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“Serving the Children of the World” by chenmeixiu


									                                 March 2010           Newsletter


                  Hooksett NH                  website:

          the Children of the World”
President Frank’s Message                              be Kiwanians. And, please remember to invite one
Dear Fellow Kiwanians,                                 or two of guest at one of our upcoming meetings.
For some time now, I have been racking my brain        “If you feed them, they will come”……
                     trying to figure out which
                     of many are the most
                                                       THANK YOU!
                     important motivators that
                     are    likely    to    draw
                                                       President Frank….
                     prospective members to
                     Kiwanis. Although hands
                                                       New Members Wanted
                     on service is at the top of
                     my list, I found my list of
                                                       At its meeting on February 16, the Kiwanis Board
                     reasons to be almost
                                                       did not receive any new applications for
                                                       membership. Part of this is due to an earlier Board
                                                       meeting, just three weeks following its Jan. 20
From my perspective, there are times when I
suspect that having helped form our club some ten
years ago has a lot to do with why I am a Kiwanian.
                                                       We have inducted two new members in February:
On other occasions, I think that my prime
                                                       Mark Lester and Dan Busha. We are looking
motivators are likely to be the events which we do
                                                       forward to some applications at our March Board
as a club, and perhaps more importantly, the
                                                       meeting. So far, we are on par with President
community service which results. I suspect that the
                                                       Frank’s membership goals. With your help, we will
Trails Project, The Kid’s Kloset, the Golf
                                                       continue to grow.
Tournament, and the operation of the Food Pantry
are positive motivators. I cannot help but believe
that the way our meetings are structured, the good     Schedule of Upcoming Club Meetings:
food, or the speakers we all seem to enjoy at
meetings is also what attracts me to Kiwanis.          March 3, 2010 at 6:00 P.M. in the Penman Room
                                                       at SNHU. Kenneth Baron, from the Social Security
I know for sure that the many friends & business       Administration will be our guest speaker for the
connections that Vivian and I have made have a         evening.
great deal to do with why we remain involved. But,
the frosting on the cake has been watching the         March 17, 2010 at 6:00 P.M. in the Penman Room
development of young people as a result of our         at SNHU. The speaker is yet to be determined.
Club’s sponsorship of the Cawley School Builders
and the Central High School Key Club.                  Member Birthdays in March
 The old saying, “there are different strokes for      Eight members celebrate birthdays in March:
different folks” is so true.                           Nicholas Hunt-Bull 5th, Paul Loiselle 6th, Lisa
                                                       Mudge 8th, Janet Champagne 16th, Mike Horne 18th,
I hope that you will make it a point to share with     Janice Dolbec 19th, David Donati 27th, and Carol
your friends, neighbors and your business              Granfield 31st.
associates some of reasons why you have chosen to

Central High Key Club by Zach Hrynowski                     talked about everything we had discussed at the
                                                            board meeting. Until next month!
February has been a very busy month for the Key
                  Club, despite the fact that we have       Member of the Month for February, 2010
                  only three weeks of school. As I
                  outlined in my January report, our        At our Kiwanis meeting of February 17, President
                  big event for February was the Ski-                                      Frank honored Tracy
                  a–Thon, which was held on                                                Murphy-Roche as our
                  February 13 and 14. In all, ninety-                                      member of the month.
                  eight students signed up, each with                                      In particular, he cited
                  a pledge minimum of $50.00. As                                           her hard work at the
of this writing, we do not exactly how much money                                          Food Pantry.         In
was raised. Pledges are not due until March 3, our                                         addition to spending
next general meeting. I am confident that we will                                          many hours at the
exceed our previous total of $5,000.00.                     site, Tracy has been instrumental in organizing a
                                                            written process for the operation of the Pantry. She
Besides that event, there are twenty of us that are         has also enlisted several new volunteers and has
trying to raise money to fund our District                  solicited donations. Thanks to her efforts, the Food
Educational Conference to be held in Springfield,           Pantry     account    has     grown     significantly.
MA, the weekend of April 10. So far, we have held           Congratulations, Tracy, on a job well done! I can’t
a bake sale and we are still out there selling candy        wait to see who will receive the award next month.
bars. With the grant we received from Kiwanis,
and the money we are raising, we hope to keep the           Kiwanis Meeting February 3, 2010
personal costs down to a minimum.               This
Conference is important, as we are sending some             On Wednesday, February 3, President Frank
newly elected officers who will benefit from the                                           presided over the
training. We are also working very hard to come                                            most well attended
away with several awards at the Awards Ceremony                                            meeting of the year,
to be held on that Saturday evening. Upon our                                              which included a
return, we will bring those awards to share with you                                       visit from several
at your May meeting.                                                                                Manchester
                                                                                           Kiwanians. One of
Our March plans include an Easter Egg Hunt for the                                         the highlights of the
younger children. We are also continuing our work           evening was Jayne Kelly’s acceptance of the
at St. Teresa’s Manor, the Manchester Boys and              George Hixson Fellowship Award. Fred Bishop
Girls Club, and we are currently working on our             presented her with the award in recognition of her
yearly Adopt-a-Block program.                               commitment to the Central Key Club.             The
                                                            awesome success of the Key Club would not have
Builders Club by Jessica Wight, VP                          been possible without Jayne’s involvement from the
                                                            outset. The Club, under her leadership has grown
Hello Kiwanis members,                                      Congratulations, Jayne!
This month, Builders Club had two meetings: one
                for the board and one for the               Our speaker for the evening was John Clayton.
                whole club at Cawley. At the                                            This    was    John’s
                board meetings, the officers and                                        second     appearance
                advisors talked about elections                                         before our group, and
                for the next group of officers. In                                      he mesmerized the
                March we are going to hold the                                          audience          with
                elections at Cawley. The people                                         snippets from his new
                who are running for officers have                                       book Remembering
                to make a speech in front of the                                                  Manchester,
club. We also talked about Co-curricular night              Towering Titans and Unsung Heroes. Some of the
where clubs hand out awards, to all the people in           people he recounted to us were Gus Bernier, better
the various clubs. At our General Meeting, we               known as Uncle Gus, Rene Gagnon of Iwo Jima

fame, Joe Nelson, known for saving the millyard,            assisted us both with fund raisers and community
and George Fortunato, a favorite dishwasher.                events. Welcome, Dan.

Another highlight was the induction of Mark Lester,         Hooksett Community Food Pantry
                            a corporate member of
                            our Club. As many of            As part of my report on the Food Pantry, I am
                            you     know,     Mark                                            including a few
                            manages both the                                                  words about the
                            Hooksett            and                                           Eagle Court of
                            Manchester offices of                                             Honor which some
                            Sovereign Bank. I was                                             of our members
                            especially intrigued to                                           attended         on
                            discover that Mark has                                            Saturday, February
                            been a coach and has                                              6, at the Town
                            spent     time     with                                           Hall. As many of
                            children. In fact, he           you know, John-Paul Brennan did an outstanding
                            has four of his own.            Eagle Scout Project. He planned, oversaw, and
Welcome to our Club, Mark!                                  carried out an ambitious task of relocating the Food
                                                            Pantry from the Congregational Church to the
On Wednesday, February 17, 2010, our scheduled              Town Hall. Walls had to be repainted, ceiling tiles
speaker failed to appear, but President Frank had           had to be replaced, construction of shelves had to be
things well under control. He regaled us with a             completed, materials and labor had to be obtained,
tongue twister that none of us could ever repeat.           and appliances installed. It was a job well done.
Judging by the laughter in the audience, this bit was       During the presentation of the Eagle Scout, we were
enjoyed by all. Our Past President, Ron Dion,               able to view a slide presentation. We were
entertained us with an impromptu talk about some            privileged to share in the life of John-Paul as he
of his experiences as a teacher that impacted his           journeyed from Cub Scout to Eagle Scout. We are
commitment to reach out to less fortunate students.         all so proud of him, and the Food Pantry has
                                                            benefited greatly from his commitment. Well done,
In addition, the meeting was highlighted by two             John-Paul!
                                    events. The first
                                    was a report            During the Court of Honor program, our President
                                    given by three          Frank, representing the State Legislature, presented
                                    members of the          John-Paul with a Citation of Congratulations.
                                    Builder’s Club.                                        Frank did us proud
                                            Everyone                                       as he thanked John-
                                    enjoyed listening                                      Paul for his hard
                                    to these students                                      work. He finished
                                    talk        about                                      his remarks with a
themselves and the activities they enjoyed.                                                thank you on the
                                                                                           part of Hooksett
Lastly, we inducted another corporate member into                                          Kiwanis. Without
                                    our      ranks.         his help, the Hooksett Community Food Pantry
                                    Dan      Busha          would not have had such a successful transition to
                                    will represent          Town Hall and to Kiwanis.
                                    All       were          Volunteer Opportunities:
                                    pleased,     as         Following is a summary of volunteer opportunities
                                         Wal-Mart           for March:
                                    continues to
                                    be a valuable              Kiwanis Trails: The Committee meets on 2nd
                                    asset to our                and 4th Wednesday at 7:00PM at the Hooksett
                                       community.               Public Library. Help is needed to plan future
They have always stepped up to the plate and                    trails and develop grant proposals. Contact
    Mike Horne at for                           return ticket stubs and checks to one of the
    volunteer opportunities                                       four ticket committee members. All checks
  Kiwanis Kid’s Kloset: The committee meets                      are made out to Hooksett Kiwanis
    2-3 times each month to sort donated clothing                 Foundation. Please note that a full table is 8
    and host families seeking clothing for their                  people. Tickets are $ 50 each, with $20
    children. Contact Bethany Chase at                            representing a charitable contribution to the, Irene Dion at                        Hooksett Kiwanis Foundation. Kiwanis, or Vivian Kotowski                   members selling ticket are asked to please
    at for volunteer                       put their name on the back of the ticket stub.
 Community Food Pantry: The pantry is open                Trails Update by Mike Horne
   several times during the month for accepting
   donations, stocking food and serving needy              The difficult work of putting together a grant
   families. Contact Tracy Murphy Roche at                 application has been completed. President Frank              for        hand delivered our package. The grant allocations
   volunteer opportunities.                                will be publicized by early April. If we are
 Community Leaders recognition event. (See                successful, we could be granted up to $25,000. If
   following article). Contact one of the sub-             that happens, we are planning to do the work in late
   committee chairs to offer assistance in the area        spring and early summer.         The deadline for
   where you have the most interest.                       completion of the work is October. Let’s keep our
                                                           fingers crossed!
Community Leaders Recognition Event
                                                           Interclub Meeting
Substantial progress has been made during the past
month on moving forward with our Community                 Hooksett Kiwanis had its first Interclub meeting of
Leaders Recognition Event. This event will be held         the year at Kiwanis of Concord. Five of our
on April 10, 2010 on the new Conference Dining             members attended on Monday, February 8. The
Center at Southern NH University.                          meeting was held at the Red Blazer. We all
                                                           enjoyed the lunch. However, the highlight of the
      The application process and form has been           meeting was the guest speaker. Our own Mike
       finalized and placed on a new page on the                                               Horne gave an
       Club website. To access, go to                                                          excellent report and click on the                                                on the progress
       new “Community Leaders Event” tab on the                                                of the Veteran’s
       left-hand side. At the end of the last                                                  Cemetery       in
       sentence there is a link to the application                                             Boscawen. Mike
       form.                                                                                   is the proud
                                                                                               Director       of
      The Program sub-committee is working hard                                               Operations there,
       at soliciting ads. They could use your help.        and he was so informative. The slides he showed
       Please contact businesses that you frequent         us were indeed awe-inspiring. I don’t think any one
       and ask them if they could place an ad in our       of us realized just how impressive that site is. We
       program.                                            have already approached Scott Riley, our President-
                                                           elect in charge of speakers, and petitioned him to
      Carol Granfield is meeting with Town                get Mike to share his talk with us in May.
       Department Heads to explain the program
       and to encourage nominations.                       Club Member Bio: Irene Dion

      Tickets are now available from any of the           Irene Dion was born on October 6, 1944, in our
       four committee members: Debbie Charest              neighboring town of Pembroke, NH. She grew up
       485-3565, Kathy Dickson 627-9773, Scott             in a family of four. Her father, Henri Brisbois,
       Riley 674-3557, and Dave Dickson 627-               worked as a loom fixer in textile mills, and later as
       9773. The goal is to sell over 250 tickets to       a custodian of the Suncook Bank, on Glass St. Her
                                                           mother, Laurette Brisbois, had worked a bit as a
       this wonderful event. Members should
weaver in the mills, and at other odd jobs, but spent       list are Sanibel Island and Merritt Island, where
most of her time as a stay-at-home mom. Irene’s             shore birds gather by the thousands. Future plans
younger sister, Sue Nute, lives in East Hampstead,          include spending winters in warmer climates, such
NH.                                                         as Florida.

For the first eight years of her education, Irene           Board Meeting Highlights
attended St. Jean the Baptist Parochial School in
                                Allenstown. She             Hooksett Kiwanis Club
                                received her high
                                school diploma at              Approved the Treasurer’s report. As of January
                                Presentation     of             31, 2010, there was $8,423.95 in the
                                Mary in Hudson,                 Administrative account.
                                NH.      She then              Discussed the forming of a Chamber of
                                went on to get her              Commerce forming in Hooksett.            Special
                                nursing certificate             Business after Hours Event is to be held at
                                at Notre Dame                   Cocci Computer on March 2. The Board
Hospital School of Nursing, in Manchester, NH,                  agreed that we should participate. If you are
and began work there as an OR nurse, scrubbing for              interested in attending, please let Cocci
surgeons in the operating room.                                 Computer know.
                                                               Appointed President Frank and Pauline Bishop
In 1967 and 1968, Irene attended St. Anselm’s                   as delegates to the International Convention this
College in Manchester, NH, where she earned a                   June.
Bachelor’s degree in Nursing.           Shortly after          President Frank spoke about getting Kiwanis to
graduation, she took on a position at the Concord               acknowledge achievements of others, such as
Hospital School of Nursing, in Concord, NH, and                 Eagle Scouts, Citizen of the Year, etc.
taught Pediatrics there for 17 years, until it closed
It was while she was going to school at St.                 Hooksett Kiwanis Foundation
Anselm’s that she met and fell in love with her
husband, Ron Dion. The wedding took place on                   Approved the Treasurer’s Report. As of January
June 21, 1968. On April 16, 1969, she gave birth to             31, there was $6,459.35 in the Foundation
their first daughter, Michelle. Tragedy struck when,            account and $14,220.32 in the Food Pantry
a few years later, their second daughter, Jennifer              account.
became deceased. Michelle is now 40 years old and
resides in Herndon, Virginia. Irene and Ron are the            Lorrie Baines began collecting input from
proud grandparents of her only son, Jonathan.                   Board members about the SWOT (Strengths,
                                                                Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of
Irene’s professional career ended in June of 2006,              the Food Pantry Operation.
when she retired from the Hooksett School District,
after serving as the school nurse of the Underhill          The next Club and Foundation Board meetings will
School for thirteen years.                                  be held at SNHU on March 23, 2010. All club
                                                            members are welcome to attend.
Even in retirement, Irene has kept herself busy.
Presently, she is caring for her mom, who lives at          Fred and Pauline Visit Division Council Meeting
home with her, and she donates much of her time to          in Aruba
the Kid’s Closet.
                                                            In New England a Division Council meeting might
Irene enjoys reading a good book, watching CSI,                                         attract        20-25
Law and Order, and a few reality shows, such as                                         members, in the
Survivor, American, Idol, Dancing with the Stars,                                       Caribbean it attracts
and America’s Got Talent. She loves theater. Her                                        (Group       singing
favorite musical is Les Miserables. She also enjoys                                     “Happy Birthday
canoe trips. Her best trip, she will tell you, is a                                     to new Lieutenant
canoe trip up the Alligash River. She also joins her                                    governor        from
husband on bird watching expeditions. Topping her                                       Curacao)
80-100. A Division Council meeting is an event              to CMARS, a program sponsored at Crotched Mt.,
where all clubs within a Kiwanis Division gets              whose aim is to teach physically challenged
together. For example, for our Division 7, it would         children to ski.
include Kiwanis clubs in Hooksett, Manchester,
Concord, Claremont, Lebanon, Hudson and Salem.
The Caribbean is much more challenging for
attendance as attendees speak Spanish, French and
English. Clubs at the Division 26 Council meeting
in Aruba came from Curacao, French Guiana,
Martinique, and Suriname (South America).
Kiwanis is very strong and growing in the
                                   Caribbean. This
                                   year         the
                                   meeting     was
                                   held from 9:00
                                   AM to 4:00
                                   P.M. in Aruba.
                                   It concluded an           I have included a photo of the special apparatus
                                                            that is needed. Although it is very expensive, it
                                                            enables children to ski that otherwise would be
Fred & Pauline in front of banners for Kiwanis              incapable of participating in such a fun activity.
Club, Key Club, and Circle K
                                                            I wish to thank Todd Libby for all of the hard work
all-day education and recognition session. The              he did to help the Key Club pull off this amazing
District Governor Gary Levine and Governor-elect            event. Also, I need to thank the several volunteer
from the Eastern Canada and Caribbean District              teachers and parents who gave up their time on a
were both in attendance. The club representatives           weekend to chaperone. Jared Sandler, a member of
elected a Lt. Governor and Lt. Governor-elect for           the Key Club, as well as his parents, need to be
the next two years. Both Kiwanis Clubs in Aruba             thanked for their help in organizing this event.
have over 100 members. One of the two requires
prospective members to attend several Kiwanis               Are there any speakers you might prefer?
meetings before they are offered membership. They
want prospective members to be well educated on             Since I have a bit of room on this final page, I
membership requirements and costs before they               would like to ask you to think about some
join. As a result, attrition is near zero. Recognized       informative speakers that could add value to our
at the conference were Aruba sponsored Builders             meetings. As President-Elect in 2008, I had to find
Club, Key Club, Circle K and the newest Aktion              speakers, and I know how much I appreciated the
Club (club for adults with mental disabilities).            suggestions I received from fellow Kiwanians.
                                                            Therefore, I would urge you to contact Scott Riley,
Key Club Ski-a-Thon                                         our current President-Elect, and give him any
                                                            recommendations you might have.
As Zach has reported, the Central Key Club held its
                                 second Ski-a-Thon          Until next newsletter, I wish you the best. Always
                                 event at Crotched          remember your service is appreciated.
                                 Mt. on Valentine
                                 weekend. It was a          .“Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers
                                 huge        success.       dedicated to changing the world, one child and
                                 Approximately 98           one community at a time”.
                                 participated,   and        Editor-in-Training: Ron Dion
although we don’t have the final figures, we expect
the final tally to be in excess of $5,000.00. Once
again, the proceeds from this event will be donated


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