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									Volume 2 Issue 3

May 2011
                                                             The Scoop
                                           Off-Campus Student Services

Inside this issue:                                     End of the Semester Checklist
                                   Preparing for your change of address in-               Send out change of address informa-
Programs you                 2     cludes letting the following people and com-           tion
should attend                      panies know your new contact information:              Obtain boxes and packing supplies
                                                                                          from grocery stores and convenience
Parking Friend               2         Present and future post office                     shops that have leftovers from
                                                                    shipped merchandise.
Security deposit             2         Internal Revenue Service or            Pick up additional moving supplies
                                       call 1-800-829-3676                                including tape, rope, and labels.
information                            State and federal tax authorities and any          Choose a truck rental or moving ser-
                                       other government agencies as needed                vice. Make your reservations in a
                                       Telephone, electric, gas, and water com-           timely and expedient manner based
                                       panies                                             on the time of year you plan to move.
                                       Banks and credit unions                            Start packing! Pack a separate bag
                                       Insurance companies and credit card                with hammer, screwdriver, flashlight,
                                       companies                                          batteries, trash bags, light bulbs and
                                       Magazine, journal, and catalog subscrip-           a telephone. Also be sure to have
                                       tions                                              toilet paper, soap, a towel and first
                                       Doctors, dentists, and other service pro-          aid supplies. You will want to keep
Summer is just around the
                                       viders                                             track of keys, wallet, checkbook,
corner. Here are some reminders
                                       Don't forget to tell friends, employers,           prescription medications, address
from Off-Campus Student
                                       and relatives!                                     book and computer cords.
                                   ** The United Postal Service recommends                Before you leave for your new home,
Need a Roommate?                   that you complete your change of address               be sure to clean up your old home!
Looking for a new place to live?   form 30 days prior to your move date                   If you choose a truck rental com-
Use our Roommate Finder:                                                                  pany, pick up the rental truck. If you and       Packing                                                plan to drive your car to your new
click on Need a Roommate. Then     Before packing, it is helpful to take stock of         home, be sure to check the oil, tire
click on LOC 101 and post on the   your belongings. Are there ways you can re-            pressure and gas in your vehicle.
Message Board!                     duce the amount of belongings so that pack-            Having your vehicle properly serviced
                                   ing and moving is made easier? Make some               prior to the move will also be helpful.
Come to our office for help with
                                   lists of things you can give away, replace
all your off-campus needs!
                                   once you move, sell, or recycle...                 Additional Resources:
Off-Campus Student Services
                                   Be sure to label boxes. It will be less over-      Stop by ANY U.S. Post Office to pick up a
Contact Information:
                                   whelming to have clearly marked items and          copy of the Movers Guide. This publica-
Student Union First Floor 136
                                   room locations for them.                           tion has tips for organizing, packing, get-
                                   You can also get boxes from places such as         ting settled, and more. Changes of ad-
                                   U-Haul at                    dress forms are also included. Also
                                   or Used Card Board Boxes at                        check out the U.S. Post Office Movers
                                          Guide on the web at
                                                                             or pick up
                                   Timeline for Completing Details of the Move        a “moving Guide” at your local U-Haul
                                       Sort through and get rid of unwanted           location.
                                       Contact current utility companies to dis-      The closest United States Post Office
                                       connect and begin service at a new             is 675 Wolf Ledges Parkway # 101
                                       place. If your meter is not located on the     Akron, Ohio 44309-9902
                                       outside of your house, make sure to be         330-996-9900
                                       present for the final reading prior to turn-
                                       ing in your house keys
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Programs you should attend this month!
Spring Commencement                            Home Athletic Events By Sport
May 6, 7 & 8                                   Akron Baseball
                                               May 4 @ 6 p.m.                                     For more parking information,
Artwalk in Downtown Akron                      May 6 @ 3 p.m.                                     download ParkingFriend, a parking
May 7 @ 5-10 p.m.                              May 7 @ 1 p.m.                                     App to help you find parking and des-
                                               May 8 @ 1 p.m.                                     tinations in Downtown Akron! Use this
Summer Session Begins                          May 10 @ 3 p.m.                                    App when you and your friends meet
May 16                                                                                            downtown or when you are meeting
                                               Akron Track & Field                                someone who does not have a UA
Beauty and the Beast                           May 6 & 7 All day                                  parking pass. ParkingFriend is now
May 17-19 @ 7:30 p.m.                                                                             available for download to your iPhone,
E.J. Thomas Hall                                                                                  iPad or Android phone. Click on your
                                                                                                  App Store icon and search for
Memorial Day—No Classes                                                                           "ParkingFriend Akron." Simply browse
May 30                                                                                            through a conveniently categorized
                                                                                                  list of points of interest, or search for
Neighborhood Watch                                                                                your destination, and ParkingFriend
May 31 @ 6 p.m.                                                                                   will show you all the nearby parking
Leggett Community Learning Center                                                                 lots and decks, complete with rates
Last meeting until August 2011                                                                    and even distance from your destina-
                                                                                                  tion. You can also view a map of
Congratulations Graduates!                                                                        Downtown with public lots and decks
                                                                                                  identified with a P.

How to get your security deposit back
Article from the Community Legal Aid.

When you move out                                  reasons why. The letter must also                       and all of your receipts if payment of
1. When you know you will be moving out,           include a check or money order for the            rent becomes a matter of dispute.
give your landlord 30 days written notice if       balance he is returning to you.                   2. Copy of the letter you sent to the land-
you are a month to month tenant.                   4. After thirty days have passed, you may         lord.
For example: If you plan to move out April         sue the landlord if he fails to return your       3. Witness who knows the condition of the
1st, give the written notice no later than         security deposit even if he gives you the         apartment when you left in case the land-
March 1st.                                         reason he is withholding the security de-         lord says you damaged the apartment be-
If you have a written lease and that lease         posit.                                            yond ordinary wear and tear and/or
tells you what kind of notice to give your                                                              any pictures you have taken.
landlord, follow those instructions.               To Sue Your Landlord                              4. Ask again for double the amount of the
2. As soon as you move out, you must:              To sue your landlord, you should go to the        security deposit that the landlord failed to
clean the apartment and dispose of trash,          Small Claims Court of your local Municipal        return. This is allowed by law in Ohio Re-
return the keys to your landlord and ask for       Court. In your complaint you should state         vised Code Section 5321.16.
a receipt showing the date you turned in           the following if it applies:
the keys, and send a letter to your landlord       1. You were a tenant at (rental address)          How to Collect
requesting the return of your security de-         and that landlord's name) was your land-          1. The court may order the landlord to pay
posit. Give him a forwarding address where         lord;                                             the amount owed to you within a certain
you would like the money sent. It does not         2. You sent him a letter of (date of letter)      amount of time.
have to be your new address.                       requesting the return of your security de-        2. If after thirty days the amount is not
Keep a copy of the letter and the date you         posit of (amount of security deposit);            paid, the Court, upon your request, can
mail it.                                           3. The landlord failed to answer your letter      order the landlord to fill out a form listing
Have someone look over your apartment              or he failed to return all or part of your        his assets, liabilities, and personal earn-
before you leave so he or she will know if         security deposit and you do not agree with        ings.
there was any damage if the landlord               the reasons he failed to return it;
claims there was.                                  4. You should ask that the landlord pay           The above are provided by Ohio Revised
If you think there might be any disagree-          you double the amount that he wrongfully          Code Section 1925.13. More detailed infor-
ment about any damages, take pictures of           withheld.                                         mation on collecting your money after you
the apartment if you can.                                                                            have a judgment can be found in Ohio Re-
3. The landlord must send you a letter             At the Hearing                                    vised Code Section 1925.13.
within thirty days telling you how much of         You should have the following:
your security deposit he is keeping and the        1. Your receipt for the security deposit

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