakash Gangwar
Ms.Priya Chaturvedi
Mr.Purushottam Prasad
Mr.Rajesh Prasad Mishra
Mr.Ram Charit Verma
Mr.Ram Gopal
Mr.Ram Kishor
Mr.Ram Kumar Gangwar
Mr.RamBali Maurya
Mr.Ramesh Tiwari
Mr.Ramsewak Maurya
Mr.Ranjeet Kumar
Ms.Reena Singh
Ms.Rekha Pandey
Mr.Roop Kishor
Sai Creations
Mr.Sanjay Kumar Haldar
Mr.Sanjay Kumar Kesarwani
Mr.Sanjay Singh
Mr.Santosh Kumar
Ms.Santosh Kumari
Mr.Sarfaraj Alam
Mr.Sarvesh Kumar
Mr.Sarvesh Kumari
Mr.Satinder Singh Solanki
Mr.Satvinder Singh
Mr.Saurabh Grover
Mr.Shailendra Kumar
Mr.Shailendra Pal Singh
Mr.Shambhoo Singh Yadav
Mr. Shashi Prabha Singh
Mr.Shyam Manohar
Mr.Sita Ram Maurya
Ms. Pushplata
Ms.Somwati Kashyap
Mr.Subodh Kumar Agarwal
Mr.Suhel Ahmad
Mr.Sukhpal Singh
Mr.Sunil Kumar Singh
Mr.Suranjan Mandal & Govind Dhali
Mr.Surendra Kumar
Mr.Suresh Pal
Mr.Suresh Singh
Mr.Suresh Singh Chauhan
Mr. Sushil Kumar
Mr.Sushil Kumar Srivastava
Mr.Veerendra Kumar Pal
Mr.Vibhash Datt Vonik & Gobind Dhali
Ms.Vidya Pal
Mr.Vijay Kumar
Mr.Vijay Kumar Jaiswal
Mr.Vijay Prakash
Mr.Vijendra Pal Maurya
Mr.Vikrant Kalhan
Mr.Vinay Kant Yadav
Mr. Vinay Kant Yadav & Nidhi Vaish
Mr.Vineet Kumar
Mr. Vishal Sharma
Mr.Yadvendra Singh
Mr.Gopal Saran
Mr.Jhajan Lal Mouriya
Ms.Sandhya Gupta
Ms.Sangeeta Maurya
Mr.Pramod Singh
Mr.Satvinder Singh
Mr.Suresh Singh
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