“Bridging the group in tropical Agricultural Research”

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					                   PROGRAMME SCHEDULE
                       (Students Forum)
    Session I   (20th December 12.30 p.m. – 3.00 p.m.)

1   Determinants of Technical Efficiency in Intercropped Pineapple
    Production in Kurunegala District
    M.T.C. Aamarasuriya and J. Edirisinghe

2   Higher Price for Fuel Translates to Meat? A Study on Fuel Price Hike
    and Meat Prices in Sri Lanka
    R.D.R. Perera, A.M.K.D. Atapattu and D.A.M. De Silva

3   Issues Related to Labour Management at CIC Poultry Farm
    E.A.R. Piyathilaka and V.K.G. Vithana

4   Impact of Motivation of Dealers By Agrichemical Companies on
    Introducing New Insecticides to Paddy Farmers in Sri Lanka
    H.A.D. Somasiri and S.T.C. Amarasinghe

5   Post- Tsunami Psychosocial Status of Communities in Galle District
    W.K.A. Dammika and D.M.W.K. Dassanayake

6   Applicability of RASCH Model to Assess the Status of Food Security
    of Subsistence Paddy Farming Households in the Kegalle and
    Gampaha Districts in Sri Lanka
    C. H. Atukorala, U. K. Jayasinghe-Mudalige, K. D. R. R. Silva and
    G.A.P. Chandrasekera

7   Factors Influencing Milk Yield in Hambanthota District in Sri Lanka
    G.R.J. Sampath, S.T.C. Amarasinghe and G.R.T.D. Rajapaksha

    Session II     (20th December 12.30 p.m. – 3.00 p.m.)

1   Market Potential for New Entrant: A Study of Seed Potato Market in
    Sri Lanka
    P.G.N. Sanjeewa, D.A.M. De Silva and H.E.M. Tissera

2   A Study on Management Profile of Small Holder Dairy Farms in
    Bandarawela Veterinary Range
    P.G.S.B. Gunasekara, Samanthi Ratnasiri, D.D. Wickramanayake
    T.S.P. Jayaweera,

3   Study on Potentials and Possibilities for A New Branded Chicken into
    the Domestic Market of Sri Lanka
    R.M.K.R. Ranasinghe and D.A.M. De Silva

4   Trainings as A Tool for Human Resource Development (HRD) in
    Public Sector Organizations
    H.M.W.W. Herath and D.M.W.K. Dassanayake

5   Influence of Communication Techniques on Selection of
    Agrochemicals by Farmers in Anuradhapura District
    H.N.R.N. Sirisena, D.M.W.K. Dassanayake

6   Minimizing Loan Defaults of Collateral Free Small Agricultural Loans
    by Preventing Reasons for Loan Default
    H.M.C.S. Kumara and V.K.G. Vithana

7   Factors Affecting Increase of the Finishing Output of Korean Bio
    Logs: A Case of Hayles Export Limited
    N. N. Kuruwita and V.K. G. Vithana

    Session III     (20th December 12.30 p.m. – 3.00 p.m.)

1   Isolation and Identification of Fungi Associated with Raw Materials of
    Formed Meat Products
    P.S. Wijegunarathne, G. S. Darmasena and T.S.P. Jayaweera

2   Effects of Different Auxins in In Vitro Root Initiation of Bamboo
    (Dendrocalamus hookari)
    S.N.D. Rajapaksha, A.A.Y. Amarasinghe and S.M.S.D. Ramanayake

3   Estimation of Rainfall Partitioning by Different Shade Plants and Tea
    Bushes in Low Elevated Tea Field.
    U.G.L. Kumara, N.P.S.N. Bandara and J.B.D.A.P. Kumara

4   Investigation of Root Inducing Treatments to Improve Success of Air
    Layering in Guava (Psidium guajava)
    R.A.C. Vijesinghe, H.M.S. Heenkenda and D.I.M. Amararathna

5   Evaluation of Different Percentage of Carcass Proportions in Hybro
    PG + Broilers to Assess the Relationship of Proportions with the
    Carcass Weight
    M.N. Nambapana, L. Ranetunga and R.K. Mutukumarana

6   Identification of the Factors Affecting on the Absenteeism of the
    Operational Staff
    N. Peduruhewa and V.K.G. Vithana

7   Development of Cultured Milk Beverages Using Cheddar Cheese
    I.W. Psenarathna, R.M.A.S. Bandara, E.U. Udayathilaka and
    D.D. Wickramanayake

    Session IV     (20th December 12.30 p.m. – 3.00 p.m.)

1   Assessing Consumer Information Seeking Behaviour on
    Food and Nutrition in the North Western Province in Sri Lanka
    P. C. P. Perera and U. K. Jayasinghe-Mudalige

2   The Melting Quality Improvement of Highland Vanilla Flavored Ice
    M.N.K. Chandrada, J.P. Munasinghe and M. P. K. Jayaratne

3   Assessing the Effect of Initial Carcass Weight on Water Up Take by
    Hybro PG+ Broiler Carcasses in Commercial Poultry Processing.
    G. S. Darmasena, R.K. Muthukumarana, P.S. Wijegunaratne and
    L. Ranathunga

4   Quality Improvement of Flavoured Pasteurized Milk by Changing Fat
    M.A.Y.V.A. Muthukuda,, D.M.A. Gunarathne and M.P.K.

5   Identification of Diseases and Disorders Common in Evisceration Area
    in A Poultry Processing Plant
    W.D.C.N. Piyatunga, L. Ranathunga and T.S.P. Jayaweera

6   The Relationship Between Solid Non Fat (SNF) and Fat Content of
    Cow Milk.
    D.D. Wickramanayake, D.A.M. De Silva and T.S.P. Jayaweera

    Session V     (20th December 12.30 p.m. – 3.00 p.m.)

1   Evaluation of Treated Effluent Water Quality in A Poultry Processing
    H.M.P.K. Bandara, T.S.P. Jayaweera and L. Ranathunge

2   Identification of Areas of Contamination in Peeler Machine in Sausage
    Production and Introduce Mechanisms to Rectify the Problem
    D.G.G.S. Senarathna, T.S.P. Jayaweera and L. Rathnayake

3   A Study on Storage Temperature in Display Cabinets of Meat Outlets
    in Negombo Electorate
    K.G. J. Fernando, M.U. Kumarage and T.S.P. Jayaweera

4   Flood Hazard Impact Assessment for Agriculture Sector in Ratnapura
    District Using GIS.
    N.S. Vithanage, J. Gunathilaka and D. Alkema

5   Effect of Media Composition on Chlorosis of Livistonia rotundifolia
    K.P. Pathirage, W.H.M.D. Wijekumari and D.I.M. Amararathna

6   Efficacy of Antifeedent and Repellent Against Mealy Bugs in Export
    Foliage Plants (Codiaeum variegatum”Pictum Spot”)
    S.N. Kithulgoda, L.C. Hewage and D.I.M. Amararathna

    Session VI      (20th December 12.30 p.m. – 3.00 p.m.)

1   Selecting A Better Rooting Media for Euphorbia Pulcherrima Root
    Free Cuttings.
    G.A.S.A. Tennakoon, H.K.S.G. Gunadasa, G. Weerakkody and P.I.

2   Evaluation of the Variation in Field Dry Rubber Content in Different
    Rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) Genotypes and Bulk Latex
    W.A.K.S. Kumara, V.H.L. Rodrigo and J.B.D.A.P. Kumara

3   Treatment of Centrifuged Latex Effluents by High Rate Anaerobic
    Digestion and Aerobic Process with Special Reference to Studies on
    Sand Bed and Wood Charcoal Filtration
    W.D.W.P. Wickramaarchchi, W.M.G. Seneviratne and J.B.D.A.P.

4   Identification of Factors Affecting Milk Production in Hambantota
    W.V.T. Sriwardana, D.M.A. Gunarathna and D.M.J.N. Danasekara

5   Effect of Pollen Storage on Pollen Quality and Seed Setting in Petunia
    N.T. Nayanakanthie, A.A.Y. Amarasinghe and S.P.A. De Silva

6   Callus Induction and Regeneration on Plants from Sri Lankan Rice
    Varieties (Oryza sativa ssp. Indica)
    D.S. Hewawasam, A.A.Y. Amarasinghe, M.C.M. Iqbal and T.P.

7   Development Of Mungbean Added Stirred Yoghurt
    A.K. Kasthuriaracchi, D.M.A. Gunarathna and I. Amarasekara

    Poster Session      (20th December 12.30 p.m. – 3.00 p.m.)

1   Finding Effective Hot Water Treatment to Control Thrips in Dracaena
    sanderiana Cuttings.
    U. N. B. Singhepura, D. I. M. Amararathna and A. I. Dias

2   Identification Floral Biology and Fruit Development Pattern in
    Avocado Cultivars in Sri Lanka
    A.M.A.S.B. Attanayake, H.M.S. Heenkenda and D.I.M.

3   The Effect of Pollen Storage on Seed Setting in Pelargonium
    (Pelargonium hotorum) Breeding
    B.A.B.I. Batugedara, A.A.Y. Amarasinghe and S.P.A. De Silva

4   Profit Maximization Through Lean Manufacturing Method: A Case of
    Hot Bandrilla Production at HJS Condiments Limited
    T.D.J.N. Wickramasinghe, D.A.M. De Silva and A.C. Pathirage

5   Design Information Communication Technology (ICT) Based System
    in Order to Enhance Traceability System at HJS Condiments Limited.
    J.A.S.S. Jayasinghe and D.A.M. De Silva

6   The Effects of Feeding Frequency on the Growth Pattern and Survival
    Rates of Astronotus ocellatus Fry
    G.A.R.P .Ganepala, M.G.I.S. Parakrama and R.K. Mutucumarana

7   Bio Diesel; An Eco Friendly Agriculture Based Solution for Fossil
    Fuel Crisis
    V.K.G. Vithana

                        PROGRAMME SCHEDULE
                        (PROFESSIONAL FORUM)

    Session I (21st December 2007 8.30 a.m. – 10.00 a.m.)

1    Identification of Bacterial Leaf Blight Resistant Gene Xa21 in Filial
     Generation of Irbb60 X Bg360
     S.I. Samararatne , K.K.S. Fernando and R.M.T. Rajapakse

2    A Systematic Approach to Nutrient Recommendation in Crop
     M.G.T. S. Amarasekara, S. Indrarathna, D. Kumaragamage and
     F. Suldanbava

3    Mass Propagation of Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus Undatus) Through
     Stem Cuttings Using In Vitro Techniques
     P. S. Warakagoda, D. L. C. Kumari and S. Subasinghe

4    Relationship Between Soil Organic Matter and Soil Microbial Activity
     as Affected by Climatic and Soil Conditions
     P.I. Yapa and H.K.S.G. Gunadasa

     Session I (21st December 2007 8.30 a.m. – 10.00 a.m.)
     Agribusiness Management

1    Double Season Cashew (Anacardium Occidentale) Cultivation and
     Efficient Use of Inputs
     S. Shermila, A.M.T.P. Athauda and M.B. Loganathan

2    Where Responsible Fisheries and Consumers Connect? A Study of an
     Eco-Labeling of Fish and Fishery Products in Japanese Market
     D.A.M. De Silva, Masahiro Yamao, Haruko Yamashita

3    Strategies of Regulating Differentiation in In Vitro Cultures: Taking
     Rice In Vitro Cultures as Examples
     Yuesheng Yang

4    Assessing Consumer Perceptions Towards the Performance of Food
     System: The Case of Bakery Food Processing Sector in Sri Lanka
     N. U. Hewawitharana and U. K. Jayasinghe-Mudalige

    Session I (21st December 2007 8.30 a.m. – 10.00 a.m.)
    Agriculture Engineering

1   Measuring Erosion Rates in Walawe and Kaluganga Basins over
    Human and Pre-Human Time Scales
    S. Illangasinghe and L.T. Hewawasam

2   Subsurface Drip Irrigation and Fertigation Management of Sugarcane
    L. P. Vidhana Arachchi and Y. Kasuta

3   The Effects of Application of Three Different Phosphate Fertilizer
    Sources on the Short Term Availability of Some Phosphate Fractions
    in the Lateritic Soils of Intermediate Zone of Sri Lanka
    D.M.S. Duminda, K.A.S. Pathiratne and L.L.W. Somasiri

4   Allelopathic Potential of Rice Straw Mulch on Weed Control in “Nava
    Kekulama” Method of Rice Cultivation.
    S.M.M.R. Mawalagedera and K.P. Premaratne

    Session I (21st December 2007 8.30 a.m. – 10.00 a.m.)
    Livestock Production

1   Effects of Dietary Rice Bran Levels on Water Intake Pattern of Broiler
    N.S.B.M. Atapattu and P.K. Lal

2   Effect of Feeding Velvet Bean (Mucuna Pruriens) Seed Meal on the
    Lipid Profile of Broilers
    T.S.P. Jayaweera, H.W. Cyril, K. Samarasinghe, H.A.D.
    Ruwandeepika, T.S.J. Thotawaththe and D.M.A.K. Dassanayake

3   Effects of A Qualitative Feed Restriction Strategy on Growth
    Performance and Carcass Parameters of Broiler Chicken
    N.S.B.M. Atapattu and K.G.C. Hemantha

4   Influence of Feeding Velvet Bean (Mucuna Pruriens) Seed Meal on
    the Performance of Broilers
    T.S.P. Jayaweera,H.W. Cyril, K. Samarasinghe, H.A.D.
    Ruwandeepika, D.M.W.K. Dassanayake, and D.D.

    Session II (21st December 2007 10.45. a.m. – 12.45. p.m.)

1   Testing of Low Toxic Insecticides Against Greenhouse Whitefly
    (Trialeurodes Vaporariorum Westwood ) in Gerbera Hybrida.
    D. P. Karunananda, A. Gunasena and U. D. K. Yapa

2   Major Contributory Factors Causing Post Harvest Leaf Senescence in
    Dracaena sanderiana Variety “Gold”
    R. N. N. Perera, G. D. K. Kumara and A. S. Balasooriya

3   Influence of Shade Levels on Expected Quality Standards of Polyscias
    balfouriana “Marginata” for Export Market
    H.K.S.G. Gunadasa, P.K. Dissanayaka and S. Subawickrama

4   Phytotoxic Effect of Glyphosate, Paraquat and Paraquat+ Diuron in
    Mature Tea
    S.A.P.I. Piyasena and P.M.A.S. Karunaratne

    Session II (21st December 2007 10.45. a.m. – 12.45. p.m.)
    Agribusiness Management

1   Use of Semantic Differential Analysis to Assess Consumer
    Perceptions on Food Quality: The Case of Fresh and Powder Milk
    Products in Sri Lanka
    W. J. S. Fernando and U. K. Jayasinghe-Mudalige

2   Measurements of Quality Standards of Sri Lankan Exports of Fruit
    and Vegetable Exports to EU Market : Company Standards and
    Product Standards
    S.M.H.K. Samaradiwakara, L.M. Abeywikrama and K.D.N.

3   An Empirical Investigation on Corporate Demand in Export Credit
    Insuarence (ECI) for Tea Exporting Companies in Sri Lanka.
    M. M. Fonseka, A. Ariyawardana and W. G. S. Kalum

4   Impact of Agricultural Sector in Rural Urban Migration in Sri Lanka
    K. R. Fernando and J. Edirisinghe

    Session II (21st December 2007 10.45. a.m. – 12.45. p.m.)
    Agricultural Engineering

    Unconfined Aquifer Distribution and Its Characteristics in
    Mapalana- Kamburupitiya, Sri Lanka
    R.U.K. Piyadasa, K.D.N.Weerasinghe, L.M.J.R. Wijayawardhane,
    W.A.D.C.S. Weerasinghe and T.H.Y.Dharmase

2   Seed Potato Production Using In Vitro Microtubers
    K.K.S. Fernando, K.M.G. Kulathunga, S.A.M.R. Abekoon,
    K.M.Chandraratne and B.W.M.M. Aluwihare

3   Ground Water Pollution Due to Natural and Human Activities in
    Tsunami Affected Southern Sri Lanka Coastal Belt
    R.U. K Piyadasa, K. D. N. Weerasinghe, J. A. Liyanage, L. M. J. R.
    Wijayawardhana, K. M. S. C. Kumara, W.A.D.C.S. Weerasinghe,
    T.H.Y. Dharmasena

    Session II(21st December 2007 10.45. a.m. – 12.45. p.m.)
    Livestock Production

1   The Effects of Colour of Lighting on Broiler Growth Performance and
    Feed and Water Intake Pattern
    N.S.B.M. Atapattu and K.P. Wickramasinghe

2   An Investigation on the Outbreak of Avian Pasteurellosis at
    Singhaputhra Farm- Awissawella
    R.T. Bulathsinghala, G. Gurusinghe and R.K. Mutucumarana

3   Light Colour Preference of Broiler Chicks During Brooding Period
    N.S.B.M.Atapattu and G.D.U Belpagodagamage

4   Effect of Cross-Linking on Functional Properties of Potato (Solanum
    tubersume) and True Yam (Dioscorea alata ) Starch
    Anil Gunaratne and Harold Corke

    Session III (21st December 2007 1.15. a.m. – 3.00. p.m.)

1   Confirmation of New Biotypes of Brown Plant hopper by Differential
    E.M.D.S.B. Ekanayake, K.K.S. Fernando and S.I. Samararatne

2   The Potential of Exploitation of Gini Sapu ( Michaelia champaca l.)
    Seeds as a Natural Herbicide
    K.G. Prematilake, S. Liyanage

3   Inorganic Nitrogen in Soils Amended with Tree Legume Leaves and
    Animal Manure
    S. D. Wanniarachchi

    Session III (21st December 2007 1.15. a.m. – 3.00. p.m.)
    Agribusiness Management

1   The Impact of Human Capital on Long Run Economic Growth in Sri
    D.M.W.K. Dassanayake

2   Assessment of the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Start Your
    Business (SYB) and Improve Your Business (IYB) Training
    Programmes from the Participants Point of View
    M R T D Mallawa and H S R Rosairo

3   How to Improve Impact of Agro-Technical Incentives Against
    Financial Incentives.

    Session III (21st December 2007 1.15. a.m. – 3.00. p.m.)
    Agricultural Engineering

1   Long Term Availability of Different Phosphorus Fractions in Lateritic
    Soils in the Intermediate Zone of Sri Lanka due to Application of
    Three Different Phosphate Fertilizers
    D.M.S.Duminda, L.L.W.Somasiri, K.A.S.Pathiratne

2   Effect of High Shade Levels (Albizia chinensis) on Tea Productivity
    (Shoot Weight and Number of Shoot), Tea Physiology and Micro
    Climate Modification.
    M. Driburgh, P. M. A. S. Karunaratne and M. A. Wijeratne

3   A Field Assessment of the Factors Affecting Horse Hair Blight
    (Marasmius equicrinis) in Tea in the Low Country District of
    N C Dassanayake, W A D P Wanigasundara, A Balasuriya and S L
    D Amaratunge