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      Hello! This is Abdullah Al-Jaidah talking.

      I come from Qatari parents and have been
      born in Qatar. Therefore, I am Qatari. This
       is something that makes me very happy.

       I have been born with eczema. I got the
          rashes on my hands and face. Some
        people can be cured from eczema, but
      only 15% of the people that suffer it can’t
      be cured from it. Unfortunately, I am one
      of the 15% and must suffer eczema for the
                    rest of my life.

      This is something that really bothers me. I
       have been using creams and medications
           since I was born. It is an annoying
         sickness, but I have gotten over it and
          moved on in life. I have always been
       thankful that it isn’t anything worse, so I
         just put it aside and stopped worrying
                          about it.
      I come from a family of three siblings and
          two parents. I am the eldest from my

       It was October 26th, 1993, the day that I
        was born in this huge world. My sister
                      came next.

        Then, I had a brother that was born very
         sick. For that reason, he didn't make it
        more than a year. He died and I had my
        heart broken, feeling sad and devastated.
         It took me more than a year to get over
       that, but I still think about him sometime.
Then, I had my third and last sibling. I felt
  really happy to have a new sibling and
   child in the house, but I also felt sad
 because she reminded me a lot about my
dead brother. I love my family a lot and I
   will always take great care for them.

     When I was 5 years old, I attended a
school called Qatar Academy. I attended it
    the first year it opened and have been
           studying there ever since.
The school was first based on the terms of
the British structure, by calling the school
                     years year.
    Then, after 7 years, the school had its
  structure changed to the American one,
 where the school years are called grades.
     At first, I started hating the structure
  because I wasn’t used to the structure. I
   felt that something was missing in the
 school. After a couple of years, though, I
  started getting used to the structure and
                  started liking it.
  I started in the primary school, studying
 under the Primary Year Program (PYP). I
was getting really used to the program and
           developing my skills in it.

     Later on, I was moved to the senior
  school, studying under the Middle Year
Program (MYP). All the skills I developed
   from the PYP made me good and ready
for the MYP. It was just like a higher level
      of studying this program for me.
 I have been successful in my school years
  and now I am in my fourth year of MYP
and senior school. I am also having a great
  deal of fun with my friends and enjoying
                  my studies.
    School is not on my “what I like” list
Football is my favorite hobby. I have been
 playing it since I was a little child. It is a
sport I really love and would like to play it
 for my whole life. It has been improving
        my health and body majorly.
  Other sports I like are ones like tennis,
   volleyball, basketball, swimming and
 handball. I feel happy while playing any
 I also like to play video games and hang
  out with my friends. We go to malls or
 stay in the "Majlis" to play video games
 together. Even on video games, we play
sport games like football or tennis games.
  I think I should be grateful that I am an
 Arabian because in our culture, families
  are very close together, both immediate
           and extended families.

   I feel happy when ever I see my whole
  family together and pray for that to stay
the same forever. I also feel lucky to have
 some of the elders in my family alive and
                in good health.
     From our Qatari culture too, I have
        learned that I should always be
  conservative. Women wear the “Shaila”
and men wear the “Thobe”. I like wearing
         the "Thobe" because it is very
In Qatar, we also take care of our younger
     siblings and have to be there for our
families when they need us. The child that
  should be most responsible of his or her
siblings is the eldest. It takes hard work to
  take care of all of them, but I feel happy
       because at least we are together.
       Qatar has been developing. It has
     developed from desert to city and is
   becoming a very well known country.
    It is known to be one of the richest
  countries in the world. This happened
after the discovery of oil and gas in Qatar.

  I have grown surrounded by my Qatari
    family and learned the way of life in
 Qatar. It is a very comfortable and caring
   life. I have been raised till what I am
 today, a 15 year old male, to be proud of
          my country and its people.
      Some say that Qatar is one of the
countries that have the kindest population.
I am sure that this is a fact based on what I
            can see in my country.

   I like the people in it and I feel happy
when ever the foreigners increase because
 it is proving that Qatar is becoming well
 known and a good and safe place to live
It is one of the best countries of the world.
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