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									                               Young Adult Literature Book List

          Title             Author                         Annotation                            Awards/
The Hitchhiker's Guide   Adams,           The hilarious journey of Arthur Dent and his       YALSA Recommended
to the Galaxy            Douglas          friend Ford Prefect, a space hitchhiker, who       100 Best Books for
                                                                                             Young People
                                          escape from earth seconds before it is
                                          demolished and travel to a variety of galactic
                                          civilizations while gathering information for a
                                          hitchhiker's guidebook.
Watership Down           Adams,           Follow the epic Tolkienesque adventures of         YALSA Recommended
                         Richard          Fiver, Hazel, and a ragtag lapin band. Rabbits     100 Best Books for
                                          will never seem the same again.                    Young People

Kit's Wilderness         Almond, David    Thirteen-year-old Kit goes to live with his        Michael L. Printz Award
                                          grandfather in the decaying coal mining town       for Excellence in Young
                                                                                             Adult Literature 2001
                                          of Stoneygate, England, and finds both the
                                          old man and the town haunted by ghosts of
                                          the past.

Skellig                  Almond, David    Unhappy about his baby sister's illness and        Michael L. Printz Award
                                          the chaos of moving into a dilapidated old         for Excellence in Young
                                          house, Michael retreats to the garage and          Adult Literature 2000
                                                                                             Honor Book
                                          finds a mysterious stranger who is something
                                          like a bird and something like an angel.

Counterfeit Son          Alphin, Elaine   Cameron Miller is the son of a murderer. He        Winner of the Edgar
                         Marie            has been abused his entire life; he takes on       Allan Poe Award
                                          the identity of Neil Lacey, a young boy his        ALA Quick Pick

                                          father abducted years earlier. As Neil, he
                                          has a loving family. What happens when
                                          someone discovers what he has done?
Speak                    Anderson,        A traumatic event near the end of the              ALA Best Books for
                         Laurie Halse     summer has a devastating effect on Melinda's       Young Adults-2000
                                          freshman year in high school.
                                                                                             Michael L. Printz Award
                                                                                             for Excellence in Young
                                                                                             Adult Literature 2000
                                                                                             Honor Book
Burger Wuss              Anderson, M.T.   When Anthony catches his beloved Diana             Library Suggestions
                                          making out at a party with another guy, he
                                          devises a vengeful plan - which involves an '85
                                          Oldsmobile and a fiberglass condiment-
                                          dispensing troll - to win back his girl. A fast-
                                          paced, funny story about the horrors of high
                                          school romance and minimum-wage drudgery.
I Know Why the Caged     Angelou, Maya    This remarkable, poetic and frank                  YALSA Recommended
Bird Sings                                autobiography of a black girl who grew up in       100 Best Books for
                                                                                             Young People
                                          Arkansas, St. Louis and San Francisco is for
                                          mature readers.
Go Ask Alice             Anonymous        The painful diary of a young girl when she         YALSA Recommended
                                        accidentally falls into the contemporary drug    100 Best Books for
                                        scene.                                           Young People
Lost in the War         Antle, Nancy    The Vietnam war ended more than a decade         YALSA Recommended
                                        ago but it is played out daily at Lisa Grey’s    100 Best Books for
                                        house. She struggles to cope with a mother       Young People

                                        whose traumatic experiences as a nurse in
                                        Vietnam during the war are still haunting her.
                                        School has been an escape from the talk of
                                        Vietnam, but when Lisa’s social studies
                                        teacher decides that they will do an in-depth
                                        study of the war to coincide with the building
                                        of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial her home
                                        demons are highlighted in school.
Always to Remember:     Ashabranner,    The story of Vietnam veteran Jan C.              YALSA Recommended
The Vietnam Veterans    Brent           Scruggs's struggle to build a national           100 Best Books for
                                                                                         Young People
Memorial                                monument honoring Americans who died or
                                        are missing in the Vietnam War.
Handmaid's Tale         Atwood,         Offred, a handmaid living in a near-future       YALSA Recommended
                        Margaret        time, endures life in a society in which women   100 Best Books for
                                        able to bear children are used for               Young People

Blue Heron              Avi             A solitary blue heron becomes a symbol of        YALSA Recommended
                                        strength and peace for 13-year-old Maggie        100 Best Books for
                                        when she discovers a change has come over        Young People

                                        her father and his new family.
Nothing but the Truth   Avi             It's against regulations to hum the national     YALSA Recommended
                                        anthem in school. Philip decides to disobey      100 Best Books for
                                        the rule, and the whole nation watches what      Young People

Parallel Journeys       Ayer, Eleanor   Alternating chapters contrast the wartime        Library Suggestions
                        H.              experiences of two young Germans -- Helen
                                        Waterford, who was interned in a Nazi
                                        concentration camp, and Alfons Heck, a
                                        member of the Hitler Youth.
Long Walk               Bachman,        Of the 100 boys who begin a grueling             YALSA Recommended
                        Richard         marathon walk, 99 will die--and one will have    100 Best Books for
                                        his every wish granted. Or will he?              Young People

Forgotten Fire          Bagdasarian,    Up until 1915, Vahan has been the pampered       ALA Best Books for
                        Adam            son of a wealthy and influential Armenian        Young Adults-2001
                                        family. Then overnight his world is destroyed
                                        when Turkish leaders begin the systematic
                                        massacre of the Armenian population of
                                        Turkey. Soon Vahan is an orphan on the run,
                                        surviving by begging, pretending to be deaf
                                        and mute, dressing as a girl, hiding out in
                                        basements and outhouses, and even living for
                                        a time with the enemy.
Hope Was Here           Bauer, Joan     When sixteen-year-old Hope and the aunt          ALA Best Books for
                                        who has raised her move from Brooklyn to         Young Adults-2001
                                        Mulhoney, Wisconsin, to work as waitress and
                                        cook in the Welcome Stairways diner, they
                                        become involved with the diner owner's           2001 Newbery Honor
                                        political campaign to oust the town's corrupt    Book
Rules of the Road       Bauer, Joan     Sixteen-year-old Jenna gets a job driving the      YALSA Recommended
                                        elderly owner of a chain of successful shoe        100 Best Books for
                                                                                           Young People
                                        stores from Chicago to Texas to confront the
                                        son who is trying to force her to retire.
                                        Along the way Jenna hones her talents as a
                                        saleswoman and finds the strength to face
                                        her alcoholic father.
Weetzie Bat             Block,          Lanky lizards! Punk teens Weetzie and Dirk         YALSA Recommended
                        Francesca Lia   search for love in a modern fairy tale that is     100 Best Books for
                                        funny, moving, and unlike any book you've read     Young People

Tangerine               Bloor, Edward   Nearly blind and living in the shadow of his       Library Suggestions
                                        football star brother, twelve-year-old Paul
                                        adjusts to a new school, plays soccer, makes
                                        friends and begins to remember the incident
                                        that damaged his eyesight.
We Are Witnesses:       Boas, Jacob     The compelling and poignant diaries of five        YALSA Recommended
The Diaries of Five                     teenagers who died during the Holocaust tell       100 Best Books for
Teenagers Who Died in                   their tragic, courageous stories.                  Young People

the Holocaust
The Concrete Wave       Brooke,         The book features hundreds of photos of            ALA Quick Picks for
(The History of         Michael.        skaters, memorabilia and includes interviews       Reluctant Readers
Skateboarding).                         with Tony Alva and Tony Hawk.

Beyond the Myth: The    Brooks, Polly   Condemned as a witch but later canonized as        YALSA Recommended
Story of Joan of Arc    Schoyer,        a saint, young Joan, inspired by her love of       100 Best Books for
                                        France, leads her countrymen in their battle       Young People

                                        against the English.
Magic Kingdom for       Brooks, Terry   In a funny fantasy adventure, disillusioned        YALSA Recommended
Sale--Sold!                             sorrowing widower Ben buys a magic kingdom         100 Best Books for
                                                                                           Young People
                                        for $1,000,000 only to find a run-down castle
                                        operated by a motley group of inept
The Princess Diaries    Cabot, Meg      Fourteen-year-old Mia, who is trying to lead a     ALA Quick Picks for
                                        normal life as a teenage girl in New York City,    Reluctant Readers 2001
                                        is shocked to learn that her father is the
                                        Prince of Genovia, a small European
                                        principality, and that she is a princess and the
                                        heir to the throne.

In a Dark Wood          Cadnum,         In this introspective look at other players in     YALSA Recommended
                        Michael         the Robin Hood legend, the Sheriff of              100 Best Books for
                                                                                           Young People
                                        Nottingham, on orders from the King, seeks
                                        to capture the outlaw Robin Hood, but finds
                                        him to be a tricky and elusive foe.
Ender's Game            Card, Orson     Andrew "Ender" Wiggin, a young genius in           YALSA Recommended
                        Scott           Battle School, where he is training to fight       100 Best Books for
                                                                                           Young People
                                        the alien Buggers, has to put his skills to the
                                        ultimate test much sooner than he expected.
Ender's Shadow          Card, Orson     In this companion book to Ender's Game, the        ALA Best Books for
                        Scott           focus is on Bean, the youngest and smallest        Young Adults-2000
                                        student at the Battle School where children
                                        are trained to become the commanders in the
                                        war against an insect-like alien.
Tomorrowland: Ten       Cart, Michael,    A collection of ten stories about the future,    ALA Quick Picks for
Stories about the       ed.               by such authors as Lois Lowry, Katherine         Reluctant Readers
Future.                                   Paterson, and Jon Scieszka.

Girl with a Pearl       Chevalier,        When sixteen-year-old Griet is hired as a        ALA Best Books for
Earring                 Tracy             servant in the household of seventeenth          Young Adults-2001
                                          century artist Johannes Vermeer, turmoil
                                          follows. First she becomes increasingly
                                          intimate with her master. Then Vermeer
                                          employs her as his assistant--and ultimately
                                          has Griet sit for him as a model.
Hero Ain't Nothin but   Childress,        Benjie, a 13-year-old in Harlem, cannot face     YALSA Recommended
a Sandwich              Alice             the reality of his drug addiction or the         100 Best Books for
                                          realization that someone cares for him.          Young People

Girl from Yamhill: A    Cleary, Beverly   An honest and humorous account of the            YALSA Recommended
Memoir                                    Depression-era childhood and adolescence of      100 Best Books for
                                          Beverly Cleary in Oregon, where she              Young People

                                          encountered many of the same situations that
                                          teens do today.
Many Stones             Coman, Carolyn    After her sister Laura is murdered in South      Michael L. Printz Award
                                          Africa, Berry and her estranged father travel    for Excellence in Young
                                          there to participate in the dedication of a      Adult Literature 2001
                                                                                           Honor Book
                                          memorial in her name.

Driver's Ed             Cooney,           Remy and Morgan, students in a high-school       1997 YRCA Senior
                        Caroline          driver's education class, lightheartedly         Division Nominee
                                          remove a street stop sign. Their prank has
                                          deadly consequences. Remy and Morgan try to
                                          cope with their guilt and anxiety while at the
                                          same time, their romance unfolds.
Flight #116 Is Down     Cooney,           A 747 crashes on the grounds of her family's     YALSA Recommended
                        Caroline B.       estate, and 16-year-old Heidi, alone and         100 Best Books for
                                          terrified, pulls herself together to help        Young People

                                          rescue the survivors.
After the First Death   Cormier,          Ben tries unsuccessfully to balance his          YALSA Recommended
                        Robert            father's betrayal and his own failure after a    100 Best Books for
                                          busload of children is hijacked by a group of    Young People

                                          ruthless terrorists.
Fade                    Cormier,          One boy in each generation of the Moreaux        YALSA Recommended
                        Robert            family inherits the power--and the curse--of     100 Best Books for
                                          invisibility.                                    Young People

Heroes                  Cormier,          Francis Joseph Cassavant is eighteen. He has     YALSA Recommended
                        Robert            just returned home from the Second World         100 Best Books for
                                          War, and he has no face. He does have a gun      Young People

                                          and a mission: to murder his childhood hero.

I Am the Cheese         Cormier,          A victim of amnesia, and under the influence     YALSA Recommended
                        Robert            of drugs administered by mysterious and          100 Best Books for
                                          unidentified questioners, teenager Adam          Young People

                                          searches through haunting memories that
                                          must not be recalled or revealed if he is to
I Am The Cheese         Cormier,          A young boy desperately tries to unlock his      Library Suggestions
                        Robert            past yet knows he must hide those memories
                                          if he is to remain alive.
The Chocolate War: A      Cormier,           "Sweets" abound at Trinity High while a            YALSA Recommended
Novel                     Robert             schoolmaster feasts on his students' fear--a       100 Best Books for
                                                                                                Young People
                                             bitter story of one student's resistance and
                                             the high price he pays.
TheWanderer               Creech,            Sailing across the Atlantic with her uncles        YRCA Nomination
                          Sharon             and cousins becomes a journey of discovery
                                             for Sohie, 13. The story gradually reveals the
                                             truth about Sophie’s past and raises questions
                                             about the crew.
Brides of Eden            Crew, Linda        Many of the citizens of Corvallis, Oregon,         Library Suggestions
                                             hope that the handsome, itinerant preacher
                                             Joshua Creffield will continue on his spiritual
                                             journey--right on out of town. But its young
                                             people, especially 16-year-old Eva Mae Hurt,
                                             are completely entranced by him. Eva Mae
                                             loses almost everything before she is able to
                                             break free of his brainwashing.
Chinese Handcuffs         Crutcher,          A winning triathlete's need to understand his      YALSA Recommended
                          Chris              older brother's suicide is complicated by          100 Best Books for
                                             memories and daring challenges.                    Young People

Ironman                   Crutcher,          When he calls his teacher an asshole in class,     YALSA Recommended
                          Chris              Bo is forced to attend an anger management         100 Best Books for
                                                                                                Young People
                                             program, where he learns to deal with his real
                                             problem--his cruel father.
Running Loose             Crutcher,          Louie takes a stand against his coach and          YALSA Recommended
                          Chris              playing dirty football, falls in love, and loses   100 Best Books for
                                             his girlfriend in a fatal accident--all in his     Young People

                                             senior year.
Staying Fat for Sarah     Crutcher,          When the horrific truth about Sarah's past         YALSA Recommended
Byrnes                    Chris              is revealed, only her true friend Eric ("Moby")    100 Best Books for
                                             Calhoun can help her come to terms with her        Young People

                                             family and plan for her future.
Catherine, Called Birdy   Cushman,           Fighting fleas, unsuitable suitors, and her        YALSA Recommended
                          Karen              mother's attempts to make a lady of her,           100 Best Books for
                                             Catherine writes in her diary about her            Young People

                                             frustrations with her life as a young
                                             noblewoman in medieval times.
The Midwife's             Cushman,           Beetle, a homeless girl, is found in a dung        YALSA Recommended
Apprentice                Karen              heap and apprenticed to the village midwife in     100 Best Books for
                                             this sensitive 14th-century tale set in            Young People

                                                                                                1996 Newbery Winner
On the Devil's Court      Deuker, Carl       Seventeen-year-old Joe Faust must decide if        YALSA Recommended
                                             it's worth selling his soul to the devil for one   100 Best Books for
                                                                                                Young People
                                             perfect season of basketball.
Because of Winn Dixie     DiCamillo, Kate    A stray dog in the midst of the produce            2001 Newbery Honor
                                             section leads India Opal Buloni to meet new        Book
                                             friends in a small town in Florida.

Tears of a Tiger          Draper,            High-school senior Andy Jackson is overcome        YALSA Recommended
                          Sharon M           by guilt after his best friend dies in an          100 Best Books for
                                             automobile accident that happened when Andy        Young People

                                             was driving drunk.
Deal With It: A Whole     Drill, Esther et   Offers a whole new approach for dealing with       ALA Quick Picks for
New Approach to Your      al.                your life as a girl. It's a resource to help you   Reluctant Readers 2001
Body, Brain and Life as                   learn about, laugh about, and figure out the
a Gurl                                    stuff you go through on your way through life.

Dear America: Letters     Edelman,        In their personal letters, soldiers and           YALSA Recommended
Home from Vietnam         Bernard         civilians reveal the pain, frustration,           100 Best Books for
                                          confusion, and anger that were part of their      Young People

                                          daily lives in Vietnam.
A Girl Named Disaster     Farmer, Nancy   When her family arranges her marriage to a        YALSA Recommended
                                          cruel man with three wives, Nhamo escapes by      100 Best Books for
                                          canoe to seek a better future.                    Young People

The Ear, the Eye, and     Farmer, Nancy   When General Matsika's three children are         YALSA Recommended
the Arm                                   kidnapped after they leave the safety of          100 Best Books for
                                                                                            Young People
                                          their armed compound, their mother hires the
                                          best detective team available in 2194
                                          Zimbabwe--the appropriately named mutant
                                          partners--the Ear, the Eye, and the Arm.
            Bad           Ferris, Jean    Sixteen-year-old Dallas, caught robbing a         Nominee for Book
                                          convenience store while her friends get away,     Award
                                          is sent to the Girls’ Rehabilitation Center.
                                          During her six months’ sentence she feels
                                          betrayed by her friends, abandoned by her
                                          father and uncertain how she could fit into a
                                          different kind of life.

Bull Run                  Fleischman,     Sixteen individuals voice their hopes and         YALSA Recommended
                          Paul            fears in this interwoven collage of               100 Best Books for
                                          "snapshots" set during the first battle of the    Young People

                                          Civil War.
Whirligig                 Fleischman,     While traveling to each corner of the country     Library Suggestions
                          Paul            to build a whirligig in memory of the girl
                                          whose death he causes, sixteen-year-old
                                          Brian finds forgiveness and atonement.
Life is Funny             Frank, E.R.     The lives of a number of young people of          ALA Quick Picks for
                                          different races, economic backgrounds, and        Reluctant Readers 2001
                                          family situations living in Brooklyn, New York,
                                          become intertwined over a seven year period.

Eleanor Roosevelt: A      Freedman,       A compelling photo-biography of Eleanor           YALSA Recommended
Life of Discovery         Russell         Roosevelt relates the remarkable story of a       100 Best Books for
                                                                                            Young People
                                          shy, lonely girl who grows up to be a powerful
                                          force in the fight for world peace and
                                          equality and an inspiration to millions of
Wright Brothers: How      Freedman,       Freedman tells the fascinating story of how       YALSA Recommended
They Invented the         Russell         two self-taught bicycle mechanics solve the       100 Best Books for
Airplane                                  problems that had baffled generations of          Young People

                                          scientists and engineers.
Snake Dreamer             Galloway,       Dusa Thrasman’s dreams are haunted by             Nominee for Book
                          Priscilla       snakes. She is afraid to sleep and is             Award
                                          exhausted and ill. It seems that no doctors
                                          can discover the cause of her horrible
                                          nightmares. Dusa and her mother are
                                          beginning to lose hope until one day they meet
                                          the Gordon sisters, doctors who specialize in
                                          snake dreamers.
Joey Pigza Loses          Gantos, Jack    Joey spends the summer with his estranged         2001 Newbery Honor
Control                                    father and wants them to be winners                Book
                                           together, but their lives spiral out of control.
Annie on My Mind         Garden, Nancy     Lisa and Annie meet at New York's                  YALSA Recommended
                                           Metropolitan Museum of Art, fall in love, and      100 Best Books for
                                           then find that a public declaration is too         Young People

                                           threatening to their friends and relatives.
The Taking of Room       Glenn, Mel        A class of seniors has been taken hostage by       Library Suggestions
114                                        their history teacher. In poems, they tell how
                                           they reached this point in their lives. School
                                           officials, parents and police, also in poems,
                                           voice their response to the incident.
Dinotopia: A Land        Gurney, James     A newly discovered, illustrated journal reveals    YALSA Recommended
Apart from Time                            life on the lost island of Dinotopia, where        100 Best Books for
                                                                                              Young People
                                           shipwrecked human survivors work and play in
                                           harmony with dinosaurs.
Disappearance            Guy, Rosa         Released from jail in the custody of the           YALSA Recommended
                                           Aimsley Family, Imamu Jones immediately            100 Best Books for
                                           becomes a prime suspect when Perk, their           Young People

                                           youngest daughter, disappears.
The Friends              Guy, Rosa         Rejected by her classmates because she             YALSA Recommended
                                           "talks funny," Phyllisia Cathy, a young West       100 Best Books for
                                           Indian girl, is forced to become friends with      Young People

                                           poor, frazzled Edith, the only one who will
                                           accept her.
Among the Hidden.        Haddix,           In a future where the Population Police            ALA Quick Picks for
                         Margaret          enforce the law limiting a family to only two      Reluctant Readers
                         Petersen.         children, Luke has lived all his twelve years in   2000

                                           isolation and fear on his family's farm, until
                                           another "third" convinces him that the
                                           government is wrong.

Hawk: Occupation:        Hawk, Tony        With brutal honesty, Tony recalls the stories      ALA Quick Picks for
Skateboarder             and Sean          of love, loss, bad hairdos, embarrassing '80s      Reluctant Readers 2001
                         Mortimer          clothes, and the determination that has
                                           shaped his life. As he takes a look back at his
                                           experiences with the skateboarding legends
                                           of the past, he tells the real history of
                                           skateboarding-and also what the future has in
                                           store for the sport and for him.

Kissing Doorknobs        Hesser, Terry     Tara struggles to live with her obsessive-         YALSA Recommended
                         Spencer           compulsive behavior, but before her condition      100 Best Books for
                                           is diagnosed, her relationships with family and    Young People

                                           friends begin to crumble.
Downriver                Hobbs, Will       Fifteen-year-old Jesse and other rebellious        YALSA Recommended
                                           teenage members of a wilderness survival           100 Best Books for
                                           team abandon their adult leader, steal his van     Young People

                                           and rafts, and run the dangerous whitewaters
                                           of the Grand Canyon.
Far North                Hobbs, Will       Stranded in the Canadian wilderness, two           YALSA Recommended
                                           boys endure a brutal sub arctic winter of          100 Best Books for
                                           bear, wolf, and moose attacks while they           Young People

                                           repeatedly struggle to escape.
Spiders in the Hairdo:   Holt, David and   A devilish collection of modern urban legends      ALA Quick Picks for
Modern Urban Legends.    Bill Mooney.      including one about a woman whose shellacked       Reluctant Readers
                                         beehive hairdo was haven to a nest of black

When Zachary Beaver     Holt, Kimberly   During the Summer of 1971 in a small Texas        ALA Best Books for
Came to Town            Willis           town, thirteen-year-old Toby and his best         Young Adults-2000
                                         friend Cal, meet the star of a sideshow act,
                                         600-pound Zachary, the fattest boy in the
A Time for Dancing      Hurwin, Davida   Seventeen-year-old best friends Juliana and       YALSA Recommended
                        Wills            Samantha share a passion for dance, for life,     100 Best Books for
                                         and for each other--then Jules is diagnosed       Young People

                                         with cancer and must travel a path Sam
                                         cannot follow.
Place My Words Are      Janeczko, Paul   Writers share their poems and give insights       YALSA Recommended
Looking For: What       B                into their craft and life.                        100 Best Books for
Poets Say About and                                                                        Young People

Through Their Work
The Raging Quiet        Jordan,          Suspicious of sixteen-year-old Marnie, a          ALA Best Books for
                        Sherryl          newcomer to their village, the residents          Young Adults-2000
                                         accuse her of witchcraft when she discovers
                                         that the village madman is not crazy but deaf
                                         and she begins to communicate with him
                                         through hand gestures.
Seen and Heard:         Kalergis, Mary   Young people give voice to what their lives are   ALA Quick Picks for
Teenagers Talk About    Motley.          really like in riveting, no-holds-barred          Reluctant Readers
Their Lives.                             interviews. 80 black and white duotone            2000


Geeks: How Two Lost     Katz, Jon        Jesse and Eric were proud geeks-- suspicious      ALA Best Books for
Boys Rode the                            or disdainful of authority figures, proud of      Young Adults-2001
Internet out of Idaho                    their status as outsiders, fervent in their
                                         belief in the positive power of technology.
                                         They'd been outsiders as long as they could
                                         remember, living far from the mainstream of
                                         school or town life. This is the story of how
                                         they--and others like them--used technology
                                         to try to construct a new future for
                                         themselves, escape the boundaries of their
                                         dead-end lives, and find a community they
                                         could belong to.
Owl in Love             Kindl, Patrice   Girl by day, owl by night, 14-year-old Owl        YALSA Recommended
                                         Tycho finds life is complicated--not only by a    100 Best Books for
                                         crush on her science teacher, but also by the     Young People

                                         presence of a deranged boy in the woods.
The Silver Kiss         Klause,          Feeling alienated from everyone during her        YALSA Recommended
                        Annette Curtis   mother's terminal illness, Zoe comes under        100 Best Books for
                                                                                           Young People
                                         the spell of Simon, a vampire doomed to live
                                         until he avenges the death of his mother 300
                                         years earlier.
Confess-o-rama          Koertge, Ron     Tony's mother's many marriages have forced        Library Suggestions
                                         Tony to change schools a lot. Assuming he will
                                         not be staying long at his new school, his
                                         strategy is to fade into the woodwork and not
                                         make any attachments, but a girl in a black
                                         dress with padlocks (and a bra with traffic
                                         lights) makes that impossible.
The Arizona Kid         Koertge, Ron     Working one summer at a racetrack, living          YALSA Recommended
                                         with his gay uncle, and falling madly in love      100 Best Books for
                                         make wimpy, short, tenth-grader Billy              Young People

                                         Kennedy more self-confident and wiser in the
                                         ways of the world.
Silent to the Bone      Konigsburg, E.   When he is wrongly accused of gravely              ALA Best Books for
                        L.               injuring his baby half-sister, thirteen-year-      Young Adults-2001
                                         old Branwell loses his power of speech and
                                         only his friend Connor is able to reach him and
                                         uncover the truth about what really
The Girls               Koss, Amy        Each of the girls in a middle-school clique        ALA Quick Picks for
                        Goldman          reveals the strong, manipulative hold one of       Reluctant Readers 2001
                                         the group exerts on the others, causing hurt
                                         and self-doubt among the girls.

Kiss the Dust           Laird,           It's Iraq, and Tara's family are Kurds. "He"       YALSA Recommended
                        Elizabeth        has put out the word, and they must flee for       100 Best Books for
                                         their lives.                                       Young People

Ella Enchanted          Levine, Gail     Ella is enchanted by a foolish fairy—a gift        Multiple Book lists
                        Carson           from that fairy forces her to be obedient.
                                         Ella does not take this calmly and struggles
                                         against this fate. Ella goes on a quest to
                                         break the curse. Delightful spin on the fairy
                                         tale genre.
Dancing With An Alien   Logue, Mary      A teenage boy from outer space travels to          Library Suggestions
                                         earth on a mission to help save his planet, and
                                         ultimately he falls in love, causing his mission
                                         to fail.
The Giver               Lowry, Lois      When he turns 12, Jonas is given his life          YALSA Recommended
                                         assignment from the committee of elders--to        100 Best Books for
                                                                                            Young People
                                         become the receiver of memories from far-
                                         past times--and discovers the horrible secret
                                                                                            1994 Newbery Winner
                                         that his society has hidden for the "safety
                                         and happiness" of its citizens.
Hidden Talents          Lubar,           When thirteen-year-old Martin arrives at an        ALA Quick Picks for
                        David.           alternative school for misfits and problem         Reluctant Readers
                                         students, he falls in with a group of boys with    2000

                                         psychic powers and discovers something
                                         surprising about himself.

Good Night, Mr. Tom     Magorian,        A badly battered and frightened young boy          YALSA Recommended
                        Michelle         evacuated from London during World War II          100 Best Books for
                                                                                            Young People
                                         fills an empty void in the heart of a dour old
Tomorrow, When the      Marsden, John    When they return from a wilderness camping         YALSA Recommended
War Began                                trip, Ellie and her friends are shocked to         100 Best Books for
                                         discover Australia has been invaded and soon       Young People

                                         find fighting and surviving have become their
                                         way of life.
Dragonsinger            McCaffrey,       With the help of Master-harper, Menolly and        YALSA Recommended
                        Anne             her fire lizards overcome the prejudice            100 Best Books for
                                                                                            Young People
                                         against a woman's becoming a harper the
                                         planet Pern.
Makes Me Wanna           McCall, Nathan    McCall remembers his journey from a                YALSA Recommended
Holler: A Young Black                      working-class African American neighborhood        100 Best Books for
                                                                                              Young People
Man in America                             to prison to a prestigious position on the
                                           WASHINGTON POST.
Swallowing Stones        McDonald,         Depression, guilt, and fear plague Michael's       YALSA Recommended
                         Joyce             dreams after a stray bullet from his rifle kills   100 Best Books for
                                           a man.                                             Young People

Beauty: A Retelling of   McKinley,         Fantasy and romance are beautifully blended        Michael L. Printz Award
the Story of Beauty      Robin             in an evocative, much-expanded version of the      for Excellence in Young
and the Beast                              classic fairy tale.                                Adult Literature 2000
                                                                                              Honor Book
Blue Sword               McKinley,         Harry Crewe, bored with her dull and               Michael L. Printz Award
                         Robin             sheltered life, finds new magic, love, and her     for Excellence in Young
                                           destiny as a woman warrior when kidnapped          Adult Literature 2000
                                                                                              Honor Book
                                           by a handsome king who has mysterious
Crooked                  McNeal, Laura     Two ninth graders, Clara and Amos, suddenly        ALA Best Books for
                         and Tom           find their lives turned upside down by their       Young Adults-2000
                                           families, by each other, and by the two
                                           meanest brothers in town.
Mary, Bloody Mary        Meyer, Carolyn    Mary Tudor, who would reign briefly as Queen       ALA Best Books for
                                           of England during the mid sixteenth century,       Young Adults-2000
                                           tells the story of her troubled childhood as
                                           daughter of King Henry VIII.
Fallen Angels            Myers, Walter     Seventeen-year-old Richie Perry's stint in         Michael L. Printz Award
                         Dean              Vietnam brings home to him the agony and           for Excellence in Young
                                           futility of war as he learns to kill and watches   Adult Literature 2000
                                                                                              Honor Book
                                           his comrades die.
Hoops                    Myers, Walter     Lonnie and the rest of his Harlem ghetto           Michael L. Printz Award
                         Dean              basketball team learn the fine art of playing      for Excellence in Young
                                                                                              Adult Literature 2000
                                           and winning like pros from Cal, who once was
                                                                                              Honor Book
Monster                  Myers, Walter     While on trial as an accomplice to a murder,       ALA Best Books for
                         Dean              sixteen-year-old Steve Harmon records his          Young Adults-2000
                                           experiences in prison and in the courtroom in
                                                                                              Michael L. Printz Award
                                           the form of a film script as he tries to come
                                                                                              for Excellence in Young
                                           to terms with the course his life has taken.       Adult Literature 2000

Slam                     Myers, Walter     "Slam" Harris is a talented basketball player      Michael L. Printz Award
                         Dean              whose dreams of fame and fortune in the            for Excellence in Young
                                           NBA can come true--if he can control his           Adult Literature 2000
                                                                                              Honor Book
Somewhere in the         Myers, Walter     Jimmy is shocked when an unexpected visitor        Michael L. Printz Award
Darkness                 Dean              turns out to be his father, who has been in        for Excellence in Young
                                           prison for eight years and now wants Jimmy         Adult Literature 2000
                                                                                              Honor Book
                                           to drive with him to Chicago.
Ties That Bind, Ties     Namioka,          Ailin's life takes a different turn when she       ALA Best Books for
That Break               Lensey            defies the traditions of upper class Chinese       Young Adults-2000
                                           society by refusing to have her feet bound.
 Jade Green              Naylor, Phyllis   While living with her uncle in a house haunted     ALA Quick Picks for
                         Reynolds          by the ghost of a young woman, recently            Reluctant Readers 2001
                                           orphaned Judith Sparrow wonders if her one
                                           small transgression causes mysterious

Earthshine              Nelson,         Twelve-year-old Slim must face the truth          Michael L. Printz Award
                        Theresa         that her beloved, irreplaceable father is         for Excellence in Young
                                        dying from AIDS.                                  Adult Literature 2000
                                                                                          Honor Book
Sabriel                 Nix, Garth      Sabriel makes a desperate quest through the       Michael L. Printz Award
                                        Gates of Death to free her necromancer            for Excellence in Young
                                        father from the strengthening powers of the       Adult Literature 2000
                                                                                          Honor Book
                                        spirits of the dead.
Z for Zachariah         O'Brien,        In a peaceful valley, two survivors of an         Michael L. Printz Award
                        Robert C.       atomic holocaust are brought together--one a      for Excellence in Young
                                        self-sufficient young girl, the other a killer    Adult Literature 2000
                                                                                          Honor Book
                                        bent on killing again.
Things They Carried     O'Brien, Tim    In these candid short stories based on            Michael L. Printz Award
                                        O'Brien's Vietnam experiences, pictures,          for Excellence in Young
                                        heartaches, dreams and terror are the things      Adult Literature 2000
                                                                                          Honor Book
                                        soldiers in Vietnam carry.
Me and Rupert Goody     O’Connor,       Jennalee Helton is happy with her life the        Georgia Book award,
                        Barbara         way it is; she struggles to accept Rupert         numerous library
                                                                                          awards, Parent’s Choice
                                        Goody as a part of her “family”. This book
                                        deals with sibling rivalry, insecurity, and
                                        racism. Strong Southern voice.
Moonpie and Ivy         O’Connor,       Pearl faces the twin challenges of loving and     Parent’s Choice Award,
                        Barbara         being loved in this book. Strong Southern         numerous library
                                        voice.                                            awards

Beethoven in Paradise   O’Connor,       Martin has always loved music; he has to work     Parent’s Choice Award,
                        Barbara         out issues with his father about sports and       numerous library
                                        music. Strong Southern voice.                     awards

In My Hands:            Opdyke, Irene   Recounts the experiences of the author who,       ALA Best Books for
Memories of a           Gut             as a young Polish girl, hid and saved Jews        Young Adults-2000
Holocaust Rescuer                       during the Holocaust.
 Peeling the Onion      Orr, Wendy,     Anna struggles to recover her health and her      YALSA Recommended
                                        life after a car accident shatters her body       100 Best Books for
                                                                                          Young People
                                        and leaves her brain damaged.
Jacob Have I Loved      Paterson,       While growing up among the "water people" on      YALSA Recommended
                        Katherine       an island off the coast of eastern Maryland       100 Best Books for
                                        during the 1940s, Louise searches for her         Young People

                                        identity and fights the jealousy she feels
                                                                                          1981 Newbery Award
                                        toward her talented, fragile, and beautiful
                                        twin sister.
Lyddie                  Paterson,       Unable to pay off the debt on the family          YALSA Recommended
                        Katherine       farm, feisty, single-minded Lyddie survives       100 Best Books for
                                                                                          Young People
                                        the dangers of the textile mills in 1840s
                                        Massachusetts, determined not to forfeit her
Soldier's Heart         Paulsen, Gary   After facing the reality of fighting in the       YALSA Recommended
                                        Civil War, Charlie realizes that war is hell on   100 Best Books for
                                        earth--both mentally and physically.              Young People
The Beet Fields       Paulsen, Gary    The author recalls his experiences as a           ALA Best Books for
                                       migrant laborer and carnival worker after he      Young Adults-2001
                                       ran away from home at age sixteen.
Woodsong              Paulsen, Gary    Through his dogsledding adventures in the         YALSA Recommended
                                       Minnesota wilderness where there are wolves,      100 Best Books for
                                       deep snow, and minus-30-degree                    Young People

                                       temperatures, the author comes to
                                       understand nature's ways and harrowing
A Long Way from       Peck, Richard    Vignettes about life in the Depression. The       2000 Newbery Honor
Chicago                                sequel to this book won the 2001 Newbery.         Book
A Year Down Under     Peck, Richard    A linked series of vignettes set in rural         2001 Newbery Winner
                                       Illinois during the Depression. Mary Alice, 15,
                                       leaves Chicago to spend a year with her
Define "Normal"       Peters, Julie    When she agrees to meet with Jasmine as a         ALA Quick Picks for
                      Anne             peer counselor at their middle school, Antonia    Reluctant Readers 2001
                                       never dreams that this girl with the black
                                       lipstick and pierced eyebrow will end up
                                       helping her deal with the serious problems
                                       she faces at home and become a good friend.

Alanna the First      Pierce, Tamora   Book one of the Lioness fantasy quartet.          Fantasy Readers
Adventure                              Alanna and her twin brother switch places so
                                       that each one can live his/her dream. This
                                       quartet is about the making of a hero; Alanna
                                       grows as she follows her dream of knighthood
                                       in a realm where women are not allowed to be

In the Hand of the    Pierce, Tamora   Alanna’s adventures and struggles continue.       Fantasy Readers
Goddess                                This book brings in more of her struggles to
                                       master the weapons, her temper, and her

The Woman Who Rides   Pierce, Tamora   Alanna’s battles get more deadly as her           Fantasy Readers
Like a Man                             progress as a knight continues. Her
                                       friendships also strengthen.

Lioness Rampant       Pierce, Tamora   In the final book of the quartet, Alanna must     Fantasy Readers
                                       make difficult choices as she and her peers
                                       are pulled into battles for king and country.

Wild Magic            Pierce, Tamora   Daine, a young woman, loses her family to         Fantasy Readers
                                       raiders and is forced from her home. Her
                                       adventures begin when she signs on to work
                                       for a female horse trader and journeys to the
                                       capital of Tortall. There are overlapping
                                       characters from the Lioness quartet and
                                       some of the wars begun in that quartet
                                       continue here.
Wolf Speaker            Pierce, Tamora   As Daine explores her wild magic, she also         Fantasy Readers
                                         faces the ethical decisions of when and how
                                         to use her magic. She, like Alanna, is pulled
                                         into service for king and country in the
                                         ongoing war.

The Emporer Mage        Pierce, Tamora   Daine and Numair are part of the royal             Fantasy Readers
                                         contingent visiting a neighboring kingdom.
                                         Daine is called on to help heal the royal birds.
                                         Issues of slavery and class appear in this

The Realm of the Gods   Pierce, Tamora   In the final book in the quartet, Daine meets      Fantasy Readers
                                         her father in the realm of the gods. Daine
                                         and Numair are called on to use battle magic
                                         in defense of Tortall.

First Test              Pierce, Tamora   The first in the Protector of the Small            Fantasy Readers
                                         quartet introduces Keladry, a strong young
                                         girl who, like Alanna, yearns to be a knight.
                                         Although the laws have changed since Alanna’s
                                         time, Keladry will be the first. The instructor
                                         of the training program does not want her and
                                         forces a “probationary” period on her. This
                                         books focuses on what it means to be
                                         honorable and chivalrous.

Page                    Pierce, Tamora   Keladry returns in this second book in the         Fantasy Readers
                                         Protector of the Small quartet. She is no
                                         longer on probation but her troubles are not
                                         over. This book shows the value of friendship
                                         and hard work; it also confronts the ideas of
                                         prejudice and bullying.

Squire                  Pierce, Tamora   In the third book of the Protector series,         Fantasy Readers
                                         Keladry is chosen as a squire by Lord Raoul
                                         even though she wanted to be chosen by the
                                         Lioness; she learns that the Lioness was not
                                         allowed to have any contact with her for fear
                                         that she would “help” her and that wouldn’t be
                                         fair. Keladry befriends a gryphon, battles
                                         enemies large and small and earns the respect
                                         of her company.

Lady Knight             Pierce, Tamora   In the final book of the protector series,         Fantasy Readers
                                         Keladry faces personal and professional
                                         challenges. She has been ordered by the
                                         Chamber to stop Blayce but she is forced to
                                         oversee refugee camps. She learns she has
                                         strengths and commitments that make her
                                         ideally suited for her role as “Protector of
                                         the Small.”
The Body of              Plum-Ucci,          Torey Adams, a high school junior with a          Michael L. Printz Award
Christopher Creed        Carol               seemingly perfect life, struggles with doubts     for Excellence in Young
                                                                                               Adult Literature 2001
                                             and questions surrounding the mysterious
                                                                                               Honor Book
                                             disappearance of the class outcast.

Imani All Mine           Porter, Connie      The unwed mother of a baby girl narrates, in      ALA Best Books for
                                             her lyrical, street-smart voice, her progress     Young Adults-2000
                                             on her journey to adulthood in an increasingly
                                             violent world.
The Golden Compass       Pullman, Philip ,   With the aid of friends, witches, and armored     YALSA Recommended
                                             polar bears, 12-year-old Lyra fights the evil     100 Best Books for
                                             that is stealing children and conducting          Young People

                                             horrible experiments on them.
Angus, Thongs, and       Rennison,           Presents the humorous journal of a year in        ALA Quick Picks for
Full-Frontal Snogging:   Louise              the life of a fourteen-year-old British girl      Reluctant Readers 2001
Confessions of Georgia                       who tries to reduce the size of her nose, stop
                                                                                               Michael L. Printz Award
Nicolson                                     her mad cat from terrorizing the
                                                                                               for Excellence in Young
                                             neighborhood animals, and win the love of         Adult Literature 2001
                                             handsome hunk Robbie.                             Honor Book

Harry Potter and the     Rowling, J.K.       With only a lightning-bolt scar on his            YALSA Recommended
Sorcerer's Stone                             forehead as a clue to his true identity, Harry    100 Best Books for
                                                                                               Young People
                                             Potter, by a twist of fate, leaves his unloving
                                             foster family for a life of wizardry and
Harry Potter and The     Rowling, J.K.       The third book in the Harry series introduces     Multiple Books lists
Prisoner of Azkaban                          more about Harry’s parents and their friends.
                                             Harry confronts many of his fears.
Harry Potter and The     Rowling, J.K.       In the second book in the Harry series, the       Multiple Books lists
Chamber of Secrets                           young wizard finds himself in the center of
                                             controversy. Who is harming the “mud
                                             bloods” and what is the chamber of secrets?
Harry Potter and the     Rowling, J.K.       In the fourth book of the Harry series,           Multiple Books lists
Goblet of Fire                               Harry is one of the Hogwart’s champions in a
                                             competition. He often feels isolated from
                                             Ron and Hermione. One of the battles results
                                             in a death.
Galax Arena              Rubinstein,         Three siblings are kidnapped from a train         Library Suggestions
                         Gillian             station and taken to a planet where they must
                                             perform dangerous stunts or become pets, all
                                             for the amusement of the planet's
                                             inhabitants - or so it seemed.
Esperanza Rising         Ryan, Pam           Esperanza and her mother are forced to leave      ALA Best Books for
                         Munoz               their life of wealth and privilege in Mexico to   Young Adults-2001
                                             go work in the labor camps of Southern
                                             California, where they must adapt to the
                                             harsh circumstances facing Mexican farm
                                             workers on the eve of the Great Depression.
Holes                    Sachar, Louis       Stanley Yelnats is sentenced to Camp Green        YALSA Recommended
                                             Lake, where he finds a treasure and puts an       100 Best Books for
                                             end to a long-running curse on his family.        Young People
                                                                                               1999 Newbery Winner
Rewind.                  Sleator,            Not long after learning that he was adopted,      ALA Quick Picks for
                         William.            eleven-year-old Peter is hit by a car and then    Reluctant Readers
                                           given several chances to alter events that
                                           could lead to his death.

Stop Pretending: What    Sones,            A younger sister has a difficult time                ALA Quick Picks for
Happened When My Big     Sonya.            adjusting to life after her older sister has a       Reluctant Readers
Sister Went Crazy.                         mental breakdown.                                    2000

Stargirl                 Spinelli, Jerry   In this story about the perils of popularity,        ALA Best Books for
                                           the courage of nonconformity, and the thrill         Young Adults-2001
                                           of first love, an eccentric student named
                                           Stargirl changes Mica High School forever.
Shabanu: Daughter of     Staples,          Torn between allegiance to her family and her        YALSA Recommended
the Wind                 Suzanne           growing independence and strength, Shabanu           100 Best Books for
                                                                                                Young People
                         Fisher            tells the story of her life as a member of a
                                           nomadic tribe in the Pakistani desert.
The Cuckoo's Egg:        Stoll, Cliff      A young astrophysicist turns detective as he         YALSA Recommended
Tracking a Spy through                     embarks on the trail of an elusive computer          100 Best Books for
the Maze of Computer                       hacker who has managed to break into top-            Young People

Espionage                                  secret government and military data banks.

The Joy Luck Club        Tan, Amy          Chinese American daughters find conflict,            YALSA Recommended
                                           love and connection with their mothers, who          100 Best Books for
                                                                                                Young People
                                           are haunted by their early lives in China.
The Rock Says            The Rock, with    In this action-packed, revealing and                 ALA Quick Picks for
                         Joe Leyden        outrageously funny memoir, World Wrestling           Reluctant Readers 2001
                                           Federation Superstar The Rock recounts his
                                           life in and out of the ring with unapologetic
                                           honesty and inimitable style.

Stuck in Neutral         Trueman,          Fourteen-year-old Shawn McDaniel, who                ALA Quick Picks for
                         Terry             suffers from severe cerebral palsy and               Reluctant Readers 2001
                                           cannot function, relates his perceptions of his
                                                                                                Michael L. Printz Award
                                           life, his family, and his condition, especially as
                                                                                                for Excellence in Young
                                           he believes his father is planning to kill him.
                                                                                                Adult Literature 2001
                                                                                                Honor Book

Never Trust A Dead       Velde, Vivian     Wrongly convicted of murder and punished by          ALA Quick Picks for
Man.                     Vande.            being sealed in the tomb with the dead man,          Reluctant Readers
                                           seventeen-year-old Selwyn enlists the help of
                                           a witch and the resurrected victim to find
                                           the true killer.

Runner                   Voigt, Cynthia    Bullet, a 17-year-old cross country runner,          YALSA Recommended
                                           finds that compromise is sometimes                   100 Best Books for
                                           necessary if an athlete is going to be the           Young People

The Killer's Cousin      Werlin, Nancy     After being acquitted of murder, seventeen-          Library Suggestions
                                           year-old David goes to stay with relatives in
                                           Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he finds
                                           himself forced to face his past as he learns
                                           more about his strange young cousin Lily.
Homeless Bird            Whelan, Gloria    When thirteen-year-old Koly enters into an           ALA Best Books for
                                           ill-fated arranged marriage, she must either         Young Adults-2001
                                           suffer a destiny dictated by India's tradition
                                           or find the courage to oppose it.
Memories of Summer     White, Ruth       In 1955, thirteen-year-old Lyric finds her         ALA Best Books for
                                         whole life changing when her family moves          Young Adults-2001
                                         from the hills of Virginia to a town in
                                         Michigan and her older sister Summer begins
                                         descending into mental illness.
Hard Love              Wittlinger,       After starting to publish a zine in which he       Michael L. Printz Award
                       Ellen             writes his secret feelings about his lonely life   for Excellence in Young
                                         and his parents' divorce, sixteen-year-old         Adult Literature 2000
                                                                                            Honor Book
                                         John meets an unusual girl and begins to
                                         develop a healthier personality
What's In a Name?      Wittlinger,       Each of ten teenagers living in Scrub Harbor,      Library Suggestions
                       Ellen             Massachusetts, explores his or her identity
                                         at the same time that the local residents
                                         consider changing the name of their town.
Make Lemonade          Wolff, Virginia   High-school student LaVaughn, determined to        YALSA Recommended
                       Euwer             earn money for college, baby-sits for Jolly, an    100 Best Books for
                                         unwed teenage mother of two, and matures in        Young People

                                         the process.
If You Come Softly     Woodson,          Jeremiah, who is white, and Ellie, who is          YALSA Recommended
                       Jacqueline        African American, feel an immediate                100 Best Books for
                                         connection and then must cope with the             Young People

                                         reactions to their relationship by the people
                                         around them.
Dealing with Dragons   Wrede,            Unconventional Cimorene, fed up with her dull      YALSA Recommended
                       Patricia C        life as a princess, runs away to join the          100 Best Books for
                                         dragons in this fun book that turns fairy tales    Young People

                                         upside down.
Briar Rose             Yolen, Jane       Grandmother Gemma always told the story of         YALSA Recommended
                                         Briar Rose, and after she dies, her                100 Best Books for
                                         granddaughter discovers that Gemma was a           Young People

                                         real-life Sleeping Beauty--a Holocaust
Pigman and Me          Zindel, Paul      Zindel recounts his bizarre adventures             YALSA Recommended
                                         growing up on Staten Island, when his              100 Best Books for
                                         neighbor's father becomes his personal             Young People

                                         "pigman" and teaches him to cope with his
                                         rootless family.
Rats                   Zindel, Paul.     When mutant rats threaten to take over             ALA Quick Picks for
                                         Staten Island, which has become a huge             Reluctant Readers
                                         landfill, fourteen-year-old Sarah and her          2000

                                         younger brother Mike try to figure out how
                                         to stop them.

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