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What are anabolic steroids?

• They are synthetic substances related to
  the male sex hormones, called androgens.
• Testosterone is a steroid hormone from
  the androgen group
• Anabolic: “Build up Effects”

• Androgenic: “Masculine Effects”
How are anabolic steroids
• Anabolic steroids are taken orally as
  tablets or capsules,
• by injection into muscles,
• gels or creams that are rubbed into the
• Doses taken by abusers can be up to 100
  times greater than doses used for treating
  medical conditions.
How are anabolic steroids
• Anabolic steroids often are taken in
  combination in a practice called "stacking,"
  in which the abuser mixes oral and/or
  injectable types of anabolic steroids.
• Steroid abusers often also "pyramid"
  stacked compounds in cycles of 6 to 12
  weeks, meaning that they gradually
  increase doses then slowly decrease them
  to zero.
Medical Uses- Corticosteroids
• Rebuild Tissue
• Aid in Recovery (cancers/burn
• Growth Deficiencies
• Rashes
• Doctors use these drugs to treat delayed
  puberty, impotence, and body wasting in
  patients with AIDS and other diseases.
Anabolic Steroids

• Anabolic steroids are legally available only
  by prescription in the United States.
• Abused steroids most often are obtained
  from clandestine laboratories, smuggled,
  or illegally diverted.
Whey are they used illegally?

 The belief that these practices produce bigger
  muscles and allow the body to adjust to and
  recuperate from high doses of steroids has not
  been substantiated scientifically.
         General Side Effects
                     HIV /Hepatitis
     Edema of feet and ankles (water retention)
                 Increased aggression
Aching joints/tendons/ligaments from increased muscle
          Reduction in HDL (good cholesterol)
                    Kidney damage
                     Liver damage
                      Liver cancer
                  High blood pressure
                      Heart attack
 Side Effects of Steroids (Males)

• Breast tissue development
  – gynocomastia
• Baldness
• Enlarged prostate
• Sexual Dysfunction (Impotence)
• Reduced sperm production,
• Shrinking of the testicles, Stunted Growth
 (in young)
Do Women use Steroids??

Who is This 
Effect of Women

• Decreased Fertility
• Stopped Menstruation
• Enlarged Clitoris
• Facial Hair
• Deepened Voice
• Decreased body fat and breast size
• Loss of scalp hair
Mental Effects

• Mood Swings
• Nervousness
• “Roid Rage”
• Suicide
• Depression
• Restlessness
• Fatigue
Street Names

• Pumpers
• Stackers
• Gym Gum
• Arnolds
Who Uses????

Anabolic Steroid Users
 Steroid abuse is higher among males than
  females but is growing most rapidly among
  young women.
 Abuse of anabolic steroids is motivated in
  most cases by a desire to build muscles,
  reduce body fat, and improve sports
  performance. Abuse is estimated to be very
  high among competitive bodybuilders and
  may also be widespread among other
Steroids in Sports
Should Steroids be Legal in
              YES