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									Long term care insurance is underwritten by John Hancock Life
Insurance Company, Boston, MA. 02117
For use with Financial Professionals only. Not for use with the public
 LTC-CS4049 5/07
  John Hancock: A Standard of Excellence
• Leadership
   ► John Hancock is a committed leader in the long term

     care (LTC) insurance market
   ► John Hancock is one of the two largest LTC insurance

     carriers in the country¹
   ► We have more than 1 Million LTC insurance

     policyholders in-force as of May 1, 2007²

1. Based on inforce premium LIMRA year-end 12/31/06
2. Based on John Hancock internal claims data as of May 1, 2007. Total includes individual and group LTC insurance
   and 50% of the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program
  John Hancock: A Standard of Excellence
  • A History of Paying Claims for our Policyholders
     – We have more than $7.3 billion in LTC insurance claims
     – With 20 years of LTC insurance experience, we are a
        company that has kept its promises, paying more than $1.4
        billion4 in claims on our LTC insurance policies
  • Strength & Stability
     – Ratings as of 12/31/06 John Hancock Life Insurance Co.
          S&P                     AAA
          MOODY’S                 Aa2
          A.M. BEST               A++
          FITCH                   AA+
          Comdex Rating           98
3.Based on internal data as of 12/31/06.
4.Based on internal data as of 12/31/06, including individual, group, Fortis and the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program
Why Corporate Solutions?

• Expanding business market access
   – Sponsored Group
   – New Corporate Solutions
   – CareChoice
   – CorporateChoice
• John Hancock has a LTC insurance product for every
  Why Corporate Solutions?
  The Right Program
  • An easy-to-use on-line illustration system
  • Lower minimum participation requirements
  • The availability of simplified underwriting for eligible
    employer pay Spouses/Partners5
  • True split billing for employer pay cases, making it
    easy on the producer and the employer to reconcile
  • Preferred discounts available to certain groups6

5.Available to Spouses/Partners of employer pay actively-at-work eligible employees age 18–64. Minimums do apply.
6.Employer-paid Spouses/Partners will receive Select rates. Preferred rates are not available.
  Why Corporate Solutions?
  The Right Product7
  • Caregiver Support Services that provide “now”
    benefits to clients and their families, getting younger
    employees and family members to want to buy earlier
  • Comprehensive coverage in an easy, streamlined
    design – perfect for the employer market
  • Automatic Compound Inflation linked to the
    Consumer Price Index (CPI)
  • Lifestyle Benefit Changes that allow for an affordable
  • Ability to utilize unlicensed caregiving services

7. Benefits and premiums may vary by state
Why Corporate Solutions?
The Right Time
• Program options that meet the needs of an evolving
  and still untapped employer market
• Easy-to-understand and easy-to-sell benefits
• A helpful solution for working Boomers who are
  confronting LTC needs of their parents and rapidly
  becoming aware of their own needs
• Stable pricing backed by John Hancock’s strength,
  stability and experience
  What’s the Market Opportunity?8

   Size of Business                                          501-               1,001-
                                                             1,000              5,000
                                                                                                   5,001+              TOTAL
       Total Number of
   Businesses in the United          5,750,200               8,341               6,745              1,814            5,767,100

       Total Number of
   Businesses offering LTC               5,333               1,050                808                 889                  8,080

       Total Number of
   Businesses NOT offering           5,744,867               7,291               5,937                925            5,759,020
        LTC Insurance

  There are over 5.7 million businesses in the United States.
  According to LIMRA, there were only 8,080 employers in the United States offering
  Group LTC insurance to their employees by the end of 2006. Of those employers
  offering Group LTC insurance, 66% of them have between 1-500 employees.

8. Estimates based on data from U.S. Census Bureau, LIMRA and based on HIAA Employer’s Guide to LTCI, 2003,
   LIMRA year-end data, 2006;U.S. Small Business Administration, Small Business Profile in the United States, 2006; HIAA
   Employer’s Guide to LTCI, 2003, “What’s Hot and What’s Not in Voluntary Benefits.”, Aon Consulting, January 2006.
The Corporate Solutions Program
Corporate Solutions Overview
• Leading Edge
• Individual LTC insurance policies
• Streamlined sales process, implementation and
• Retail compensation with NO commission
• 10+ lives minimum participation
Desired Demographics

• Average eligible employee age of 40 or higher
• Average eligible employee salary of $40,000 or
  higher, or 1.5 times the state average
• A highly educated population
• Good participation in voluntary benefits
• Strong employer endorsement
Desired Group Size

• Small to mid-sized employers
• At least 10-3,000 actively-at-work eligible employees
• Ages 18-64
• Groups over 3,000 can be submitted for special Home
  Office review
Ineligible Industries and Groups
• Asbestos manufacture, installation, and removal
• Atomic energy and nuclear power plants
• Auto and building wreckers, salvage, junkyards, and scrap
• Bars and cocktail lounges, liquor stores
• Chemical industries
• Explosive manufacture and distribution
• Marine salvage and towing
• Mining and quarrying
• Oil and gas exploration (drilling and removal)
• Forestry

 Please note: We may consider the management employees of the above industry
Program Overview
               Employer (ER) Pay                Voluntary Pay
Policy Structure •Individual LTC insurance      •Same
Product        •Leading Edge                    •Same
Employer       •Meets a desired demographic     •Same
Requirements   profile
               •Group exists for reason other
               than insurance
               •ER certify employee census
               and will support program
Program Overview
                Employer Pay                    Voluntary Pay
Eligible       •Full-time, actively-at-work     •Same
Employees (EE) EE working 30 hrs+/week
                •EE ages 18-64
                •U.S. resident or citizen
Minimum         •10 eligible actively-at-work   •10 eligible
Participation   EEs of a distinct class must    actively-at-work
Requirements    apply & be approved within 60   EEs must apply &
                days open enrollment            be approved
                                                within 60 days
                                                open enrollment
Program Overview
                Employer Pay                      Voluntary Pay
Simplified      •Eligible, actively-at-work EEs   •Same
Underwriting    ages 18-64 complete only
for Employees   Section 3A of the Leading Edge
                Corporate Solutions multi-life
                •No additional U/W required
Program Overview
               Employer Pay                    Voluntary Pay
Simplified     •ER paid Spouses/Partners       •N/A
               •ER must pay for all eligible
for Spouses/
               •Eligible Spouses/Partners
               ages 18-64 complete only
               Section 3A
               •No additional U/W required
               •All Spouse/Partner buy-ups
               require full U/W
Program Overview
                 Employer Pay                  Voluntary Pay
Simplified       •Benefit Amount: $50-$300 a     •Same
Underwriting     day or $1,500-$9,000 a month
Available Plan
                 •Benefit Period: 3 or 5 year
                 •Inflation: Automatic Inflation
                 Option (CPI) or 5% Compound
                 GPO where offered
                 •Elimination Period: 100 days
                 •Riders: SharedCare, Zero-Day
                 EP for Home Care, and
                 •All Payment Options
Program Overview
                 Employer Pay                 Voluntary Pay
Buy-Ups          •An election to increase         •N/A
(Employer Pay)   coverage form ER pay benefit
                 level, but within program
                 limits, will not require full
                 U/W (except for
                 •Buy-ups within program
                 limits count toward the
                 minimum participation
                 requirements; buy-ups above
                 limits do not.
                 •Buy-ups over limit require full
                 U/W and may result in
                 Preferred, Standard or decline
Program Overview
              Employer Pay   Voluntary Pay
Opting Out of   •N/A         •EE can elect to apply for
the Program                  coverage on full U/W
(Voluntary Pay)              outside of Simplified U/W
                             Options to apply for excess
                             coverage or possible
                             Preferred rates
                             •Rate class is base on U/W
                             results and applicant waives
                             right to any coverage or
                             U/W class offered to the
                             •Those who opt out do not
                             count towards participation
                             •Will still receive discount
Program Overview
                  Employer Pay                   Voluntary Pay
Other Eligibles   •5% Sponsored Group               •Same
(Non-             Discount will extend to EE,
Simplified        Spouse/Partner not eligible for
                  simplified U/W, retirees,
                  parents, grandparents, children,
                  siblings, and all in-law and step
                  •Complete full Leading Edge
                  Corporate Solutions application
                  and subject to full U/W
                  •These individuals do not count
                  toward minimum participation
  Program Overview
                                  Employer Pay                                                   Voluntary Pay
  Ratings &                       •Eligible EEs may qualify for     •Same
  Discounts9                      15% Preferred rate discount
                                  •15%Partner/Spouse discount
                                  if one applies, 30% if both apply
                                  and are approved
                                  •5% Sponsored Group
                                  Discount taken after other
                                  discounts are incorporated
                                  •Loyalty credit of 5% is

9. In NY, Partner/Spouse discount is 10% and 20%. There is a 40% maximum discount for those that qualify for Preferred
  and Partner/Spouse discount. Family Discount and Valued Client Discount are not available in conjunction
 with the Sponsored Group Discount.
Program Overview
                 Employer Pay                    Voluntary Pay
Compensation     •No commission reduction.       •Same
                 Traditional retail commission
                 schedules apply
New Hires/EE     •ER must certify that EE meets •Same
Returning from   the JH requirements
Leave of
                 •EE must apply within 60 days
                 of meeting requirements
                 •Product offering and terms
                 subject to rules of program at
                 time of offer and subject to
                 change at any time
Qualifying for Preferred
• Legal services (law firms)           • Colleges, universities &
• Courts of law – legislative bodies     professional schools
• Engineering and architectural        • Mortgage bankers
  firms                                • Security brokers and dealers
• Accounting and auditing firms        • Investment offices
• Advertising agencies                 • Insurance professionals
• Offices and clinics of doctors of    • Telephone/telegraph
  medicine                               communications companies and
• Offices and clinics of dentistry       other message communications
• Chiropractic offices or clinics        companies
• Medical laboratories                 • Management and public
                                         relations services
• Drug/pharmaceutical companies
Qualifying for Preferred
 Voluntary Pay                   Employer Pay
• Minimum of 100 eligible       • Minimum participation of 10
  employees                       eligible employees
• Minimum participation of 10   • Average salary of eligible
  eligible employees              employees $45,000 and above
• Average salary of eligible
  employees $45,000 and above
• Average age of eligible
  employees of 40 and above
Groups that do not qualify for Preferred

• Select rates
• Eligible simplified underwriting employees
• Eligible employer pay Spouses/Partners who qualify
  for simplified underwriting

For groups where employers will be paying for some eligible
 employees and offering the program to other eligible
 employees on a voluntary basis, Voluntary pay group
 demographic requirements apply.
Illustrating Corporate Solutions
Corporate Solutions E-Hansel Illustration Tool

• Log onto
• Enter your user name and password
• Select Corporate Solutions as Proposal type
• Ability to upload census data
• Availability of 5 different output reports
• E-hansel only
Case/Producer Information
Plan Design
           Create up to
          three different
           plan designs

         Click here to go to
         browser and import
            your census
Upload Census
                Choose the column
                names from the pull
                  down menu that
                match imported data
Presentation Selection
Illustration PDFs
Getting Started
Getting Started is Easy
Quoting a Case
• Easy-to-use on-line illustration tool
• Customize and upload employee’s census data
• Log onto
• e-hansel user name and password
• Select Corporate Solutions under proposal type
• Save, edit and delete cases under your own password
Quoting a Case – Five Choices
• Premium Summary by Plan
   – Provides premium costs for up to three plan designs, where
     you can mix and match plan choices
• Premium Difference:
   – Provides premiums for two plan designs, as well as the cost
     difference between them
• Premium Summary by Age
   – Provides premiums for plan designs and a subtotal
     breakdown of premiums by age
• Premium Detail
   – Provides premiums for up to three plan designs, and
     subtotals the cost for each plan
• Premium Table
   – Provides premiums by age for up to three plan designs,
     without a census
Creating a Census
• Quoting template (LTC-CS4039) at ( under
  Corporate Solutions “Getting Started”
   – Employee name or ID (if available)
   – Date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
   – State of residence
   – Marital/Partner status (if available)
   – Rate class
   – Salary information (Required if requesting Preferred rates to
      be run by Home Office)
• If ER pay for Partners/Spouses include:
   – Spouse/Partner name (if available)
   – Spouse/Partner date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
Quote Assistance

• E-mail
   – Corporate Solutions Rate Illustration Request Form
     (LTC-CS4057) and employer census
• Fax the Rate Illustration Request Form to 617-572-5244
• Census files are required to be e-mailed or mailed on
  disk or CD in an Excel format
Steps to Approval
Step 1 – Review the eligibility requirements
• Review the eligibility requirements for the Corporate
  Solutions Program to confirm the employer meets the
  eligible guidelines to qualify for the program.
Step 2 – Employer Approval Worksheet
• Complete the Corporate Solutions Employer
  Approval Worksheet (LTC-CS4053)
• Obtain employer group census (LTC-CS4043)
   – Employee ID or Name
   – Occupation/title (if available)
   – Date of hire (mm/dd/yyyy)
   – Date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
   – State of residence
   – Marital/Partner status (if available)
   – Annual salary
• If ER pay for Partners/Spouses include
   – Spouse/Partner name (if available)
   – Spouse/Partner date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
Step 3 – Final paperwork to Corporate Solutions

• E-mail final census and Employer Approval
• Fax Employer worksheet ot 617-572-5244 and e-mail
  or mail census on disc or CD
• Census must be in Excel format
Step 4 – Group Approval Review

• All required information completed & received
• Decision rendered within 48 hours
• Incomplete paper work will delay the
  qualification/approval process
Step 5 – Communicating Approval
• Telephone and/or a written confirmation via e-mail.
• Official approval documents e-mailed
   – Approval letter
   – Group Approval Memo
        group case number,
        enrollment dates,
        terms,
        plan design(s)
        program conditions
• Application Transmittal Form
• Employer Acknowledgement Letter
• Review all approval materials
• No changes after enrollment begins
Marketing Plan

• Letters from organization supporting the program
  (CEO, HR Director)
• E-mail blasts on program benefits
• Payroll stuffers or e-mails on need
• Posters & announcements with information on
  meetings and enrollments
• For information, please see the Marketing Collateral
  Guide LTC-CS4001
Employee Meetings

• Introduction by CEO or HR Director
• 10-15 minute PowerPoint on need
• LTC insurance product features
   – Cost of waiting
   – Value of policy to all ages
• One on one meetings to follow
• Applications ordered by Corporate Solutions
Application Submission

• Application Instruction Checklist
• Be sure all apps are signed
• Check that the Employer Group or Sponsored Group
  number has been pre-filled under the section “For
  Agent Use Only”
   – Employer Group number for eligible employees
     who qualify for simplified underwriting
   – Sponsored Group number should be used for all
     other eligible applicants
• For employer pay cases, check off appropriate tier
Billing Options

• List Bill
   – Complete list bill form
   – No initial deposit required
       Complete Advanced Payment Receipt
       Initial deposit $0
   – Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual
   – Generated on 1st, 15th or 28th of the month
   – Mailed next business day
   – Employer receives two bills
  Billing Options
  • Split-Billing
     – Employer pay with buy-ups
          Employer premium due
          Employee premium due
          Total
     – List bill number on “choose your payment method”
     – Required for employer pay
  • Direct Billing
     – Requires one month deposit10
     – Credit card in all modes on voluntary pay

10. Required direct bill deposit may vary by state.
Application Submission
•  Leading Edge Corporate Solutions applications & transmittal
  – Mail to Corporate Solutions
• Non-Corporate Solutions applications
  – Submit through normal JH LTC insurance process
• Status
  – LTCS Status system
  – Weekly status report
       Number of apps submitted
       New Business Information
       Open/closed applications
• Corporate Solutions Resource Line
John Hancock LTC Status System

          Solutions added
         to JH LTC Status
Case Detail

                Check employer id
                number, employer
              name, and underwriting
               method on the case.
Dedicated Line

• Corporate Resource Line 888-321-4LTC
   – Select # 3 Corporate Solutions
       General Questions
       New Business for status
       Underwriting
Corporate Solutions Program
State Approval Map – 40 States

                            MT                                                                              ME

       OR                                         MN                                                 VT
                                                                                                       NH MA
                  ID                                         WI                                   NY
                                 WY                                     MI
                                                                                                       CT RI
                                        NE         IA                                                  NJ
             NV                                               IL   IN             OH
                       UT                                                                              DE
                                  CO                                                              MD
       CA                                                                              WV
                                            KS                                               VA
                                                        MO                   KY
                   AZ                                              TN
                                 NM          OK
                                                        AR                              SC

                                                              MS   AL         GA

State Approval List
• Alabama                • Maine           • Ohio
• Alaska                 • Maryland        • Oklahoma
• Arkansas               • Michigan        • Oregon
• Arizona                • Minnesota       • Rhode Island
                                           • South Carolina
• Delaware               • Mississippi
                                           • South Dakota
• District of Columbia   • Missouri
                                           • Tennessee
• Hawaii                 • Montana         • Utah
• Idaho                  • Nebraska        • Vermont
• Illinois               • Nevada          • Virginia
• Iowa                   • New Hampshire   • Washington
• Kansas                 • New Jersey      • West Virginia
• Kentucky               • New Mexico      • Wisconsin
• Louisiana              • North Dakota    • Wyoming
Launch Kit Review
•   Launch Kit (LTC-CS4000)
    – Rollout Memo
    – Producer Guide
    – Collateral Guide
    – Sample application
    – Rate Illustration
       request form
    – Approval Process
    – Group approval
    Producer Kit
Launch Kit Review
• Employer Kit
   – Employer
     Overview Brochure
   – Employer All
     Payment Options
   – Tax Guide
   – Employee Pieces
   – Sample Enrollment
     Campaign Timeline
   – Key Employee Flier
Ordering Materials

• Your normal business channel
• Co-branded order form (LTC-CS4074)

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