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					                               Advance Housing

                               Job Description:

                               Senior Receptionist & Office Manager

LOCATION:                      Leicester

RESPONSIBLE TO:                Housing Manager Landlord Customer Service

To be responsible for the provision of an effective and responsive reception service,
dealing with all queries in a timely and appropriate manner. over the phone and in

Provide Advance tenants /stakeholder’s with a first class point of contact’

To effectively manage the Leicester office
Providing administration and secretarial service to all members of the Team.


1.     Ensure provision of a responsive, high quality service delivery of the following

                      Effective call handling
                      Effective office management
                      Heath and safety compliance with regards to office
                      Responsible for managing reception staff and temporary cover
                       when required
                      Responsible for office invoice processing,
                      Responsible for office petty cash systems
                      telephone / letter survey for resident satisfaction feedback, etc
                      General housing enquiries/frontline service contact - dealing
                       with a wide variety of housing management and maintenance,
                       leasehold management and home ownership queries and
                       information provision
                      Compliments complaints suggestions handling (initial stage)

1.0    Reception

1.1     To provide a reception service to the association, greeting visitors and
        resolving basic queries. taking brief messages, giving basic advice and making
        appointments when other members of the team are not available
1.2     To manage reception staff ensuring there is reception cover throughout the
        day including lunchtimes

1.3     Ensure that all calls are answered within appropriate timescales and either
        dealt with or passed through to the appropriate officer.

1.4     To deal with queries if possible and use the appropriate I.T. systems to check
        and provide relevant information.

1.5     Liaise with other teams or external service providers if required to respond to
        customer queries and /or signpost customers to other appropriate agencies

2.0     Office management / administration

2.1     To provide a general administrative service to all departments including filing,
        minute taking and word processing.

2.2     To be responsible for monitoring and ordering of all office stationery. To order
        sundry items as requested e.g. flowers to tenants, shopping vouchers,
        publications, snacks and refreshments.

2.2.1   To be responsible for maintaining a petty cash float and to arrange the banking
        of any monies received.

1.6     To be responsible for the smooth running of the Leicester office. Ensuring the
        area is tidy; comply with Heath and safety,

1.7     Responsible for ensuring the notice boards are up to date, refilling the leaflets
        as required.

1.8     Managing an effective cleaning services to the Leicester office

1.9     Responsible for security and lock up of the Leicester office

1.10    To arrange maintenance and repair for the Leicester office / office equipment.

1.11    To maintain adequate supply levels for: the franking machine, the fax machine,
        the printers and the main reception telephone.

1.12    Receiving and recording all incoming post and distributing accordingly.
        Franking all outgoing post ready for collection.

This job description is current at the date shown, but in consultation with you, it is
liable to variation by management to reflect or anticipate changes in or to the job. It is
expected the post-holder will when required undertake other duties commensurate
with the post and salary grading if required subject to any reasonable adjustments
under the Disability Discrimination Act 1996.
       Diversity, Respect and Equal Opportunities are key aspects of our Values.
        Advance expects employees to work within the Company’s Equal
        Opportunities Policy, Customer Service and Performance Policies ensuring
        that these are complied with throughout all activities within the scope of this
        role to ensure the highest standards of customer care. All job holders need to
        work in a way that reflects the company’s Values.

       The above duties may involve having access to information of a confidential
        nature that may be covered by the Data Protection Act, be commercially
        sensitive or relate to client information. In such circumstances confidentiality
        must be maintained at all times in accordance with the company’s policies. If
        you are unclear at any time, refer the matter to your manager.

       The Health, safety and welfare of anyone working with Advance Housing, and
        who we work with, are of vital importance to the company. Our Board
        approved Health and Safety Policy, will ensure the right resources and training
        are provided, that people understand their responsibilities for services and
        each other, and that high standards of health and safety are delivered,
        monitored and regularly reviewed.

       Responsible for managing and directing the use of resources effectively and
        efficiently to deliver team objectives, conscious of the financial implications of
        these decisions

       Actively promote team working within own department and across Advance to
        meet operational and corporate objectives.

       Actively participate in the system administration of Open Housing through the
        following tasks;

 OH & IS User Group         Contribute to and or membership of the OPENHousing and IT User Group.

 OPENHousing Trainer and    Contribute to the training and mentoring roles required for the Housing & Support
 Mentor                     System.

 Data Cleansing             Contribute to any Housing & Support System data cleansing activities.

                            Contribute to collection and verification of new or cleansed data to be loaded into the
 Data Loading               Housing & Support System.

                            Contribute to Housing & Support System module review process to ensure the system
 Module Review              continues to meet the organisations business needs.

                             Assist with logging and of faults and testing of solutions for the Housing & Support
                             System via the Systems Managers, OPEN Housing & IT User Group and internal and
 Helpdesk                    external helpdesks.

 Annual CORE/SP Digital      Assisting with annual upgrade to CORE/SP Digital and reconciliation of annual export of
 Upgrade                     data (Linked to Allocations Module).

                             Contribute to the creation and maintenance of reporting and documentation held in and
 Reporting & Documentation   generated by the Housing & Support System.